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For Some Reason Nobody Trusts Corporate Media Anymore


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A recent poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal shows that trust in corporate media has never been lower. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Americans are more confident in law enforcement agencies than they were a year ago, but deep partisan and racial differences still remain, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

The survey found that about half of Americans – 51 percent – said they have a great deal or quite a bit of confidence in law enforcement, versus 14 percent who said they have very little or no confidence.

That's compared to just 39 percent who expressed confidence in police forces in December 2014.

The low point for trust in policing came last year after a spate of incidents involving young unarmed black men who died at the hands of officers, including the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner.

While 2015 has been marked by continued protests and the political maturation of the Black Lives Matter movement, attitudes about police have improved in the last year among all major demographic groups, including among African Americans, Hispanics and young people.

But despite those improvements, African Americans are still largely skeptical. Fully a third – 33 percent – still say they have little or no confidence in law enforcement agencies, while 24 percent express high levels of trust.

Among Republicans, high trust in law enforcement leapt from 56 percent last year to 69 percent this year.

But Democrats remain more guarded, with just 37 percent saying they have high trust in police, compared to 20 percent who still express little confidence.

Overall, law enforcement agencies remain one of the most trusted institutions in the country, according to the NBC/WSJ poll, with only the military inspiring a greater expression of confidence.”*

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  1. Posted by Veruc, at Reply

    TYT lied about the recent black church burning being a Trump supporter and
    never made a retraction. It was a black member of the church trying to
    false flag.

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      quaxk Show me on the doll where the black guy touched your girl friend.

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      Robert Johnson WALL OF TEXT

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      HucklePeel i feel like tyt get get blamed with false accusations all the
      time…. “they never cover hillary” … etc. but they do. the information
      he provided in that berlin video was fully correct, at that time.

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      A Torres it wasnt a mistake dude. at that time that was all the info that
      was out there. they reported it like a few hours after it happened. i
      watched the live show.

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      Robert Johnson you know that the videos are a day or 2 old, right? at that
      time the information was correct, since just a few hours passed after the
      terror attack.

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    and for the same reasons nobody trust TYT anymore!

    • Posted by Billie Matteo, at Reply

      Posting that on their board… you always watch programs you don’t believe?
      You must be a Trump voter…

    • Posted by Dan_phils96, at Reply

      and struggling to get 100k viewers a video

    • Posted by The People Wills It, at Reply

      +Dan_phils96 Damn near 80% of their videos this month is over 100k . People
      have lives. They not sitting around refreshing the page every five minutes.
      Most of their audience binge watch on free time. I do it in between breaks
      and I still can’t watch a whole video until the weekend.

    • Posted by Grayson Brewer, at Reply

      quaxk yea TYT has gone significantly down hill, I used to think they
      offered insightful opinions on news stories but now they are just a liberal
      mouthpiece full of bullshit, and almost all the so called “journalists” are

    • Posted by Lord Miner, at Reply

      +Grayson Brewer What about their stories are fake? You anti-TYT people seem
      to rant about them constantly yet there isn’t any significant evidence
      suggesting they’re biased.

  3. Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

    You think you’re exempt from this, TYT? Your “rebel headquarters” backed
    the establishment along with the lamestream

    • Posted by press x for instant sex, at Reply

      RT Myths Debunked You’re insane. He hated Hillary more than anyone. He
      stayed in the race Loooong after anyone else would have accepted defeat.
      And when he finally lost, he did the only thing he could possibly do:
      reluctantly endorse the member of his party and try to push her policies
      over to his side. Sorry you were sad when he lost, and secretley hate
      yourself cause it made you vote trump. But thats no excuse to make bullshit

    • Posted by Misael Cifuentes, at Reply

      I wouldn’t call some one who didn’t fight dirty a plant. He wanted to focus
      on his opponents policies and not work on smear jobs. Millions of people
      admired him for that.

    • Posted by taragnor, at Reply

      +RT Myths Debunked A child is going to make decisions that are best for
      himself and driven purely by emotion. Bernie believed Hillary was better
      for the country than Trump, so supporting her was a better logical decision
      for the people he represented. He could have been childish and went against
      her out of hatred and spite, all but guaranteeing Trump’s victory, but
      that’s the kind of response an immature boy would make, making a bad choice
      because of emotion. Being an adult sometimes means doing distasteful things
      because reason tells you it’s the best choice available at the time.

  4. Posted by Ewin the Mahoutsukai, at Reply

    I don’t really trust tyt no more I did when I was a teen about 5 years

    • Posted by LarsUlrichIsMe, at Reply

      +Robert Nicholls ‘It’s always better to observe various information outlets’

      Yes, observe.
      But not actually get your factual news from.

      ‘observe what they were telling their audience.’
      Again, observe.
      Not actually get any news from.

      ‘I watch them to determine the propaganda of the day’
      Not actually watching to get your news. You are watching to determine their

      None of those news outlets you listed you actually trust and get your news
      from, do you?
      No, you watch them for other reasons.

      You go to another place to actually get your news.

    • Posted by jacksprat418, at Reply

      Usually people get smarter as they age…

    • Posted by DavidsonLoops, at Reply

      LarsUlrich, wtf? he never said he watched a hated news channel for 5 years,
      he liked it a few years ago and has started to dislike it as the content
      has changed… do you even English?

    • Posted by Robert Nicholls, at Reply

      +jacksprat418 I once thought so but it seems the older people get the less
      enlightened they are. For instance, if you reach the age of 40 and still
      think race is a real thing, you’ve officially failed in what’s supposed to
      be a lifelong quest for education and wisdom.

  5. Posted by Ken Able, at Reply

    The country is drowning in a torrent of Anti-Intellectualism and a lack of
    critical thinking that has been created and perpetuated by highly
    Unreasonable Conservative Right Wing Nuts and Conspiracy Theorists.

    • Posted by bear_square, at Reply

      Mark Broadhurst, please give specific examples. Would like to know what
      conspiracy theories and which nut jobs you are referring to, with evidence.

  6. Posted by Adam Chester, at Reply

    #SHUTDOWNTYT We need to shut down every SJW channel.

    • Posted by Bad Hombres, at Reply

      +Durodes Duvo Do you think Obama really gave gay blow jobs for crack? I
      have seen evidence he has but nothing concrete. However, no one has shown
      me concrete evidence he didn’t. So plausible?

    • Posted by Mookie Stewart, at Reply

      Bad Hombres you don’t prove negatives that’s a logical fallacy

    • Posted by kmac10027, at Reply

      Bad Hombres sounds like you just talked yourself into a pretzel. LOL

    • Posted by Bad Hombres, at Reply

      +kmac10027​ +Mookie Stewart​ Well I never said it was proven that he gave
      gay blow j’s for crack, and it has never been disproven. I just have
      anecdotal evidence from eyewitnesses and how am I supposed to know if they
      are lying? If we had the limo that the alleged crack bj took place in we
      could get to the bottom of this. I just don’t want it to turn into a JFK
      assassination deal where there is constant speculation.

    • Posted by Dara Marc Sasmaz, at Reply

      Ehm. Freedom of speech muddafucka?

  7. Posted by zorroboricua brujo, at Reply


    • Posted by Ray Menendez, at Reply

      zorroboricua brujo I see you edit – and you too trolls – you have to be one
      to know one ! lol

    • Posted by zorroboricua brujo, at Reply

      Ray Menendez ,it seems that you are butt hurt or something, do us a favor
      and stick with Alex Jones, no idiots allowed!

    • Posted by Hugo Mungus, at Reply

      Aww someone is mad because Hillary lost not only once but three times!

    • Posted by Ray Menendez, at Reply

      +zorroboricua brujo just by saying – butt hurt – tells me a lot about you.
      cartoons are on –

    • Posted by zorroboricua brujo, at Reply

      Ray Menendez,I see you are still watching cartoons, lol,better luck next

  8. Posted by blaze12771, at Reply

    Fact 52% of Trump voters believe he won the popular vote, and believe he
    draining the swamp.

    • Posted by zorroboricua brujo, at Reply

      ibsd ,WHAT are you smoking, I want to be delusional too!

    • Posted by Ace Diamonds, at Reply

      +Pepe la trump
      yeah because the economy did great with lower regulation and taxes during
      the bush years, so lets do that again.

    • Posted by Paul Douglas, at Reply

      Sure dismiss CA and NY votes. I guess we arent part of the US anymore,
      sadly we dont need the rest of you anyway. We could be are own countries
      and have an economy higher than most in the world.

    • Posted by Paul Douglas, at Reply

      Illegals CANNOT register, wait in fantasy land they can.

    • Posted by end times, at Reply

      blaze12771 the swamp is sell out politicians how many politicians is trump
      bringing In again? oh ya that’s right you are just dumb

  9. Posted by Cassandra T, at Reply

    What I can’t stand is the constant sensationalism and fear-mongering. Every
    time you turn an outlet like CNN there is constant coverage of terrorist
    attacks and death and destruction. I think it’s giving people, especially
    older people, a really negative mindset and making things seem worse than
    they really are. They have no intellectual conversation about it; they just
    push fear 24/7. I REALLY hate that.

    • Posted by Mihaly, at Reply

      Why not have intellectual conversations therefore, and why not be positive?

    • Posted by oO PPH Oo, at Reply

      Older people also grew up with mostly local and some national news. Today,
      they get news from all over the world and all over the world there is at
      least one utterly terrible thing happening. This means you fill up an
      entire news feed with terrible news and thus older people think it happens
      more. No, it happens less. You are simply hearing more about it now.

    • Posted by Mihaly, at Reply

      When did “global news” take over even local news? How can you have global
      without local, and isn’t it true that the local is global and the global is
      local? Why can’t we have real local news, why can’t we have local news that
      speaks about things happening in our areas, and why can’t we focus on the
      positive aspect way more rather than violence?

      Why can’t we talk about grandparents and the elderly more in society, and
      why can’t we let them speak, and can we let them speak from their wise
      elderly aspect, and can we not teach them to act like 20 year old adults
      and can we not have them speak from that 20 year old aspect?

      Isn’t it true that age = wisdom usually? Isn’t it true that the older you
      are the wiser? So why can’t we hear the wisdom of the elderly from their
      own aspect?

      Why can’t we give the old more rights, because isn’t it true we ourselves
      may become old one day?

      Can old people have their own channels which is purely for them and their
      issues and what concerns them as elderly folk? Can they have their own

  10. Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

    “CNN has no liberal bias”. -Cenk Uyghur

    • Posted by SkronkHeaded Freaker, at Reply

      Dude, what you and most people (due to corporate brain-washing) don’t seem
      to understand is that there is a difference between “liberal” and
      representing actual liberal ideologies. CNN Fox NBC etc all have the same
      corporate interests regardless of the differences in the rhetoric. Fox
      works for the (rather insane) Republican party and CNN etc. work for the
      Democratic party. Neither of those parties are even remotely liberal. And
      their corporate overlords and masters both benefit from creating a division
      between people in your country, so that they will never see that they have
      the same interests(as the fabled 99 percent verse the 1 percent).It is a
      class issue at its heart, but the “elites” spend billions and billions of
      dollars a year to keep you from seeing that. It comes down to semantics
      nowadays because of all the brain washing. Liberalism in its original
      essence has about as much to do with the democratic party as say, communism
      has to do with Josef Stalin, or Democracy has to do with Donald Trump, or
      “Christianity” has to do with the US as a nation. Just because something
      acts under the banner of an ideology or concept does not make it the same
      thing as that concept or ideology. In many many cases, if you look past the
      hollow rhetoric, you will see that it in fact has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH
      those ideals, other than as a means to manipulate and brainwash the minds
      of the all too uneducated and gullible masses. Every individual has to take
      it upon themselves to learn what they are actually referring to nowadays,
      or else the billionaires win and we will all keep talking in circles around
      each other.

    • Posted by DynaCatlovesme, at Reply

      +SkronkHeaded Freaker
      You can’t make an equivalence between CNN and the Democrats vs. Fox and the
      Republicans. You can’t even do it for MSNBC.

    • Posted by DynaCatlovesme, at Reply

      Need popcorn.

  11. Posted by Emmanuel Scrive, at Reply

    15% of Americans are pure idiot…

    • Posted by Emmanuel Scrive, at Reply

      What? You don’t know how to count?

    • Posted by Billie Matteo, at Reply

      Easily half the country and more would not surprise me, but Trump said he
      loves the uneducated voter so technically you could argue they have their
      place in politics, lol.

    • Posted by F. S., at Reply

      Emmanuel Scrive 30% of the people are below average intelligent

    • Posted by Suleman Malik, at Reply

      Americans voted for Bush twice, and over half the population believed that
      Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. The number is so much higher
      than 15%.

    • Posted by DavidMillsSeven, at Reply

      That’s very generous.

  12. Posted by David Bateleur, at Reply

    *Politics isnt about Left vs Right anymore… its about Establishment vs

    • Posted by joseph blake, at Reply

      smartmouth4444 You’re obviously a socialist, not a crazy liberal lunatic.

    • Posted by taragnor, at Reply

      Establishment liberals are liberals in name only. The only thing they care
      about is corporate interests because that’s who their donors are. They
      don’t care about the people.

    • Posted by gladifly, at Reply

      +smartmouth4444 But the west would turn into an Islamic caliphate if
      leftist liberals had free reign.

    • Posted by bomb diggity, at Reply

      David Bateleur idk cenk was all on the hillary bandwagon…

    • Posted by ThatGuy, at Reply

      No, that fight is for the Democrats. For the Republicans, it is becoming a
      fight of anti Russia moderatism vs pro Russia right wing radicalism. Things
      right now look pretty for the Republicans, but the GOP is far from being
      unified. There are going to be some more Trump vs McCain and Collins fights
      coming up (Trump vs Ryan if it goes too far). Both these parties are a mess

  13. Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

    No one trusts anything anymore.

    • Posted by Red/white, at Reply

      Jack Daniel I trust you brother!

    • Posted by bobdonda, at Reply

      Stone Cold Steve Austin taught me well. DTA

  14. Posted by El Socialista cooperativa, at Reply

    we really need a socialist revolution with worker cooperatives and

    • Posted by Don Juan, at Reply

      every capitalist country creates more wealth than every socialist country,
      including Russia when they gave up socialism. But your right…. they are
      just doing it wrong. You have all the answers and your system would be a
      utopia. Please!

    • Posted by El Socialista cooperativa, at Reply

      Don Juan well they were doing it wrong there have been historical examples
      that was not russia and those countries were state capitalist what im
      saying is actual socialism through participatory economics. If you want to
      see a real socialist revolution you should look at the paris commune which
      karl marx actually talked about.

    • Posted by Grange34, at Reply

      Norway has a better economy than any capitalist country

    • Posted by Qingeaton, at Reply

      It would be subverted like every other one has been and then we would be
      told that it failed on its own lack of merit.

    • Posted by El Socialista cooperativa, at Reply

      Qingeaton no thats not true because we dont have the soviet union funding
      state capitalists.

  15. Posted by jeff kennedy, at Reply

    1:26 “if trump had an effect it was a small one” things melania says after

    • Posted by MrKhushrenada, at Reply

      jeff kennedy Same goes for Ivanka. :p

  16. Posted by Pulling Cards, at Reply

    They should have made the polls more specific, like:

    FOX news-

  17. Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

    lol Cenk think CNN isn’t liberal since he’s so left wing he has problems
    viewing such things at distance.

    • Posted by W Meito, at Reply

      Mark Broadhurst or maybe you are just projecting

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      Yes I must be that left-wing, with all these conservative values I have.

    • Posted by W Meito, at Reply

      CNN isn’t liberal. That is what the right says but it’s not. I am saying
      you are just projecting what the right is saying.

  18. Posted by Skeeter Lima, at Reply

    Brain dead people still trust the mainstream media. I was a child and
    always felt the news were BS. Now with all the info out now we all know its
    all BS

    • Posted by Paul Douglas, at Reply

      Yeah if i dont see it in the Enquirer it aint true.

  19. Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

    Corporate Media will die because nobody under 35 watches tv regularly.

    • Posted by Angry Hedonist Demon, at Reply

      I’m surprised if anyone under 30 even has cable

    • Posted by Gotostep2, at Reply

      Breaking cables 😀

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Gotostep2 a lot of people over 30 don’t have cable

    • Posted by Randy The Wild Horse, at Reply

      I will not get cable and I’m 52.