Fails You Missed: Jump On In! #28 (February 2018)| FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Fails You Missed: Jump On In! #28 (February 2018)| FailArmy


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Did you capture every one of this weeks stops working? If not, we have actually obtained you covered. Fails You Missed has people making a jump for it, canine falls short, and also far more !! Have a video clip of your personal to send our way? Submit it at


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Fails You Missed Out On: Jump On In! # 28 (February 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Crazy Things, at Reply

    First ever comment love these vids you always make my day

    • Posted by Souless. Elite, at Reply

      Crazy Things don’t lie I saw one of your comments that was made like an hour ago

  2. Posted by Sicilian Spearo, at Reply


  3. Posted by Pusheen IsMyFavorite, at Reply


    • Posted by Layla Raquel Barranco, at Reply

      Pusheen IsMyFavorite … hi😉

    • Posted by Viral Trends, at Reply

      Pusheen IsMyFavorite people are awesome best of 2017, subscribe for different types of videos

  4. Posted by Reaction Yoshi Bro, at Reply

    Early but not first

  5. Posted by Markcrafter2008, at Reply


    • Posted by Viral Trends, at Reply

      Markcrafter2008 people are awesome best of 2017, subscribe for different types of videos

  6. Posted by Grizzly, at Reply

    These are so funny

    • Posted by Rohit Kudatarkar, at Reply

      not really

    • Posted by Jman012233886 J, at Reply

      *person states happy opinion*

  7. Posted by Troy Petersson, at Reply

    the dude at 0:16 is paralized for life his back is so fucking broken

    • Posted by Mark Gun, at Reply

      “Survival of the fittest”

    • Posted by tomsmith4, at Reply

      girl’s fault to move the ball… if he was mgtow, he wouldn’t try to impress her

    • Posted by Jenny Kate, at Reply

      I can’t even imagine the pain he was in… I slipped walking on tiles and couldn’t move for 15 mins and have had a shitty back since

    • Posted by Le Blackout, at Reply

      Troy Petersson Dafuq u can see him moving his legs after his “landing”, so where is he paralized?

  8. Posted by Hgghhj Hgfujj, at Reply

    Nyggs stole my bike

  9. Posted by Dvir Levy, at Reply

    You can hear them little chicken eggs crackin 0:35

    • Posted by pacovl46, at Reply

      Dvir Levy actually he didn’t hit his balls, hence the surprised look on his face! Watch the original and see for yourself.

    • Posted by LookalikeDemons, at Reply

      In the longer clip he says “I didn’t hit my balls” or something like that

    • Posted by Dvir Levy, at Reply

      I know I know

  10. Posted by MajorGame 22, at Reply

    Not funny the 2. Fail!!!

  11. Posted by stephen jang, at Reply

    That last one is dumb af, why is he running when there is a bike

    • Posted by Bantz Videography, at Reply

      Kepano 808HI you’re disgusting

    • Posted by viva.cious, at Reply

      that’s the joke

    • Posted by Viral Trends, at Reply

      stephen jang people are awesome best of 2017, subscribe for different types of videos

  12. Posted by Snappl's Palace, at Reply

    This is why I don’t go outside

  13. Posted by Kris moh, at Reply

    0:17 good bye spine…

    • Posted by Mr JSV, at Reply

      My back pain got even worse just by looking at these fails.

  14. Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

    WTF was the first one?

    • Posted by Eric, at Reply

      I think they threw a pizza like a frisbee and it stuck to the side of the building across the street

    • Posted by twitchster77, at Reply

      The one before that.

    • Posted by CucumberSauce, at Reply

      twitchster77 It was the same one

    • Posted by Ogechi Uzoukwu, at Reply

      OMG I’ve saw you before on this channel commenting

    • Posted by twitchster77, at Reply

      @Cucumber yeah you’re right. I’m an idiot xP

  15. Posted by Ryan Allen, at Reply

    Lock your dog in the bathroom don’t be surprised when they tear up something in there

    • Posted by iGrind4Lif3, at Reply

      Right…? I learned the hard way.

  16. Posted by jimmy chui, at Reply

    0:16 damn

    • Posted by reetismatic, at Reply

      That guy actually broke his back. I remember seeing the original.

    • Posted by Chris K, at Reply

      Just the tailend or worse?

    • Posted by reetismatic, at Reply

      Chris K I believe it was 1 or 2 fractured lumbar vertebrae.

  17. Posted by Vendrick, at Reply

    0:18 These screams emit pure PAIN!

    • Posted by Jem Lynn, at Reply

      Vendrick I can’t tell if he broke something or not

  18. Posted by henri crousteau, at Reply


    • Posted by ТУПО ЖИДКОСТЬ, at Reply

      Это Россия , парень

  19. Posted by john Villa, at Reply

    Hilarious video of all week of 1/29 – 2/2