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Fox News Blasts Trump’s Hurricane Handling


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Laura Ingraham criticized Trump for not loading essential placements in the government. Ana Kasparian and Michael Shure, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you Trump's feedback. Tell us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" Fox & Friends had Laura Ingraham on Tuesday early morning to talk about the federal response to Harvey, in addition to the staggering number of unfilled placements in President Donald Trump's administration and federal government companies like FEMA– and it appears the head of state was viewing.

Fox & Friends typically takes aim at Democrats for holding up Trump's nominees, however surprisingly joined Ingraham in some light chiding of the president Tuesday for leaving the government woefully understaffed throughout a situation.

" Where's the personnel? Where's Homeland Security? Where are the elections? Why are they being stood up as well as why are many settings don't have candidates for them yet?" Fox host Brian Kilmeade asked.

Ingraham agreed, explaining that a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) supervisor wasn't designated up until June.

" I assume we can all check out these terrible images and we can end that a federal government does need team," said well known Large Government-advocate Ingraham.

" We see it really looking for staff in a circumstance similar to this," she proceeded, keeping in mind the administration is dealing with a number of situations."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure


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  1. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Ana is on fire tonight! Fox is anti intellectual garbage that relies on dumbed down banter and what is basically soft porn.

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      It was a pay off, not an investment.

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      Didn’t the mayor tell everyone to stay put?

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

      B allislife

      That’s the government’s job, numbnuts.

  2. Posted by Katie Zientek, at Reply

    I wish Trump’s golf course was in Houston

    • Posted by Cloyette Grant, at Reply

      Katie Zientek He would’ve been out there on Friday. Aid would have been there before, during and after the hurricane.

    • Posted by Eva Von Haus, at Reply


    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      The one in Scotland has just put in for building a sea wall to defend against the increase in tidal flooding and storm surges. Strange how Trump’s denial of Climate Change doesnt apply to his overseas properties

    • Posted by Vaness thebest, at Reply

      i wish mar-a-lago was flooded without insurance also.

  3. Posted by PapiQuis, at Reply

    It is sad when I start to say things like “Trump makes me miss Bush”… that’s how BAD this guy is

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      I can’t tell from the outside, but I could imagine that Bush at least knew he was stupid… That’s better than being so stupid you don’t know you are stupid.

    • Posted by fiveohfivethree, at Reply

      Y’all need to search for “President Bush funny moments” on YouTube. The difference between Bush Dumb and Trump Dumb is glaringly obvious.
      “Now watch my drive”.

  4. Posted by Zaid Holl, at Reply

    And just think
    Ted Cruz gave so much opposition to Sandy funds now low and behold he needs those same funds to help our citizens in Texas.

  5. Posted by oolong2, at Reply

    Republicans are criticizing Trump for actually implementing the batshit crazy ideas they’ve been pushing for decades.

    • Posted by Lovely Melanin, at Reply

      oolong2 lol,, so true,, at least trump is honest, ( I’m not even a supporter) but I think his honesty is refreshing

    • Posted by oolong2, at Reply

      No, Trump is actually a lying POS… There are literally hundreds of documented lies from that man. People just mistake the simplistic way he does his job and his lack of nuance and savviness as honesty. He’s just different than a typical politician. It doesn’t make him honest, just bad at his job.

    • Posted by zenman5910, at Reply

      Lovely Melanin You obviously wouldn’t know honesty if it hit you in the head.

    • Posted by Live with no Regrets, at Reply

      Rand Paul 2020!

    • Posted by kgsz, at Reply

      oolong2 Of course they were batshit. But they pushed them anyway, because they have an agenda.

  6. Posted by Allen Albright, at Reply

    Remember what New Orleans did to Bush? Expect an even bigger drop in approval very soon.

    • Posted by Mlpfanboy, at Reply

      Allen Albright bush at least tried to send help.

  7. Posted by Ed Bear, at Reply

    I miss Obama

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      Ed Bear we need someone better

    • Posted by Darlean Thompson, at Reply

      it was Oboma’s fault for hurricane Harvey,

    • Posted by D Rutt 1969, at Reply

      Once upon a time, America had a tyrant named Abraham Lincoln, who allowed Federal usurp of states rights, ameended the constiturion to allow ever expanding government, with ever expanding taxes. Then along came a bigger tyrant, put in power by the world bank, who doubled the national deficit allowing huge amouny of interest payed to the banks by the American people in the long term, eventually crippling the nation.

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      1) supremacy clause of the constitution
      2) thoose “states rights” you are talking about was the “right” of one person owning others like cattle and working them to death witch is a direct violation of human rights
      3)taxes are the fee you pay to the government to protect your property
      what it does with your money after that is it’s own business so long as it obeys the majority (as it should in a democracy)
      this is exacly the same thing as your employer having no right to command you where to spend your money

      under your taxless libertarian system that you are evidently supporting you would have to protect yourself and your property on your own or possibly via an armed/militaried family

      and there would be nothing stopping anyone from claiming your property their own after they lob canister of sarin gas in your yard and then claim of the property they “found” after throwing away the corpses that happened to be there and washed away the sarin gas from the building

      as you can see if you remoove the state all you are left with is a mad max world

    • Posted by Ed Bear, at Reply

      Hurricane Harvey happened because of gay marriage

  8. Posted by Papi Grande, at Reply

    We can spend more money on Secret Service in 6 months than we did the last 8 years but Trump wants to save money by not staffing critical positions? How about saving us money by not vacationing every week?

    • Posted by Mlpfanboy, at Reply

      Papi Grande he also wants to save us money by banning trans soldiers even though studies show that will cost more money in the long run.

    • Posted by Josephine Bournes, at Reply

      Papi Grande Well said my friend!

  9. Posted by Barry Telesford, at Reply

    Oh so NOW a government needs staff. Thought you guys didnt want big government

    • Posted by Bear Arms, at Reply

      Barry Telesford, when Republicans need government services, to not provide them is unpatriotic.
      When black people need government services they are commie moochers and it is un-American to help them.

    • Posted by Barry Telesford, at Reply

      Bear Arms

      Yes pretty much hypocritical, one sided and so when the democrats are in government they must not listen to then and just press ahead.

  10. Posted by autoyota, at Reply

    How eager to help Texas, will Trump be, when he finds out 35% are hispanic?

    • Posted by Anthony Smith, at Reply

      Jon Balocco why are they sewer rats have you met them all or are you just trumping the situation(no logic at all but just because they’re Mexican)?🤔🙄

    • Posted by Jon Balocco, at Reply

      Anthony “White Boy” Smith…Have you ever lived in Mexico City? East L.A. ? Or any large city in the USA ?

  11. Posted by Nel Matsson, at Reply

    The Trump administration is flooded with imbeciles

    • Posted by Total Water, at Reply

      “The Trump administration is flooded with imbeciles”
      – I guess the tide came in from the Democratic party.

    • Posted by Nel Matsson, at Reply

      No. The storm front of stupidity has always been on the right. Rationalism has a well known liberal bias.

    • Posted by Total Water, at Reply

      “No. The storm front of stupidity has always been on the right. Rationalism has a well known liberal bias.”

      – O’rly? is that why the leftwing domestic terrorist group Antifa and the leftwing racial supremacist group BLM advocate for censorship, vandalism, looting and violence against non-violent persons as legitimate tactics…

      Clearly if reality has a ‘liberal’ bias then that bias is to-the-exclusion-of progressivism/collectivism.

  12. Posted by DarthCipient, at Reply

    Paul Ryan – Leave it to the private sector. Companies can compete with each other to provide the best emergency flood relief. Stranded terrified survivors should be able to choose which one to purchase a comprehensive “Rescue Me From My Roof” package from. Its all about giving consumers the freedom of choice. I also support free enterprise in the volcanic eruption sector.

    • Posted by L.Scott Palmer, at Reply

      I love how Ryan claims to be a Christ follower, yet creams his pants over Ayn Rand, damned even Neil from Rush who wrote lp
      s in the 70’s about Ayn Rand’s bs has denounced her

    • Posted by Robert M, at Reply

      DarthCipient : Conservative republicans just love to contract out government as they claim, the private sector! That way they can contract government out to their republican friends and companies and charge the government inflated prices on everything which some of those inflated prices have a way of working it’s way to their campaign coffers! It’s called stealing through the back door!

    • Posted by Robert M, at Reply

      L.Scott Palmer : He’s more of a money follower! Anyone “can claim” they are a Christ follower on the surface! Christ is the substance of things hoped for, but the Evidence of things not seen! We see the fruit of Paul Ryan, what he is about which is money! He’s been bought and paid for so many times over by corporations that they know him by first name and can count on his rubber stamp vote in the congress! There doesn’t exists a calculator that can add up the numbers how many times the republicans have obviously been bought and paid for! It’s evident in their policies and their vote in congress! You can read them like an open book!

  13. Posted by Ned Thumberland, at Reply

    American conservatives’ idea of government, tax, and budget:
    Yes to government — if it helps me.
    No to government — if it helps “the others,” whom I loathe.
    Starve the beast of “government” with tax cuts and budget cuts until I need help from government. When that happens, tax “the others,” not me, and keep the government budget that helps me and cut the government budget that helps “the others,” whom I loathe.

    • Posted by alphach1mp, at Reply

      Ned Thumberland 100 percent spot on!!

    • Posted by Anthony, at Reply

      So very true

    • Posted by Ned Thumberland, at Reply

      These ideas make American conservatives indistinguishable from a 10-year-old selfish, spoiled, and obnoxious brat on a playground.

    • Posted by Robert M, at Reply

      Ned Thumberland : That’s republicans for you! And people keep voting for these Nuts! Amazing!

  14. Posted by Lou Montana, at Reply

    Does Texas still support Trump?

    • Posted by Billy D, at Reply

      Hillary won Houston and Austin the two most liberal cities

    • Posted by Itzy Zaza, at Reply

      Lou Montana 👎

  15. Posted by XCmdr007, at Reply

    Lack of empathy is the sign of evil. This was proven by Nazis in WW2.

    • Posted by MANGO ZOO, at Reply

      You are so right

    • Posted by dra6o0n, at Reply

      I know I once said that humans needs to transcend their original state to better solve world issues, but I didn’t say they should stop being humans…

    • Posted by Bobbius Shadow, at Reply


      1. Exuberant nationalism
      Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic images, slogans and symbols – National flags are seen everywhere in public display. Territorial aggression is explained to be mere destiny — an unbidden greatness thrust upon the nation by history. It is this burden of unique responsibility that now raises the fascist state above all previous constraint, no longer bound by international obligations, treaties or law.

      2. Enemies Identified
      This national cause is identified as unity against enemies – The people are rallied around a unifying patriotism directed against some common threat: communists, liberals, a racial, ethnic or religious minority, intellectuals, homosexuals, terrorists, etc.
      The state’s message is sometimes couched in an easily recognized religious theme. Amazingly, this language is used even when the full context of the teaching shows the meaning to be diametrically opposed. Any dissent is ”siding with the enemy”, and therefore treasonous.

      3. Rights Disappear
      Disdain for human and political rights – Fascist regimes foster an artificial climate of fear by intentionally amplifying stress and anxiety. Citizens naturally feel a strong need for security and are easily persuaded to ignore abuses in the name of safety. The few still willing to question are met with bullying and smear campaigns of intimidation.
      Legislative bodies, if still in existence at all, are cowed into rubber-stamp submission with occasional ceremonial opposition. The judiciary tends to become activist in support of state views. The public often looks away, or even enthusiastically approves as rights are stripped away.
      The concept of the individual inevitably yields ground, exchanged for the promised safety of the all-powerful state.

      4. Secrecy Demanded
      Obsession with secrecy and national security – The workings of government become increasingly hidden. Questioning of authority is discouraged at all levels of society. From office talk at the water cooler up through the entire apparatus of rule, guarded speech and secrecy become ends in themselves. Troubling questions are muted and entire areas of scrutiny are placed out of bounds by simply invoking ”national security”.

      5. Military Glorified
      Supremacy of the military – The military establishment receives a disproportionate share of government resources, even as pressing domestic needs are neglected. Individual soldiers and military culture are glamorized and made constantly visible.
      This provides both an object for public glorification, as well as sharp warning to possibly restless citizens that the power of the state stands close at hand, ready to use its great potential for violence.

      6. Corporations Shielded
      Corporate power is protected – Typically, a segment of the business elite plays a major role in bringing fascists to national leadership, often from an unsavory obscurity. This marriage of big money and raw violence is often considered by historians to be the hallmark and backbone of fascism.
      As these business-government-military interests meld, the significant threat of organized labor is clearly recognized. Labor unions and their support organizations are either co-opted successfully or ruthlessly suppressed and eliminated as soon as possible.

      7. Corruption Unchecked
      Rampant cronyism and corruption – Fascist states maintain power through this relatively small group of associates, mutually appointing each other to interlocking and rotating positions in government, business and the military.
      With this degree of control, they make full use of both official secrecy and the ready threat of state violence to insulate themselves from any meaningful criticism. They are not accountable and are shielded from scrutiny in a way unthinkable in a democratic society.

      8. Media Controlled
      Mass media – Sometimes the media are controlled directly by clumsy government functionaries. At other times, sympathetic corporate media insiders shape the themes indirectly, and therefore more skillfully. Image regularly trumps content as the ”news” is presented breathlessly and with flashy stage effects.
      A practiced formula of tenacious repetition brings even the most absurd lie into acceptance over time. By design, the very language itself and the coloration employed will push alternate views ”out of the mainstream”.
      The terms of any remaining debate are narrowly defined to the state’s advantage, making it easy to marginalize a truly differing perspective. Censorship and ”self-censorship”, especially in wartime, is common.

      9. Rampant Sexism
      Rampant sexism – Governments of fascist states tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Traditional gender roles are made even more rigid and exaggerated. Virulent homophobia is commonly built into broad policy.

      10. Intellectual Bullying
      Disdain for intellectuals – Fascist society tends to create an environment of extreme hostility to critical thought in general, and to academics in particular.
      Ideologically driven ”science” is elevated and lavishly funded, while any expression not in line with the state view is at first ignored, then challenged, then ridiculed and finally stamped out.
      It is not uncommon for academics to be pressured to attack the work of their insufficiently patriotic peers. Writings are censored; teachers are fired and arrested. Free artistic expression in new works is openly attacked, and existing works deemed unpatriotic are often publicly destroyed.

      11. Militarized Police
      Obsession with crime and punishment – Fascist society is often willing to overlook police abuses and forego civil liberties in the name of patriotism. Long jail sentences for clearly political offenses, torture and then assassination are at first uncomfortably tolerated, and then start to pile up to become the norm.
      Often a national police force is given virtually unlimited power to snoop through the civilian population. Networks of surveillance and informers are employed, both for actual intelligence gathering and also as a means to keep neighbors and co-workers isolated and mistrustful of each other.

      12. Elections Stolen
      Fraudulent elections – In the disordered time as fascists are rising to power, the electoral arena becomes increasingly confusing, corrupted, and manipulated.
      There is rising public cynicism and distrust over what are widely believed to be phony elections manipulated by moneyed influence, obvious media bias, smear campaigns, ballot tampering, judicial interference, intimidation, or outright assassination of potential opposition. Fascists in power have been known to use this disorder as the rationale to delay elections indefinitely.

  16. Posted by Julio Brian, at Reply

    How is this man STILL President?


    • Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

      Julio Brian because he was duly elected that’s why!

    • Posted by Ryan D, at Reply

      Trey Corteź The question was “how?”, not “why?”. Obviously by your lack of intelligence, I can clearly deduce that you voted for the orange clown.

    • Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

      Ryan D it’s the same damn answer! He was duly elected that’s HOW he’s still President.

    • Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

      Ryan D whether it’s how or why it’s the same answer

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      Ryan, I have to agree with Trey on that one.