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Father Suing Employer Over Maternity Leave Discrimination


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Derek Rotondo is taking legal action against is company for fair parental leave. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss just what is far for dna paternity and maternal leave. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark area below.

" J.P. Morgan Chase & Co worker filed a government sex discrimination problem on Thursday implicating the bank of discriminating against fathers by giving them paid adult leave on different terms compared to mommies based upon a stereotype that ladies need to take care of children.

Derek Rotondo said in his grievance to the United States Equal Employment possibility Compensation (EEOC) that J.P. Morgan provides mommies 16 weeks of paid leave, while papas obtain only two weeks unless they confirm they are key caregivers. Rotondo, that functions as a fraudulence investigator for the financial institution in Columbus, Ohio, asserted this breaks government and also state anti-bias legislation.

Rotondo, stood for by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as well as the law office Outten & Golden, stated dads need to reveal that either their companion has returned to work or is clinically unable of caring for the kid to get the 16 weeks of leave. He claimed he would certainly not qualify since his better half, that had a baby in very early June, is a teacher and is not working up until the loss.

" We've simply obtained the problem and also are evaluating it," said J.P. Morgan spokeswoman Jennifer Lavoie.

The EEOC will examine Rotondo's grievance as well as decide whether to launch a major investigation as well as potentially bring a lawsuit on his behalf, after trying to clear up the case. The EEOC could offer Rotondo consent to take legal action against J.P. Morgan straight."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Amerbia Allen

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Amerbia Allen


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  1. Posted by Justin Mielke, at Reply

    if my wife gets 2 month paid maternity leave than I should get 2 months paid paternity leave

    • Posted by jungle305, at Reply

      Marisa Myers of yahoo went to work after 3 days of giving birth. women are becoming weaker and spoiled. women should go directly to work after giving birth. no more laziness.

    • Posted by Baldheadslck, at Reply

      Justin Mielke but would you as a father that can work want to actually take off 2 months? because I’ve only met men that want to work more to make more money and get promoted.not sit at home for 2 months

    • Posted by Bat Shit Crazy, at Reply

      Baldheadslck they should get the choice

  2. Posted by jonesy, at Reply

    love tyt

    notice they never put hannah and ana on at the same time

    catfight would break out

    • Posted by jonesy, at Reply

      Regardless id eat them both out haha

    • Posted by A Santi, at Reply

      Typically I like to reserve my comments on YouTube to debating and arguing on political subjects. However your comment is undeniably true, I would eat them both, like it was Thanksgiving.

    • Posted by Ryan Nurmi, at Reply

      Hannah is a hardcore feminist…Ana is more reasonable, which I can’t believe I just said.

  3. Posted by TheLazyAngel89, at Reply

    Feminists will disappear on this one. When it comes to the law, things are heavily biased towards women.

    • Posted by Bill Quagsire, at Reply

      How about we just separate “medical leave” which is the time your doctor thinks you need to recover from the physical trauma giving birth is. And “parental leave” which equally applies to everyone, under the same conditions, etc.

  4. Posted by Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove, at Reply

    give matthew santoro his money!

    • Posted by iVinyl, at Reply

      Alex Tran it’s a joke idiot

    • Posted by Your mother is fat and smells bad, at Reply

      tyt fans are rude retatded scum

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      ‘retatded’ – typical poorly educated donnie tiny hands licker.

  5. Posted by Tyler Williamson, at Reply

    Female privilege!!

    • Posted by Mike Lofky, at Reply


    • Posted by elessal, at Reply

      there is no such thing. women have it worse than black slaves and jews in nazi germany ever did. privilege is something that only men have. (I am joking by the way)

    • Posted by astrea79, at Reply

      Trying being pregnant for 9 months, birthing said baby and breatfeeding for 6 months. Then talk to me about female privilege.

  6. Posted by Rob's Gaming Channel, at Reply

    both parents deserve paid paternity leave its sexist do deny it to fathers or give them less time, both need to take care of the child

    • Posted by How To Heal, at Reply

      Rob’s Gaming Channel who gave birth tho

    • Posted by Rob's Gaming Channel, at Reply

      How To Heal who does the kid need to bond though? whose responsibility is to raise the kid though?

  7. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    this guy gets it, paternity leave should be fair for both parents.

    • Posted by Kristin De Lissovoy, at Reply

      My husband has a federal job and I know of non-fed jobs who offer similar benefits, but he gets 3 months paternity leave. However, you’re pretty much hated if you take all that and don’t need it. If you need, it’s totally understood. But we don’t, I stay home. 1 month is perfect. I knew a guy who took the full 3 months somewhere else and people worked Satrudays to make sure his work load was covered. No one complained. This is what you do for your work fam. but then they found out that just before he took the leave, he put in for two weeks off over Christmas. He had just gotten back from paternity, all 3 months of it, in November. No one else could take off around Christmas because of him.
      If it’s needed, it’s needed. But people really take advantage and we have remember our coworkers have to cover for us. He took off like 4 months in a row.

    • Posted by Hanna, at Reply

      Kristin De Lissovoy Co-workers shouldn’t have to cover though. The company should simply find a competent person to fill in during those three months. It’s not like a baby comes as a sudden surprise and boom one worker is off over night. It’s not right if the co-workers have to cover for him. That sounds like a forced-solidarity arrangement on the backs of anybody but the company. Also I understand that you want to take time off over Christmas if that’s your first Christmas as a full family and you might get a chance to show off your offspring to all kinds of relatives during that time.

  8. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Ana kills it like always. I love how she is able to project some major attitude without sounding bitchy.

    • Posted by Rick Rudimentary, at Reply

      Ehhhhh… She is bitchy.

    • Posted by RsTFuRF, at Reply

      starbattles1 If you hate women so much, why don’t you marry a guy and leave the gene pool alone? A message from women everywhere.

    • Posted by RsTFuRF, at Reply

      GreedEU What about Bernie? He’s literally yelling CONSTANTLY because that’s how he talks, do you discount everything he says? No, because he doesn’t remind you of your mother I assume. As soon as a woman gets loud y’all feel emasculated, is your identity really this flimsy that someone’s voice can affect it? Oh please.

    • Posted by Bridget, at Reply

      Dudelsackpfeifer not fair. They’re made to build houses, for their woman. I’m sure he already did that!

    • Posted by Leggo My Ego, at Reply

      Agree to disagree, Ana almost always sounds bitchy.

  9. Posted by D Turner, at Reply

    A woman’s body needs to heal after giving birth. Also, her body provides food for the newborn. Those two facts require that the woman have more time off.

    • Posted by Jesse Dorran, at Reply

      +A Santi this is why the Trump Administration is winning

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Horatio, Trump was a mistake.

  10. Posted by Abraham Lincoln, at Reply

    I have three wives and keep them pregnant constantly so I can take perpetual paternity leave.

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      But Abe, I thought Thomas Jefferson was the greatest lover of the new nation?

    • Posted by Bumbi, at Reply


    • Posted by Mortal Peace, at Reply

      I just cried with laughter.
      I’m stealing this idea.

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      I think that’s part of why they do it that way. A man can father some ridiculous number of children, women can only be pregnate once at any given time.

  11. Posted by Banjo Pink, at Reply

    I came, I saw, I disliked.

    • Posted by T J Randall, at Reply

      Dislike Crew checking in .

    • Posted by Negrodamus, at Reply

      me too, plus I have ad blocker 🙂

    • Posted by Porter, at Reply

      Remember folks, every time you comment calling TYT one of your childish nicknames, you boost it’s SEO score resulting in more people watching the video. Thanks for the views! And no, your stupid adblock dont block youtube hits, serious, look into it, LMFAO.

    • Posted by James Biggar, at Reply

      It’s disturbing how most Youtubers are just now realising how SEO works, formed it as an argument against trolls and now constantly parrot each other. Seriously, it shows how blind and stupid almost all of you are, fan boys/girls and trolls alike. FYI, ad block blocks ads from being served to that user, so TYT misses out on that revenue. The dumb is becoming too much.

    • Posted by Vote 4Freedom, at Reply

      +James Biggar
      Disturbing as it may be, it’s also quite funny – much like watching the inmates of a retirement home doing a Mexican wave.

  12. Posted by James Bunt, at Reply

    You guys need to compare what the rest of the first world is doing, America is waaaaaay behind.

    • Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

      James Bunt
      Yeah. Maternal leave: 17.5 weeks. Additional parental leave (divided however parents wish): 26 weeks.

    • Posted by Bumbi, at Reply

      Quebec; Up to 55 weeks of parental and maternity leave divided by both partners, revenu varies but you can get 43 weeks at 75% salary.

    • Posted by bea marla, at Reply

      you get a full year off in Sweden

    • Posted by A Walker, at Reply

      Canada either parent but not both at the same time, get one year with pay.

    • Posted by astrea79, at Reply

      And in Canada it’s not your full salary, but it’s still lightyears better than what we have in the US.

  13. Posted by Most Liberal, at Reply



    • Posted by An Sha, at Reply

      Yeah, my son’s first year I spent a lot of time with him every day, so now at 4 years old I’m the one who can calm him down when he cries. That time and physical contact when he was a baby made quite a difference I feel.

    • Posted by Dawn Noble, at Reply

      Most Liberal

  14. Posted by Most Liberal, at Reply


    • Posted by Without Memeing, at Reply

      Most Liberal You mean a feminist who supports equality?

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      Everything is because of toxic masculinity. Want an easy excuse for something? Say patriarchy and toxic masculinity and voila it explains everything!

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      Yasmine Hujair
      I’m curious, what does your feminism say about toxic femininity?

  15. Posted by Cangel Tibon, at Reply

    Okay I’m an advocate for fathers getting paternity leave, new fathers should be able to bond with their children and help their partner recover, but the difference in treatment is understandable. The woman is physically recovering from labor or surgery it’s not just about bonding it’s her physically bringing another person into the world and having to feed it completely separate from the mental or emotional she has a physical need for rest which a man simply doesn’t which is way it’s not discriminatory to given a woman more time. Men need more than 2 weeks and I like the idea of a couple deciding how to split join time but. An argument that say simply because a woman get more time then a man should have the same is silly and it’s like saying the marines should be 50% female regardless of their able to pass the physical qualifications.

    • Posted by A Santi, at Reply

      Cangel Tibon
      What the hell, nobody was talking about women receiving maternity leave and why. At no point was that a problem or indicated as a problem.

      The panel was referring to men and the length of time men receive maternity leave, that’s it. Almost a 7 mins video about men and lengthening their time. Nobody disputed anything about women or why. Your comment was well detailed however I feel you did not pay attention to the initial conversation.

    • Posted by The 43rd Firedemon, at Reply

      Please stop being sexist

    • Posted by Cangel Tibon, at Reply

      A Santi
      The conversation was about men getting the same amount of paternity leave as woman would get maternity leave, which is 16 weeks or 4 months. I was saying that paternity leave is necessary but that I understand the logic of companies who want to give males or any adoptive parents less time and that it doesn’t come down to sexism, the woman in this case is recovering from physical trauma not just the an adjust period of a new responsibility. I’m not arguing against all parents getting 16 weeks or more, but I understand the decision to give the person who’s body is recovering more.

  16. Posted by miss le, at Reply

    The idea is that women must heal after giving birth. The body hasn’t healed before that time. That is why women get that length of time. Men don’t give birth.

    • Posted by Leslie Sinclair, at Reply

      miss le
      I agree that Women need to heal. However, I believe my experience would have been better with help. My daughter woke up every two hours. I wasn’t able to get enough sleep. I breast fed, pumped, and had her when bottles and equipment were boiled to sterilize them. By the time I laid my head down it was time to get back up and start again. I became delirious from sleep deprivation.

      Why not have Dad at home to help?

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      A woman’s body doesn’t need 16 weeks to heal. Your point is fatuous.

    • Posted by Shimohi Kagami, at Reply

      And…you’re completely ignoring the existence of trans men (yes, some of them still have working intact reproductive organs). Or…are you one of those people who believe that transgendered people are just mentally ill?

  17. Posted by blipadouzi, at Reply

    This is why I love living in Canada. I got 6 months paid leave (per child) when my children were born, and it had no relevance on my wife’s work status. My wife was unemployed (stay at home mom) and I still got the full 6 months.

    • Posted by blipadouzi, at Reply

      @liedetector101 True, but contractors usually make a great deal more than salaried employees. Seeing as they are technically self-employed, it is up to them to create a saving account and put a portion of their earnings away for various needs. If I didn’t have to live from cheque to cheque, I’d definitely put a portion of every pay aside. So yes, there may only be 40% of Canadians with EI, but when you’re making $75k a year and/or 2 salaries in the family, you don’t need EI. Furthermore, if I take parental leave on EI, when I come back to work, I’m no longer covered by EI if I lose my job, my coverage bank is then empty as if I’d just been hired.

      Now obviously there are those that fall short of both, that have low salaries and are not covered by EI, but there are more than enough programs that exist to also cover that group.

    • Posted by Amanda Garcia, at Reply

      Damn I’m jealous! Here in the US there isn’t guaranteed leave for new parents.

    • Posted by James Biggar, at Reply

      You won’t get guaranteed leave at my company, and we’re in Canada. Why? Because there’s no money for that. You get what you put in, because that’s all customers are willing to pay for, and even then they bicker and argue over service rates as if they’re negotiable. There is very little if any profit for small businesses, especially in Atlantic Canada. We all live pay to pay like most everyone else, despite what most people naively think (I’m a contractor/journeyman carpenter). To pay an employee mat/pat leave would mean that in most cases the business owner goes without an income for that duration, which essentially converts that business into a charity. That’s a reality that very few involved in entrepreneurship care to consider, almost everyone is quick to equate their self employed neighbour with the new truck and trailer for hauling tools that the bank owns, with the actual fucking bankers. Sure, we could drive service rates up to compensate and provide all the benefits under the sun, and would absolutely LOVE to do that for people, but the market, or more specifically consumers, have to be willing to let that happen as well, and they currently are not. Not that it’s the consumer’s fault, but it is quite a bit more complicated than the average person realises.

    • Posted by Kurt Thiessen, at Reply

      EI will cover the parents maternity leave.

  18. Posted by TheBazino, at Reply

    This is so funny… in Austria women get up to 2 YEARS paid leave by law. Guess the USA are really an advanced society caring for it’s people /s

    • Posted by Danger Ranger, at Reply

      TheBazino 2 years????? Why would any employer hire a woman?

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      Because Austrian corporations aren’t scum like American companies. That’s why.

  19. Posted by Reggie PackerFanMan, at Reply

    A man needs to bond with his child also

  20. Posted by Andrew Davis, at Reply

    moral of the story don’t hire pregnant people lol.