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Former UFC Star “War Machine” Sentenced For Brutal Christy Mack Attack


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Former UFC celebrity Jon "Battle Machine" Koppenhaver has been sentenced to 36 years to life for his harsh assault on ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher as well as Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Do you think his punishment was severe sufficient?

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" UFC expert Jon "War Maker" Koppenhaver, 35, was punished lately after being founded guilty on 29 matters in March. War Equipment is currently Koppenhaver's lawful name, though he utilized his birth name in court process.

Battle Device was punished to 36 years to life. His sentence consists of the possibility of parole after 36 years, which would certainly be at 71 years of age.

The previous Bellator boxer and also The Ultimate Boxer 6 entrant faced charges that consisted of kidnapping, sexual assault, as well as attempted murder originating from an altercation in between him, his previous partner Christy Mack, and also a male acquaintance of Mack's, Corey Thomas. The occurrence occurred at Mack's Las Vegas home." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich.


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  1. Posted by Father Peter Fyle, at Reply

    Pornography and fighting are sin, this was bound to happen. I hope they find Jesus before it’s too late.

    -Father Peter

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      Father Peter Fyle I say the same….u are dealing with troubled humans in an industry like that….its unstable mfs everywhere in that industry…Trump would do well in that industry

      I bet War Machine would have voted Trump….he thinks women are beneath him too

    • Posted by Mingchao Shi, at Reply

      Hey… aren’t you the one who molested my neighbor’s kids?

    • Posted by Father Peter Fyle, at Reply

      Glad to hear your Mom let the Holy Spirit inside of her

      -Father Peter

    • Posted by jdogsful, at Reply

      lol this actually is some killer trolling. I bit down like a baby being yanked from a mamas titty.

  2. Posted by Lana Hoffenheim, at Reply

    “War Machine did nothing wrong.” – Trump supporters.

    • Posted by Bullion Forever, at Reply

      Lana Hoffenheim Speak for yourself, I support Trump but I definitely think this guy deserves what he got. Abused her for years and put her in the hospital with a long list of injuries. Theirs two sides to every story but he wasn’t married to her and could have left if he thought she was cheating.

    • Posted by Lana Hoffenheim, at Reply

      Bullion Forever – Ron Burgundy doesn’t believe you.

    • Posted by Borz, at Reply

      They were both doing their jobs!

    • Posted by xithappens, at Reply

      Borz maybe in 36 years, when he’ll be 71 and you 46.

  3. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Incoming fuckboy comments, saying that Christy Mack deserved it.

    • Posted by AR Rains, at Reply

      Haven’t seen any such comments.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      HE IS TYT

  4. Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

    Nobody talks about the beta cuck that ran out the house but didn’t call the police?

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      jxsilicon9 lol

    • Posted by RT, at Reply

      jxsilicon9 liberal

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      +RT Most likely a liberal.

  5. Posted by PS4 PRO, at Reply

    But I thought pornstar’s like it Rough

    • Posted by PS4 PRO, at Reply

      mike dixie rect I asked your mom she said she does

    • Posted by mike dixie rect, at Reply

      No no no, your mom does porn not mine.

    • Posted by PS4 PRO, at Reply

      mike dixie rect To bad your mom retired early in her porn life because I wish she had swallowed you

  6. Posted by ANDREW MAGLOIRE LIBTURD, at Reply

    isnt mack a porn chick

    • Posted by FraudSev7n, at Reply

      Shereen Batcha if you had to choose one

    • Posted by Shereen Batcha, at Reply

      FraudSev7n choose one what? evolutionary theories? cause buddy I didn’t create evolution or write the theories.. I just understand them

    • Posted by Shereen Batcha, at Reply

      FraudSev7n And the two statement are not two separate theories. They follow the same principle; survive, procreate and create best circumstances for procreation to survive. However if there’s a need to choose between survival and procreation, survival wins. That’s pretty much how nature works; with exceptions of course.

    • Posted by Shereen Batcha, at Reply

      FraudSev7n I didn’t say it but it’s not wrong. The concept of our ancestors forming relationships based of sexual relations for survival is newer as compared to ancestors who solely had sex to procreate.

  7. Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

    That’s messed up, but it’s even more messed up that the man that she was with, left her high and dry and didn’t even stay there to try to help defend her. He ran and didn’t look back, while she was getting brutally attacked. They’re both scum bags.

    • Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

      Agreed, I should have said in my first post that, that pissed me off. The guy did absolutely nothing to help, didn’t even call anyone.

    • Posted by TheSwiftStar, at Reply

      Justanother fancy screenname what do you know about relationships Tesla?

    • Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

      I knew enough to stay away from them, because of crazy exes like this. Instead I played it safe and messed with electricity. It was smarter than dating.

    • Posted by TheSwiftStar, at Reply

      Justanother fancy screenname :p

  8. Posted by Enn Bou, at Reply

    This comment section : “proceed with caution”
    30% about the story
    20% about feminism
    25% about islam (for some random reasons, probably islamophobia from unsecured men)
    20% about hate to TYT
    5% others

    • Posted by Tom McCann, at Reply

      Islamophobia isn’t a thing just sayin

    • Posted by Enn Bou, at Reply

      Tom McCann
      please look at this :

    • Posted by Enn Bou, at Reply

      Tom McCann there is no point to play the white knight in the Middle East. Islam has 1.4 billion followers and most of them are regular people. Some can talk about it’s flaws as has much as they want but absolutely nothing will change, because radicalism (which is the problem) is a very complicated issue that only Muslims can solve by themselves.

  9. Posted by David Archer, at Reply

    I would never defend this creep but women have murdered their male partners and served far less time.Mary Winkler shot and killed her husband but was released after serving sixty days in the county jail.Shows how unequal men and women are treated in America’s feminist legal system.

    • Posted by Megan Schmidt, at Reply

      +David Archer What about the other 2 cases I mentioned? Didn’t acknowledge them, they don’t fit your narrative. Robert Blake is as ‘innocent’ as Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson.

    • Posted by David Archer, at Reply

      If Blake admitted killing his spouse like Winkler did he would have been convicted and in Burroughs case it was an accident so it really doesn’t fit the narrative.I don’t know anything about the James case.If a woman had committed the same kind of violence against a man she might have been sentenced to a few years in prison,although even that is doubtful,but she would never have been given a sentence of 36 years.You know that.

    • Posted by Gales99, at Reply

      Poor example. Try harder.

    • Posted by David Archer, at Reply

      I also believe Blake was guilty.Casey Anthony was another example of the gender double standard in the justice system.If that had been a father instead of a mother he would have been convicted in a heartbeat.Even a woman who is hated and despised like Anthony was still benefits from female privilege.

  10. Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

    I’d love him to get 12-20 years but 36 to life is pretty extreme. Even if he killed her he may have got less time. So it was attempted rape, assault causing great bodily harm and kidnapping. Oh well he didn’t know enough not laugh in court, that probably cost him a decade right there lol

    • Posted by Lighting Mcqueen, at Reply

      yes it is, actual murders and rapists get less time -_-

    • Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

      +Mous C I agree with you!

    • Posted by Lighting Mcqueen, at Reply

      it routinely does not, unless your a minority.

    • Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

      he didn’t murder her and he got off of attempted murder charge

  11. Posted by Baku kay, at Reply

    remind me the religion of this guy? oh right,Christian…..not surprised…sad.

  12. Posted by Oliver Swartz, at Reply

    Former “UFC star” I thought War Machine was fighting for Bellator not the UFC, big difference. That’s like saying former LA Lakers player when he played for Heat, same sport… so accurate? Get it right TYT.

    • Posted by Robert Golden, at Reply

      He did fight for the UFC once so it’s not entirely inaccurate. I’m more bothered by the “Star” part of the title.

    • Posted by Oliver Swartz, at Reply

      At the time of the incident he was not fighting for the UFC. I agree, former “UFC star” is 100% clickbait

    • Posted by Kyle Richard, at Reply

      Oliver Swartz I can think of few distinctions on earth that matter less

  13. Posted by Sir Isaac Mormont, at Reply

    With all the dislikes, it’s very evident that we still live in a rape culture. Hell even the presidential candidates were linked directly or indirectly to sexual assault.

    • Posted by Sir Isaac Mormont, at Reply

      David McGregor we will agree to disagree my man. I respect your viewpoint. Have a great day

    • Posted by Lavia, at Reply

      How to get away with rape.
      1. Be a hot woman.

      Won’t mention that in your narrative.

      If a man uses coercion to modify a woman’s sexual behaviors, they’ll call it rape.
      If a woman uses coercion to modify a man’s sexual behaviors, they’ll call it chivalry.

  14. Posted by Candy Colon-Rivera, at Reply

    So many comments on here about him being almost untouchable in prison or people would be afraid to fight… smh listen he did this damage to a WOMAN 1/2 his size…. he isn’t automatically a better fighter or more dangerous than anyone else …. he isn’t gonna get some pass in prison… NO ONE will be afraid of him

    • Posted by MagiC KnighT, at Reply

      Candy Colon-Rivera act like its gonna be 1 on 1 lol

    • Posted by soberpunk, at Reply

      Candy Colon-Rivera Especially when there’s dudes with nothing better to do than work out all day, every day. This guy doesn’t even look all that intimidating.

  15. Posted by newtonianromance, at Reply

    The problem is male insecurity. All the guys defending this are just very insecure men who cannot handle any infraction on their “manhood”…its a very stereotypical bravado view that leads a lot of people to very stupid thinking.

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply


    • Posted by newtonianromance, at Reply

      Feeling insecure are we?

    • Posted by ComboDombo, at Reply

      Your comment was the only stupid thought processed @newtonianromance

    • Posted by newtonianromance, at Reply

      @ComboDombo in what way macho man?

  16. Posted by sgtsnakeeyes11, at Reply

    i thought claims about an underlying “rape culture” were total bullshit until i got online and saw the hordes of basement loser men defending people like bill cosby and war machine. for every one sjw there’s like ten thousand raging, obsessive anti-feminist men. “rape culture” is obviously very exaggeratory, but there’s clearly a small but noticeable underlying sentiment of condescension, belittlement and general hatred towards women by some men. if there’s a video of a woman doing something stupid, there is almost guaranteed to be comments such as “stupid woman”, if it’s a man though gender isn’t even brought up. there’s hundreds of “rekt feminist” compilations of women who have nothing to do with feminism being brutally assaulted, look it up. there’s videos about how women “destroy societies” that have 80%+ approval ratings (that’s an actual video by some wackjob called “black pigeon speaks”) look it up too.

    • Posted by Lux, at Reply

      Yikes. These people are dangerous and downright crazy. To even dedicate this amount of time to insult and ridicule women just goes to show how just the feminist cause is.

    • Posted by Scruffy2469, at Reply

      Pretty sad country, eh, Sarge?

    • Posted by Henryk, at Reply

      They’re afraid of women. Probably had an abusive mother or sister or were simply raised by pathetic “men”. I mean, why even try so hard through social media to be anti-feminism if feminism is so pathetic? Obviously there’s something powerful and valid to it.

  17. Posted by Jennifer Grove, at Reply

    SO. DISTURBING. My heart breaks for her. If he had just simply left her after she cheated, then I’d feel sympathy for him. But no. You are no longer the victim when you brutally beat someone within an inch of their Life.

    • Posted by seppe toni, at Reply

      she didn’t cheat and technically she cheated every time she perfomed in an adult movie. this guy is a maniac didn’t like him first time i saw him on the ultimate fighter he seemed to be a full on disturbed person

    • Posted by Jennifer Grove, at Reply

      seppe toni You’re right in that she didn’t cheat. But I personally wouldn’t hook up with anyone when I still lived with my ex. Especially a deranged, narcissistic, egomaniac. But, that’s just me. She is free to do what she will, and he has absolutely no justification in harming her. He does have a right to not speak with her again seeing as he’s estranged. And he should have just gone on with his Life like a mature person would do. I despise people that let their emotions get the better of them to the point of harming others. Insanity.

    • Posted by Nijastan K., at Reply

      +seppe toni They were both porn stars actually.