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FIFTH Woman Accuses Roy Moore Of Child Molestation


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Roy Moore's denials are much less compared to convincing. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us what you think in the comment section listed below. Join TYT:

" A 5th female charged Roy S. Moore, the Republican Us senate candidate in Alabama, on Monday of making sex-related or romantic advances toward her when she was a young adult, as elderly Republican politicians in Washington asked for him to leave of the race as well as threatened to eliminate him from the Senate if he wins.
The brand-new accuser, Beverly Youthful Nelson, told a news conference in New york city that Mr. Moore attacked her when she was 16 and he was a prosecutor in Etowah Region, Ala. Ms. Nelson was stood for at the press conference by Gloria Allred, a legal representative that has actually promoted targets of sexual harassment.
" I attempted combating him off, while chewing out him to quit, however instead of quiting, he started squeezing my neck attempting to compel my head onto his crotch," Ms. Nelson claimed in a statement she released at the press conference. She claimed Mr. Moore advised her that "nobody will certainly believe you" if she informed any individual concerning the encounter in his vehicle." *.

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  1. Posted by roof pizza, at Reply

    Moore’s the type of guy to keep women chained up in his cellar.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Uncle Woody keeps toys in his cellar. Probably in the rear next to the balls.

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      If he is strong on the 2nd Amendment, that is all that matters.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Pfiles deserve to get put down by the 2nd Amendment not protect it for themselves, that is all. Backpfeifengesicht 123gwf.

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      Know him personally do ya ?

    • Posted by Scott Cox, at Reply

      I can think of another section of society he’d have in chains too, if he could.

  2. Posted by Durango Savage, at Reply

    Alt-Right: “John Podesta sent an e-mail about pizza so he is totes running a secret Illuminati pedophile ring.”

    Also Alt-Right: “We just need more proof about Roy Moore man.”

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      +Aaron Gwozdz FYI Hillary is not the president nor is she even holding public office

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      Why aren’t they talking about George Takai?

    • Posted by Aaron Gwozdz, at Reply

      Ronin Davis I get that. Still, what she is accused of is very serious. These crimes (Including Moore) should never be ignored just because of party affiliation. All should be brought to attention by all media outlets.

    • Posted by johnnyvonjoe, at Reply


  3. Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

    …and still the Right wing and alt-right *defend* trump’s “grab them by the pu–y” just like they probably will defend moore if it happens to be true …that’s who the Right-wing and alt-right are *fake* Christians and *fake* patriots

    • Posted by Σοφία, at Reply

      the yearbook signing was a forgery. someone is going to get in BIG trouble.

    • Posted by I'm right you're wrong, at Reply

      Angel Rojo or real Christians, and real treason?

    • Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

      trump-supporters are traitors to the Republic and to her Constitution

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      And your a fake American angel

    • Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

      +Birds of Prey LOL coming from an anti-immigrant who doesn’t know the difference between the possessive [your] and the contraction [you’re] BWAHAHAHA trump fanboys need immigrants to teach them their own language LMAO wonder you’re so easily *conned* by trump…just like trump you probably don’t understand the Constitution or have ever read the Federalist Papers.

      saludos a toda la Gente de Buena Fe
      G-d bless

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    His white privilege is keeping him from prison. A Black person would have been executed by now.

    • Posted by Mike Lofky, at Reply

      there is no “white privileges”

    • Posted by Kitty S, at Reply

      I love you, Kevin! 😍

    • Posted by Ryan Nurmi, at Reply

      Is that why Bill.Cosby is in prison?

    • Posted by Ryan Nurmi, at Reply

      Real Life except one of the juror members of the oj trial admitted he voted innocent simply as payback for Rodney King…he even raised a fist in air in the court room

  5. Posted by Ricardo Alarcon, at Reply

    We have a President that grabs pussies. Moore is getting elected.

    • Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

      +Vaness AntifaFan Thank you (regardless of your age) for sticking it (no pun intended) to the *Grody Old Preverts*

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      Let’s hope so.

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      Don’t be so sure, I’ve been seeing Doug jones signs in very conservative neighborhoods, more democrat signs, and yet, I haven’t seen a Moore sign in anyone’s yard……

    • Posted by BirdsofPrey1956, at Reply

      Bet you voted for bill Clinton too, right ricardo ?

    • Posted by nope, at Reply

      123gwf oh they dream alright. Nightmares.

  6. Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

    you guys notice how it’s dwindled down to the 3 same losers trolling tyt ? SAD!

    • Posted by Egg Head, at Reply

      Sweat tears!

    • Posted by Whatplantscrave 25, at Reply

      No. You bored?

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      There is zero trolling going on in this channel.  Instead, patriotic Americans are rising up to defend freedom.  Why do you hate freedom so much?

    • Posted by lcyw20, at Reply

      123gwf More like blind Americans who don’t care about truth and justice, who don’t care about right and wrong, and vehemently defending criminal actions in the name of patriotism, actions that undermine the reputation and welfare of the USA. You just think you are a patriot, but you don’t consider the harmful consequences of what you are actually doing. Real patriots would think carefully about what is best for the country, and forsake the likes of Trump and Moore.

    • Posted by GR. Hollman, at Reply

      “Freedom” You mean Stalin type freedom.

  7. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Trolls out in force tonight.

    • Posted by AnarchyJesus, at Reply

      yo mama is out in force tonight

    • Posted by robert ramirez, at Reply

      Alicia Roberts this video doesn’t even have 100 dislikes. Typically the innocuous TYT video gets ~250 dislikes. The trolls literally are not here.

    • Posted by Sorry But Not Sorry, at Reply

      AnarchyJesus I had your mom all to myself last night. We’re getting married btw…hope that’s not awkward for you

  8. Posted by Christopher Hudson, at Reply

    ANNA your voice sounds horse. drink tea and get better

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Yolo Av – Projection, definitely projection.

    • Posted by Red Cloud, at Reply

      Christopher Hudson she’ll live

  9. Posted by Johnna Funkhouser, at Reply

    Preach Cenk Preach

  10. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    hey remember the Alabama governor the one that resigned (the reason why this race is happening in the first place) he was caught having a mistress and he resigned. this guy is being a accused multiple times of pedophilia and he hasnt bowed out of the race.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      This is for Sessions’ senate seat. But yeah, it should be telling that the governor had to resign for some infidelity bullshit but the same state will elect a child molester.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      fine i got the positions mixed up, my point still stands one guy who was in a high ranking government position gets caught having an affair and he resigns. another guy running for a different high ranking position in that same government is being accused multiple times of pedophilia (which i would say is 1000 times worse than being caught having an affair) and he hasnt bowed out of the race.

    • Posted by Lisa Shrestha, at Reply

      You’re thinking of Governor Bentley – his wife taped him talking to his policy advisor/girlfriend and those tapes were cringey. Ugh!

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      read my last comment,

  11. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Roy Moore needs to step down.

    • Posted by Kellyanne Gollum, at Reply

      But lock her up though.

    • Posted by Sarcastro sarcastro_, at Reply

      chickendinner2012 you misspelled “to be shot in the head”

  12. Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

    Everyone in the USA are held accountable for lesser crimes, and yet the Conservative/Neo-liberal elite get’s away with murder, rape, extortion etc. while playing puppet master on the masses. TAKE THEIR PRIVILEGES AWAY AND HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE!

    • Posted by White Owl, at Reply

      Thomas Oklahoma how long do they think they can get away with this it’s bulllshit and you are right

    • Posted by Wendy Adams, at Reply

      123 do re mi….So I guess that’s all that matter, lets just forget about all the other amendments….I guess you can cherry pick the constitution just like you do the Bible…..what a concept!!!!

    • Posted by Jasmine Houston-Burns, at Reply

      This really isn’t about politics. It’s about the fact that there are a ton of sexual predators everywhere.

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      The 2nd Amendment is the guarantor of freedom.  That’s why the Founding Fathers explicitly said it was the most important part.

  13. Posted by Susan Hepler, at Reply

    My heart just breaks for this woman.

    • Posted by Tiller The Baby-Killer!, at Reply

      She’s lying, u dumbass!! This is clearly a false flag operation!

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      Save your heartbreak, as the woman is simply jumping on the “Trash Any Republican” bandwagon and lying thru her leftist teeth.

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      She’s lying.

  14. Posted by SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine, at Reply

    Republicans worried about mexicans raping their women? What a joke..
    The white wingers just want to do the raping themselves otherwise they would protect these women from the real predators in power first.

    • Posted by Proud Bad Hombre, at Reply

      SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine Great comment. 👏

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      they’re afraid of competition

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      Roy Moore is a Democrat.  Once again, it is THE DEMOCRATS THAT ARE RAPING people, over and over again.  GET IT RIGHT, LIBTARD!

    • Posted by theangelslayer400000, at Reply

      123gwf wow, you are really bad at trolling👍🏾

  15. Posted by Skyhurricane, at Reply

    Roy Moore, be sure your sins will find you out.

  16. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    Republicans are willing to defend ANYONE based on nothing more than political affiliation.
    It’s not even like he has a stellar reputation as a human being. SMH

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      Nixon was framed and Kennedy was a Commie.

    • Posted by FamilyofMan 89, at Reply

      123gwf do you get paid to troll or are you just this stupid?.?. . Serious question. .

  17. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    The swamp is full of sex offenders.

  18. Posted by Wutaii1 Nostalgia, at Reply

    Yea….I think this guy should go away.



    • Posted by robert ramirez, at Reply

      Wutaii1 Nostalgia regressive!