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First Charges Filed in Trump – Russia Case!


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BREAKING INFORMATION a grand jury has just filed it wases initially charges in the Trump Russia investigation.

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  1. Posted by Carl Parish, at Reply


  2. Posted by Steve Isaak, at Reply

    it leads down both sides of the isle.

  3. Posted by jaime delgado, at Reply

    I can imagine that delusional clown Trump in prision saying “Fake Prision”

  4. Posted by Rick O'Brien, at Reply

    Or perhaps it’s just another shitty grand jury decision. Rule of law only applies to the non super wealthy.

  5. Posted by Ted dibiasi, at Reply

    Flynn and Manafort…definitely!………….hopefully Kushner and Don jr. also

  6. Posted by Coy Hampton, at Reply

    I see this going one of two ways: Trump gets removed from office or: Trump goes full dictator.

  7. Posted by lex t, at Reply

    Lmao. The nothing Russian burger. How corrupt this investigation truly is

  8. Posted by Steven Britton, at Reply

    I can’t wait to see the tears of all you snowflakes when you find out it ain’t Trump.

  9. Posted by Ed Johnson, at Reply

    Earth to the Young Turds and all you blind sheep … this is all distraction. Hey Cenk, when this is all over with, you and Mueller can move to Hollywood and make a blockbuster mafia movie called The Guido Twins. If you don’t get main roles you will fit in nicely as pasta stuffin extras.

  10. Posted by SY Lewis, at Reply

    I’m not going to celebrate anything until it actually happens. Meaning the prison doors MUST close AND lock, with each offender inside. This administration has a history of coming out on top no matter how badly the trash the constitution, belittle citizens, profit from their elected office, steal from the middle class and poor while increasing wealth of the upper 1%. Therefore I am not going on this happy roller coaster ride until ALL is said and done.

  11. Posted by MrLTD1100 Steve, at Reply

    Whoever it is I so hope it’s really horribly embarrassing for Trump……and that female leach of a press secretary.

  12. Posted by Red Gamer, at Reply

    they still don’t know if its Russian related or where it leads. the title is bs. I mean, hope they get him for Russia, but we no one knows yet.

  13. Posted by Andrew, at Reply

    “Best Of The Young Turks Election Day Meltdown 2016: From smug to utterly devastated.”

    Can’t wait for the redo of the Comey testimony, where neoliberal delusion leads to disappointment.

  14. Posted by President Donald Trump, at Reply

    It’s probably Manafort.
    That would be my first guess.
    Bye Paul. )=

  15. Posted by jside, at Reply

    Cenk you should set your phone down when you shoot videos like this.The shaking and super close up face is not pleasant

  16. Posted by Nigel John, at Reply

    Always great to hear from the Young Turks

  17. Posted by malliki12, at Reply

    Lol these guys are still a thing tyt just pushes lies and communist ideas theres no truth here

  18. Posted by Talon Wingdancer, at Reply

    I pray that someone in Trump’s family gets arrested . That’d fuel impeachment procedings ! Get him out of office ASAP !!!!