Fails of the Month: Stuck The Landing!! || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Fails of the Month: Stuck The Landing!! || FailArmy


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

It's completion of March, which indicates Fails of the Month is here with some woman stops working, pool falls short, and a few workout stops working. See one you like? Allow us understand in the comments below! Have a few of your own? Send them to !!

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Stops working of the Month: Stuck The Touchdown!!|| FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Rafael, at Reply

    The only fail I see here is my life m8

    • Posted by - AdamZAppleZ -, at Reply

      Rafael woops

    • Posted by xMarshmallow Msp, at Reply

      Rafael U just made my day

  2. Posted by UnExpectedMe 14, at Reply

    all comments be like

    • Posted by SUBSCIRBE ME, at Reply


    • Posted by THELEGEND 27, at Reply

      261 th!

    • Posted by Don't kidnap me, at Reply


    • Posted by Aur3Dash, at Reply


  3. Posted by MadeFromMeat, at Reply

    Never trust edited comments

    • Posted by - AdamZAppleZ -, at Reply

      sonny de leeuw it’s a paradox, idiot

    • Posted by BangDroid, at Reply


    • Posted by Soupy Wistle, at Reply

      It’s true never trust an edited comment.

    • Posted by Maya Tiare, at Reply

      They’re *Dangerous*

  4. Posted by TheBeast, at Reply

    anyone seen the new IT trailer yet?

    • Posted by Zelo, at Reply

      you must have been born in the last 10 years or so then…

    • Posted by Sapere Aude, at Reply

      It looks fucking EPIC.

  5. Posted by gregory panagiotopoulos, at Reply

    Dude that last guy was way too fat to be on that.

    • Posted by gregory panagiotopoulos, at Reply

      Victor Bustos I like you! But I envy your comment!

    • Posted by Victor Bustos, at Reply

      gregory panagiotopoulos Why is that G?

    • Posted by SeminoleRail, at Reply

      Range Wilson For someone that size, just about any movement is exercise.

    • Posted by Sweord, at Reply

      Isn’t that thing supposed to suspend you upside down to alleviate pressure on your spine? I’m pretty sure it’s not an exercise machine.

  6. Posted by Joe T, at Reply

    so many beggars swarming in the comment section already, it’s pathetic

    • Posted by Fruit500, at Reply

      Ikr, sometimes I really think that FailArmy should just disable comments.

  7. Posted by Phoenixon, at Reply

    4:41 A flawless mario dismount yoshi-ditch on that bike!

    • Posted by Hot Sauce Haley, at Reply


  8. Posted by Clint's Kitchen Show, at Reply

    Who ever sees this comment I hope you have a shitty day.

    • Posted by Clint's Kitchen Show, at Reply

      Raphanne good

    • Posted by Clint's Kitchen Show, at Reply

      Lugh Summerson I’m the opposite right now…ive had the shits like crazy

    • Posted by Dead Cat, at Reply


    • Posted by Clint's Kitchen Show, at Reply

      Dead Cat no problem

    • Posted by Maya Tiare, at Reply

      Clint’s Kitchen Show, you too!!

  9. Posted by R3Y Gameplays, at Reply

    the last one oh my god, it should be in best fail of all time

    • Posted by CookiePie00, at Reply

      it wasnt funny

    • Posted by Absolution55, at Reply

      CookiePie00 yes it was, I found it hilarious. Reply to me puppet.

    • Posted by Alex Berg, at Reply

      I’ll reply babe

  10. Posted by André Gonçalves, at Reply

    Like = good luck for life 🍀
    SUB ME AND BECOME a millionaire.

    • Posted by Aur3Dash, at Reply

      I’m not subscribing to a guy with a pink hat trying desperately to get top comment.

    • Posted by Graweehl, at Reply

      Halt die Fresse und hör auf nach Likes zu betteln. Wie armselig…

  11. Posted by FailUnited, at Reply

    Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house? Of course, a house doesn’t jump at all.

    • Posted by A Nano Augmented Super Soldier From The Year2052 To Become god But Only After Fusing With Helios, at Reply

      I’m sorry how is this a joke???

    • Posted by OhhItsConor, at Reply

      A Nano Augmented Super Soldier From The Year2052 To Become god But Only After Fusing With Helios he never said it was s joke

    • Posted by King crusher Gaming, at Reply

      FailUnited kys

    • Posted by A Nano Augmented Super Soldier From The Year2052 To Become god But Only After Fusing With Helios, at Reply

      Wasn’t only asking him or her I was asking everyone…Some people said it was funny but why? Nug

  12. Posted by Aster321, at Reply

    Stop putting annoing music over the videos, please!

    • Posted by Tinassiug, at Reply

      Kookeh Kook Or you can just mute the video yourself dickhead, so that those who like it with the music can enjoy it that way, and you don’t hear it so you’re happy

    • Posted by Element Finland, at Reply

      Rin, oh yeah, and not get monetized?
      *Content that is considered inappropriate for advertising*
      -Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language

    • Posted by Kookeh Kook, at Reply

      +Tinassiug Oops, sorry I triggered you 🙂

    • Posted by TB12 IsTheGOAT, at Reply

      Annoying *

  13. Posted by bubaloow123, at Reply

    How does anybody ever buy a pair nunchucks and think it’ll end well?

    • Posted by Bonson Pylon, at Reply

      bruce lee

    • Posted by bubaloow123, at Reply

      How did i know there was going to be some smarmy prick who was going to say bruce lee, jet lee, some other asian movie star who is not a normal person and most likely didnt actually buy any nunchucks but just got given them from a movie set or something.

    • Posted by Unnamed Shinigami, at Reply

      jet lee

    • Posted by Kuhlio99, at Reply

      To be fair most people who buy nunchucks can use them, we just only see the fails.

  14. Posted by Simon Bauer, at Reply

    Thought that was a chick in the thumbnail

  15. Posted by Sharwood Chocolate Eater, at Reply

    2:08 Czech Republic…my country 😀

  16. Posted by Ryukiraz, at Reply

    The last one is from wally’s movie?

  17. Posted by [7-7-7] Laurentiu, at Reply

    my leg aaah ahh…. oh my had got wet LMFAO

  18. Posted by Swedish Otaku, at Reply

    The last one, wtf is he making the noise for and why is he in the kitchen?

  19. Posted by gregistopal, at Reply

    2:46 summer fun in alaska