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Fails of the Week: There’s a bear on the loose!! (June 2017)


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Today for the fails of the week, we have actually got bear upon the loosened, crazy technique turned sidewards and also some hilarious pet falls short. Ensure you leave a remark below letting us know your favored clip, as well as submit your fall short at Later on, men!


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Video clips:
Pet dog Gets Proprietor's Face
Individual Tries to Do Backflip in Pool
Skateboarders Enter into Each Other
Lap dog Pees on Bigger Dog
Papa Terrifies Kid Playing Video Game
Horse and also Biker Faceplant Turf Throughout Event
Black Bear Addresses Man
Cat Regretfully Takes a Dip
Car Owns With Hood Obstructing Sight
Auto Rolls off Tow Vehicle in Center of Road
Puppy Tries to Jump From Couch to Foot Relax
Wakeboarder Breaks Fencing
Man Attempts to Do Side Flip Across Void and Falls
Ball Bounces into Electronic camera
Ryan Williams Does Ahead Bike Flip
Godfrey Brothers on Tandem Bike
Andy Buckworth Dual Front Flip
Clinton Moore Attempts 360 Spin Technique
Ryan Williams on Ramp After Method Effort
Kurtis Downs Overshoots Padding Pit
Girl Falls While Coming down From Water fountain
Male Falls Too far Attempting to Fetch Fish
Gymnast Falls Throughout Planche Effort
Mirror Falls on Top of Man
Ethen Roberts Does Two Backflips
Colten Moore Attempts to Turn Exit ramp With Snowmobile
Mike Porra Wipes Out Throughout Jump Effort
Guy Cannot Land Dual Front Flip
BMX Biker Three-way Tailwhip to 360 Trick
Three Guys on One Motorbike Effort Backflip
Individual on Snowboard on Ramp
Chad Kagy on Huge Ramp Transfer.
Side-by-side Rolls on Bike as well as Land on Their Sides
Blake "Bilko" Williams Fails to Land Backflip 360 Indian Stunt
Gavin Godfrey on Trike Falls Mid Air Throughout Backflip
Rob Adelberg on the Other Side of Ramp
Dusty Wygle on Trike Attempts Lazy Child Flip and also Sheds Footwear
Motocross Cyclist on Landing
Person Attempts Backflip with Little Tricycle
Mt Bike front flip
Snow Bike During Backflip Effort
Lady Attempts Front Flip on Pole
Twisted Feline and also Owner
Lady Slips on Soapy Floor
Skateboarder Attempts to Skate Across Yard
Band Student Prom Proposal Fail
Individual Falls After Promposal

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  1. Posted by RandomFunAndStuff, at Reply

    Failarmy, if I want to see Nitro Circus clips I’ll go over to Nitro Circus’ channel, it may be easy clips for you to get but please stop it. They’re not even funny it’s just crashes…

    • Posted by Liam Menzies, at Reply

      If you are not happy with the video make your own

    • Posted by Geraint Davies, at Reply

      Jim Watley, I better send in half a video’s worth of clips of people failing at written driving theory exams, becaue failarmy not funnyarmy.

    • Posted by Cat weed, at Reply

      +Geraint Davies that’s hard.. caus most people couldn’t tell the difference between fail and funny. not all fail video are suppose to be funny, and vice versa.

  2. Posted by A Towel that DOES NOT want 500 subscribers, at Reply

    I’ve been wondering around on my own for the past few weeks. Ya know, helpin’ people out with towel safety and proper towel use. It’s important!
    0:47 could have been prevented if they used a towel.

    • Posted by Socomhunter, at Reply

      you mean to suffocate him?

    • Posted by A Towel that DOES NOT want 500 subscribers, at Reply

      If thats your thing…

  3. Posted by Finley Hill, at Reply

    Once again stealing nitro circus content

    • Posted by Spam Warrior!, at Reply

      I believe they do have some rights to use it.

    • Posted by Alex Enriquez, at Reply

      Fair use policy

  4. Posted by Sonic Shadow 870, at Reply

    Comments section:

    1% People saying how funny the video is

    99% People talking about Nitro Circus

    • Posted by ITS JAY, at Reply

      Sonic Shadow 870 nitro Cicus?

    • Posted by ZeidGho, at Reply

      Video Clips:
      1% People failing in life
      99% Nitro Circus

  5. Posted by HikaraTsunadeTheGamer, at Reply

    So, why is bro at 5:10 rock hard?

    • Posted by Mark Javier, at Reply

      He likes danger

  6. Posted by Ron Swanson, at Reply

    fucking hate dumb stupid cats

    • Posted by ZOMG Gaming!, at Reply

      Yea because humans have never gotten stuck in anything ever and we are the apotome of intelligence luuuuuuuuuul not

    • Posted by Brownie, at Reply

      But when someone freed us, we don’t bite their fucking leg.

    • Posted by user 651, at Reply

      Go eat your bacon, Ron.

    • Posted by ZOMG Gaming!, at Reply

      He was scared he didnt do it out of hate.

  7. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Which is your favorite video? Let us know below!

  8. Posted by Rodrigo Souza, at Reply

    6:20 What a savage cat, lol

    • Posted by Lukaz Cards, at Reply

      Um BR foi detectado

    • Posted by Rodrigo Souza, at Reply

      Hue Birl

    • Posted by Expellio, at Reply

      He pulled the cats tail which is why the cat was acting like that.

  9. Posted by mishel goldman, at Reply

    5:10 ROFL That boner

    • Posted by ilham laksmana, at Reply

      mishel goldman lol how did you notice that?

    • Posted by kleetus92, at Reply

      I was gonna say the same thing!

    • Posted by IronFire, at Reply

      ROFL yeah nice spot

  10. Posted by Samuel Cayford, at Reply

    Why didn’t the guy try defending himself his Bow and arrow.

    • Posted by Keyboard Jedi Yoda, at Reply

      because one arrow isnt gonna kill a bear it will just piss it off

    • Posted by Joshua Haines, at Reply

      Because it might only make the bear angry

  11. Posted by xXHapjeKaasXx KaasFanaat, at Reply

    I thought i was going to see bears attacking stupid people, not nitro fucking circus

    • Posted by ­­­ ­­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­­­ ­­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­, at Reply

      xXHapjeKaasXx KaasFanaat you saw both, relax

    • Posted by Abbedego, at Reply

      xXHapjeKaasXx OudeKaas: 543 likes

    • Posted by Rejected Crayon55, at Reply

      xXHapjeKaasXx KaasFanaat it’s actually nitro circus no fucking is involved

  12. Posted by Uriel Suarez, at Reply

    Nitro Circus, parkour and wannabe stripper fails are not funny.

    • Posted by Uriel Suarez, at Reply

      You believing car crashes not being funny is your personal opinion, so that changes nothing. Get to stepping.

    • Posted by Dobbsy, at Reply

      There is nothing funny about people getting seriously injured during a car crash, or at the very least the potential of it. Unless you’re a fucking sociopath that is, are you a sociopath?

    • Posted by Kanye West, at Reply

      they’re actually, take over it man, kys

  13. Posted by Bamditzki, at Reply


    • Posted by The Fel Sion, at Reply

      Bamditzki LOLOL HAHAH THAT WAS FUNNY ASF THEY REALLY SHOULD DO THAT(this dumbass above dont know what sarcasm is)

    • Posted by OG OJ, at Reply

      Golden Darkness it’s sarcasm you imbecile

  14. Posted by Dash, at Reply

    That guy at the end should’ve picked up his cat and then loosen the tail, rather than pickup the cat BY THE TAIL to loosen it. What did he expect would happen? XD

    • Posted by Ryan Omlid, at Reply

      Dash who tf names their cat Peggy?

    • Posted by G' Hammer, at Reply

      I stopped it before the end, have seen enough boring Nitro Circus
      I think this is the first time FailArmy has failed us

    • Posted by Joe Blazer, at Reply

      +G’ Hammer umm.. throwback Thursday?

    • Posted by costanza17pt, at Reply

      Just don’t have pets, problem solved…

    • Posted by Immanismjr, at Reply

      and? a few scratches are not as a cat that could maybe lose his balance (because of the tail)

  15. Posted by cliq uot, at Reply

    Could someone explain what a prom is and why those guys ask like they ask for marriage?

    • Posted by Ziggy van Jud, at Reply

      cliq uot prom is the jewish tradition where they Pick random girls from class to cut off their penis skin

    • Posted by cliq uot, at Reply

      can’t even lie that’s the best explanationI could hope for :’D

  16. Posted by ZaQuShu, at Reply

    once failarmy was good
    they only uploaded when they had good footage…

    • Posted by Danny Sweeney, at Reply

      And they didn’t try to squeeze as much money out of each clip as they could and they didn’t censor the swearing.

  17. Posted by bill nye, at Reply

    the amount of nitro Circus clips is appalling

  18. Posted by Gilad Ben shimon, at Reply

    Why do you enjoy seeing people get hurt?

  19. Posted by Wicked6754, at Reply

    Stop with the nitro circus clips please.