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Flint Official Caught On Tape Using N-Word


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A Flint authorities was recently captured on tape making use of racial slurs to describe individuals of Flint. Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

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" An authorities with an openly financed land bank in Flint, Michigan, condemned the city's water dilemma on "f * cking n ***** s" who cannot pay their bills.

Audio recordings made by an environmental activist appear to reveal Phil Stairway, sales supervisor for the Genesee Region Land Financial institution, using racial slurs and condemning poor locals for increasing water costs, reported Fact Against The Equipment.

" Flint has the exact same issues as Detroit– f * cking n ***** s don't pay their expenses," Stair states on the recording, which was made May 26 throughout a conversation with ecological protestor and independent reporter Chelsea Lyons.

Stair was driving to a dining establishment with Lyons and also one more person when the recordings were made, according to the blog." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, Brett Erlich.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, Brett Erlich.


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  1. Posted by Marco D, at Reply

    What a pathetic excuse for a man. I’m glad he is finally out of his racist closet.

    • Posted by Marco D, at Reply

      Zachary Xavier: Racist people are just insecure.

  2. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    conservative anti-American

    • Posted by positron underVolt, at Reply


    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      why do you keep losing to them?

    • Posted by #it'scomplicated -, at Reply

      +advocatus diaboli Because their losing the war of tangible issues

  3. Posted by Daft Leaf, at Reply

    Just another day in ameriKKKa

    • Posted by Jordan Johnson, at Reply

      *Right after evergreen* just another day in Amarxican (Marxism). We both basically said the same thing, you and the people who liked your comment are no better than Alex Jones fans

  4. Posted by manny1up, at Reply

    Racist Liberal Bill Maher uses the N word and YOU guy’s say nothing? Biased Much LMFAO!!!

    • Posted by Ischar Holloway, at Reply

      manny1up who u need help

    • Posted by Whitney., at Reply

      Lmaooo does it matter??? They both said it.

  5. Posted by Black Spectre, at Reply

    How the hell are the people who are responsible for this not in prison or facing criminal charges?

    • Posted by Talk, at Reply


    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      Its america, land of the free!

      For those who can afford it i mean*

    • Posted by bigtruck guy, at Reply

      Black Spectre Because poisoning Americans for profit is fine in Fascist America.

    • Posted by hueykhalidX, at Reply

      Because Amerikkka…

    • Posted by Edwin Reyes, at Reply

      they should, the lot of em

  6. Posted by Pap Smear, at Reply

    And do not forget, Michigan has by far the most fresh water in the world. And still, somehow, these fucks screwed up the water supply and charged the highest rates in the County. Why is no one pointing this out?

    • Posted by Douglass Davis, at Reply

      Yep NO doubt

  7. Posted by fosterchild4523, at Reply

    So, where are they supposed to get the money to fix the miles and miles of bad pipes?

    • Posted by Fukai Kokoro, at Reply

      Btw a trillion is 1,000,000,000,000. So yeah where that money going to come from the 9,000,000,000,000$ we just hand out to Israel?

    • Posted by Jamie Fisher, at Reply

      fosterchild4523 with the money they saved up from those discounts they got from Detroit, and the money they had before people found out their water was contaminated, from all the cities in Michigan that are not Flint and do not have contaminated water. The same way they were able to destroy these pipes and neglect the problem is the same way they are going to fix it, and if that comes to the extent of hurting other innocent people outside of Flint then the local government will have to reek what they sow and take all the backlash from their lazy foolishness.

      It isn’t like the water bill is the only thing that goes to our government you also have electric bills, property bills, leftover campaign money, bribes they accept, and etc. They have all this money to buy mansions, advertise their elections, going on expensive vacations so I don’t see why they wouldn’t have money to pay for these pipes that could of been cheaper to repair if the just did what they were suppose to do.
      Boycotting paying water bills is the best thing to do because that is 28% of their revenue that many people will not get but may be greedy enough to want, and may decide to make investments in those pipe repairments to continue to one day get that revenue.

      I bet that if that city was no longer filled with black People they would miraculously repair those pipes, but we all know he reason they won’t is because they want black People to leave and I hope black People in that town never leave. Black People are strong and they’ll make it we just have to keep boycotting our government until they are making full blown layouts on how they are going to fix the problem.

    • Posted by fosterchild4523, at Reply


  8. Posted by Robert Few, at Reply

    It’s UNBELIEVABLE that anyone in Flint is paying for water, clean or toxic, at all. Surly these cost should be absorbed by the American socio-economic system until it is rectified

    • Posted by J DS, at Reply

      Robert Few the oppressed in this country are used to the treatment received here and it’s sad.

    • Posted by Robert Few, at Reply

      Too sad. I’m so glad my parents took the flight from Jamaica heading to London not New York in 1961.

  9. Posted by J DS, at Reply

    something tells me that he won’t have those friends anymore

    • Posted by Olivia Santos, at Reply

      fnymtzbru – NEW PORN WEBSITE: *XPORN8. C0M*

    • Posted by loki2240, at Reply

      J DS – You’d be surprised how many people tolerate such behavior.

    • Posted by Secular Talk, at Reply

      Olivia Santos shame on you

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Something tells me his “friends” there were 70% white at least and he only remembers the minority ones. (hint: he lied about _everything_ else)

  10. Posted by Fixer Upper, at Reply

    I wouldn’t pay for toxic waste from my water pipes. Who’s dumb enough to pay that bill? All the FOX news watchers that’s who.

    • Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

      Obviously you hate white people! 😛

  11. Posted by RaveAllNight, at Reply

    Why do they ALWAYS SAY they have black friends???!! WHYYYYYYYY

    • Posted by MrJreed1000, at Reply

      RaveAllNight more importantly.. who are these black people cosigning for this guy… y are they even friends with these guys.

    • Posted by Yuri Agostini, at Reply

      +MrJreed1000 they’re not his actual friends. He may think they’re his friends because they say hi to him but they’re more like acquaintances.

  12. Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

    And people (mostly white men) say that racism isn’t a real problem anymore…….

  13. Posted by Deja Williams, at Reply


    • Posted by Ailor Pewpew, at Reply

      because otherwise the Family will kick you out of house and take your stuff?

  14. Posted by SciGuy, at Reply

    The Flint water crisis is due to poverty and evil people who put money over human health. Please don’t forget this.

    • Posted by PhedelCastro, at Reply

      SciGuy yes, NOT RACISM!

    • Posted by SciGuy, at Reply

      Phil Stair demonstrates that racism figures in as well. If you want to understand Flint, watch the movie “Roger and Me” it does a great job of showing what the City is like.

  15. Posted by Atlantean Fox_14, at Reply

    wait wait wait hold, give me a moment

    so he is basically saying that if we dont pay water bills, theyll give us poison water to kill us off? meaning we either pay or we get killed, thats wat it sounds like to me

  16. Posted by Evangeline Erin, at Reply

    Clean Water and Clean air should be a right not a privilege!!! why this is even an issue this is beyond inhumane. They want an excuse and an escape goat to why they haven’t done their job to clean up the water so they are pointing the finger at a whole community instead of themselves. This is truly shameful.

    • Posted by Andy Kapitz, at Reply

      thisTexans POV would you pay for poison water?

    • Posted by C'est moi, at Reply

      Evangeline Erin you’re using Audrey’s face as your profile photo – that’s sweet. Is your real face fat too like your sides?

  17. Posted by pete sampson, at Reply

    Corporate media.

    Extremely wealthy people who pay wealthy people to lie to middles class people so that said middle class people will blame poor people for all their problems.

    Here’s the deal. If 5% (an inflated number) of our society controls 50% (An extremely low estimate) of the wealth in this country; how are the poor people, who control virtually no wealth, responsible for financial problems?

    • Posted by Nationalist Realist, at Reply

      pete sampson Here is another statistic, the blacks are 13 percent of the population but commit 50 percent of the murders.

  18. Posted by B. Chan, at Reply

    sooooooo…..yall believe racism is dead right?

    i been saying “racism exists at the highest levels of power. govt is racist and everything affected by govt feels the burn”

    • Posted by Blake Brewer, at Reply

      who says racism is dead?? ive literally never heard that

    • Posted by Chris Ruiz, at Reply

      Blake Brewer racist white people usually say it after they get caught being racist

    • Posted by Blake Brewer, at Reply

      but keep saying things