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Flint Bureaucrats Can’t Defend Monstrous Tax Lien Policy


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Jordan Chariton interviewed interim Flint CFO David Sabuda. Jimmy Dore, Malcolm Fleschner, Graham Elwood and also Jordan Chariton talk about on the current episode of Aggressive Progressives. See the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore, Malcolm Fleschner, as well as Graham Elwood for today's Aggressive Progressive. Jordan Chariton skypes in. The trio discuss Roger Aisles, Wikileaks, and also more to enrage any rational Progressive.

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  1. Posted by April A, at Reply

    This is so fucked UP, these fuckers have no shame.

    • Posted by Moormores, at Reply

      April A I do like the way you stand up.

  2. Posted by Moormores, at Reply

    This the first SOB to go. Lets get together and remove these parasites from office.

    • Posted by Helen Short, at Reply

      Moormores Yep Flint residents need to vote those corrupt mofos out of office as soon as they can

    • Posted by Desmond Akkari, at Reply

      If its my family…..it’s time to get revenge!

  3. Posted by Joie Pecoraro, at Reply

    love seeing these rich guys run away

  4. Posted by AwesomeBlackDude, at Reply

    CFO David Sabuda is no doubt is Googling the hell out of TYT and Jordan Chariton and telling his local security guards to stay on the outlook for any TYT news guys. You know like County Executive Republican Chris Abele – of Milwaukee is doing.

    • Posted by ShutYourPieHolePleaz, at Reply

      You’re nobody — period! Sheriff Dave Clarke doesn’t like you nor Tommy Thompson!

  5. Posted by Greg Kahn, at Reply

    Sounds like something from a third world country

  6. Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

    This is what tyranny looks like…

    • Posted by LaQuisha Jones, at Reply

      Eric Antone I wouldn’t call it tyranny . It is just plain corruption . I live in Flint . The Democrats are just as corrupt as in Detroit and Chicago . The people are tired . All they offer are scraps off the tax payers backs , no opportunities nothing . They love to tax yet can’t keep up the communities .
      But this could end up as tyranny as you mention . Thankfully we have the Second Amendment . If the people rise up we have that Amendment to fix it . We need to stop supporting Gun Control . That is why I and many others are beginning to see Gun control will stop us if tyranny begins . Just like Venezuela where the protestors are still the mercy of the police .

    • Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

      They poisoned the water, made the people sick – some of them terminally, and then forced them to pay for it through taxes and the courts. How is that not tyranny?

    • Posted by John D'oh, at Reply

      You are dumb and that is why your town is a disaster +LaQuisha Jones

    • Posted by LaQuisha Jones, at Reply

      John D’oh Our town is a disaster . A disaster brought to you by the Democrat Plantation .

  7. Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

    How can you place a lien on property for failure to pay for a product which has no value, such as poisoned water?

    • Posted by Paul Osterberg, at Reply

      when you want the land

  8. Posted by Melvin Keelen, at Reply

    I’d have to give that reporter a thumbs up for doing his job.That was great how he cornered that phony politician.

  9. Posted by CoffeeAt Midnight, at Reply

    Prime example of American corruption in Flint.

  10. Posted by Jay Denham, at Reply

    Land grab! Land bank at work!!

    • Posted by Jean Falco, at Reply


  11. Posted by Stone Cold, at Reply

    Why do republican politicians hate the people in usa so much?

    • Posted by Artaneius, at Reply

      Because the people betrayed their american ancestors by not remaining puritan christian. The American people started wanting things that inconvenience the higher classes and now they must be made to pay.

    • Posted by dipojones, at Reply

      Because these republican politicians have been bought, sworn secret oaths and belong to secret societies that believe they are above all humans combined. They hate humanity and see us all as wealth generators, and cattle to be milked and tossed away. They are betrayers, backstabbers, tyrannical snakes, fascist psychopaths, nation killers, greedy, and totally evil.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      They don’t hate the people in the USA. They only hate the POOR people in the USA.

    • Posted by Ace Cumen, at Reply

      They don’t hate you… Not everyone..They think of you as a farm hand does his pigs, chickens and cows. Of course when the animals misbehave and kick when being milked they get a bit… moody…

    • Posted by donovan smalls, at Reply

      Stone Cold democrats too they are all terrible people

  12. Posted by will be my end, at Reply

    Jordon is easily the best thing about TYT.

  13. Posted by Riptide 10x, at Reply

    Too bad the industry doesn’t have an awards presentation for the Most Courageous Journalist that is unafraid to ask the hard questions and report the ugly truth, Jordan would win hands down!

    • Posted by writerconsidered, at Reply

      Its called the Pulitzer prize. Here’s a short list of winners and subject matter.
      . http://www.pulitzer.org/prize-winners-by-category/206

    • Posted by Riptide 10x, at Reply

      Thanks for that list, I would have never heard of it because up until the primaries I was depending on the MSM for my news.

    • Posted by Shaw Foyet, at Reply

      Up To Us. If we don’t do it, no one will. We have gone through worse period in our history. Abolitionists, women’s right movement, worker’s movement, civil rights movement, gay movement. Nobody thought we will win, but we stood together, fought back and won. Friend, it’s not only about you, it’s about whole mankind and also about people that you care. People were tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. Trump is a con man, but he tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries through disastrous secretive trade deals that benefits only multinational corporations , of billionaires not paying any federal income taxes and of not being able to afford a college education for their kids – all while the very rich become much richer. But our response has got to be not to throw up our hands in despair, not to give up. But in fact, to fight back as effectively and vigorously as we can. And our job is to keep our eyes on the prize… for a government that represents all of us, not just the one percent.

    • Posted by Cookie Nibz, at Reply

      I also like Jeremy schahill (may be spelled incorrectly). Excellent journalist!

  14. Posted by Bushdoctorbeats, at Reply

    Jordan is one of the few journalists in the world that know how to journalism ….

    That’s sad…

    • Posted by Shaw Foyet, at Reply

      They know, they are just corporate front.

  15. Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

    Get ’em, Jordan.

  16. Posted by Alan Bacon, at Reply

    Jordan Chariton is doing an amazing job.

  17. Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

    A bunch of crooks in government, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a second American revolution!

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      It’s way overdue.

    • Posted by mike conley, at Reply

      its coming.

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      if it comes, will end in less then a year.
      The US army is to powerful to really be resisted by a bunch of poorly armed rebels.
      THis country is sprinting towards a dystopian future..

  18. Posted by RONALD SCHNEIDER, at Reply

    Great reporting Jordan. Thanks…….

  19. Posted by Hijiku Brynjar, at Reply

    I have a theory that if a politician ever speaks in definite terms, they have a stroke and die.

    • Posted by Tupemo, at Reply

      It’s just for wiggle-room. What? nooo, I did not say that! What I meant was *insert political jargon here*

  20. Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

    I love it when Jordan sticks it to those bastards!