Fails of the Week: (April 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Fails of the Week: (April 2017) || FailArmy


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Falls short falls short stops working. Right here are the best of the week! Leave your faves in the comments below as well as if you've obtained any type of funny stops working of your own, send them right into!!!

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Aaron Crum Sauvage Blows up of Off Roading Car n/a
Mechanical Bull Strikes Guy's Face
Individual Stops working Mobility scooter Feat
Cheerleader Flips Into Colleague n/a
Guy Attempts Wheelie and also Wipes Out
Combover Steve Fails to Front Flip
Woman on Roller Skates Tries to Grind on Rail
Man Aims to Perform Skateboard Trick With Prop and also Falls
Pole Dancer Mistakenly Kicks Self in Head With High Heel
People Damage Post While Dancing
Giant Stuffed Animals Autumn and also Overturn Woman
Kid Chuckles Hysterically at Bro Falling Down Slide n/a
James Foster Falls After Quadruple Backflip Effort n/a
Goat Faints When Sphere Comes Near
Skier Backflips Off Cliff and Misses Landing n/a
Individual Does Dual Frontflip and Faceplants
Golfer Falls Over Bag
Gavin Godfrey Smashes Crotch after Touchdown Triple Tailwhip n/a
Woman Raises Weight Above Head and Blows up
Girl Falls Aiming to Balance on Friend's Foot
Person Unintentionally Rolls Bowling Ball Into Foot
Man Spins right into Wall surface
Men Hold Hands and Attempt to Backflip At the same time
Person Does Scorpion Faceplant in Sand
Guy Passes out on Large Swing in New Zealand
Man Falls Down Slippery Stairs
Skateboarder Crashes Into One more as well as Develops Accumulate
Man Accidentally Gets Hit in Face by Punching Mat
Youngster Unintentionally Throws Frisbee at Daddy's Nuts
Man Does Dual Frontflip and Faceplants
Person Sheds Footing as well as Diminish Watercraft
Ethen Roberts Can not Do Double Backflip n/a
Skateboarder Faceplants at the Skatepark
Man Lands on Tailbone During Front Flip Attempt
Boy Unintentionally Kicks Football Sphere at Moms Head
Goat Does not Like Soccer
Guy on Unicycle Runs over Cam

Falls short of the Week: (April 2017)|| FailArmy

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  1. Posted by I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers, at Reply

    My penis should be among these fails.

    • Posted by Jesse_Pink_Man, at Reply

      I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers Di bist einfach überall! xD

    • Posted by Daniel Nowka, at Reply



    • Posted by SavageLight, at Reply

      You try too hard.

  2. Posted by DrummerHUN, at Reply

    *Never been this early! :D*

    • Posted by Pastellaquin, at Reply

      DrummerHUN sameee

    • Posted by Nicolás Morales, at Reply

      That´s what she said!

    • Posted by samu8882, at Reply

      DrummerHUN és ki nem szarja le?

    • Posted by DrummerHUN, at Reply

      +samu8882 egy kedves magyar fiatal 😀

    • Posted by Drakii, at Reply

      DrummerHUN no one cares

  3. Posted by Jaxon Goldie, at Reply

    Have a fucking fantastic day!

    • Posted by Lion Ornstein, at Reply

      You too!!!! 😀

    • Posted by Jack Skellington, at Reply

      Don’t tell me what to do

    • Posted by Victor Ferreira, at Reply

      Carpe that fucking Diem!

    • Posted by aka gun boy syl, at Reply


  4. Posted by Sauce Factory, at Reply

    Fail of the week would be me getting kicked out of WalMart!
    I recorded the whole thing :/

    • Posted by The Future, at Reply

      Lol asking people to buy you condoms 😂😂

    • Posted by Dr Blood, at Reply

      lol i really hope you get the cucumber tattoo 😀

    • Posted by Sonic Ranger, at Reply

      Can we see?

  5. Posted by RSHighlights, at Reply

    a (sorry for bad engilsh)

    • Posted by Musik videos, at Reply

      RSHighlights 👌

    • Posted by DNA -, at Reply

      English (sorry for bad hi)

    • Posted by ZeroPointPortal, at Reply

      (sorry for bad English) (sorry for bad English)

    • Posted by Victor Pitts, at Reply

      (Bad sorry for Kazahk)

  6. Posted by RSHighlights, at Reply

    if you look closely at 6:31 you can see the video ending

    • Posted by WELL HELLO THERE, at Reply

      RSHighlights wow! I didn’t see it at first!

    • Posted by misstahweezey, at Reply

      RSHighlights I had to make sure the ending was there. I’m high

    • Posted by cole moore, at Reply

      people sure like your comments eh boi

  7. Posted by Jane, at Reply

    1:47 is that a laugh or a whining puppy.

    • Posted by Wiktoria Wołowiec, at Reply

      Create’Em Like I said before it’s cute, don’t worry 😂

    • Posted by Create'Em, at Reply

      Wiktoria Wołowiec lol thanks but idc I was genuinely laughing and it think it’s great

    • Posted by Musik videos, at Reply

      Jane 😁👌👌👌

    • Posted by MrNicoJac, at Reply

      Sounds more like someone stepped on the tail of said puppy

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      it is a woman who laughs like a whining puppy.
      i like it.

  8. Posted by FreeCopyrightMusic, at Reply

    Nice Fails !!

    • Posted by Movie Z UK, at Reply

      Watch my videos

    • Posted by Jernnyy, at Reply

      amazing how you think that just saying “watch my videos” will work.

    • Posted by ShadowWolf60, at Reply

      Jernnyy lmfaoo

  9. Posted by Jim Warren, at Reply

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    • Posted by Patriot Warrior, at Reply

      good but why did they not use a link tho like the others

    • Posted by Jim Warren, at Reply

      Hello I am a bot

    • Posted by samu8882, at Reply


    • Posted by beerlizard1996, at Reply

      Jim Warren KYS yourself.

  10. Posted by Damian Kobler, at Reply

    Who hates the outro too?

    • Posted by Daniel Haris, at Reply

      I do. He could have been killed.

    • Posted by Dark Chamallow, at Reply

      Not me. I love it 😀

    • Posted by Fisch, at Reply


    • Posted by Musik videos, at Reply

      Damian Kobler 👏👏👌👌👌

  11. Posted by Axle Morgan, at Reply

    shouldn’t it be the mustang hitting the crowd not the bike?

    • Posted by Bonson Pylon, at Reply

      he saw the mustang and choked

  12. Posted by FoolishInk, at Reply

    That goat got poisoned by a paralysis potion from skyrim…

    • Posted by XYZBreaka, at Reply

      FoolishInk “I once was a goat like you, but then I took a paralyzing arrow in the knee”

  13. Posted by Fibonacci James, at Reply

    song at 0:49 to 0:56 ?

  14. Posted by Crazed Bandit, at Reply

    watching a girl pole dancing and your mum comes in…………………………Its not what it looks like………………….its fail army

    • Posted by julien_Blue, at Reply

      Omg same here

  15. Posted by Ollieh, at Reply

    What’s long, hard and has cum in it?

    A cucumber

    • Posted by Fusion Rogue, at Reply


  16. Posted by Gegobob, at Reply

    *Pepsi* – ‘No one can create a worse PR stunt than us’
    *United Airlines* – ‘Hold my beer’

    • Posted by Nuclear Wolf, at Reply

      Gegobob hold my pepsi

    • Posted by Gegobob, at Reply

      Nuclear Wolf ye I suppose

    • Posted by joe botsch, at Reply

      Gegobob hold my original comment

    • Posted by Gegobob, at Reply

      joe botsch makes no sense

    • Posted by Nuclear Wolf, at Reply

      Gegobob that’s what coca cola said when they saw the commercial.

  17. Posted by Clorox Bleach, at Reply

    1:01 that has got to be the sexiest landing position ever

    • Posted by Sincere One, at Reply

      Clorox Bleach Indeed!