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Faking Hate Crimes: Always A Bad Decision


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A Muslim student told police she was the victim of abuse on a subway. After investigating, police say it didn't happen. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"The attack described by Yasmin Seweid sounded all too familiar. The 18-year-old Muslim woman from Long Island told police and media outlets in early December that she was riding the subway home one night from Baruch College, where she is a student, when three drunk men cornered her and began screaming “Donald Trump!”

“Oh look, a f—ing terrorist,” they purportedly yelled. “Get the hell out of the country!”

She tried to ignore their taunts, she said, but that only made things worse. First they yanked on her bag, breaking the strap, then tried to rip her hijab off her head, Seweid told the New York Daily News on Dec. 3.

Throughout the whole ordeal, she said, no one on the packed train came to her aid.

The highly publicized incident bore many of the same hallmarks as scores of other anti-Islamic hate-crime incidents reported in the wake of Donald Trump’s November victory in the presidential election.

But police now say it was all a lie.

On Wednesday, two weeks after the alleged attack, Seweid was arrested on misdemeanor charges of filing a false report and obstructing government administration, New York Police Department spokesman Adam Navarro told The Washington Post."*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Troy Hung, at Reply

    Cenk faking acknowlodging Armenian Genocide: Always A Bad Decision

    • Posted by hulliscorrupt, at Reply

      David Irving is an historian.

    • Posted by RJJacob101, at Reply

      Armenia isn’t even a REAL country. Mother Teresa was an ugly old troll.

  2. Posted by ELBandido, at Reply

    Women do this all the time

    • Posted by elchivo918, at Reply

      +Diva Artist Google modal verbs, adverbs of frequency to see why they are
      important then comment

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      * Progressives. . . . Fixed.

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +blech143 It’s usually women because progressives have a habbit of
      believing anything that comes out of a womans mouth, you know that whole
      “listen and believe” crap they have going on? where as men are evil and
      cannot be believed, unless they fall REALLY high on the progressive stack.

    • Posted by Political Socks, at Reply

      +elchivo918 Look I’m not denying that there are also cases where women lie
      about being raped. The point I’m trying to make though is that even you
      have to admit there must be some cases where women aren’t lying out of all
      the rape cases there are every year. We may disagree on the number of those
      cases but I’m sure we agree that at least a few people out of thousands are
      telling the truth. Those women are generally discredited or their cases not
      properly investigated. So if women are also not lying about those some
      cases of rape then what do you do about the said rape if in the majority of
      cases there is no way to prove a rape happened? Let the guy who raped the
      girl go and keep doing what he does? And honestly its pretty hard for a
      women to delude herself that she has been raped. If she says “No I don’t
      consent to having sex with you.” and someone forces her to have sex that’s
      rape. Its a pretty simple concept. I don’t know about your suicide rate
      statistic. I looked into it and found that women tend to use more
      nonviolent means of suicide such as overdosing and often-times it doesn’t
      work as well. Here’s an article from the guardian that I found on that
      statistic. (

  3. Posted by Shigdig, at Reply


    • Posted by Landon Thomas, at Reply

      +Maurice Fleshman I don’t lie about current events.I’m a liberal.

    • Posted by Landon Thomas, at Reply

      +aneTix is what?

    • Posted by Maurice Fleshman, at Reply

      +Landon Thomas Well not you but we are talking about the ones in suits.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply


    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      Progressives*. . . fixed. . . and us liberals despise them just as much as
      you do.

  4. Posted by First name Last name, at Reply

    Where are the Alex Jones fans asking when TYT will cover this?

    • Posted by dave david, at Reply

      this is how we kill stupid americans

      Allahu Akbar

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      Its about time since this is happening like 2-3 times a week.

  5. Posted by The TYT Critic, at Reply

    Don’t let this distract from the fact that a CENK Ugyur denies the Armenian

    • Posted by Be Rational, at Reply

      +imnotmike The definition of Young Turk literally comes from the political
      movement which went on to carry out the Armenian genocide, not the other
      way around.

      You are the one who needs to look up the definition and the origin of the

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      +Be Rational And yet – if you look up the definition in a dictionary – the
      Armenian genocide is not mentioned.

      The term has its own meaning – completely removed from its origins.

      A lot of words are like that. Most words have an origin – and when you say
      that word, you’re not referring to the origin of the word. you’re referring
      to the meaning of the word.

      Young Turk
      • a young person eager for radical change to the established order.

      This is where The Young Turks get their name. Not specifically from the
      political revolution of the ottoman empire. From the dictionary definition
      of Young Turk.

    • Posted by Humble HalfBreed, at Reply

      What does it even matter if I “care” about the Armenian genocide? I posted
      that article because someone above me said that Cenk had never even
      addressed the subject.
      Also, what does being a genocide denier have to do with being a republican?
      And is the Japanese government a purported news agency with a large
      American influence and following? What kind of non-point are you trying to
      Ohhh yeah, his views are so different today, on the subject at hand. Oh, he
      even “rescinded” that article I posted, someone else tries to point out?

      Yeah, I notice that NOWHERE in there does he actually acknowledge what
      happened…just him saying that he isn’t a scholar of history, and that
      he’s a changed man.

  6. Posted by mohammed, at Reply

    well… I’m surprised tyt reported on this.

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +aquarius198 So because a story blew up so much that they had to covers it
      means they’re not biased? . . . . It’s interesting how your mind works. . .

    • Posted by Sinbe, at Reply

      +manhunt48 blew up? on breibart or something?

    • Posted by Sinbe, at Reply

      +ReconNite why does reporting on Trump make them bias?

    • Posted by ssuuppeerrbbooyy, at Reply

      Primarily TYT gets their news material from establishment left leaning
      media – which they quote as truth, without doing any research – thats why
      they are mad about fake news – they never vet the stories. There are some
      exceptions like DAPL, but mostly they just aggregate and insert their
      opinions. They are not journalists, they are pundits.

  7. Posted by Aggiesgigem, at Reply

    Did TYT ever cover the blacks beating the white dude yelling don’t vote

    • Posted by hustler3of4culture3, at Reply

      Kevin Galt triggered

    • Posted by hustler3of4culture3, at Reply

      Aggiesgigem that was a bullshit story, uncorroborated, unconfirmed, just
      Milo, that cuck snowflake, claiming it was real

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Will any Trump nut ever admit Trump’s Central Park Five hate campaign on
      innocent blacks is one of most EVIL yet impactful scream-rape EVER?
      Actually caused innocent young men to lose years of their life?

    • Posted by Baghuul, at Reply

      That does not fit the TYT narrative. Doing so would go against their social
      justice agenda. Identity Politics 101

    • Posted by Kevin Galt, at Reply

      +hustler3of4culture3 Wow, what a clever and original comment

  8. Posted by SupaMario81, at Reply

    Now when a real Muslim gets attacked they won’t believe it cause of dumb
    asses like this.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      TYT doesn’t know how to do dual-perspective non-partisan reporting, like,
      include cases of fake hate crime reports of both camps in the same video.
      Especially on “equal culpability” subject matter like this one. This is how
      you unite the divided people in love and in their stupidity too, so no-one
      get to claim moral high ground and point fingers at ‘the other’.
      Disappointed in TYT method. All correctness, no wisdom.

    • Posted by ItsThatKidGreg, at Reply

      +SupaMario81 Oh look, he resorts to trying to silence his opposition. You
      should apply to work at TYT, you’d fit right in.

    • Posted by BLASTEROID 5, at Reply

      My first thought

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      We are already very aware of these things unlike you so it really doesnt
      make much difference.

  9. Posted by Jet Jenkins, at Reply

    Fake hate crimes are real hate crimes, they’re anti-white hate crimes.

    • Posted by Chazzlerz, at Reply

      Go back to africa.

    • Posted by Chazzlerz, at Reply

      That’s just an excuse. If blacks are superior then why don’t you go and
      live among them in africa? There’s plenty of blacks over there. Btw do you
      know your father? you still haven’t answered me.

    • Posted by Sabledoux, at Reply

      If whites are superior why did they leave Europe to rape plunder and
      pillage. Why are they still raping plundering and pillaging to this very
      day. Why did they invent Manifest Destiny, Colonialism, Chattel Slavery,
      the Berlin Conference (google it, because you have no historical
      knowledge)? Why did they exterminate the Tasmanians and take their land?
      Why did they kill off almost all of the Buffalo, trying to starve the
      native Americans? Why would you care about a strangers familial

  10. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Did they padded them selves on the back for covering this in the end …
    You understand that it makes it look even worse …

    • Posted by Kelly gray, at Reply

      +Mark Broadhurst As I just stated, if you don’t like their reporting go
      elsewhere… I even recommended a channel.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      +Kelly gray And stay in the bubble like Libtards?
      I actually want to hear opposite side 🙂

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +Kelly gray Sorry, but you don’t understand why people see TYT fans as
      cultists?. . . The moment any one criticise the dear prophet TYT you
      instantly throw up the “us VS them” narrative, and because they disagree
      with your side of insane bullshit that must automatically mean they’re on
      the opposite side of the spectrum with crazy bullshit. . . YOU are what’s
      wrong with political discourse.

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      +Kelly gray Do you not see the problem with saying that “If you don’t agree
      with everything that TYT says you must be a far right wing deplorable”
      It would be more correct to say that “if you don’t agree with everything
      TYT says you are not a far left progressive, but may be a classic liberal,
      anrcho-capitalist, centrist, right leaning or right-wing”
      And do you not see that trying to remove and silence people who disagree
      would be creating an echo chamber ?

    • Posted by Kelly gray, at Reply

      +Mark Broadhurst The lies in where when most of you conservatives or
      whatever you want to call yourselves co me to this channel it is not to
      uplift or give actual criticism , it is to tear down or call names. the
      original post want nothing but taking what Cenk did and saying oh he is so
      full of him self. NO! Cenk said see we cover both sides of the craziness,
      just a a joking kinda of hubris manner, which is fine. The main problem I
      see with these trolls that come here as if they are actually trying to get
      a different perspective and always throw out this “I don’t want to be in an
      echo chamber” BS! is that they never come wanting the facts, they want to
      feel slighted in some way, they want to make fun of Cenk’s skin color or
      his weight which is irrelevant. I honestly feel all you Sargon of Akkad
      watcher that come here are pathetic and really need another hobby than just
      coming back to this same news/commentary channel as if you are somehow
      going to shut them down through your negative comments.

  11. Posted by Michael Bastas, at Reply

    hate crimes created by the media & low iq libtards. if you can’t read this
    I’m sorry fluoride consuming normal zombies cry babies.

    • Posted by RICHARD WOLF, at Reply

      s c h i z ø p h r e n i c I think his smarter than your dumbass

    • Posted by Michael Bastas, at Reply

      RICHARD WOLF he didn’t answer the fluoride question so just shows how
      intelligent that sheeple . Well to the tv set indoctrination is learning.

    • Posted by Misael Cifuentes, at Reply

      Michael Bastas republicans have done the same and blame it on BLM.
      so….guess you guys are babies.

    • Posted by Michael Bastas, at Reply

      Misael Cifuentes lol blm is funded by George soros a white rich man you are
      ill informed.

    • Posted by Misael Cifuentes, at Reply

      +Michael Bastas​ I know that already. But what does that have to do with
      conservatives burning their own places and blaming it on BLM?

  12. Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

    Islam is a hate crime.

    • Posted by darkstalkerknight63, at Reply

      “if following a man (mohamed) who you know married a 5 year old at the age
      of 53, is your thing, then who are we to criticise? …
      I feel sorry for all of the new Aishiyas still suffering today, in Germany
      and elsewhere too”

      a man had 300 wives and 700 whores or is it the other way around. many of
      them were under the age of 10 as well and the evil deity of the bible said
      he was doing the right thing.

      funny how one thing is ok to people but the other is attacked for doing the
      exact same thing.

    • Posted by darkstalkerknight63, at Reply

      +Jixxy Trix
      “Hi! Christian here. What you wrote about the Bible just isn’t true. If you
      give me an example to defend I’ll do so. Let me ask you this. Do you know
      why there’s an Old Testament and a New Testament? Do you know about the old
      vs the new covenant? It’s key…”

      and here is the dodge christians always give when they know what they are
      saying is bullshit but when a muslism does the exact same thing they attack
      them for dodging like this.

      also you do know everything in the new testament does not make any sense
      without the old testament and NONE OF IT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL but you
      could make a connection.

      the bible say slavery is ok in many different situation, the people say
      abortions is ok in many different situation, the bible say rape is ok in
      many different situation, the bible say killing gay people is ok in many
      different situation, the bible say killing non-believers is ok in many
      different situations and so on over and over and over and yet the
      christians will dodge all of that but trying to make logic out on the
      illogical instead of taking it for what it is.


    • Posted by darkstalkerknight63, at Reply

      “Misael Cifuentes false equivalency! On the spectrum of cancer, Islam is
      terminal brain cancer that has spread. Christianity is curable lymphoma.”

      but for the fact that christians are killing atheists today as well as gay
      people as well as anyone they do not like but you do not hear about it on
      the news over and over.

      both are terminal brain cancers that has spread and the care is to get out
      of the brainwashing bullshit it is.

    • Posted by darkstalkerknight63, at Reply

      +Islam is cancer
      no both are cancers and they are both trying to spread instead of putting
      curing themselves of them

  13. Posted by estiv, at Reply

    Should Prophet Mohamed marrying a 5 year old when he was 53 be judged by
    ancient standards, given the meteoric rise in child brides within Germany
    over the past one year?

    • Posted by mcmchurch, at Reply

      Boxing Resistance no she was 6 I believe

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      mcmchurch What is certain is that Germany has just invited in an epidemic
      of child marriage which became enormous in only 1 year.

    • Posted by mcmchurch, at Reply

      +estiv yep I get it. Figures for turkey came out at something like 50k
      underage marriages and it’s technically illegal but just “overlooked”, and
      yes this is the 21st century!

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      Turkey tried to lower the age of consent this year, but backed down after
      MAJOR protests

  14. Posted by livinthedream, at Reply

    TYT can learn something from this seeing as they have perpetrated all
    manner of hysteria through fear based tactics concerning the right,
    particularly Trump.

    There are also countless TYT videos that have been proven to be false but
    they have not been removed or corrected. hard to believe there are so.many
    morons subscribed to their channel.

    • Posted by mcmchurch, at Reply

      livinthedream Yeah I remember their stuff on the Michael Brown case which
      epitomised false reporting and narrative driven nonsense. Ana specifically
      stated at one point that Brown categorically had his hands up surrendering
      when he got shot and he was posing no threat at all….then the evidence
      comes in and you never get any contrition or retraction.

    • Posted by Len the cat, at Reply

      Too many young people get their news here, just like too many old people
      get their news from Fox News. So I subscribe to TYT as well as many other
      “news” sources just to get a picture of what other people know, or think
      they know. Perhaps, a large number of subs are just Trolls looking for
      Troll-able content.

    • Posted by Williams2809, at Reply

      +boob72 Don’t call other people ‘cucks’, cuck.

  15. Posted by hank frank, at Reply

    Ana looks clearly disappointed that this was a hoax hate crime. Deep inside
    she so badly wants this to be true.

    • Posted by Lam Phun, at Reply

      Did you even consider that maybe she’s disappointed in the woman for her
      behavior and how it reflects on others?

  16. Posted by Adolf, at Reply

    She is a MUSLIM LIAR. Say it with me: MUSLIM LIAR!

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      James Salvatore I love it when people invoke “the current year” as evidence
      of their argument.

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      +kickinitoldschool03 I do too because its perfectly valid when reffering to
      the behavior and mentality of people born in the west or live in the west
      and not isolated from reason, knowledge or otherwise.

      Hell even in many other places.

      And in regard to evidence… how’s basic psychology for ya. Attention
      seeking. anger, frustration, list goes on. All of which are NOT correlated
      with words written in a book 1600 years ago.

      Blaming religion for everything is the most naive, ignorant conclusion in
      history. Utterly unintelligent of anyone to do so.

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      +James Salvatore It’s always perfectly valid. I mean it’s like 2016 or
      whatever. Stop it with the islamaphobia guys, it’s 2016! Why would she be
      following a passage in the Koran? It’s 2016!!!

    • Posted by ferretmath, at Reply

      She’s a liar and hopefully she’ll face trial…don’t actually care about
      which religion she claims. Live a bit longer and you’ll find everyone
      lies…no matter what values they profess to hold.

    • Posted by LeftismIsForFaggots, at Reply


  17. Posted by Eugene Duits, at Reply

    Anyone, who fakes a crime, should go to jail. Especially in “rape” cases,
    where a false accusation DESTROYS the life of a person forever.

    • Posted by aaron221969, at Reply

      you’re 100% right! fake allegation, and fake rape allegation more than
      anything should be automatic jail

    • Posted by Mariusz J, at Reply

      Should be some kind of punishment depending on how severe in consequences
      the lie was.

    • Posted by ferretmath, at Reply

      Agreed. Faking a crime only makes it more difficult for actual victims to
      find justice (and deal with an ever-increasing skeptical public). However,
      we must be careful – failure to prove a crime (like sexual assault) does
      not mean that the victim was lying. It would be terrible for victims to not
      only *not* receive justice, but then be punished for it.

    • Posted by El John, at Reply

      Eugene Duits agreed. Did you see about that case in Canada where a girl
      publicly accused a politician of raping her in front of the crowd and the
      crowd chanted they all believe her. After investigating and the politician
      losing his job the police came out to say she dodged them when they tried
      to investigate the original allegation and lied about having being tested
      with a rape kit. She later went on LIVE television and confessed that she
      willingly had sex with him TWICE but hated herself for it because she has
      mental issues, and decided after that she must have been raped. As of yet I
      don’t think she has been charged with any crime.

  18. Posted by rjlundholm89, at Reply

    Yeah its not like the media has glorified victim-hood in the last decade or

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      sorry what? is that even a thing? Are they not supposed to cover victims of

    • Posted by CalvinSomething, at Reply

      Is it even a “thing”? No, they’re not supposed to “cover the victims of
      crimes,” they’re supposed to cover the NEWS. They are supposed to INFORM
      people, not stir up emotions and create 15 minute celebrities. Not to
      mention the riots and school shooters they’ve created.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      +CalvinSomething Crime isnt news? Theyre not “informing” their viewers of
      the issues in the society when they cover the stories?

    • Posted by CalvinSomething, at Reply

      There was no crime. It wasn’t an issue. They weren’t informing anyone.

      Where is your point?

  19. Posted by A Deplorable, at Reply

    3 cops were killed because of TYT. We need to contact the families of these
    police officers and show them that the man responsible parroted TYTs
    talking points where they called cops thugs while giving a reaction video
    to that TYT video. TYT is directly responsible for these officers deaths
    and should be held accountable

    • Posted by George whyte, at Reply

      BroTheDude I’m from UK Muppet.

    • Posted by DjGrimmace, at Reply

      I need sources for this, you posted no links.

    • Posted by A Deplorable, at Reply

      +DjGrimmace did you see the link in my previous comment?

    • Posted by DjGrimmace, at Reply

      +A Deplorable There was no link, no.