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First Congressman Calls For Trump Impeachment


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Is this the first domino to drop? Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Tell us what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" Rep. Al Eco-friendly required Trump's impeachment on the House flooring, calling Trump's activities exposed in Comey's memorandum as blockage of justice. Complying with is a transcript of the video.

I rise today, Mr. Audio speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the USA of America for obstruction of justice. I do not do this for political functions, Mr. Audio speaker. I do this since I believe in the wonderful ideals that this nation stands for. Freedom and justice for all. The idea that we must have federal government of individuals by the individuals for the people.

I do it because, Mr. Speaker, there is a belief in this nation that nobody is over the regulation which includes the president of the United States of America. Mr. Speaker, our democracy is at threat. Mr. Audio speaker, this infraction has taken place prior to our really eyes. It is perspicuous. It is easy to understand. Mr. Audio speaker, we are speaking about a president who discharged the FBI supervisor that was examining the head of state for his links to Russian participation in the head of state's election. Mr. Speaker, this is not concerning the president shooting the FBI director because he was exploring someone else, it's because the FBI director was exploring the president himself." *.

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  1. Posted by Kirk Cobain, at Reply


    • Posted by Ruen Ruotel, at Reply

      How many successful “First” attempts do you have ?

    • Posted by Junk Yogurt, at Reply

      you won this time

    • Posted by Kirk Cobain, at Reply

      Too many to count. Lol, I went 8 for 8 once. My computer is fast I guess.

  2. Posted by SpecialGuest Online, at Reply


    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

      …it’s happening, bigly….

    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

      What’s really incredible this debate is even happening. The Wall of Denial…..    :/

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      TheLumberjack1987 Indeed….😂😂😂

    • Posted by Jaime Fernandez, at Reply

      SpecialGuest Online trump has won so much so fast he can now retire.

  3. Posted by warriorfoe, at Reply

    He’s a Democrat, so not as big of a story. Now, if a Republican called for impeachment, THAT would be a story.

    • Posted by Jakob Dueck, at Reply

      warriorfoe fukk israel, this nazi-like apartheid state. to hell with these masters of child murder.

    • Posted by IIBizzy, at Reply

      freedombase are you supposed to be a carricatur or something?

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      i see more failure

  4. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Al Green is 100% correct! Impeach D T and _Let’s Stay Together_. Oh. Wrong Al Green. Great song anyways.

    • Posted by Denise Eugene, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci made me smile 🤗

    • Posted by Black River, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci I know his great nephew.

    • Posted by Black River, at Reply

      The singer. Not the politician.

  5. Posted by Undeniable, at Reply

    LOCK HIM UP!!!

  6. Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

    A Representative from Texas?! Well, gawdamn, looks like there are some real Texans left in that state.

  7. Posted by Teflon KC ಌ Sood81, at Reply

    Almost all US politicians need to be impeached, especially those with dual Israeli nationality.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      Teflon KC ಌ Sood81 what about Kenyans?

    • Posted by PC BEAST Nvidia, at Reply

      i agrre with this man

  8. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    🎵 hello darkness my old friend 🎵

    • Posted by Trey Knott, at Reply

      Walter White, it is from the song Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. It is in no way shape or form racist. It is actually pretty clever if you knew the song.

    • Posted by jemimallah, at Reply

      al green didnt sing that one

    • Posted by Trey Knott, at Reply

      Al Green may have done a cover of it, but it was written by Paul Simon and performed by Simon and Garfunkel.

  9. Posted by S M, at Reply

    Finally, someone with the balls to stand up to this bully named Trump

    • Posted by lynnae gink, at Reply

      +Peter W Haaaa, you are silly as hell! Al green hit it directly on the nose!

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      …and like against all bullies, all it takes is for one person to stand up. Then many will follow behind him.

    • Posted by komoriaimi, at Reply

      Sombrero Galaxy!!!

  10. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    it’s really hilarious people think Mike Pence is going to be any better in any way than Trump. this is only propagating the illusion it makes a difference who’s in office. Pence is worse in many ways than Trump!

    • Posted by SuperStarMcAwesome, at Reply

      Anthony Rock Pence at least has experience in government, Trump is an atrocity.

    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      SuperStarMcAwesome it’s our system that is an atrocity it’s our system that is continually oppressing people and f****** people over it’s not certain individuals

    • Posted by L0re Online, at Reply

      Well, I like your campaign principals, although with our current system in place you’re going to need alot of money. #wolfpac

    • Posted by toxman99, at Reply

      Thanks Trump for destroying the Republican party, reminding us that Russia is still our enemy and getting people more involved in politics.

  11. Posted by Lucifer De, at Reply

    Can we replace him with Garfield? He’s orange too.

    • Posted by John RAT TEETH Who will Someday Die From AIDS, Trying to be HBO's poor man's Piers Morgan, Oliver., at Reply

      l laugh too. l love this TYT comedy !

    • Posted by littlebrit2007, at Reply

      I think Garfield’s paws are too big to replace Trump

    • Posted by komoriaimi, at Reply

      He’ll start a Universal lasagna plan for everyone social program.

    • Posted by 50k RGMRB 2026, at Reply

      Make Lasagna Great Again

  12. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    I have hope in my country. 🙂 Trump just might be gone VERY soon!

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Legal pundits in the know say impeachment is a long shot at best. Hate to burst your bubble but not gonna happen

    • Posted by dinobotful, at Reply

      Then you have mike Pense. Pense is terrible.

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      Keep dreaming!

  13. Posted by Tory Berry, at Reply

    Trump supporters have a combined iq of 12. 🙂

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Really so why not prove that in a court of Law?

    • Posted by MrCat, at Reply

      Anthony, I have to disagree. For example, 98% of the young demographic of Laci Green supported Hillary,  and usually once these people outgrow Laci, they take their Barney and Friends wisdom and migrate to this donkey entertainment channel. You wont find any Trump supporters following that path.

    • Posted by L0re Online, at Reply

      CIA, FBI, and now Congress are all working on proving it in a court of law. Warrants are in place and Subpoenas have been issued. I’d say be patient, but it seems Trump wants to accelerate the process. Money laundering, treason, violation of the Emoluments Clause, and now Donald wants to add obstruction of justice.

  14. Posted by Muhammad Abdul Qaadir, at Reply

    Impeach Trump. But dont like Pence become pres either. Have fresh elections

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      That’s now how it works. You’re stuck. boom

    • Posted by jemimallah, at Reply

      “Point is if Russian involvement affected the 2016 elections the obvious path of rectification is to hold a recall, i.e., fresh elections”

      the only way they would rerun the election if there was proven successful vote tampering by the russians (or by anyone), and there seems to be no evidence that occurred. trump or his close associates secretly colluding with russian interests doesnt affect pence at all if pence had no involvement, and there have been no signs whatsoever thus far that he was.

  15. Posted by SumSum, at Reply

    Hopefully he’ll be the first president to be fully removed

    • Posted by BandB1111111, at Reply

      SumSum Here’s what will happen… This impeachment push is just the whine du jour… Except the dems won’t get unlimited shots. This attempt will fizzle out in a few weeks at most, and it will just become part of the meaningless background noise

    • Posted by BUGZES, at Reply

      it’ll only work if every appointee and executive order is wiped and new elections held.

    • Posted by Stu Bur, at Reply

      More likely to just result in censure if anything at all.

    • Posted by Brian Kenney, at Reply

      if he is removed he will be the second, not the first

  16. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    The orangutan is guilty of obstruction of justice. He’s beyond crooked.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      He’s a traitor

    • Posted by Romeo Lopez, at Reply

      I remember when cheeto used Bane’s quote a couple months back about the country being ours or what not, I guess we’ll use a quote from Bane too..
      “…and you betrayed us..”

  17. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Am I the only one that loves how this guy is named ‘Al Green?’ Is that why this guy has so much soul?

    • Posted by Sealand Ball, at Reply

      Hal Jordan he is a lantern just like you.

    • Posted by commentor2013, at Reply

      Hal Jordan trump is going to be so confused. lol

  18. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    The only reason trump supporters voted for trump was to piss of liberals, they don’t care if trump destroys America as long as he hurts liberals. They are sick vile people

    • Posted by UN1VERSE, at Reply

      So you are generalizing all trump supporters. You are simply incorrect

    • Posted by Trumpeteer, at Reply

      So, you would rather vote for evil? That’s real smart.

  19. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    Al Green: American Patriot

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      Typical black brainwashed democrat. Of course he’s gonna call for impeachment lol

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      +atheist zealot first of all not Democrat secondly yeah he needs to be impeached. actually better yet Trump needs go to jail but I’m sure that’s asking for too much. Sure he may not get kicked out or imprisoned because of collusion with the Russians but certainly something will come about with him obstructing justice which is very much against the law. Anything to get that jackass at the white house as soon as possible I mean how do you think they got Al Capone in jail it wasn’t because of the dozens of people that he killed no in their right mind for fear their own life with testify against that, they got him for tax evasion. The smaller charges still do have impact and high crimes and misdemeanors are still impeachable offenses.

  20. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    As a Texas Democrat, I am proud of Congressman Green for having the courage to be the 1st to call for impeachment within the House. Also, it’s a fitting irony that Donald Trump (a man who became President partially through racist rhetoric that appealed to White nationalists/Republicans) is being called to be impeached by an African American Democrat from Texas (1 of 4 states with majority non-White Americans).

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      Jesse Torres honest question.. Who is more patriotic? TRUMP or Obama? TRUMP or Hillary? Bernie? R I G H T….

    • Posted by MilkIsDaBest, at Reply

      G Washington Obama over Trump, Bernie Over Trump

    • Posted by drew rettke, at Reply

      Jesse Torres head down south and build that wall