Fails You Missed #27: Didn’t See That Coming (January 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Fails You Missed #27: Didn’t See That Coming (January 2018) | FailArmy


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In situation you missed out on a fail from one more platform, we put together a few of our preferred for today's Fails You Missed out on. We have actually got babies vs. monkeys, individuals who need to calm down, and also squirrels vs raccoons! Who else likes trash pandas? Allow us understand in the remarks listed below.


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Fails You Missed # 27: Didn't See That Coming (January 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Happy Saturday, y’all! What do you have going on this weekend?

    • Posted by Ugandan Knuckles, at Reply

      I want to die.

    • Posted by Juan morales, at Reply

      I’m going to work 😢😭😭

    • Posted by Niall Coldwell, at Reply

      Ugandan Knuckles is it because you can’t find da wae

    • Posted by Zachary wolfé, at Reply

      i want to go get some new throwing knifes but i cant drive :'(

    • Posted by Abby Games, at Reply

      literally nothing besides being grateful finals are over

  2. Posted by golden mirror, at Reply

    @2:00 dem titties 🙂

  3. Posted by Arda Arun, at Reply

    kendinemüzisyeni izlemek için geldim

  4. Posted by Detox02111993, at Reply

    2:14 his first and last day on that job

  5. Posted by Thomas1980, at Reply

    autsch :))))

  6. Posted by Tony Ackers, at Reply

    The one consistent thing in my life, nut shots never stop being funny…….

  7. Posted by Jack Evans, at Reply

    replace holiday pipe comment alleged shortage inspector relate cluster complete relevant traditionally.

  8. Posted by DeathByRhapsody, at Reply

    Bicycle cry baby. That’s a cyclists mentality in human form.

  9. Posted by WYNOLLO TV, at Reply


  10. Posted by Liad Shilan, at Reply

    0:47 He’s like: Not cool man…

  11. Posted by UnboundGodz, at Reply

    6:27 I need this camera lol

    • Posted by o_o, at Reply


  12. Posted by Sebastian Gutierrez, at Reply

    3:48 Grande Yaco!!

    • Posted by reis baba, at Reply

      Sebastian Gutierrez .. ? .ßßß.? Ägy. Das ß.ß.ü.ö.äö. ,,pl,pl,,,l,Pol,m m lküm

  13. Posted by Animeci Çocuk, at Reply

    Türkler buradaysa like atın 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  14. Posted by Team GyF, at Reply

    like aki a magyart reszt latta 🙂

    • Posted by Domi FNM, at Reply

      Team GyF en

    • Posted by Domi FNM, at Reply

      Bazdmeg segicsetek neki Hahaha

  15. Posted by InterdimensionalSex, at Reply


  16. Posted by o_o, at Reply

    3:06 _thats creepy_

  17. Posted by Jay Garcia, at Reply

  18. Posted by Josef Braun, at Reply

    3:20 hahahahahahaha

  19. Posted by LH CG94, at Reply

    Those karate guys do not know de wae

  20. Posted by Ella Molloy, at Reply

    Do a phone a Vs water