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Fetal Heartbeat Bill Would Outlaw Nearly All Abortions


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Steve King routinely considers new means to weasel around Roe v. Wade to cater his evangelical base. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Francesca Fiorentini, and Nando Vila, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area below. Sign up with TYT:

" Republicans are readied to present the country's harshest-ever government abortion legislation following week with a bill prohibiting the treatment as early as six weeks– before most individuals even know they are expecting.

Home Republicans introduced H.R. 490– the Heart Beat Protection Act of 2017– in January. Currently, the bill has a hearing date: November 1. Under the brand-new regulation, abortion would be outlawed "in instances where a fetal heart beat is noticeable" or in scenarios where medical professionals mean to progress "without identifying whether the unborn child has a noticeable heartbeat." It would certainly additionally be unlawful to carry out the procedure before notifying the anticipating moms and dad of the results." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Francesca Fiorentini, Nando Vila.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Francesca Fiorentini, Nando Vila.


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  1. Posted by Eguzzisme, at Reply

    These people aren’t “pro life”, they are “pro birth”. Once the baby is born, they don’t give a damn about the baby as soon an it’s born.

  2. Posted by Chelsea Tabor, at Reply

    I’ve had three miscarriages, all after 6 weeks and two of them after finding a heartbeat on the ultrasound. What happens to women in this situation if this passes? Do they get arrested for murder?

  3. Posted by J Paterson, at Reply

    Abortion is an act of self-defense. Nothing born or unborn has a right to torture someone for 9 months.

  4. Posted by Sumudu V. Nagodavithana, at Reply

    Next ban contraception, birth control, and women, lol

  5. Posted by Iwanus 95, at Reply

    Republicans are going way too far, abortion should be treated as murder directly after approved pregnancy.

  6. Posted by JL Software, at Reply

    Roe is not the law – PP vs Casey is the law.

  7. Posted by John Tall, at Reply

    It would be more inclusive if you said pregnant person instead of pregnant woman. There’s a lot of men that can become pregnant too.

  8. Posted by MrBrille91, at Reply

    Wow, this is the best news I`ve heard in a long time!

  9. Posted by Pachice, at Reply

    It’s going to be better to live in Pakistan than in the US in 20 years.

  10. Posted by HonestTruthfromHeart, at Reply

    The “right” way? Do you mean in the way of protecting the life of the child or your right way where we continue to slaughter millions daily?

  11. Posted by Ally Jay, at Reply

    The Pro-War party is not Pro-Life. It’s about claiming dominion over women’s bodies. We are on the brink of war, the Chinese outnumber us by 4 to 1, we need all the Baby-Factories we can get.

  12. Posted by Sarah Jurek, at Reply

    I hope this bill does not pass.

  13. Posted by Peace Dove, at Reply

    As soon as they castrate all men⚫

  14. Posted by moochy the cat, at Reply

    Republicans = Pro War, Pro Guns, Pro Death Penalty, Pro Torture, Pro Factory Farms, Pro Environmental Pollution, Pro Racism

  15. Posted by victor soto, at Reply

    NO, NO…let all white babies be aborted. The less crakkkers the better.

  16. Posted by Demon Duck of Doom, at Reply

    Honestly? Yeah, abortion should be legal until birth. Their personhood means nothing; bodily autonomy is absolute.

  17. Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

    A fetus is a person only after it is born. That is how it has always been. Roe v. Wade did not say you cannot have abortion in the third trimester. It said that the state can ban abortion in the third trimester.

  18. Posted by Rick Delgado, at Reply

    A Christian form of sharia law. hypocrites

  19. Posted by Angelina Marie, at Reply

    should we also prosecute animals that abandon or eat their young when they’re unable to care for them? sure animals don’t have the same tools to manage an abortion but abortions aren’t easy and the people seeking them out are doing so for legitimate reasons for example they don’t have the money to care for them, they’re minors, they were raped and became pregnant as a result, it was a one night stand and you don’t want to have a child with a complete stranger etc. etc.

  20. Posted by Garth, at Reply

    Regarding viability no child could survive independently outside the womb until at least several years old and some cant even do it when theyre adults! Should we be able to kill them too?