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Fails of the Week: Go ahead and send it! (May 2017)


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Friday's are for falls short!! This Fails of the Week has a couple of ATV stops working, snowboarding stops working, and some incredible skate fails. Let us recognize which clip made you laugh the hardest and make sure to send us your videos at!!


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Video clip links:
Pair Obtains Torn down by Wave During Selfie Effort
Individual Goes Traveling Off Snowmobile
Amateur Cook Lights Cooktop on Fire
Man Falls Due to Loose Rock on Climbing Wall
Person on Four Wheeler Jumps Off Loft space
Dog obtains belted on 300ft Slip-n-slide
Vehicle driver Appears Ice Home window for a Container of Beer
Friend's Eat Sand Throughout Slip n Slide Effort
Motorbike Lands on Top of Cars and truck
Lizard Obtains Stuck in Hair
Pet dog Awkwardly Flops right into Water
Tow Vehicle Tries Flip Overturned Dump Vehicle
Snowboarder Wipes out on Powder
Skateboarder right into Child
Feline Raises in Effort to Capture Plaything Computer mouse
Skateboarder Attempts Jump as well as Loss
High-voltage line Crashed Down Onto Road
Child Faceplants Slide at Pumpkin Spot
Teenager Plays with Remote Controlled Automobile
Individual Does Backflip Off Table as well as Hits Chin
Person Falls Off Bike Throughout Trick Effort
Bicycle rider Bails Throughout Backflip Effort and Lands Hard on Ramp
Twelve Year Old Drives Cars and truck Into Home
Dirt Biker Falls Off High cliff
Skateboarder Efforts Dive and Autumns
Kid Gets Whacked in the Confront with a Bat
Unclean Water Sprinkles on Van
Truck Does Fatigue In Front of Cops and also Obtains Stoppeded
Skateboarder Autumns and Faces Rail
Person Aims to Go up Rock Development
Trio Does Acro Yoga Feat and Falls

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Stops working of the Week: Proceed and also send it! (May 2017).

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  1. Posted by SkilZzz, at Reply

    who else has WEEKEND now ?

    • Posted by TheGreenSadFrog, at Reply

      SkilZzz so reliving

    • Posted by Ethon, at Reply

      SkilZzz no

    • Posted by _FalconPawz :3_, at Reply

      SkilZzz it’s Friday 4 me

    • Posted by BLEEM, at Reply

      SkilZzz jeez I kept trying to wipe a hair off my screen

  2. Posted by Lautsprecher Freak, at Reply

    Immer diese Deutschen😋 Wer von euch ist deutsch?

    • Posted by overlord the band, at Reply

      nein France

    • Posted by CuzImKris the pink bear, at Reply

      Lautsprecher Freak im not dutch but i understand what you are saying.

    • Posted by Tacoos, at Reply


    • Posted by Emily H, at Reply

      CuzImKris the pink bear Lol I hope you’re joking

    • Posted by Lautsprecher Freak, at Reply

      Nur etwas über 200? Ich würde mit mehr rechnen 😉

  3. Posted by Fabien White, at Reply

    0:33 “Mamma Mia” xD

    • Posted by iSOoS SeesiS, at Reply


    • Posted by Rosky TV, at Reply

      iSOoS SeesiS Sempre a farci riconoscere 😂

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      mama mia is latin speech and means omg wtf

    • Posted by fabrizioc01, at Reply

      +Rosky TV viva l ITALIA

    • Posted by Alexicrack, at Reply

      Fabien White habló español tú no o si

  4. Posted by HorrorHuhn, at Reply

    Wir nehmen einfach die Woche und schieben sie wo anders hin.

    • Posted by Grand Kans, at Reply

      heil hitler ?

    • Posted by FORINN, at Reply

      wie das horrorhuhn ist hier

    • Posted by Minus Eight, at Reply

      I like porn

    • Posted by Ju Ri, at Reply

      HorrorHuhn hurenhuhn geh dich vergraben

  5. Posted by KODI Helper, at Reply

    I sexually identify as the top comment

    • Posted by CFB Fan, at Reply

      don’t be a PC fag. nobody likes a pc fag.

    • Posted by DxBlack, at Reply


    • Posted by VertsMedia, at Reply

      PC Master Race.

  6. Posted by Apple sauce Cat, at Reply

    Why do I still watch these? Human stupidity has stopped surprising me for at least four years.

    • Posted by Bjarke Carlsen, at Reply

      Not trying is failing as well.

    • Posted by Ich Bin, at Reply

      so when did you turn 6, Junior ?

    • Posted by sayanskywolf13, at Reply

      oh look your typical manchild who worships cats is speaking about human stupidity once again

    • Posted by Triangle_Pants, at Reply

      4 more years!

  7. Posted by Ich liebe sie, at Reply

    Poor dog :/.
    i would help him :(.

    • Posted by Hydrius, at Reply

      As far as your name, to say “I love you” in German, it would be Ich liebe dich, not sie.

    • Posted by DaniShaw, at Reply

      Maybe they were going for “I love her”?

    • Posted by Alice Martinez, at Reply

      Ich liebe sie kphouioi21. addfhhnnjn

  8. Posted by YogyYoghurt, at Reply

    2:20 “i gotta go home”

    • Posted by Ethon, at Reply

      Zeus Playz salty

    • Posted by Kraverage, at Reply

      as a skateboarder, the clip pissed me off. kid got what was coming for him

    • Posted by GUMP3RT, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein why read comments before watch video then, obvs somebody will comment on video 🙄

  9. Posted by Fabien White, at Reply

    3:38 Guys, the cats out of the bag! Or is it?

    • Posted by Matt M, at Reply


  10. Posted by FAIL KING, at Reply

    Save the trees! Eat more beavers!

    • Posted by FAIL KING, at Reply


    • Posted by SeaFoamCat óÓÒò, at Reply

      *Questions life*

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      I ate your mom’s beaver last night.

    • Posted by Ich Bin, at Reply

      …and I was watching from inside the cupboard

  11. Posted by René König, at Reply

    0:58 That is a win

    • Posted by Emma Nagora, at Reply

      A Halo Fan No problem, I’m glad my interpretation was correct.

    • Posted by Emma Nagora, at Reply

      Romper Stomper I simply didn’t know his sex. So I figured it would be better to say he/she instead of just assigning him a sex. You should know how offended people can get on the Internet from a simple mistake. And I didn’t want to make another more complicated response.

      By the way, did you even read my response or are you just criticizing the first thing you saw?

    • Posted by A Halo Fan, at Reply

      lol if you called me a she i would just roll with it since it happened many times before.

    • Posted by Emma Nagora, at Reply

      A Halo Fan Haha, but you can never be too sure with some of these modern feminists, I’ve “misgendered” people before.

    • Posted by A Halo Fan, at Reply

      lol same here.

  12. Posted by Hound Life Vlogs, at Reply

    “I gotta go home” 😂🤣😂

    • Posted by Caliab, at Reply

      The guy clearly didn’t learn his lesson. He has a cast on his right arm but he’s still at the skate park lmao. 2:25

    • Posted by Owen Roy, at Reply

      Lol and the guy was wearing a cast 😀

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      for sure this boy is gay and in love with the hot skater boy he got rammed by and so he was ashamed and ran away

    • Posted by Starchild91, at Reply

      Me every time I see another person.

  13. Posted by rhz az, at Reply

    0:32 mamma mia

    • Posted by AdaM R, at Reply

      *Italian hand gestures intensify*

    • Posted by rhz az, at Reply

      AdaM R lmao

  14. Posted by Gohan Brolly, at Reply

    Song name from 2:41 !?!?!

    • Posted by SicilianGladiator, at Reply

      still no idea?

    • Posted by Chris K, at Reply

      Lets hope Lindsey doesnt have thousnads of songs, otherwise it’ll be difficult to find it.

    • Posted by A Zone Gaming, at Reply

      Gohan Brolly darude sandstorm

    • Posted by Daniel Tavares, at Reply

      Bump !

    • Posted by Xarmulous, at Reply

      Chaarad so what’s the name of the song exactly?

  15. Posted by Esa Skykke, at Reply


    • Posted by serges, at Reply

      Iv had*

    • Posted by The Motion Hero, at Reply

      MrObie186 Tru

    • Posted by DaniShaw, at Reply

      Thank you, I needed this. <3

  16. Posted by Nicolas MGC, at Reply

    4:40 “il me casse les ******* avec ses conneries ” 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by mylovesong lefi', at Reply


    • Posted by oui, at Reply

      mdrr il est trop con de faire conduire son gosse on dirait il a 5 ans jsuis dead

    • Posted by Meh Pôm, at Reply

      Le gros divorce Inbound

    • Posted by Commandant Couillix, at Reply

      France, mon pays.

    • Posted by TheSpy22, at Reply

      Si elle a réellement des couilles, le mari va prendre cher.

  17. Posted by Edouard Curral, at Reply

    4:30 Voilà le fail français.

    • Posted by Macllu Fouquets, at Reply

      Edouard Curral je confirme !!!