Fails You Missed #24: Dangerous Animals (January 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Fails You Missed #24: Dangerous Animals (January 2018) | FailArmy


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Pleased weekend everyone! Did you miss out on any of our falls short from the previous week? Learn exactly what occurs when animals attack, a few job stops working and amusing pets vs. staircases. Let us understand your preferred below, or simply say 'just what's up'!


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  1. Posted by Thomas Monsallier, at Reply

    I love animal 🐮🐋

  2. Posted by Kasper Danekov, at Reply

    “dogs vs stairs” the first clip is of two cats hmm

    • Posted by yuan pine, at Reply

      33 mins late haha

    • Posted by Zack Stilinovich, at Reply

      No wonder why their called “Fail Army” lol

    • Posted by MrWombatty, at Reply

      Plus there was also an off-road buggy that has nothing to do with golf!

    • Posted by MrWombatty, at Reply

      It’s to see whether you’re paying attention!

    • Posted by Rodrigo Martinez, at Reply

      They’re trolling us (-_-)

  3. Posted by RG2 Highlights, at Reply

    Where is comment awards v69?

    Wrong channel rip

    • Posted by Sören Wittrock, at Reply

      He’s saying Gucci gang 1.000.000 times for charity, no time for memestealing

    • Posted by RG2 Highlights, at Reply

      Sky Skrt Understandable, have a great day

    • Posted by RG2 Highlights, at Reply

      Sören Wittrock But I made this meme m8, it’s in the comments on his latest comment awards

    • Posted by Vanilla, at Reply

      RG2 Highlights lmao

    • Posted by Davie Dude, at Reply

      Lmao yes daddy

  4. Posted by mnd RO, at Reply

    4:07 dogs vs stairs..failarmy… thats a cat

    • Posted by Alex Clarke, at Reply


    • Posted by Rodrigo Martinez, at Reply

      I think they’re trolling

    • Posted by Emma JC, at Reply

      i noticed that too!!!!

    • Posted by XYZBreaka, at Reply

      You had ONE job, failarmy

    • Posted by Ethan Jackson-gale, at Reply

      mnd RO yea your right

  5. Posted by Finn Rubach, at Reply

    nice editing fail at “I am tarzan” 😛

  6. Posted by outlandishusername, at Reply

    Is it just me or does the video/audio go all out of sync later in the video?

    • Posted by Pavel Pražák, at Reply

      same problem here, so glad someone mention it….i was scared something f*cked up in my PC

    • Posted by GothShinobi, at Reply

      FailArmy with the biggest fail themselves (as usual)

  7. Posted by electricps3, at Reply

    sound messed up?

    • Posted by electricps3, at Reply

      @7:27 something went horribly wrong

    • Posted by Lord Dan - Build, Craft, Fight, Explore, at Reply

      Yeah we’re so early we arrived before the audio it seems

    • Posted by electricps3, at Reply

      Lord Dan – Build, Craft, Fight, Explore lol 😂

    • Posted by xXacdclover6Xx, at Reply

      electricps3 It was delayed

    • Posted by sriraag ponnully, at Reply

      thought i have to sell my phone

  8. Posted by AlieZ92, at Reply

    The audio was way off in those tarzan videos

  9. Posted by LazyUnhazy ‍, at Reply

    audio messed up

  10. Posted by Nuno Silva, at Reply

    This video was a fail aswell with so many out of sync sound clips

    • Posted by Mr. CkdPotato, at Reply

      And a cat video after DOG vs stairs

  11. Posted by Bogdan Albu, at Reply

    From 7:35 audio is way behind!

  12. Posted by Bananabubble, at Reply

    The audio in the Tarzan section messed up

  13. Posted by Jaherz, at Reply

    Why the audio is broken ? Ith didn’t match with the clips

  14. Posted by Kelvin Klein, at Reply

    Audio is delayed

    • Posted by Taurus-C4, at Reply

      Well,I’m glad it isn’t my headphones xD

    • Posted by The BoSS, at Reply

      Kelvin Klein Mine wasnt

    • Posted by Bennett Mathias, at Reply

      I thought it was just my phone.

    • Posted by Waging, at Reply

      Kelvin Klein I thought it was my phone I was confused

    • Posted by RBTDN, at Reply


  15. Posted by Alexander Edling, at Reply

    dogs vs stairs, first clips is two cats. sound being incredibly off during the tarzan thing. do you even watch your videos thru after render to make sure everything is as it should be? xD

  16. Posted by NET Alliance - Star Wars Fun, at Reply

    The audio gets disconnected in the end. It makes a lot of these sound scary. Ha

    • Posted by Filip Milosavljevic, at Reply

      Man i thought it was my phone

    • Posted by MyBeaMz, at Reply


    • Posted by Sarimasu, at Reply

      I muted the video to make sure it was coming from it, sometimes you play 2 youtube videos at the same time and you don’t realize it for a while. The audio really sucked in this video.

    • Posted by Alexander Diaz, at Reply

      NET Alliance – Star Wars Fun true

  17. Posted by Felix Sturm, at Reply

    “Dogs vs. Stairs”

    *shows cats*

    • Posted by Rodrigo Martinez, at Reply


  18. Posted by ExplosivHDKnall, at Reply

    Auto 1×0

  19. Posted by Claim, at Reply

    сорри что не в тему,но самый конченный стример @bratishkinoff

    • Posted by Miroslav Grbic, at Reply

      Claim hxudijxkx