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Firefighters Save Pigs…Then Eat Them


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Firefighters in England conserved piglets from a fire on a farm. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you what their benefit was. Inform us what you believe in the remark area below.

" Way back in February, a band of English firemens rescued 18 baby pigs as well as 2 sows from a burning barn. If Charlotte had actually been about, she 'd possibly have woven "Some Firefighter!" into her internet.

She wasn't, but thankful farm supervisor Rachel Rivers guaranteed she 'd soon send out along a little thanks present.

Practically 6 months later, she followed through, offering up a collection of sausages made from the meat of the very pigs the firemens had actually conserved. The thankful public slaves of the Dorset as well as Wiltshire Fire as well as Rescue Service celebrated with a barbeque.

" Precisely six months as well as eventually since firemans rescued 18 hogs from a fire, we reached sample the fruits of our labors from that February evening," the crew composed in a Facebook message. "Massive thank you to Rachel Rivers for dropping them off for us to sample."".

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by White Male Feminist, at Reply

    All meat eaters are murderers

    • Posted by hans jensen, at Reply

      well if i have to be a murderer to eat meat, then i guess its time to murder some fkin ppl

    • Posted by hs7183, at Reply

      White Male Feminist valla nimli bende choonkoo nachildi olson bende choonkoo nachildi

    • Posted by Not Important, at Reply

      so are you, you ever killed a bug, you dont even need to answer I know you have…you filthy life taker

    • Posted by Abraxas1177, at Reply

      I’ve slaughtered and cut up my own meat since I was 12, I’ve seen vats get filled with pork blood and never felt guilty of anything. Try your false compassion somewhere else. Have a nice day <3

    • Posted by mysticresistance, at Reply

      Murder always tastes better with bacon

  2. Posted by xzcczxc, at Reply

    Vegetarians are pussies

    • Posted by maxxxbensleyyy, at Reply

      +OutlawRebel117 I’m vegan 😞

    • Posted by Veganjedi97, at Reply

      maxxxbensleyyy then you’re making a Difference

    • Posted by Zachary Forcher, at Reply

      SupaDr00g how are you saving animals??? Supply and demand dumbbell. Don’t eat animals, less will be force breed, less animal will suffer, less people will suffer from chronic disease. Simple as that. U also save the planet. What u don’t get is billions of animals should not be forced into the world every year and slaughtered just for ur tastebuds and ur need to get a chronic disease.

  3. Posted by Isaac Henke, at Reply

    I mean if I owned those pigs I would’ve done the same thing as a reward. I mean they are delicious.

    • Posted by kleevorp os1, at Reply

      elephants are similar to extinct mammoth, which the natives ate, so its okay, plus its a matter of opinion where the cutoff line for sentience is… makes me wonder what your thoughts on cannibalism are?

    • Posted by Sleeping Insomiac, at Reply

      kleevorp os1
      By his reasoning, Trump voters are fair game…

    • Posted by loverainthunder, at Reply

      I thought he meant the pigs were stolen and they might be pets or something lol No, they didn’t save and steal and eat someone’s pet. geesh. lol

  4. Posted by Beethovens Laguerre, at Reply

    lol,vegans are gonna be mad after this one .We are carnivores people,lol

    • Posted by Not Important, at Reply

      tradition? Amber you better hope we never get into a war that puts the world into hard times, because you will see all your fake values disappear

    • Posted by bonchidude, at Reply

      Read my comment beethovens. It is at the very top. No, humans are not carnivores. They do not have any of the adaptations necessary for that such as cats and dogs.

    • Posted by bonchidude, at Reply

      Bam Westy, you are 1000% right. Humans do not have any adaptations to be omnivores, nor carnivores. The fact that humans get heart disease if they eat meat even on an ocassional basis is proof enough that they cannot process meats successfully.

    • Posted by bonchidude, at Reply

      penguins: You are 100% right.

    • Posted by bonchidude, at Reply

      jon coda: And humans get heart disease and arthritis from eating meat. Humans have eaten meat for a long time because of the taste but they are not meant to eat meat and anyone with an IQ above 80 can realize that. It is so obvious.

  5. Posted by Grammar Police, at Reply

    the title is sorta click bait.

    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      Grammar Police Which you clicked on.

    • Posted by Grammar Police, at Reply

      I thought the fire men would cook the pig not the farmer.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      How? They saved the pigs… And later ate them. Problem?

    • Posted by Grammar Police, at Reply

      No problem, but i was dispointed when i realized that the farmer cooked them and not the fire fighters.

  6. Posted by Annatar, at Reply

    So they ate cops?

    • Posted by Child of Persia, at Reply


    • Posted by Ryo Manga, at Reply

      whahahahha i died 😛

    • Posted by loafer sheffield, at Reply

      Was that a typo? Surely, you meant to type “chops”

  7. Posted by omar. JUST. morales, at Reply

    Cenk should look at how animals are slaughtered either in farms or factories. There’s videos. It’s wrong.

    • Posted by bcubed72, at Reply

      +omar. JUST. morales
      So, are you against predation _across the animal kingdom,_ or merely when humans are doing the killing? You realize how unworkable ending predation would be, right? For starters, there’d be roughly _one trillion_ times as many rodents in 30 years, assuming the world lasted until then, which it wouldn’t. And then, of course, all “obligate carnivores” would die off; herbivores would strip the forests and oceans of plant life; i.e. the end of life on earth. (Maybe a protist could survive, but I don’t know how.)

      Not to mention, “the strong culling the weak” is how evolution progressed to the point where humans were possible. You aren’t “anti-science,” are you, Omar? Evolution doesn’t progress unless the “non-hackers” fail to reproduce; entropy says genetic fitness decreases absent any pressure.

      So, even if you could end meat-eating in humans, the majority of animals would CONTINUE to be an “apex predator’s” dinner. _The strong devour the weak; eat as thou willt, so mete (meat?) it be._

    • Posted by bcubed72, at Reply

      _”trees and fruit aren’t sentient beings. They don’t have a brain or a central nervous system and don’t feel fear or pain”_

      So, a plant is less sentient than a mollusk? You sure about that? I don’t see much difference is setup; I have a hard time conceptualizing “oyster sentience.”

      …and vegans don’t just not eat meat… _they won’t even use honey!_ (Oh, maybe if they’re “union bees, paid a living wage, and in ownership of the means of production…”) OTOH, they have no problem eating plants POLLINATED by bees, which has always seemed wildly inconsistent.

    • Posted by sabrielle lunin, at Reply

      Saltvadoor just curious, do you fight against the death penalty, war, and police shootings? Do you support gun control? Do you support any organizations that take care of unwanted children, or have you adopted? Or do you only care about theoretical unborn people you will never have to meet?

    • Posted by Drosta Dorianin, at Reply

      I worked in those places. It’s about what you’d expect when you have to slaughter thousands of animals a day to feed tens of thousands of people every day.

    • Posted by Ahmed Abdulrashid, at Reply

      Besides, what about plants? Increasingly, research shows that they are much smarter than we previously judged.

  8. Posted by Karl Ngokenge, at Reply

    The police save people but they kill people too, so what is your point?

    • Posted by John D'oh, at Reply

      Will the police eat people sausage?

    • Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

      +John D’oh  The females only swallow.

    • Posted by JENNSPOV, at Reply

      Karl Ngokenge Not the same ones……. lol……. that’s the point

    • Posted by Joeyz Thoughtz, at Reply

      Yeah lol they save white people and kill black people 🙂

  9. Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply

    I farm shiggles.

    • Posted by Payhole Everdouche, at Reply

      Fennec Fox
      And how’s that working out?

    • Posted by Vaness thebest, at Reply

      no, he snacks on orange trump pubes in his trailer park all day. that’s what he does.

    • Posted by MUHAMMAD PORKENSHTIEN, at Reply

      Dis made me sad.

  10. Posted by Tyler Brininger, at Reply

    Pigs are food….

    • Posted by John Kimble, at Reply

      “killing is not ethical, how could it be? ”

      So using anti-bacterial soap is not ethical? Every time I take a breath millions of organisms are killed. But that is not bad because they are simple life? So it is ethical to kill simple life? So killing can be ethical?

    • Posted by The #1 Kill Joy, at Reply

      You are food

    • Posted by Amber L., at Reply

      Higgins2001 Um, no it’s not bogus.

    • Posted by Higgins2001, at Reply

      Amber L. show me the science, as that’s quite a statement to make

  11. Posted by Jessica Triplev, at Reply

    Why are animal corpse consumers still even allowed to walk freely on our streets. The sick sadistic fetish of animal corpse consumption must be criminalized. Also, typical white dude behavior. UGH smh

    • Posted by Dave Miller, at Reply

      Jessica the Jackoff. Why are YOU still allowed to exist? You serve NO purpose to the rest of us and are disposable waste.

    • Posted by JENNSPOV, at Reply

      Tony Stark yes you will however we ain’t in Africa thank you very much we live in a first world who happens to be destroying all of the world, and we could be feeding africans

    • Posted by bcubed72, at Reply

      +Jessica Triplev
      So, are you gonna eat that scrapple, or can I have it?

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      I am so glad that people like you work at Starbucks for a living.

  12. Posted by Mortvent, at Reply

    for fucks sake…

    How the hell can you be upset, the pigs were being raised for slaughter anyway.

    It’s no worst or different than a farmer repaying them with a bushel of corn because they saved a field of corn.

    • Posted by Amber L., at Reply

      Leo Yes they do scream. I’ve seen it. And hopefully you found yourself a real job by now.

    • Posted by Amber L., at Reply

      Spotless Mind No they’re not meant to be eaten. It’s just a cultural thing. I know Jews and Muslims definitely don’t consider pigs to be food.

    • Posted by Amber L., at Reply

      bcubed72 Maybe, just perhaps we humans should learn not to meddle with nature. Yes, pigs can be attacked by predators. But guess what the wild provides that a farm doesn’t? The opportunity to escape being eaten.

    • Posted by bcubed72, at Reply

      _” But guess what the wild provides that a farm doesn’t? The opportunity to escape being eaten.”_
      No, eventually they will grow feeble enough with age that something WILL eat them. Heck, possibly another hog!

      “No one here gets out alive,” and (excepting humans and most whales) nothing gets to die of old age in nature.

    • Posted by Spotless Mind, at Reply

      The firefighters aren’t Jewish or a Muslim to him it is just a pig and it is food. It was raised to be food.

  13. Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

    I just ate a bacon sandwich. Suck it vegans. Suck it Muslims.

    • Posted by penguins forall, at Reply

      Enjoy the coronary heart disease.

    • Posted by klieu90210, at Reply

      misspelled mooselambs

    • Posted by The #1 Kill Joy, at Reply

      Lol no one cares dickhead

  14. Posted by fmueller1, at Reply

    Maybe I am a little too German, but if I was one of the fire fighters, I’d eat those sausages and enjoy them no matter if they came from the same pigs I rescued or another pig. Sausages are delicious, and people have eaten meat and meat products since time immemorial. People also eat plants. I love tomatoes and brussel sprouts. Plants are life forms too. Is there really that much of a difference between a clam and a tomato? Vegetarians tell me I can eat one and not the other for moral reasons? Baloney! We need to take life to live. That’s an inarguable fact, because you can’t live long from water and rock salt. Of course everybody is welcome to make the cut off wherever they see fit. But the only thing off limits for moral reasons is our own species. Everything else is fair game if I am hungry – or just in the mood to cook a good meal.

    • Posted by fmueller1, at Reply

      AirPlayRule – many thanks for your response. That farming is more economical without animals is a truism, but life is not just about economics. I am an atheist. Please save any religious arguments for the more gullible. Kant’s moral imperative (the golden rule if you prefer) applies as little to eating animals as it does to eating plants. But animals should be treated as humanely as possible. What’s happening in the agricultural industry today is a disgrace, and needs to be stopped. Policy makers should follow the advice of people like Temple Grandin. Of course I could choose to eat tomato soup instead of clam chowder, but I enjoy clam chowder, and if you tell me eating it is morally equivalent to eating Temple Grandin, I can only hope you are joking! Also, anybody who draws parallels between the treatment of farm animals and Africans in the middle passage needs to check their moral compass. Those atrocities happened precisely because the line between humans and animals was blurred in some people’s mind. We have to make sure that never happens again. Kia ora!

    • Posted by mrblob20, at Reply

      fmueller1 I think you misunderstood what economical means in this regard. We waste 1000x more water, fuel, crops and cause 1000x more destruction to the environment from animal agriculture vs crops alone ( fed directly to humans). Not to mention green house emissions, soil erosion, antibiotic resistance, hormones, arsenic leaching into soil, infectious bacteria spreading etc.

      Try to do some research please.

    • Posted by fmueller1, at Reply

      Thanks for your explanation, but I fully understood the meaning of economical as you explained it. I just don’t think it has the importance you accord it. Firstly, producing enough food to feed all humans is not a problem. We have the means to do it. The only reason hunger exists in the word is a lack of political will to produce enough food, and more importantly to adequately distribute it to those who need it. We could even accomplish that while preserving the environment for future generations and eating steak in moderation. The only ‘problem’ it would create if we did all that is that a few super rich people could no longer be quite as rich as they are under the current system. Unfortunately those are the people who make political decisions in the countries that matter, most importantly the USA, but there are others.

    • Posted by mrblob20, at Reply

      fmueller1 oh ok. The environment doesn’t matter, and antibiotic resistance doesn’t either. Gotcha.

  15. Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

    Kids in Africa could have eaten that.

    • Posted by kleevorp os1, at Reply

      or they could eat each other…. anything is possible

    • Posted by Not Important, at Reply

      or they could stop having a dozen kids, I have no sympathy for people actively creating their situation

  16. Posted by AirPlayRule, at Reply

    Farming is far more economical/environmental/healthy/humane/better karma from non-meat sources. And the major religions only allow killing animals in EXCEPTIONAL situations (e.g. self-defense, starving during a flood with no other choice etc.) & sure as hell wouldn’t allow it like how many of these cruel farms steal babies from the mother, raise them in hellish conditions with little or no protection from cruelty, only to kill them brutally.

    It’s a myth we evolved from meat eating and even if it were true, it doesn’t mean we must, or should, do so now. Many things happened in our past, or is happening right now, that isn’t right for modern humans to do (e.g. cannibalism). The past should matter when we wana learn from WRONGS and stop them faster. Animals, even babies, are confined/transported/killed like (or worse) Africans in the middle passage slave trade. We should learn from history faster.

    Having free will to choose doesn’t mean any choice is ok. that’s basically “might makes right” thinking. Eating animals violates: the non-aggression principle, being reasonable, being ethical, and the golden rule. You can’t be for equality then treat animals so harshly different just cause they were born with a somewhat weaker brain/body. that’s like eating people born mentally and physically weak.

    If anybody wants details/sources with science or religion, tell me where to email 1 chapter in a book I wrote, which has all that. It also mentions examples of many tasty food that taste like meat (e.g. MorningStar burgers found in many grocers).

    For those not open minded, who don’t try to listen or understand the truth, who just wana argue, or insult etc. I’m too busy for that. So I pray you learn what’s right, before more animals suffer in the way you’ll probably be reborn to suffer equally or worse. Peace.

    • Posted by John Kimble, at Reply

      Make the case that eating animals is immoral, I’ll wait.

    • Posted by TheGreatMoonFrog, at Reply

      While I agree that factory farms are pretty damn horrible I don’t think we should stop eating meat. It is part of our history, yes we have been doing it for, likely, around 100 000 years. Those sharp canines and thin flat front teeth you have? They didn’t evolve because we weren’t eating meat. They are designed to tear apart meat. We are omnivores. I think we should have laws setting a decent minimum threshold for quality of life for animals. Meat prices would go up but I wouldn’t mind that. I will never stop eating meat though, although if the technology to grow meat in a lab becomes commercially viable I would switch to that.

    • Posted by The Great Imposter, at Reply

      Humans are herbivores – not omnivores. Please check out any of Dr. Milton Mills videos on YT and I’m sure the evidence with the facts he presents will change your mind.

    • Posted by AirPlayRule, at Reply

      TheGreatMoonFrog other than agreeing about less suffering for animals in the meat industry….(if) were goona eat meat, im confused, how come it seems like youre making arguments n talking points i already addressed ahead of time in my comment?

      You didnt read the part where i offered details/sources after saying that It’s a myth we evolved from meat eating and even if it were true, it
      doesn’t mean we must, or should, do so now. Many things happened in our past, or is happening right now, that isn’t right for modern humans to do (e.g. cannibalism).

      our teeth, hands, digestion etc. were designed to live more like herbivores, and to rip into fruits etc. not flesh. however, it’s not 100% herbivore, because we have free will and the ABILITY to eat meat SOMETIMES (i.e. if/when there’s no other choice).
      The Vedic calendar dates back (more than) millions of years, and shows flesh eating STARTED over 5,000 years ago. much of their historical texts have been greatly confirmed, so i trust that over speculation from any human who wasnt around back then, as if we have to copy the past anyway.

      Having free will to choose doesn’t mean any choice is ok. that’s
      basically “might makes right” thinking. Eating animals violates: the
      non-aggression principle, being reasonable, being ethical, and the
      golden rule. You can’t be for equality then treat animals so harshly
      different just cause they were born with a somewhat weaker brain/body. that’s like eating people born mentally and physically weak. We should learn from history faster.

      So how about the whole many tasty foods that taste like meat (e.g. MorningStar burgers found in many grocers) thing…?

  17. Posted by Hail Storm, at Reply

    Laughing at innocent beings being exploited and killed…. I thought you guys were against cruelty and needless killing??? Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction. And that’s the tip of the ice berg. “Hahah throat slitting, so funny.” Unsubbed.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      Cruelty, huh? What are you commenting on? A device that was made by what essentially amounts to slave labor, right? And if you think you’re not supporting suffering by not eating meat… Wrong again, Bob. Your food, meat or not, is delivered on trucks fueled by oil products from the middle east that people died over. And the money you use to pay for that food goes to companies that pay taxes that support wars and occupations. Plus, buying food at those stores supports the meat industry. And even if you grow all your food you pay taxes which, again, support wars and occupations. The only way you wouldn’t be supporting cruelty in some way is if you didn’t participate in any world economy at all. And since you’re online writing comments that’s not the case. Even writing that comment helps Google which pays taxes and partners with companies that manufacture electronics using slave labor in Asia and elsewhere.

    • Posted by Say Mabye to smoking, at Reply

      meat eating itself has nothing to do with water polluting, ITS THE WAY WE FARM MEAT!

      the ancient Romans ate meat way before global warming was even a thing…

      and don’t act like the innocent animals wouldn’t be eaten by others in the forest. humans eating them have no difference.

    • Posted by JENNSPOV, at Reply

      Hail Storm they don’t wanna think about it for some reason