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Florida Doubles Down On Stupid Drug War Policy


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The plan of required minimums has long been confirmed to be blatantly ineffective, yet that's not quiting Florida. Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, and also Grace Baldridge, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you Florida is doubling down on this tragic plan. Tell us just what you believe in the remark area below.

" Mandatory-minimum drug sentences, which force courts to place medication culprits away for extended periods of time, are such a poor concept that also tough-on-crime Republican politicians have retreated from them. Drug-sentencing reform is no more the purview of the far-left alone: Even the Koch brothers, who were promoting shady political donations before George Soros was a sparkle in the alt-right's eye, have appeared on behalf of mandatory-minimum reform. Entire docudramas are dedicated to the harmfulness of these sentences.

The Florida Legislature, nevertheless, appears to still be living like it's 1994. In spite of all the talk about just how devastating the Battle on Medicines has actually been to black and brownish Americans, the state House the other day voted unanimously– 118 to absolutely no– for an expense that will ratchet up Florida's drug war, pass brand-new mandatory-minimum sentences for opioid users and also dealerships, and also develop brand-new restrictions against trafficking drugs including fentanyl and also artificial marijuana."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Grace Baldridge

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Elegance Baldridge


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  1. Posted by Heads Tails, at Reply

    Mandatory minimums brought to you by the prison industrial complex.

    • Posted by Saffron Blaze, at Reply

      They will certainly benefit. Any evidence they were involved in lobbying some of those legislators?

    • Posted by Heads Tails, at Reply
    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      Heads Tails I will start by saying that I am against mandatory minimums for most drugs (weed, cocaine, heroin, mdma, meth). However, we are going through a HORRIBLE fentynl crisis in Vanvouver, Canada. Getting close to 800deaths in less then a year and Ive personally lost people i knew from highschool. You need a needle-points worth of the drug to OD. So the 4grams they describe would kill thousands of people, This isnt a user’s amount, this is a manufacturer’s amount. I personally think the 4g mandatory minimum is justified since you will only ever find that much on a manufacturer or trafficer.

      This is one of the rare times i would say the large amount 4g represents justifies the mandatory min. since you will NEVER find that much on an addict.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      That’s where druggies belong.

  2. Posted by cuck, at Reply

    what TYT fails to report on is marijuana became medically legal in florida a while back

    • Posted by vaagventje, at Reply

      no they didnt. they did say.

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply

      vaagventje They did not mention it

  3. Posted by Galaxy Trippin, at Reply

    so basically white folks are going to finally feel how the justice system treats minorities.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      White is right.

  4. Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

    Pretty soon Florida will be permanently red.

    • Posted by Anthony Interiano, at Reply

      Darkside Media Already was since the 90s

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +Anthony Interiano Yeah but even more than it is now. It’s technically a swing state but soon a permanent red.

  5. Posted by John Schoenrock, at Reply

    Could it be the private prison system is in the mix?

    • Posted by scott bryant, at Reply

      John Schoenrock do you need to ask?

    • Posted by John Schoenrock, at Reply

      Sorry, I was being sarcastic…

  6. Posted by DM Tea, at Reply

    Florida will be under water soon and hardly a state. So be patient.

    • Posted by Katharine Mansfield, at Reply

      I laughed so hard at this I snorted my drink. I’m going straight to hell.

  7. Posted by McDrunkerson, at Reply

    Minimum sentencing for bank fraud!!

    • Posted by Katharine Mansfield, at Reply


  8. Posted by Phantom1op, at Reply

    I say legalize all drugs, why go out looking for a drug dealer to buy shitty drugs when there is a drug store right on the corner with the pure stuff?

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      Phantom1op even if you don’t legalise, at least decriminalise it. It will help remove the stigma around drug addiction and make people seek help.That’s what we have here in Portugal and it works pretty well. In fact, i would argue that rehab is more critical than regulated and legal supply, because you actually decrease demand

    • Posted by Bill Pii, at Reply

      BINGO! We have a winner. Please pick up your heroin on the way out. 🙂

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      Bill Pii you’re an idiot. fyi, i don’t know about Phantom1op, but i have never smoked and i rarely drink. But i still believe that one should be able to do as many drugs as one wants without the possibility of being sentenced to prison

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      Bill Pii you’re an idiot. fyi, i don’t know about Phantom1op, but i have never smoked and i rarely drink. But i still believe that one should be able to do as many drugs as one wants without the possibility of being sentenced to prison

  9. Posted by Rasaq Adeyemi, at Reply

    Big Pharma doesn’t like the competition.

    • Posted by Raider Warrior509, at Reply

      Rasaq Adeyemi very true

  10. Posted by B Williams, at Reply

    Somehow I suspect they will skip over all of the white drug users and sellers

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      B Williams maybe, but it’s​ also likely that they will go after poor white communities. Bad people don’t hurt only other races, they look for anyone who is powerless

    • Posted by B Williams, at Reply

      joaohumbg you must live under a rock. I just say a story yesterday where a white man with 83 bricks of heroin got a six month rehab sentence. Do we need to speculate his sentence if he were black?

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      B Williams i didn’t say blacks are not disproportionately impacted. I just said that racism is not the only reason, the socio-economical situation also plays a role. And yes, blacks are poorer on average mostly because of slavery in the past, and it was exacerbated by racist laws

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      No. It’s just that blacks and Hispanics do a lot more drugs than white people. White people are better.

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer we’re trying to a have a civilised debate here, not spewing racist bullshit

  11. Posted by Bill Pii, at Reply

    Apparently FL has too many for profit prisons and needs to fill some cells.
    Drug addiction is a HEALTH issue not a criminal issue.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      No, it’s a CRIMINAL issue.

  12. Posted by omga14, at Reply

    How can you label a drug schedule 1 and still allow it for pharmaceutical use? In the definition of a schedule 1 drug is that it has no medicinal properties at all.

    • Posted by iamborat100, at Reply

      It gives them a monopoly.

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      omga14 you cant, but these congressmen don’t look particularly bright

  13. Posted by Crescendyr, at Reply

    Yeah, because a minimum sentence is going to kick a drug addiction…

    This is clearly a matter of prison profitability.

    • Posted by Wendell Wright, at Reply

      Crescendyr thinking the same thing. I want to know if these Florida officials have connections to the private prison industry.

    • Posted by Joel Smith, at Reply

      very true

    • Posted by elaineg60, at Reply

      Wendell Wright Skeletor has connections coming and going-private prisons, Big Pharma and they at least used to own shares in one of the big rehab companies. I think like their Charter School investments they had to sell them but it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s getting campaign contributions.

    • Posted by elaineg60, at Reply

      Sorry, Skeletor=Rick Scott. I actually worked for the bastard for a VERY short period of time before his Medicare Fraud chased him out of Alabama-into the Gov Mansion in FloriDUH. OH my former home States…how they’ve devolved…

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply


  14. Posted by Cassie Banks, at Reply

    Florida never does anything unless it’s going to profit Rick Scott. If you dig deeper, you’ll find business connections that lead back to him (shell corporations and all). Also, these types of laws make it easier for Scott’s buddies to get rid of anyone that would impede the Republican agenda in the state. Very easy for one of his corrupt cops to drop product on someone to get them out of the way for 25 years. Don’t forget, Pam Bondi let Trump get away with murder with the Trump University law suit after he contributed $25,000 to her campaign. This is just more on the way to supporting dictatorship as clearly the last mandatory program didn’t do jack towards eliminating the drug problem.

    • Posted by Scott Olsen, at Reply

      The only place left that the ignorant dumbasses over 50 are stupid enough to still elect corporate shills both republican and democrat, that have ruined this planet.  Be nice when they all finally kick the bucket so they can stop voting and keeping the mess they left for us going.  Then the state can have the proper reckoning with its politicians it needs to have.

    • Posted by Westrocker 67, at Reply

      I wish I could shake your hand. You NAILED it.

  15. Posted by lopezb, at Reply

    Does this mean Rush Limbaugh will go to prison for 25 years???

  16. Posted by Hellkite78753, at Reply

    The state of Florida voted for Trump and Republicans all the way down the ballot. And now they will pay the price. They get to watch their family members go to prison. Hahaha!

    • Posted by J Rods, at Reply

      Hellkite78753 Broward county went to Hillary, the most populous county. The are Democrats in the house and they voted for this bill too.

  17. Posted by gradostax, at Reply

    GOP will not be happy till half of America is in private prisons

    • Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

      Just the brown half, can’t wait

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      gradostax de facto slavery

  18. Posted by The Brocialist, at Reply

    Since we are into the decriminalization/legalization process of marijuana in the U.S. these states are ratcheting up their enforcement for other drugs and offenses in order to keep the prison industrial complex propped up. Did you think they were just going to pack it up because one drug got legitimized along the way?

    • Posted by drmorq, at Reply

      yes, I realize that but the commenter was suggesting that if you just legalize pot… then they will just go after other people even harder. But they actually are going after real crime and real criminals. Not just regular drug users.

    • Posted by Jeremy Julian, at Reply

      drmorq i agree in the fact that law enforcement isnt going after other drugs harder but i do think that privatized prison are losing revenue due to loss of marijuana offenders. There were ALOT of people in prison for pot. All govt subsidized too. I think lobbyists and politicians with an interest in it have a hand in making policies stricter therefore increasing the offender pool. It just seems really strange to me that when pot was becoming more accepted that we see Heroin shoot through the roof. Mayhap its coincidence, most likely not. Most Opiods are FDA approved, and thats where most heroin users start. Do I think this is some crazy Alex Jones-ish(lol) conspiracy? No. Do i think his comment holds merit…..yeah, somewhat. When i read it, i got a slightly different take on it than you i think. I dont take that he was implying enforcement was ratcheting, just law and policies. I could be wrong tho

    • Posted by Jeremy Julian, at Reply

      drmorq he did use the word “enforcement” now that i go back and re-read. lol