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Fox & Friends ‘War On Cops’ Hypocrisy EXPOSED


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Francis Maxwell SUBJECTS Fox & Pals + Tammy Pasta RIDICULOUS Hypocrisy On Cops Brutality. Organized by Francis Maxwell. See more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by kuroichan101, at Reply

    Fox news is trash. Anyone who seriously watches them and agrees with them makes me question my faith in humanity.

  2. Posted by Animelytical, at Reply

    Wow. Tore them too shreds. “On many sides” when they are calling protesting about unlawful killings of people are the only side at fault. That sounds pretty racist. Pretty evil.

  3. Posted by Drew Steeves, at Reply

    People hate the police in a police state. The USA is a police state.

    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      Drew Steeves you don’t have to come up with excuses. It is now completely accepted that the left is anti-police. You don’t have to justify your hatred to anyone

    • Posted by Philo o, at Reply

      wait i’m in a biker gang and we are right-wing. we hate cops too.

  4. Posted by Jeff Shoemaker, at Reply

    The war is FROM cops UPON citizens. Authoritarianism is already an epidemic in america. White supremacy is a cultural disease that is again saturating positions of power. Scapegoating ‘others’ during times of economic crisis is just what weve always done rather than fix the problems.

    • Posted by San Qiang Li, at Reply

      Give it a couple of decades. Whites will be the new minority.

  5. Posted by CerBoris, at Reply

    34% of White Americans being racist doesn’t bother me nearly as much as their denial of racism or the ridiculous lifting of the Ideals of America and putting it on a pedestal that the entire would should admire. No, the US is a cesspool of corruption, bigotry and racism which is fine if that’s what the country wants but own it you fuckers. That being said it makes me admire those that oppose these standards of the American Right. They are brought up in that society but realise where the right path leads. Kudos to those brave folks and a pox on the scum of the US.

  6. Posted by meatKog, at Reply

    FoKKKs News

  7. Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

    Can’t wait until Fox News’s viewers age themselves out of the television audience.

  8. Posted by Meghan Scarborough, at Reply

    She has dead eyes. Does anyone else notice this? Tomi has no passion in her eyes, just blah. Her voice lies.

  9. Posted by alt-right Smasher, at Reply

    Conservatives need echo chambers for confirmation bias, and identity politics. So-called judge janine still screeching about Kathy Griffin

  10. Posted by desertclair, at Reply

    Fox news is a white supremacist Republican propaganda network

  11. Posted by Susanna Yang, at Reply

    It is HOW they do their jobs.

  12. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    Tomi was a stammering beauty pageant drone who realized leg and abandoned morality means work with fox new for idiots

  13. Posted by Mysty333, at Reply

    If cops are uncomfortable – then they should expose the bad cops! Get them out of this work! Police are supposed to serve and protect. Start protecting us from the bad cops!!!!

  14. Posted by Jubilee, at Reply

    Fox is never going to hold cops or white supremacists accountable. Why? Because they are white supremacists themselves. They’re used to covering for themselves and their little friends. This is why no one takes them seriously.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      It’s important to understand why Fox is so racist. They figured out that corporate propaganda is very profitable but when you’re selling a whole country ideas that enable their oppression you often have to put in a spoonful of sugar as Mary Poppins would say. Even a lot of Fox’s audience gets that corporations are keeping them poor and desperate, which is one reason they voted for Trump, so they have to wrap it in something that will make it appealing. So they tell Joe SixPack and Jane WineBox they’re right after all and the people calling them racist are just wrong so they don’t have to change after all. They already hated black and brown people so it was a perfect opportunity. This way they get viewers and can push corporate agendas so they get paid. Plus it doesn’t hurt that a fair number of them are hateful themselves so it’s kind of a bonus. They’re definitely racist as hell but that’s really more marketing than anything. The primary motivation is to keep their sponsors, who also happen to have bought the government, fat and happy.

    • Posted by Jubilee, at Reply

      You’re exactly right.

  15. Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

    condemning on all sides is for cucks

  16. Posted by Matthew Grimshaw, at Reply

    If murderous cops were treated by our society with the same level of respect as their victims, there would be a few less cops, and a lot more justice.

  17. Posted by Dave Mills, at Reply

    Oh, Snap!!! You nailed them, dude. You know what. So what? BFD. They’re listening to Fox News and reading Breitbart, and most of them won’t even see this, but those that do see this video are conditioned to consider you liberal and biased. These people will never believe a word you say. But you nailed them though!!! High Five!!

  18. Posted by Mike Craig, at Reply

    I never really see right wingers go after police brutality unless you include the white women who was unreasonably killed.

  19. Posted by judith albay, at Reply

    For me personally calling the police is a big waste of time