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Fidget Spinners Explained


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If you fidget there's a brand-new plaything trend you ought to have a look at. Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher, as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss fidget spinners. Inform us what you assume in the remark area below.

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" We've all been there: filled with the insatiable need to click pens, twirl hair, or tap our fingers, simply seeking a way to obtain more concentrated, soothe anxiousness, or getaway straight-up dullness. We've all had to fidget.

Thanks to Florida-based developer Catherine Hettinger– an actually big many thanks, since she hasn't made a cent from it– a special, amusing, palm-sized tool is right here to assist people much better handle their worried energy. It's called the fidget rewriter.

The latest disturbance technique sweeping the world is claimed to encourage emphasis as well as supply an electrical outlet for people with autism, ADD, or ADHD. Sounds wonderful, appropriate? But there's one serious disadvantage. It's triggering major controversy in schools." *.

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher, Amberia Allen.

Cast: Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher, Amberia Allen.


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  1. Posted by Cendre Gaming, at Reply

    Just saying, ADHD just means you don’t like to sit still, it does not impede your ability to think or learn.

    Want to say this for commenters seem to think ADHD is equal to Autism which it’s not, ADHD can be something like a short attention span or hyperactivity…I ‘suffer’ from hyperactivity meaning when I talk to others I’m usually twirling a pencil doing something with my hands, simply put I just don’t enjoy doing nothing.

    3 million people (approx.) are diagnosed to have ADHD every year in the US and many athletes (Michael Phelps) and comedians (Howie Mandel) suffer from ADHD.

    I guess this is an explanation for why I like to research and game also.

    • Posted by Cendre Gaming, at Reply

      +Scrizzy9999 very true, just tired of others saying ADHD is autism (talking about certain commenters)

    • Posted by Scrizzy9999, at Reply

      +TheSupercow2008 And perhaps this is why the field of psychology hates people like you, for spreading misinformation. Yes, ADHD is over diagnosed, and moreso in particular demographics unfortunately (boys, ethnic minorties, economically poor, etc.) . And what you say about common fidgeting as not being a cause for alarm generally may be true. But hyperactivity and attention deficit are real problems for some kids as they are truly compromised in their ability to focus and learn at times. Simply telling them or their parents to get over it or just let them go out and play more does not address the underlying neurological issues. I guess people with cancer should just think more positively and forego treatment too..smh

    • Posted by TheSupercow2008, at Reply

      You just agreed with me. You said “what you say about common fidgeting as not being a cause for alarm generally may be true.” So I guess I don’t need to continue arguing.

  2. Posted by Andrey Norin, at Reply

    There’s a great way to stop fidgeting, it’s called regular exercise. But what do we get? Another stupid instant gratification gadget.

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      Exercise, diet and tasks (hobbies) that require focus help me a lot

    • Posted by BIGGZ THEMASTER, at Reply


    • Posted by ziah Reid, at Reply

      I work out regularly and I still fidget constantly

  3. Posted by Spencer Harper, at Reply

    When I was a kid we played with our nut sacks.

    • Posted by 소라, at Reply

      Spencer Harper hold up

    • Posted by Evan Howatt, at Reply

      Spencer Harper in class? wow that sounds interesting

  4. Posted by Proud Boys, at Reply

    What kind of liberal bullshit is this?

    • Posted by Brett Werner, at Reply

      No, it didn’t completely pass at all, it just narrowly got through the first step of many to actually going into law, which it won’t get much further because it’s a terrible plan. It failed to get through the first time twice, and the third time it’s gotten through one test. The bill has not “passed”

    • Posted by Proud Boys, at Reply

      +Brett Werner but you said the bill failed then said it passed the first step. So unless you can predict the future you are wrong. Let’s move on. What is the next talking point so I can rip that one apart too

    • Posted by Brett Werner, at Reply

      LOL you are not ripping me apart. The bill is a failure. It’s failed before and it will fail again. And i already listed you just of what i could think of at the moment why Trump is a terrible person and has done a terrible job as president. go through there and see if you can defend the undefensible.

    • Posted by InitialBurn, at Reply

      Proud Boys The AHCA passed the House but doesn’t currently have the votes to pass in the Senate.

      So no, it has not been passed.

  5. Posted by RedX165, at Reply

    This channel seems to be cancer when Cenk is gone.

    • Posted by evev13, at Reply

      This channel seems to be AIDS when Cenk is there.

  6. Posted by Terrence Timmons, at Reply

    Autism? Ok fine.
    ADHD? That’s a made up disease.

    • Posted by The909Virus, at Reply

      Terrence Timmons blaming people’s abilities for short term memory doesnt help either, because people with ADHD are likely to have Alzheimer’s. Typical old age disease. I guess you can tell them that’s fake too.

  7. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Maybe you should separate smart and stupid kids, so that some kids aren’t bored …

    • Posted by Laverne Blaszczyk, at Reply

      yeah, in the real world you have to learn to deal with all kinds of people, even and especially idiots- you gotta learn how to deal with them without going nuts yourself

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      why not?

    • Posted by tohamyproductions, at Reply

      Feeling bored or distracted mostly does not have anything to do with being ‘smart or ‘stupid’.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      if you are bored or distracted means the material is either too complicated or too easy …

    • Posted by tohamyproductions, at Reply

      Possibly but it could also mean that you have issues staying focused in general, or the topic might not be particularly interesting.

  8. Posted by Jenna Noce, at Reply

    As a student in a high school that is plagued by the fidget spinner fad id like to say these toys do not belong in a classroom setting. These things don’t appear loud on camera but when you are taking a test and someone busts out a Satan spinner it is so distracting to the people who are really trying to focus (knowledge from experience). Kids do not treat these fidget shits as something to help them focus but rather a tool and excuse to not focus. I am a strong believer that people who need stimulus to help them focus should definitely try fidget cubes because they are a quiet non distracting gadget as opposed to the Satan spinner which only attracts the attention of most of the people around the user who are trying to actually LEARN something instead of just dicking around. These lil fidget fucks have become like a status symbol where the people who have the most expensive spinner are the coolest. There was even an instance where someone was spinning their devil device while I was presenting something to the class and I yelled at them because it was so damn distracting. Of course the teachers or school have done absolutely nothing to help me and my fellow fidget spinner hating peers but whatever this comment is too long anyway

    • Posted by Itzel Melendez, at Reply

      Jenna Noce I like what you call them

    • Posted by Jenna Noce, at Reply

      Itzel Melendez thanks “fidget fucks” is my fav

  9. Posted by Ezra, at Reply

    ‘Assburgers’ isn’t a thing anymore lol… And with my experiences with adhd, something like this would only serve to direct my attention mainly to the devise. if you don’t understand the human brain and the differences that comes with add, then don’t embarrass yourself speaking ignorant opinions about it. one of the hosts here atleast had the decency to mention that they aren’t an expert in said field.

    • Posted by Szriko, at Reply

      +Sven Tempest
      No, sorry, I’m the only person that matters. You’re wrong.

    • Posted by Sven Tempest, at Reply

      My bad. I must have forgotten I’m a figment of your imagination =/

    • Posted by Szriko, at Reply

      +Sven Tempest
      I hate it when my imagination gets uppity.

    • Posted by Sven Tempest, at Reply

      Don’t blame me, you imagined me this way.

  10. Posted by mosamaster, at Reply

    Fidget spinner is the new cancer.

    • Posted by HEΛRTS OF SPΛCE, at Reply


    • Posted by mosamaster, at Reply

      HEΛRTS OF SPΛCE you have kids or teenagers with you ? then you will know….. who ever made this is a billionaire by now for sure..

  11. Posted by kathleenmms, at Reply

    lol those spinners drive me crazy. All my students try to fight over a turn with the one or two students that have one and that steady buzzing drives me insane. Better than them screwing around on their cell phones though.

    • Posted by Dahlia Legacy, at Reply

      You have pretty hair. <3

  12. Posted by guildgsx, at Reply

    How about reporting on the 6-year-old boy seriously injured in DUI hit-and-run by 15-times-deported illegal alien instead, you “journalists”? Yeah, didn’t think so… doesn’t fit the agenda.

    • Posted by leptonsoup337, at Reply

      Well… you know they could always do both…

    • Posted by Keyser Soze, at Reply

      Hadn’t heard, but TYT wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.  Do you have a link.

    • Posted by C Roix, at Reply

      ah yes how relevant on a video about fidget spinners

  13. Posted by Kelly K, at Reply

    I am a teacher and I have thrown dozens of those things out of the window. I hate them.

    • Posted by C Roix, at Reply

      your kids probably resent you.

    • Posted by Infinitely Wavy, at Reply

      Kelly K don’t throw away what u didn’t pay for

    • Posted by Jessica Cora, at Reply

      That’s really shitty of you. You’re probably one of those teachers all the kids hate lol.

    • Posted by CasuanNY, at Reply

      Teacher as well. I’ll take them and return them at the end of the day but throwing them away is OD lol

  14. Posted by Mojo522, at Reply

    College students are using them too. They’re sold everywhere, whoever came up with this idea is going to be financially successful.

    • Posted by Keyser Soze, at Reply

      If you google the lady who did, she actually isn’t making anything off this, which is very, very sad.  It involves a failure to renew a patent.

    • Posted by MrCiammurro, at Reply

      Stupidity sells !

    • Posted by Mojo522, at Reply

      Wow, that sucks even to hear. Well, I hope she comes up with a nice improved model and renews the patent. Thanks for the response.

  15. Posted by IndigoS, at Reply

    Got it, it’s for autistic kids

    • Posted by GamerGrl90, at Reply

      IndigoS no.

    • Posted by MRRAPphenomena, at Reply

      the autism is real in this one

  16. Posted by IddubzTV, at Reply

    Fidget spinners are cringy

    • Posted by MrCiammurro, at Reply

      I’d like to know if is bought more by Liberals or Conservatives ! You know , like Kale for Libs and Bacon for Cons .We’ll see !

    • Posted by Big T. Larrity, at Reply

      They’re for people with ticks, like biting nails or licking lips, they help distract you from your bad habits.

  17. Posted by manolapix, at Reply

    Dumbest piece of invention ever made.

    • Posted by Kenji, at Reply

      The pet rock was much worse.

    • Posted by TheMLC35, at Reply

      Yeah but the inventors are now laughing while swimming in cash