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Fails of the Week: That’s A Good Idea… (April 2017)


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Friday indicates it's time for Stops working of the Week!! We've got some excellent pranks, a couple of funny spills as well as some bails in the snow. Let us recognize which clip made you laugh the hardest as well as make sure to send us your video clips at!!


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Kid Tries to Scare Dad
Broken Guitar Strikes Guy's Nuts
Guy Stumbles Off Skateboard
Motorcyclist Aims to Flight Across Water
Guy Obtains Scared Playing Online Fact Video game
Web surfer Flies from Boat
Travis Pastrana Crashes while Riding Mobility scooter
Guy Conserves Self From Falling Off Rail
Travis Pastrana Attempts Flip as well as Obtains Hit on Head
Pileup at Bike Race
Guy Attempts to Spin Guitar and Damages it
Mountain Bikers Crash One After the Other
Ball Hits Teen's Face
Lady Falls Over While Exercising Yoga
Individual Aims to Do Stunt on Aerial Rope
Youngster Obtains Kicked in the Head During Rubgy Method
Travis Pastrana Crashes Hard on Dual Backflip Effort
Wave Knocks down Girls at the Beach
Guy Tries to Walk Along Slackline
Mountain Cyclist Falls From Foam Pit
Biker Flies Over Foam Pit
Person Assumes He Can Leap over Shrub
Travis Pastrana Crashes Attempting to Do Dual Backflip
Person Falls While Attempting to do Trick on Equilibrium Board
Motorcyclist Falls Off Bike
Guy Falls While Kicking Punching Bag
Traveler Diminish Bike
Professional athlete Gets Stuck on Ramp and Falls Off
Yogi Falls In reverse
Travis Pastrana Nose Dives After Dive
Man Falls Off Chair attached to Forklift
Brandon Schmidt Bangs on Back After Triple Backflip Attempt
Girl Falls off Ape Bars while Attempting to Do Crises
Papa Breaks With Trampoline
Jolene Van Vugt Crashes Hard in Front of Target market
Girl Wipes Out While Tubes
BMX Motorcyclist Bails on Feat and Lands on Head
Individual Bets He Can Lift 185 Pound Benchpress
Child Falls Off Swegway Into Puddle

Stops working of the Week: That's A Great idea (April 2017).

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  1. Posted by rafail rempas, at Reply

    That kid in the start got pranked back

    • Posted by joão Meurer, at Reply

      i know

    • Posted by Henry and crazy stuff, at Reply

      rafail rempas I think he died

    • Posted by Emmanuel Moore, at Reply

      why cant you guys notice that this was scripted

    • Posted by Emmanuel Moore, at Reply


  2. Posted by aZa, at Reply

    that kid at the beginning killed me xD

    • Posted by aZa, at Reply

      Ch0lo Gt i’m a Ghost actually.

    • Posted by Greenhouses, at Reply

      Ch0lo Gt …That’s what some people say when they laughed alot. If you never heard someone say this before you’re living under a rock.

    • Posted by cara dogg, at Reply

      aZa hahahaha verdade

    • Posted by Link0102_, at Reply

      Já começou a chegar BR!

  3. Posted by ShockZz, at Reply

    The first clip killed me lmao

    • Posted by ecleavist, at Reply

      anybody got a link to that clip?

    • Posted by carlos eden, at Reply

      nishant sharma thats what she said, now we have a lil channel together..

    • Posted by Rose Lilas, at Reply

      in the description, as always

    • Posted by popans99, at Reply


  4. Posted by HelpinOSRS, at Reply

    Fucking hell the first one got me in a fit

    • Posted by The i3uzkill, at Reply

      Doesn’t mean its not funny, cause it is LOL

    • Posted by Majin Vegeta, at Reply

      @ultra gamer /vlogger hey idiot at least learn to spell dumbass correctly if you’re going to insult someone.

    • Posted by Enternamehere, at Reply

      because you are a moron

    • Posted by thyrampantpigeon, at Reply

      Shhhhhh, let people enjoy things.

  5. Posted by Josh eyy, at Reply

    wtf did the child survive? 😅

    • Posted by B A D V I B E S, at Reply


    • Posted by Damien Rey, at Reply

      who cares xD it was hilarious

    • Posted by Aquakiller, at Reply

      What time?

    • Posted by krusty krab, at Reply

      Aquakiller the first one

    • Posted by RyderXF, at Reply

      Josh eyy no, he died later that day

  6. Posted by Schneeballius, at Reply

    Bibis Song ist scheiße

    • Posted by Sara S, at Reply

      MexxTotal Oh wie recht du hast. 😳

    • Posted by Im Weg Allahs -Islam, at Reply

      Schneeballius Jo

    • Posted by Schneeballius, at Reply

      MexxTotal 😂😂 Da haste recht

    • Posted by MexxTotal, at Reply

      im Ernst, das schlimmste an den Scheiß ist dieser beat, der sich exakt so anhört wie sone no Copyright Mucke die bei solchen ‘beauty’tanten im Hintergrund laufen würde

    • Posted by Schneeballius, at Reply

      MexxTotal sie ist ne ‘beauty’ Tante

  7. Posted by TheProGamerJay, at Reply

    Wait wtf happened to the kid after

    • Posted by TinyTowersJHD Gaming, at Reply

      TheProGamerJay oh look it’s Mr Clickbait himself

    • Posted by 720Noscope CENSORED, at Reply

      he fucking killed himself after he discovered your channel ProGamerClickbait

    • Posted by SuperLegoBuilder09, at Reply

      TheProGamerJay you suck at click bait

  8. Posted by Joshua Standing-Harvey, at Reply

    The nitro circus fails are real lazy!

    • Posted by Chad Bingham, at Reply

      Thank you!

    • Posted by rockdiehard187, at Reply

      This comment needs to be #1.

    • Posted by Justin Theaker, at Reply

      half of the damn video was from nitro circus

  9. Posted by SunKissNicole, at Reply

    Legend has it that poor kid is still under the trash till this day.

    • Posted by Cosmicz 110, at Reply

      SunKissNicole LMAO

    • Posted by Nick Nevens, at Reply

      SunKissNicole maybe hes dead😳

    • Posted by Peter Crockett, at Reply

      *The Father totally saw what he was doing :)*

  10. Posted by MrGriffin, at Reply

    1:01 sounds like his bones just cracked

    • Posted by Ash, at Reply

      Nah, just his shoes landing on the rubber resi mat

    • Posted by MrGriffin, at Reply

      +Ash I know, but it sounds like it

  11. Posted by People are Awesome, at Reply

    These people are awesome at failing

    • Posted by Hagerhino, at Reply


    • Posted by Hagerhino, at Reply

      ProGaming me?

    • Posted by ProGaming, at Reply

      Hagerhino no not you the other guy

  12. Posted by Christella, at Reply


    • Posted by BrianShaggy074, at Reply

      Christella sounds like a raptor from Jurassic park 3 XD

  13. Posted by Nix E, at Reply

    5:40 Is that a pterodactyl laughing?

    • Posted by Timo Bensch, at Reply

      Nix E *pterodactyl

    • Posted by Herminilo Singcol, at Reply

      Nix E hahaha

    • Posted by Michael Vinson, at Reply

      Hahaha that is exactly what I thought it sounded like.

    • Posted by Nix E, at Reply

      Timo Bensch Thanks hahah

    • Posted by Keyboard Toucher, at Reply

      Sounded like a Chimpanzee to me.

  14. Posted by j goods, at Reply

    First video was totally not rigged at all

    • Posted by Eryk019, at Reply

      j goods *Subskrajbera dałbyś prosie z całego serduszka*

    • Posted by FlatBurrito, at Reply

      Yeah, why would you even leave bags in front of container in the first place

    • Posted by FlatBurrito, at Reply

      it is funny as hell tho xD

    • Posted by Aiaiaii z, at Reply

      For example if containers vere full… and companies who gather trash wouldnt mess with bags he could have left them thre and wayted when containers are emptied.

    • Posted by Gforce 4000, at Reply

      haha he threw glass in first… then trash?? smh learn to recycle

  15. Posted by Nacho Ruiz Rodriguez, at Reply

    4:55 – “Daddy, it’s gonna break” The kid has more common sense than the father…

    • Posted by McSkinnyKins, at Reply

      Nacho Ruiz Rodriguez he said i know as well LOL

    • Posted by Austin Pelissier, at Reply

      Nacho Ruiz Rodriguez I know those things were designed for one person

  16. Posted by Fresh Orange, at Reply

    When i heard that bag was filled with glass bottles…

    • Posted by Johnathon Didicher, at Reply

      Why would he start with the breakable glass bottles and end with the plastics

    • Posted by Instant Gratification Monkey, at Reply

      i am sure it was all plastic bottles and the sounds have been added later

    • Posted by Johnathon Didicher, at Reply

      Instant Gratification Monkey you can see how the way it comes down is different from the rest
      plus plastic won’t make those kinds of marks on the sides of the bag

      I like how there is a decent vedoe here
      and we are just talking about trash

    • Posted by The House of FX, at Reply

      I laughed. 😈

    • Posted by Donut daze, at Reply

      Fresh Orange rip little Timmy

  17. Posted by csiko _, at Reply

    5:40 best one lol

    • Posted by Hip Hoptimistic, at Reply

      You can hear a small one seep out @ 5:38 lmaoooo

    • Posted by Jade Haert, at Reply

      I think the guys laugh is hilarious. Anyone know where the original would be? And yes you can hear one before the big one lol

    • Posted by 504Productions, at Reply

      csiko _ you can hear another small one right after the big one

  18. Posted by Krissreisa, at Reply

    Stop using nitro circus clip please

    • Posted by kmonnier, at Reply

      Failarmy is paid advertising for nitro circus

    • Posted by Crippling Depression, at Reply

      The thing I hate the most about the FailArmy are those videos with rock music playing on background! Just send the video as it is, don’t put rock music to make it cooler, natural sounds are the point of those fails!

    • Posted by Gforce 4000, at Reply

      i thought that was for copyright reasons…