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For Some Reason Tillerson Doesn’t Care About Russian Propaganda


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Rex Tillerson truly likes Russia. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment area listed below.

" Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is resisting the appeals of State Department officials to invest nearly $80 million assigned by Congress for fighting terrorist propaganda as well as Russian disinformation.

It is highly uncommon for a Cupboard secretary to decline loan for his department. But greater than 5 months right into his tenure, Tillerson has not issued a simple request for the money allocated for the State Division's Global Engagement Facility, $60 numerous which is now parked at the Pentagon. One more$ 19.8 million sits unblemished at the State Division as Tillerson's assistants reject telephone calls from profession mediators as well as participants of Congress to put the cash to antagonize America's adversaries." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by KingOfTheNorth 1993, at Reply

    Is Cenk going to talk about his debate with Ben or is he going to continue to hide it?

    • Posted by Delovely 1, at Reply

      Why would he hide it. Shapiro can debate numbers on a page with kellyanne conway like speed but no life experience… The winner was clearly cenk

    • Posted by Marla Pebbles, at Reply

      Devious Critter you are fat as well 😂

    • Posted by Marla Pebbles, at Reply

      Ben lost. He is full of hate and ignorance just like you.

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      It is usually the loser who is butt hurt and sends his stooges to keep poking after the debate is over. The winner moves on to do other useful things.

  2. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Wow, it’s almost as if he knows that Jihadist Terrorism and Kremlin Propaganda are actually helping to prop up the Trump Administration?….Naaaaaaaaaaah. I’m sure it’s nothing. Just too busy making American great again, I suppose.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Hal Jordan You’d think with them hard at work they’d have finished making it great by now. Oh wait they’ve only been working hard to cover up Russiagate. Nevermind.

    • Posted by AboxoroxRoxursox, at Reply

      Hal Jordan 😅

  3. Posted by chocolateking1, at Reply

    ALL Trumptards are traitors and ugly.

    • Posted by The USA is dead, at Reply

      The are all on heroin to……45 won the drug vote.

    • Posted by Turn Left 3ice ll, at Reply

      I know a lot of people and its a fact that liberal moms are usually whores.
      I cant tell you how many times Iv gotten into political arguments with some old liberal hoe and they always want to “smoke a bowl” and give me a bl0w job and I’m like, “lady, I wouldn’t fck you with my dogs dck much less my own”.
      LOL… Same thing with the young ones really. Difference is they never have any weed. LOL.. You people are the true degenerates because you’re the seed of a long line of degenerates. Its scientifically proven.

    • Posted by Silky Tp, at Reply

      Turn left: it’s attitudes like that which prove the theory that cousins should not marry.

    • Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

      Turn Left 3ice ll This is the most hilarious bait I have ever read LMFAO. Please address white on white crime (86%) and the fact that white people kill more cops (FBI stats since yall love those). Stop killing children and white women social invalid. Stop killing your families. Stop the mass shootings. Stop having sex with animals. Stop meddling in everyone else’s business. Since you want to make generalizations. Btw you are probably some fat slob virgin that sleeps with hookers. Go smoke meth ugly punk.

  4. Posted by Patrick T, at Reply

    Damnit and I actually gave Rex props on not wanting to escalate with North Korea

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      SaiyanZ Rage Why would anyone want to go to war with Russia? The sanctions are there to prevent just that!!

      Do you expect the US to just roll over, after the Russians clearly interfered in the election? Your argument is like saying you should fire all police, to prevent speeding!

    • Posted by MDFlight, at Reply

      but escalating relations with russia is right?

    • Posted by Robert P, at Reply

      Despicably Irascible Rapscallion
      Russia had nothing to do with the election. Completely fake news to get people debating bullshit. Why don’t we ask why we are illegally in the middle East funding isis?

  5. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT just destroyed Tillerson! They are still on the war path after burying Coulter and Shapiro with facts.

    • Posted by Qahir Makhani, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis. Cenk, Ana and John have been on this since December. Cenk called out the Erik Prince scandal 6 months ago. Only Rachel Maddow and Malcolm Nance in the msm come close

    • Posted by Jazwinskull, at Reply

      Assley, Cenk isn’t a fortune teller & I don’t watch TYT for predictions.

    • Posted by Brian Blair, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis Well The Russia Story is BS and They did not hack the DNC and I’m a Former Democrat who says it’s BS.

  6. Posted by WhoopWhoop, at Reply

    Im starting to believe that Putin has got something on Trump and Tillerson etc.

    • Posted by Angel M, at Reply

      WhoopWhoop both Democrats and Republicans are coming together to criminalize any negative speech against Israel punishable by 20 years in prison. The connection our country has the Israel is far more detrimental to the Civil Rights of Americans than Russia could ever hope to be. Why isn’t that conversation had if it’s every bit as legitimate?

    • Posted by apocalypse horseman, at Reply

      YOU THINK ????

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      WhoopWhoop Putin got money on tillerson and trump… and Putin doesn’t care who he has killed. These men aren’t just greedy, they’re afraid for their lives and their families lives… tied up in ex KGB billionaires. This ain’t simple for them

  7. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Rex tillerson really loves his motherland. Either that or he cant refuse that Russian money.

    • Posted by cwnash71, at Reply

      hudsle OMG 😂

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      How can you follow Cenk on this? He has no evidence. Everything Tillerson/Trump have done on the issue has been the opposite of what Cenk is proposing.
      The deal is dead, Russia made a better deal for the oil at the start of the year.
      Not a single other news network takes the theory seriously.
      It’s a humiliting, crushing defeat for Cenk.
      Along with al his other this year:
      Wrong about the Exxon deal and lifting sanctions. Wrong about French Elections. Wrong about Jeremy Corbyn. Wrong about Jason Chafetz. Wrong about his prediction on when the condemning evidence on Trump and Russia collusion would be found.
      I’m a progressive liberal Bernie supporter but Cenk and Anna and are toxic actors,it’s why Bernie was so reluctant to be interviewed by Cenk in the primaries.

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond he ‘Better Not’ refuse Putin…

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      Ashley Thomas you sound like you reeealy like them Russians. I’m figuring if you’re American… then you’re not a Patriot.

  8. Posted by SaiyanZ Rage, at Reply

    Debbie Wasserman Shulz story has not been reported on by TYT….Wonder why

    • Posted by Angie Norton, at Reply

      SaiyanZ Rage Jordan Chariton of TYT Politics has done several videos regarding DWS recently. So, don’t jump to conclusions.

    • Posted by Delovely 1, at Reply

      They have. Trolls are losing steam…

    • Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

      tell me all about it..

  9. Posted by SuperXrunner, at Reply

    So they are working in Russian interest, not US interest…

    • Posted by Angel Magana, at Reply


  10. Posted by atombond, at Reply

    Let it go TYT, you already look stupid enough.

    • Posted by stylz1, at Reply

      I was skeptical, but the evidence put forward by this show? It’s undeniable. But hey, if it wasn’t so obvious, you wouldn’t be here now… would you? Got to try to silence the media right? Only right wing propaganda media allowed? Only people who agree with your way of thinking should be allowed to report on events in the world right?

    • Posted by ra5928, at Reply

      atombond – 755 US diplomats are expelled by Putin and not a peep from Orange-Small-Hands or Tillerson. And you think TYT looks stupid. The stupid ones were Orange and friends for thinking that Putin was not video and audio taping everything. Including the golden shower. A real President would have held a press conference and defended America. Traitor.

    • Posted by Marla Pebbles, at Reply

      atombond you Trump loving chimpanzees are beyond help.

    • Posted by Roberto Carlos López Delgado, at Reply

      bye comrade

  11. Posted by Sean Hayes, at Reply

    The U.S. not wanting to stop ISIS or Russian meddling is the least surprising news I’ll hear this month.

    • Posted by stylz1, at Reply

      Hmmmmm, well said.

  12. Posted by Wayne Morgan, at Reply

    “But Russia definitely did it”. So has Cenk finally seen the evidence for this? Because all I know is that Intel Agencies except the NSA which is moderately confident are highly confident Russia phished Podesta, hacked DNC servers and State Voter Rolls.

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      “So has Cenk finally seen the evidence for this?”

      He is quoting intelligence agencies. Do you have evidence that multiple intelligence agencies are mistaken?

    • Posted by Luke Nutkicker, at Reply

      Michael 마익흘 Aronson It’s probably the fact that most of the “evidence” we’ve seen has been supposition, and here say. Fun fact: The DNC refused to allow the FBI to review their servers.

  13. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    Michael Tracey and Secular Talk are Russian propaganda.

  14. Posted by Running on Empty, at Reply

    This is neo-con bullshit. The only reason Russian “misinformation” is working is because people are so pissed off about actual American policy. Instead of trying to change the perception, change the reality. After all, the Dem-Repub-Neo-con alliance pushing this Russia hysteria are the same ones who crafted America’s disasterous foreign policy in the first place.

    • Posted by Bluespirit12345, at Reply

      Running on Empty
      Youre comment is all over the place.
      “Change the perception”
      The perception of Misinformation or the perception of russia? To say russia had no effect, youre going against the 16 intel agencies, trump jrs own emails, and the trump white house about firing comey. The only to change the russian misinformation campaign, is to accept that it exists

    • Posted by Bluespirit12345, at Reply

      Running on Empty
      The best part about that argument, is no one is making it except you people. No one is saying they changed the election (except maybe Hillary). You’re literally bringing up non issues

  15. Posted by EternalTruth4Ever, at Reply

    Rex is Right. He should Use that Money to Fight Globalist Terrorism like the NWO controlled CNN & MSNBC for Conspiring with Soros & Corporations like Facebook, Yahoo & AOL to Undermine a Duly Elected President & Dumbing Down Americans with False Propaganda & Looking to Enslave Americans to the Satanic NWO. Trump should Pardon Sheriff Joe as obama came after him for Exposing his Fraudulent Birth Certificate and Fake Selective Service Card which has an Inverted 2 Digit Date, while All Real SS Cards have a 4 Digit Stamp. obamas Social Security # is Fake too and Failed E-Verify, meaning He wouldn’t be able to Legally Hold a Job in the USA, unless Obama was a CIA Cutout, which He is.

    • Posted by Samo Prijava, at Reply

      I find your comment highly ironic since you’re an obvious victim of propaganda.

  16. Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

    This is why ISIS and Russia celebrated when Trump won the presidency.

  17. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    How is this not treason?

  18. Posted by thesinaclwon, at Reply

    Somebody took 200k lol