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Family Matters! | AFV Family Fails Compilation


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You recognize exactly what they claim … family members issues! At AFV we understand that we 100% concur. Household is whatever. They're the one's we spend our time with, laugh with, and also you understand we're mosting likely to film all their amusing and also funny fails. Today's compilation is done in the family style. We have stops working from every age in the household. This household falls short compilation will certainly make you laugh. Do not belive us? Obstacle on your own to attempt not to laugh!

Such as this collection if you enjoy your household (or your fam!). Remark down below as well as inform us what your fave clip is from the comp. Mine needs to be the hipster grandmother at 7:35. She is seriously so great!

Household Issues!|AFV Family Members Falls Short Compilation

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  1. Posted by LPS Katie, at Reply

    Lol 😂 This video is Very funny! you make so much funny videos 😂

  2. Posted by LegoMastersNum02, at Reply


    • Posted by CHEESE IZMYLIFE, at Reply

      2nd actually

  3. Posted by Juan Valenciano, at Reply

    Nice work

  4. Posted by Klaudia With a K, at Reply


  5. Posted by HASSIEL ALMAGUER, at Reply


  6. Posted by Omnia Fahmy, at Reply

    love this

  7. Posted by Christopher Valdez, at Reply


    • Posted by What., at Reply

      Christopher Valdez who cares

  8. Posted by Isidro Martinez, at Reply

    You guys are awesome😍

  9. Posted by Erin R, at Reply

    This is amazing😂

  10. Posted by Catilina Speedpaints, at Reply

    A baby girl! AAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAaAAa!

  11. Posted by Arys Land, at Reply


  12. Posted by Andrew Brooking, at Reply

    Are you avoiding my request?

  13. Posted by Olivia's Productions, at Reply

    *Omg so funny!*

  14. Posted by EmmaLovesDogs, at Reply

    LOL! Great video yet again! This is absolutely hilarious. Me and my dad love to watch your videos. 💕

  15. Posted by roblox maniac danceand shake, at Reply

    “I’m gonna be a middle child??”…. That was so adorable…. Poor middle kids…..

  16. Posted by Akeeshia Rhiane Hipolito, at Reply

    Title:Family Matters!
    What I witnessed:Family’s will record your horrible moment’s that will ruin your social life and fame to just make cheap bucks out of it.

  17. Posted by Minifigure Productions, at Reply

    Nice one, Gramps

  18. Posted by N K, at Reply


  19. Posted by ᎯLICE DE ᎯNᎶELᎾ, at Reply

    It’s so beautiful

    Now that’s a great brother

  20. Posted by 68corvette08, at Reply

    “Whip, Mayonnaise”. Lol.