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First Asian Country To Legalize Marriage Equality


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Taiwan's high court paved the way for lawful same-sex marital relationship. John Iadarola (Host of ThinkTank), Chavala Madlena (Investigative Journalist, Filmmaker) discuss on a special episode of The Young Turks previously tape-recorded LIVE at Oslo Flexibility Online forum.

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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    *FACT:* like muslims, asians tend to be hugely homophobic and xenophobic

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      +Burger king Aka king of america
      Sounds interesting.

    • Posted by Rachel Nault, at Reply

      In Japan, until Christianity was spread, homosexuality was viewed as natural and a part of life. Not to point the finger at white people, again, but it was Europeans spreading those beliefs.

  2. Posted by Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice, at Reply

    That is wonderful 🙂
    I wonder when Korea will too.. As a Korean I’ve personally rarely ever heard of homosexuality in the korean media

    • Posted by william scheufler, at Reply

      Its not just Korea that’s behind on this issue what the hell Japan Taiwan can do it but you can’t.

    • Posted by Qi & Adam Zhou, at Reply

      Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice “As a Korean” – looking at your channel I would say you’re Korean-American? how is LGBT in the Korean-American community?

  3. Posted by Mwkeomdjdkwosmdke Wkdomrkdneidkem, at Reply

    ❤💛💍LOVE WINS💚💙💜!

    • Posted by waylt, at Reply

      hell yeah

  4. Posted by Rachel Nault, at Reply

    Canada made homosexual marriage legal in 2005. Glad that things seem to be getting better, rights wise, for LGBTQ+ people.

    • Posted by Leander, at Reply

      Here in Holland it was 2001. No one really cared, life continued for everyone the exact same way before it was legalised here 🙂

    • Posted by william scheufler, at Reply

      James Orlando  For many people marriage has nothing to do with procreation there are plenty of people in this world who want to get married and don’t want to have children and also Biblical marriage is polygamy not one man and one woman your an absurd parody.

    • Posted by JP455, at Reply

      Considering that Canada has pretty much ceased to be a liberal democracy due to the proliferation of hate speech legislation, you aren’t really saying much.

  5. Posted by Chris, at Reply

    I can’t believe Germany, Italy, and other European countries haven’t yet.

    • Posted by Timothy Judge, at Reply

      Chris I can they’re intolerant liers with an agenda.

    • Posted by supersuato123, at Reply

      Chris LOL Germany doesn’t allow same sex marriage??? WTF, my country Mexico allows same sex marriage lol

    • Posted by TheJeff91, at Reply

      germany allows same sex marriage…. however it has a different name which is still kinda shitty i have to admit but it is completely legal. Its name translates to something like partnership and legally it is the same as marriage as far as i know.

    • Posted by Obi Wan Kenobi, at Reply

      in germany we have a “registered partnership” which is legally 99% the same as marriage (obviously custody laws for children will vary in a partnership with two men) – legally its just not called a marriage. back then they did it to appease the religious nutcases, so they couldnt complain about the “sanctity” of marriage being “destroyed”.. win-win

  6. Posted by Thick Skin, at Reply

    Goddam Canada legalized same-sex marriage at 2005!? wow

    • Posted by colin hart, at Reply

      Thick Skin yep, that’s why we Canadians were laughing at you Americans when it was still a debate in 2014 ;). It was decriminalized in the late 70’s, early 80’s I think..

    • Posted by Katrina L, at Reply

      That’s not even impressive. The EU started way before that.

    • Posted by Thick Skin, at Reply

      Katrina L obvsly not the union as a whole, but thats beyond the point. anything is impressive when you live in the US, the land of the free and the close-minded hillbillies

  7. Posted by WOOD, at Reply

    I can see Japan as the next country to do it hopefully

    • Posted by Matthew Welsh, at Reply

      Ali Kiwan, marriage is not for making babies. Life is not about having fun? What are you someone who hates fun? Get a life troll

    • Posted by Ali Kiwan, at Reply

      Matthew Welsh

      Troll ? If knowing my worth and the true purpose of my existence makes me a troll then by all means , I’m one ! Anyone can have fun ! Even the lowest paupers can do so . If everybody gets to have fun and to enjoy the same feelings then what makes an individual so unique in his own right?!

      And yes , marriage is for having children , then what else is the value of such a fruitful event if not so ? Do enlighten me .

  8. Posted by Lucas Linhares, at Reply

    Update to all homophobes; the Earth will not split in two and combust into flames because 2 people of the same gender get married!🌈

    • Posted by Zero time for fun, at Reply

      Lucas Linhares it’ll just open the gates to weird crap like the gender spectrum, and transgenders beating women in all their sports

    • Posted by Priya K, at Reply

      Zero time for fun because transgender people beating others in sports is more of an issue than being killed for their gender-identity.

    • Posted by Clay Jensen, at Reply

      Wtf you are worrying about sports when trans and gay people are getting killed

  9. Posted by Nawmoo, at Reply

    I ironically thought it was gonna be Bangkok.

    • Posted by FadedStardust, at Reply

      Bangkok isn’t a country, dude, it’s a city. And Thailand (the COUNTRY where Bangkok is located) is still a very conservative place (though, as with most places, attitudes are changing).

    • Posted by Nawmoo, at Reply

      No wonder why I fail geography class.

  10. Posted by Kat Callahan, at Reply

    In Japan, our civil unions are city/borough recognised only. HOWEVER, the ministry of justice stated clearly that same-sex marriage is not banned or illegal. There’s just currently no political process for recognition. Which itself was a huge deal.

    • Posted by Nocturnalux, at Reply

      By the way, do you know anything about the same sex licenses that Shibuya and other wards in Tokyo have been issuing? Are they effective in any legal sense?

    • Posted by Kat Callahan, at Reply

      They are only recognised “legally” in the sense that city/borough (ward, actually, we call them wards, I live in Arakawa) will recognise the couple as married for things it has jurisdiction over. The city office will also apply pressure to businesses or housing that discriminate against couples. Specifically rental situations.

    • Posted by Nocturnalux, at Reply

      That’s more than I thought, in terms of rights. I know they’re called wards, I said as much in my comment.

    • Posted by Kat Callahan, at Reply

      It was actually directed at other readers following the conversation. I meet a lot of people who understand boroughs because of New York but not wards.

  11. Posted by iscrewy, at Reply

    What is Australia doing? We need to start rubbing their noses in that every time they make snarky comments about America.

    • Posted by choibacco, at Reply

      we have conservative assholes with a strangle hold on common sense flaming otherism and religious baloney to get themselves elected. America doesnt hold the trademark on universal assholism, progressives are fighting it here too folks.

    • Posted by roof pizza, at Reply

      Yup, Australians are half British and half American. Unfortunately, they tend to chose the worst of each culture not the best.

    • Posted by iscrewy, at Reply

      I like how you still managed to turn it into an insult toward America XD

  12. Posted by assassintwinat8, at Reply

    I was expecting Japan, but Taiwan actually makes more sense. From what my former teacher told me, Taiwan seems pretty chill.

    • Posted by Chauna, at Reply

      assassintwinat8 I don’t think Japan will anytime soon. Hopefully I’m wrong

    • Posted by assassintwinat8, at Reply

      They’re probably afraid of the yaoi fangirls…

    • Posted by Cloud of Reverie, at Reply

      assassintwinat8 Lol Japanese culture actually believes that homosexuality doesnt exist. How ironic that they have yaoi and yuri.

    • Posted by Planét, at Reply

      In japan is not even a new this wonderful achievement

  13. Posted by Jodi Thiele, at Reply

    Vietnam has same sex marriage… as far as I know Vietnam is in Asia :/

    • Posted by Nikola Demitri, at Reply

      Jodi Thiele Vietnam doesn’t have any of the important legal protections and rights afforded to same sex couples by the government, that typically come with marriage, so technically their law is meaningless.

      The entire reason marriage equality was pushed for in the US, and I assume all other locations, was/is because same sex couples needed the legal rights and protections afforded to married couples by the state.

      In US history, the fight for gay marriage didn’t really become a huge movement until after the AIDS epidemic hit. With AIDS came the mass dying off of gay partners, which is when gay people (particularly gay men) began to realize that they needed marriage rights to protect their rights to power of attorney, property, etc. You had thousands of cases of a partner dying, and the survivor being left with nothing. With no legal rights/protection, the families of the deceased could, and did, often take everything. Many vindictive families even bared the surviving boyfriend from attending funerals. This of course continued well after the AIDS crisis, up until SCOTUS declared gay marriage could not be banned. This is why some states began to offered civil unions, so they could be afforded the legal rights of marriage despite no right to marry.

      In Vietnam, the government declared that gay marriage could not be banned, but would not be recognized by the government, so no legal rights, which makes the law in Vietnam largely irrelevant and useless. Taiwan is the first to say it can’t be banned, and is recognized by the state. Hope that helps. Cheers.

    • Posted by Jodi Thiele, at Reply

      But I suppose it is correct to say that Taiwan would be the first Asian nation to fully recognise same sex marriage.

    • Posted by Nikola Demitri, at Reply

      Jodi Thiele Correct. Without the recognition by the state, it’s meaningless.

    • Posted by Mamu Hanzo, at Reply

      Jodi Thiele It says on your link that , “On 1 January 2015, the 2014 Law on Marriage and Family officially went into effect. It states that while Vietnam allows gay weddings, it will not offer legal recognition or protection to unions between people of the same sex.”

      If it doesn’t get legal recognition then its not technically Legal its just to shut the mouth of the people.

  14. Posted by Patrick Thomas, at Reply

    Taiwan distancing itself further from china smart move

    • Posted by Fluffy McFluff, at Reply

      Patrick Thomas we also just recently made it illegal to buy or sell dog and cat meat. If China had any real claim over Taiwan we wouldn’t have been able to change any of *our own laws, and be so progressive in our legislative amendments.

    • Posted by Qi & Adam Zhou, at Reply

      Patrick Thomas LGBT is relatively tolerated in mainland China. And Taiwan is “China” – until they drop their claim to the whole of mainland China (the claim is still active, and this is purely political as most Taiwanese do not identify as Chinese)

  15. Posted by David Meza, at Reply

    This is surprising; I wouldn’t have thought gay marriage would been accepted in an Asian country within this decade.

    • Posted by M0ebius, at Reply

      David Meza Travel to Asia much? I’m living in Taiwan right now and the people here on average are way more liberal than in America.

    • Posted by Fluffy McFluff, at Reply

      Hi! Taiwan has been hosting the largest LGBTQ pride parade in Asia for 14 years! We are very tourist AND gay friendly, so if you’re interested, the parade this year is on October 28th, in Taipei. I’m straight myself but I go every year. Lots of straight couples/families go and support the cause as well and you’d see kids and cute pets marching on the street. There are also people that dress in sexy/glamorous pride costumes but for the most part, it’s a cause that MANY support. TYT said the polls are very close but from what I’ve read 70% of Taiwan are FOR gay marriages. (If anyone wants to visit Taipei during pride, there are many youtubers who have made travel videos on Taipei.)

  16. Posted by Will Camick, at Reply

    I dont get why some people hate people who are gay. o_O Unless they think you can turn gay by knowing about gay things and thats just dumb.

    • Posted by justagirlsd 007, at Reply

      Will Camick the people who make the loudest noise are probably bi and it bothers them.

    • Posted by Khaotic Twist, at Reply

      Since the dawn of humanity, hatred and fear towards others who are different have always existed. Race, Religion, Nation, Color, Language, Class, Age, Occupation, Culture, Gender, and even Sexual Orientation. It’s just how humans are.

  17. Posted by MrBibi86, at Reply

    And yet in Australia, it’s not legal :/
    Galaxy Research polling (2009-2012) shows:
    64% of Australians support marriage equality,
    A majority of Christians (53%) support marriage equality,
    76% of Coalition voters want Abbott to allow a conscience vote,
    75% believe the reform is inevitable, and
    81% of young people (18-24 years) support marriage equality.

    • Posted by Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D., at Reply

      That doesn’t make sense. A Christian can’t support homosexual ‘marriage’.

    • Posted by Maca Daca, at Reply

      They can support whatever they want its there church that most times doesn’t support same sex marriage.

  18. Posted by DuskyPredator, at Reply

    As an Australian that map makes me pretty angry. Our government promised a referendum for marriage equality and they have just sat on their hands. I think there was even an issue that they were going to change the goal post and just say they gave the referendum while not even being to allow marriage equality. I guess that is what happens with a conservative party in power, they just lied.

  19. Posted by American In Taiwan, at Reply

    Proud of my adopted home. Way to go Taiwan!

    • Posted by Nata Smth, at Reply

      Do you speak Mandarin?

    • Posted by American In Taiwan, at Reply

      Nata Smth Basic utilitarian stuff. In the future if I have the time and money I would like to take a structured class and level up so to speak.

    • Posted by American In Taiwan, at Reply

      Nata Smth Thank you 🙂

    • Posted by Planét, at Reply

      Nata Smth u don’t need to speak mandarin to b Chinese xD 😂 or opposite, I’m not Chinese and I speak mandarin

  20. Posted by southrules, at Reply

    Anyone who hates or judges gay people IS GAY! And in denial, every time this is true. There is no other reason to care. At all

    • Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

      That would make the vast majority of muslims gay.

    • Posted by Mc Woofless, at Reply

      Which cannot be true because if most Muslims are gay, most Muslims would have been thrown off rooftops