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Former CIA Chief “Concerned” Trump Could Be On “Treasonous Path”


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Trey Gowdy thought he can aid Trump by asking Former CIA Principal John Brennan about the Russia investigation. He believed incorrect. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" Throughout a Residence Intelligence Board Hearing on Tuesday, previous CIA Supervisor John Brennan verified he recognizes interactions between the Trump project and also Russian officials that stimulated concern about feasible collusion.

Brennan declined to obtain into details, saying that specifics concerning individuals included as well as just what was said stay classified. However he stated he "encountered and also know info as well as knowledge that disclosed contacts as well as interactions between Russian officials as well as U.S. persons associated with the Trump project that I was worried regarding as a result of well-known Russian initiatives to suborn such people, and also it raised questions in my mind whether or not the Russians were able to gain the participation of those people."

That "details and also knowledge," Brennan added, resulted in the FBI's counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign, which started in July 2016." *.

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  1. Posted by Chandler Goines, at Reply

    First comment? Love the content! Young Turks nation !!!

    • Posted by Damian Cunliffe, at Reply

      No, Cenk didn’t murder any Armenians. Just like no white people today ever owned a slave.

    • Posted by Taxi DriverAppleChapel, at Reply

      Chandler Goines
      You girls and guys gotta stop BUYING into the tyt/join bit at the end of EVERY VIDEO. Please, you gotta keep them unbiased because like Stephan ColBERT and now Jimmy Fallon, their just keeping the ratings up and cashing in on the anti-trump train. You know Im making a point… (racist, nazi, redneck typical “… ” trope)… Fake news.

  2. Posted by Mr. Steal Yo Mom, at Reply

    let me tell you all a joke.

    conservative republicanism.

    • Posted by Moe Jaime, at Reply

      nice joke but not has funny has tiny hands Trump . lol !

  3. Posted by UNC GRAD, at Reply

    *Trump is going to be impeached…*
    And the world will celebrate!!

    • Posted by Colby Myers, at Reply

      UNC GRAD impeached for what? Dude, turn off TYT. They’re literally using the same talking points as CNN and MSNBC.

  4. Posted by Monsune Reigns, at Reply

    110 views, 11 likes, ZERO dislikes…
    The trolls are slow from under the bridge tonight!!!

    • Posted by Monsune Reigns, at Reply

      Taxi DriverAppleChapel
      I DO see your point but it’s not actually an “anti-trump train” like an anti-Lebron train because you want to be cool. It’s an anti-trump train because he’s destroying what human kind is suppose to stand for. LeBron puts a ball in a basket. This whole anti-trump thing is pretty important and has NOTHING to do with “cashing in”. The Justice democrats will change the world and progressives like Cenk and myself will FINALLY be able to raise our children knowing we’re headed toward a world outside of the cave instead of grabbing women, killing each other, and re-inventing the wheel over and over again inside of the cave. I know Obama was a corporate puppet but at least he had some couth.
      Be humble?
      My name is Monsune Reigns… It isn’t a YouTube ID. I don’t have a humble bone in my body. I rain on trolls. All I do is stand – OF COOOUUURRSSSEEEEE!!!

    • Posted by David Conte, at Reply

      Monsune Reigns what time is it in Russia,!?

    • Posted by Monsune Reigns, at Reply

      +David Conte
      Wouldn’t know. I’m on the Atlantic Coast, brotha. Born and raised Canadian. Thank you. What does it read on your sundial? Or have you yet to actually make it all the way out of the cave?

  5. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    End is near Trumptards. It’s so close, I can hear the drums!

    • Posted by TheGreatMoonFrog, at Reply

      Well the end for Trump. Then begins the long and dark reign of Pence, a man neither the liberals or the Trumptards really want as president.

  6. Posted by MrG0TH1ER, at Reply

    Yeah but you see, John Brennan used long words and made sense. The Trump base can’t work with this.

    • Posted by j g, at Reply


    • Posted by Minnie Hopo, at Reply

      lol..used long words..

  7. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    for a damn supposed “fake witch hunt”……they sure have found ALOT of damn brooms!!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      Some of you are really naive and or are just political surrogates, because some investigations take months and even years to put all the pieces together? But I can guarantee you if they didn’t have enough evidence to go forward……they wouldn’t be going forward as we speak with the investigation! Watergate didn’t happen overnight either, and many people back then thought it was a Witch Hunt. Mr. Trump is acting very nixonian himself!

  8. Posted by musicf3b, at Reply

    Is treason still punished by death?

    • Posted by Tawnja Halstead, at Reply

      musicf3b yes treason is punishable by death won’t that be fun to watch

    • Posted by Tawnja Halstead, at Reply

      Coma White he is one of Trump beloved uneducated that who got him in office

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      I’d prefer he was sentenced to poverty.

    • Posted by Woke Minion, at Reply

      I’d like the Trumps to star in new Netflix series Prison Brats.

  9. Posted by Hillary Clinton paid shill #4269, at Reply

    Drumpf the Rapecist is a traitor and should be executed for high treason. He colluded with Russia to HACK the 2016 election.

    • Posted by Coma White, at Reply

      I bet Jonathon thinks all Russian spys have a thick Russian accents and they tell you they are from Russia when you meet them too 😀

    • Posted by Woke Minion, at Reply

      I’d like the whole show to unravel slowly for 10 seasons. From excruciating courtroom drials, revelation of the Trump’s last ten years dirt, his swamp diving for salacious media-friendly gems, how these rich thugs try to look posh in prison. Let them be the poster child of hubris for generations to come.

  10. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    the trump voter has failed the United States

    • Posted by Woke Minion, at Reply

      They have at least entertained Russian trolls. Easy baits.

    • Posted by Brandon Cawley, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly Mohammad Abdul Taha LOLOLOL you McLiberals/Fake Progressives sure do love the CIA terrorist organization spewing the same corporate media Anti-Russia Pro-WW3 narrative don’t you! -Jill Stein supporter and not a supporter of Shillary or Drumpf. EVER HEARD OF OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD? Bet you McLibs haven’t!

  11. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    I pretty much view all still-ardent Trumpanzees as traitors at this point.

    • Posted by Woke Minion, at Reply

      I view them as honorary Macedonians.

  12. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Hey trumptards, are you tire of winning yet?

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      Jay Zenitram – its funny cause its true though …life is great like that…they got pimped out by muslim rape gangs now they are getting blown to bits…….

  13. Posted by Charles Anthony, at Reply

    Hey Trump supporters and believers is this Fake News?

    • Posted by Kazlin143, at Reply

      Comey also testified under oath and was asked if donald trump asked him to impead the investigation comey said no. Now all of a sudden he has a CYA Memo Stateing the opposite for what he just said under oath?

      Comey needs to turn over all his Memo’s as they were made on Tax payer Dime we also need to make sure he never took any of the Memo’s home or else he can be tried for misplacing classified evidence. Comey just opened up a Can of worms into this whole thing now. I hope comey go’s to jail.

      Yes Obama just unlocked the money that was frozen to iran but what about the unmarked plane that was holding 400+ million dollars of our money that was delivered in the middle of the night?

      Have fun trying to get the impeachment done .

      Obstruction the republicans did to Obama ? Obama had the house congress and senate for 4 years and what did he do ? only thing he passes was a Unlawfull Healthcare build that was built in congress. Fun fact any bill or law that created in Congress is against the law and against the constitution the congress can not create laws they just vote to pass them….

      Conservatives lose when we take away a failing healthcare system that was against the law in the first place? Healthcare needs to be left up to the states not the US government period end of story.

    • Posted by el80ne, at Reply

      +Kazlin143 Nope, Comey was asked in his most recent public Senate hearing whether the attorney general or senior Justice Department officials have ever asked him to halt an investigation. Conservative websites misconstrued his testimony to mean neither Trump nor anyone else had ever asked Comey to end a probe. That’s just false.

      I find that people that cry “no evidence” haven’t bothered to follow the story very closely because they made up their mind there’s just ‘no evidence’. In fact there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence in the public domain. Perhaps the most visible that should be obvious to everyone is Trump working so hard to kill the investigation. He’s acting exactly as you’d expect a guilty person to act that has something to hide. Can you cite one instance ever of an attempted coverup absent acts of underlying criminality? Neither can I. Also the fact that this has been an open and active FBI investigation for many months. If there was really “no evidence” they would have closed the case long ago. Instead the deputy AG overseeing it last week decided there’s enough there that its been expanded from a counterintel investigation into a criminal investigation. Obviously the FBI doesn’t share evidence they find in an open and active investigation because it would hinder the investigation. Think about it.

    • Posted by Kazlin143, at Reply

      Where is the evidence you claim he tried to kill the investigation because there isn’t any. I didnt vote for the guy but im sick and tired of this whole thing the Media ,progressive media and the Decomcrats in this country are on a witch hunt to get rid of this guy because there affraid of him.

      the last 60 years worth of elections the russian’s have tried to influence the elections to some degree. Obama did it in a few countries as well yet no one cried foul.

      There is such a double standed with the media and democrats that its sick. Cenk is just as bad he cant even debate someone without crying about something because the dudes a joke.

  14. Posted by Kale Rsd, at Reply

    Has anyone else been getting anti democrat pro conservative ads before the TYT videos?

    • Posted by Calvo Tama, at Reply

      Nope, I’m from Australia and it’s just gambling ads lol

    • Posted by Sean O, at Reply

      NRA adds pop up sometimes. Crazy.

    • Posted by Derek P., at Reply

      It’s happening on a lot of progressive media channels on YouTube. PragerU is going at Secular Talk hard.

  15. Posted by Undeniable, at Reply

    LOCK HIM UP!!!

    • Posted by Gordon Archer, at Reply

      Undeniable so no evidence

  16. Posted by Mark Cruise, at Reply

    Question. Which will come first? His impeachment or Melania divorce?

    • Posted by William Peralta, at Reply

      Mark Cruise

    • Posted by CmdrSloanne, at Reply

      I agree Melania will divorce the Orange Troll and hopefully take all of 60% of his fortune along Trump Tower, hopefully she will rename it. with the Puritans (Republicans) in Congress so fervent to protect him from becoming another Nixon. they will hold the impeachment after the mid term elections next year or so.

    • Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

      CmdrSloanne He will step down before then. He will have no choice. Step down to avoid impeachment. Just like Nixon. And in agreeing to do so he will be pardoned by the new President. Just like Nixon.

  17. Posted by HonkyDawg Spinner, at Reply


  18. Posted by The 99%, at Reply

    Trump should be impeached, arrested and tried for racketeering and treason.

    • Posted by Jonathon Humm, at Reply

      For what?

    • Posted by Jonathon Humm, at Reply

      For what?

    • Posted by Brandon Cawley, at Reply

      Look at all these troll accounts filling up the TYT comment section man! TYT HAS LITERALLY TURNED INTO CORPORATE MEDIA WITH CIA TROLLS CONTROLLING THE Anti-Russia Pro-WW3 NARRATIVE RECEPTION!

  19. Posted by X IV, at Reply

    Trump is gonna be fucked, and not by Melania.

    • Posted by FuqbadTV, at Reply

      i doubt they do much of that these days

    • Posted by Minnie Hopo, at Reply

      I bet they do absolutely none of that these days.