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Fails of the Week: This Time, It’s Personal (May 2017)


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Friday is below, so that means it's time for our regular round up of fails! You'll laugh, you'll weep, you'll subscribe! We have a great deal of great things in this set, inform us which one you liked one of the most.


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Video clips:
Guy Feeds Shark With Fish handy
Cat Efforts to Dive and Fail Pillow Case
BMX Rider Faceplants Halfpipe
Pet dog Cannot Get Over Visit Lake
Person Smiles Through Workout Stops working
Wakeboarder Falls In reverse Off Rail
Rock Into Race Auto Home window
Child Strikes Directly Table
Branch Breaks While Person Swings on Rope Swing
Lady Falls While Twirling Silk Sheets
Person Inadvertently Throws Golf Club Back at Video camera Male
Person Falls off Back of Vehicle
Man Smiles Via Workout Stops working
Guy Falls Off Slippery Table
Removaling House Obtains Squashed by Bridge
Mobility scooter Motorcyclist Lands With Imprison Between Legs
Guy Tosses Baseball Right Into Camera
Climber Falls Hard Onto Ground
Law enforcement officer Aims to Chase Away Emu
Man Slides as well as Hits Butt on Rock During Rope Swing Attempt
SUV Hits Teenager on Bicycle and also Speeds Away
Woman Attempts to Get on Canteen and also Falls
Lady Runs Into Wall
Woman Flips Off Equine
Deer Into Via Family's Home
Round in Claw Equipment Recuperates Into Heap
Man Attempts to Damage Wooden Slab With Head
Guy Kicks Sphere right into Buddy's Nuts
Individual Tries Infamous Charcoal Mask
Individual Smiles Through Workout Stops working
Plumbing technician Snake Breaks Via Toilet
Juggler Hits Self in Face with Pins
Lady Attempts to Leap Over Creek

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  1. Posted by Fabien White, at Reply

    0:00 Feeding fish condoms now? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Posted by Ballin, at Reply

      +Gabe Rocco No I don’t think he was joking, fish are well known to eat condoms.

    • Posted by Smashd Potatoes, at Reply

      Fish may perhaps be known to eat condoms. But I do believe that what the man fed the fish, was in fact, NOT a condom.

    • Posted by RAFA RAFA, at Reply

      thats a condom fucking blind midget

    • Posted by JaeyP, at Reply

      did you just assume his height

    • Posted by Smashd Potatoes, at Reply

      You must be into some weird porn rafa

  2. Posted by TheDackingSpud Dude, at Reply

    This is failarmy
    Failarmy says hi
    Failarmy say clap your hands
    Oooooops failarmy die


    • Posted by Sans, at Reply

      TheDackingSpud Dude Just go die.

    • Posted by Hatsune Miku, at Reply

      TheDackingSpud Dude I lost brain cells from reading that. ._.

    • Posted by kARii !, at Reply

      TheDackingSpud Dude DuRr Hurr..

  3. Posted by Alexander, at Reply


    • Posted by inknet32, at Reply

      Alexander *D E A D M E M E*

    • Posted by KoKi GAmI, at Reply

      Alexander send nudes or the gorilla gets it

    • Posted by Alexander, at Reply

      I will comply with you to negotiate Harambes safety

    • Posted by A10, at Reply

      Don’t worry, you can borrow mine 😉

    • Posted by Giggi Widit, at Reply


  4. Posted by アイス, at Reply

    2:07 rip ballz

    • Posted by Michael Townley, at Reply

      RIP crack between the legs 😀

    • Posted by Joshua Kuznik, at Reply

      u mean rip all kids in his balls

    • Posted by Caithlin, at Reply

      That face

    • Posted by TheAngieIshmael, at Reply

      XD Crap, call the SJW’s

  5. Posted by Patrick Spatrick, at Reply

    3:31 like WTF? xD

    • Posted by _0_ _, at Reply

      Patrick Spatrick I

    • Posted by _0_ _, at Reply

      Patrick Spatrick a

    • Posted by JuTroXx, at Reply


    • Posted by M0rtifer, at Reply

      Patrick Spatrick .

    • Posted by Tater-Tot And Poppy The hamster!, at Reply

      JuTroXx lol

  6. Posted by HergensDailyBlog, at Reply

    0:33 nobody is learning from all the Videos 😀

    • Posted by HergensDailyBlog, at Reply


  7. Posted by Nochanta, at Reply

    5:24 LOL WTF i will never use the toilet more! xD

    • Posted by Sullivan Rivers, at Reply

      Thats wrong, clean outs are always installed where the sewer main leaves the house in the basement. That is where it is inserted. By code there has to be a clean out every 10-15′ of drainage pipe. So all areas of the plumbing system can be reached throughout the house.

    • Posted by End Of Days, at Reply

      wtf I thought this was Dr octopus from Spiderman

    • Posted by Caithlin, at Reply

      Doesn’t bother asking where or what coutry, just knows it’s wrong.

    • Posted by PickledSoul, at Reply

      call a priest

  8. Posted by Premium Huhn, at Reply

    Ist noch wer Deutsch hier?

    • Posted by Mk Hammer, at Reply

      Hey?! was geht ab?! Wir feiern die ganze Nacht, die Ganze…..

    • Posted by J- Rod, at Reply

      +Mk Hammer

      Ein like für dich, Spitzbub <3

    • Posted by Mk Hammer, at Reply

      +J- Rod Hey!? WAS GEHT AB?!?!?

    • Posted by J- Rod, at Reply

      Mk Hammer

      OK, OK! Habs kapiert. Wenns sein muss…… XD

      …..Wir feiern die ganze Nacht, die ganze….

    • Posted by Bl4ckstar, at Reply

      Mal wieder paar Möchtegern Deutschlehrer aka Grammatiknazis unterwegs ? Klar musste ja kommen warum auch nicht…

  9. Posted by Leoo, at Reply

    1:16 😏

    • Posted by Ultimate Cuber, at Reply

      Leoo my name is Leonardo

    • Posted by Leoo, at Reply


    • Posted by yusuf uçar, at Reply

      Leoo jiggle

    • Posted by Mister Mike, at Reply

      Leoo thicc 🍆💧

    • Posted by Leoo, at Reply

      i know 😉

  10. Posted by Cool Craft69, at Reply

    0:50 like if you saw the pokeball

    • Posted by Ali shahid, at Reply

      Cool Craft69 i did

    • Posted by Cool Craft69, at Reply

      Ali shahid good for u

    • Posted by Fariz Zainal, at Reply

      i did it!

  11. Posted by Dustun Ausborn, at Reply

    2:46 That Guy Is Lucky To Be Alive
    Thank God 4 That Saved

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

      Dustun Ausborn if god were real he wouldn’t of let it happen in the first place

    • Posted by Gediegen Gegönnt, at Reply

      Hugh Janus rekt

  12. Posted by legion of doom, at Reply

    3:50 big bang theory on tv

    • Posted by Crest, at Reply

      legion of doom 👌🏼

    • Posted by Daniel G., at Reply

      legion of doom it is, it’s the episode where Sheldon and Amy go to Texas, just for his mother to let him know that she thought he would never find someone and blah blah.. I could tell just by those few frames lol I’ve watched and rewatched the series countless of times

    • Posted by Junior Marcineiro, at Reply

      the second best serie on the world

    • Posted by Crest, at Reply

      Junior Marcineiro the first is under the dome

    • Posted by Junior Marcineiro, at Reply

      Crest No no, the first is Two and a Half Men! 1 season up to 8 season.

  13. Posted by A10, at Reply

    Hey, FailArmy I have a joke for you…

    Yo momma’s so fat, that when she fell, no one was laughing but the ground was cracking up.

    • Posted by Cleast Hell, at Reply

      +Legendary Super Majin Savage Final Form Haha, ure mamma is so fat that when she walks she is on both side of the road ^^

    • Posted by Thomas Pluijm, at Reply

      you’re momma is so fat she can use the equador as a belt

    • Posted by Felix Covarrubias, at Reply

      y’all momma’s so gross she sucked yalls step daddies dicks and came and kissed y’all goodnight

    • Posted by Cleast Hell, at Reply

      +Felix Covarrubias nah… it doesnt work, its not a fatty mama… Don’t ruin everything

  14. Posted by Bredole, at Reply

    2:18 That help.

    • Posted by SirKnightDawg, at Reply

      Actually it was. When using a crash pad the spotter only redirects the climber into the crash pad. So they have a mattress sized cushion off screen.

    • Posted by TheAngieIshmael, at Reply

      SirKnightDawg Thanks for informing!

    • Posted by Lino Gruber, at Reply


  15. Posted by Mobius One, at Reply

    4:14 If that happened to me I would break the fucking glass to that machine and take my prize.

    • Posted by MrDamian475, at Reply

      And then pay for new glass.

    • Posted by Al Gonis, at Reply

      MrDamian475 yep, but still have the prize:)

  16. Posted by La Piña Explosiva!!, at Reply

    Why the people is like the mom (3:49) something happend and they are inmediatly with their phone, she’s taking a picture to uploadit to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat and Wats App, with the same title in all the social media: “OMG a deer have just entered to my house please SOMEONE CALL ANIMAL CONTROL” instead to take her phone and call ANIMAL CONTROL. This is just amazing, I cant belived it.

    1 like = 1 Prayer for mothers like her.

    • Posted by Romeryo Gaming, at Reply

      La Piña Explosiva!! probably proof for insurance. deer probavly ain’t paying anything except for that visit

    • Posted by TheTuxator, at Reply

      nah you got it wrong. She’s calling the pizza delivery guy – they don’t need that order after all…

    • Posted by GameWalkthroughs, at Reply

      La Piña Explosiva!! Lmfao stupid bimbos

    • Posted by Nate Brown, at Reply

      La Piña Explosiva!! I

    • Posted by agaronek, at Reply

      She took a photo. The rest of the story you made up.
      You are just a hysterical anti-techno person, mad at the world for not being like it was in 1977.
      I made that up, and are probably more right than you were.

  17. Posted by Anthony, at Reply

    1:16 Where can I find this girl for research purposes ???

    • Posted by Pride Alliance, at Reply

      Anthony u can find her at 1:16

    • Posted by Caithlin, at Reply

      she ded now

    • Posted by Thomas Pluijm, at Reply

      You can find her at the police station making sure people like you don’t get to close to her.

  18. Posted by Ben., at Reply

    2:45 if someones asks if you are ok, but you are not really ok…

    • Posted by Jack Skellington, at Reply

      I hate to be that person, but that isn’t really that funny… he could have been badly hurt.

    • Posted by Ben., at Reply

      +Jack Skellington
      I agree with that.

  19. Posted by swag swag, at Reply

    1:40 same motherfucker again? hahaha

    • Posted by ΝΟΜΛ, at Reply

      and again 5:14 guess it was his lucky day for a triple play