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Fails of the Week: Bridesmaid Ruins Wedding (June 2017)


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FailArmy is here to give you the best falls short of the week. We have actually obtained skydiving stops working, animal stops working, and also an especially awkward bridesmaid spoiling her buddy's wedding! This has been an excellent week for failure, so you most definitely wish to check this out. Do YOU have a fail you want to reveal us? Send your funny clips to


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Guy Puts Together Incredible Parkour Combo
Guy Slides and Falls While Strolling on Fountain
Trevor Jacob Cannot Transfer From BMX to Skateboard
Bike Practically Crashes into Vehicle Making U-Turn
Kid Falls Apartment On His Back While Trying to Backflip
Cameraman Obtains Hit With Traveling Bike
Gymnast Falls on her Back Attempting to Backflip.
Person Obtains Hit in Face by Skateboard
Man Falls Off Make shif Ramp
Dirt Biker Takes an Extreme Loss
Guy's Parachute Obtains Tangled
Sibling Shoves Dandelion in Sis Mouth
Motorbike Practically Crashes into Car Making U-Turn
Guest Falls Over Throughout Wedding event Procession
Lady and Youngster Virtually Obtain Knocked Down by Fallen Tree
Individual Tries to Leap over Tall Pole in Car park
Person Attempts to Leap Over Pool and also Falls
Person Purposely Obtains Squeezed by Dungeness Crab
Hill Bicycle rider Tries to Ride Throughout Broken Bridge
Turtle Has a hard time to Climb onto Log
Male Skates Into Guy Executing Handstand
Girl Attempts Unicycle Method and also Falls
Guy Decline Lady on Turf
Equine Despises Selfies
Auto Loss of Its Hoist
Youngster Decrease Travel suitcase Full of Clothing
Drone Crashes into Motorcycle
Lady Freaks Out Over Bug on Knee
Baby States Profane Word
Man Faceplants While Trying to Front Flip
Woman Rides Bike Down Dust Hillside and also Faceplants
Golf club Vs Tree!

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  1. Posted by Danny Weldon, at Reply

    Fun Fact: No one has finished the whole video yet 😊👌👍

    • Posted by Ninja Animations, at Reply

      Z La you can do 2x speed

    • Posted by OmegaReu, at Reply

      Danny Weldon this comment was posted 3 hours ago but the video was made 2 hours ago…….

    • Posted by Vynyx, at Reply


  2. Posted by Sunshine, at Reply

    0:26 sound I make when I cum

    • Posted by HELLFIRE The gamer, at Reply

      Denkmims Xd lel

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      Sounds more like your mom when she comes. Yes, she does that. Daily.

    • Posted by HELLFIRE The gamer, at Reply

      Where does she go? And yes im making fun of your ability to spell out the words you mean to say

  3. Posted by Marvin, at Reply

    The first clip… my heart felt with him :c worst case scenario

    • Posted by electric feel, at Reply

      just imagine this just imagine that. stfu that parachute guy escaped death.

  4. Posted by Oğuz Şafak, at Reply

    4:04 oha 😀

    • Posted by Kira Kuroko Korra, at Reply

      AS BAYRAKLARI AS AS AS!!! (Adam rüyasında görmüş hocam) 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    • Posted by Broxy, at Reply

      Hocam Adam Medyum Çıktı Rüyasında Görüyo 😀

    • Posted by Prancube TV, at Reply

      Cin filan olmasin

  5. Posted by MacDagobert, at Reply

    2:30 Don’t mess with mr. Crabs

    • Posted by MacDagobert, at Reply

      you know this theme ain’t ya? xD

    • Posted by Notorious Sinister, at Reply

      MacDagobert MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!

    • Posted by Ninja Animations, at Reply

      MacDagobert mess with the crabbo, get a grabbo

  6. Posted by Till Lindemann, at Reply

    Wer ist aus dem DEUTSCHEN REICH?

  7. Posted by Marcus Linden, at Reply

    Censoring a kid saying “fork”. Way to go failarmy.

    • Posted by D C, at Reply

      I’ve heard plenty of f-bombs in these videos, they probably got it that way.

    • Posted by Israel won't get away with this, at Reply

      *_Fuck_* the kid

    • Posted by ridzuanrush, at Reply

      Israel won’t get away with this

      love that name

    • Posted by ilikecereal421, at Reply

      The source they got it from censored it.

  8. Posted by Neau afk, at Reply

    no nitro circus? thank you!!

    • Posted by andy barton, at Reply

      They just left one nitro circus clip in to mess with us haterz….

    • Posted by Hug -A- Bull, at Reply

      Gosh no kidding!!!

  9. Posted by Tëmpest, at Reply

    brown olympics lol

    • Posted by Fey Rune, at Reply

      The boy looked tho =w=✨

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      It’s like black Nobel prize.

    • Posted by jampguipa, at Reply

      In Berlin we already had brown olympics in 1936! Take that murica!

  10. Posted by Keee La Night, at Reply

    1:08 😂😂 Tree 1 – Man 0

    • Posted by nazmo, at Reply

      why R U having a sexy girl on yo profile picture if u looks like boys😂😂

  11. Posted by Luke Datema, at Reply

    How did the guy stay so calm during the first clip!? My stomach hurt just watching that.

    • Posted by Tokyo Ghoul, at Reply

      Luke Datema Steel nerves! This definitely wasn’t his first time skydiving since he did it without an instructor.

    • Posted by katari91, at Reply


    • Posted by katari91, at Reply

      You don’t jump with instructors when learning to skydive. All your jumps are solo. You start with static line jumps, then move onto Accelerated Free Fall, all solo.

  12. Posted by Vigge Sigge, at Reply

    “eeeeh, You been raped?”

    • Posted by itsViney, at Reply

      Haha. No, “You’ve Been Framed” – the UK equivalent of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

    • Posted by Larry Bird, at Reply

      Vigge Sigge She speaks from personal experiance.

    • Posted by Ain't no Slice, at Reply

      that’s a stretch

    • Posted by Nicolas Chase, at Reply

      I think it says “you’ve been pranked”

    • Posted by 2Gymnasthanella, at Reply

      Vigge Sigge it’s “ehhh you’ve been framed?”

  13. Posted by Fader209, at Reply

    I had never heard a drone scream in pain before.

    • Posted by - Anonymous -, at Reply

      Fader209 LOL Me neither XD

    • Posted by matrex omer, at Reply

      Fader209 the dude in the Bike was Like wtf hit my tire

  14. Posted by Malte Küpker, at Reply

    Stop cencoring, this is the internet not your stupid “america”….

    • Posted by CoreExen, at Reply

      Its for kids?

      You know they show pole dancing fails too, right?

    • Posted by HELLFIRE The gamer, at Reply

      So its not going to influence many kids to do so

    • Posted by HELLFIRE The gamer, at Reply

      +CoreExen and plus the kids are not gonna focus on the fact they are pole dancing its that part where they fall they focus on

    • Posted by CoreExen, at Reply

      They’ve literally shown someone twerking at the end of one of the videos.

    • Posted by Wojciech D, at Reply

      Malte Küpker What is wrong with guns? Dude, right now USA is unconquerable because everyone owns gun there and will protect his country even when not being in army, unless he is stupid liberal. Do you know why European governments don’t want to give people guns? They don’t care about citizens safety. They just want to make them defenceless, so they can’t stop terrorist attacks, because it is much easier to rule a country with citizens feared even of firecracker. If guns in USA are banned USA won’t be free country anymore. Living in Europe isn’t freedom, believe me. You can get arrested by saying bad things about gays or black, where is the freedom of speech? You can’t limit it. If you limit freedom of speech it isn’t freedom anymore.

  15. Posted by ceren özcan, at Reply

    4:02 As bayrakları as !! 😀

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply


  16. Posted by Traumâțu' Mîț Mîț, at Reply

    Can you guys STOP bleeping fucks?? It’s annoying and takes away from the fun factor. Really.

    • Posted by Diana Kuroneko, at Reply


    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      They have to be put in, otherwise those sensitive american kids throw a fit.

  17. Posted by Noel Art, at Reply

    Hey, do watch my new amazing art ………………….. Thank you 🙂

    • Posted by Babygirl Joy, at Reply


    • Posted by Victoria Dududu, at Reply


    • Posted by CoreExen, at Reply


    • Posted by Mr. Pillowey, at Reply