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Fox News Suspends Commentator Over Trump Comments


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Andrew Napolitano has actually been started the air at Fox News. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, tells you why his remarks obtained him in trouble this time around. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" Fox News elderly judicial analyst Court Andrew Napolitano is being deflected the air forever amid the controversy over his unproven cases that British intelligence wiretapped Trump Tower at the request of previous President Obama.

Fox Information did not reply to questions regarding Napolitano's condition Monday. Napolitano was conspicuously missing out on from the network's coverage of the verification hearings on High court candidate Neil Gorsuch– an event in which he generally would have played a considerable duty. He has not been on the air considering that Thursday.

Individuals acquainted with the situation that might speak just on the condition of anonymity said Napolitano is not anticipated to be on Fox Information Network any time in the future. Napolitano was not offered for remark.

On March 4, President Trump first tweeted the accusation that Obama bought his "' wires touched' in Trump Tower right before the victory."

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  1. Posted by Darlene Bimbai, at Reply

    The guy is a total quack, he deserved it.

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      Napolitano is actually kind of smart but has fallen under the Trump delusional disorder spell that everyone is out to get him.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Nah, he told the truth but low IQ libtards are too stupid to see it.

  2. Posted by David D Eli, at Reply

    who would ever believe you could be suspended from fox for not being honest

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Jim is the man: _”CNN’s is only that low because they have ‘conservative’ commentators like Palin…”_
      You’re arguing that CNN is an otherwise reputable news source. Unbelievable.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Trollup Go to Politifact. Read the rating and the stories they rated as well as who the commentators were. Get back to me.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @The Right Stuff: That “Doctorate” you got from the cereal box doesn’t actually mean you are educated.

    • Posted by You Embarrass Me, at Reply

      +Jim CNN is as much a propaganda outlet as Faux. While Faux does traffic in deliberate falsehoods, this is not the only form of propaganda. It is possible to air stories that are, in effect, true and still achieve a propaganda purpose through omission and emphasis. Go back and review the coverage of so called liberal outlets like CNN and MSNBC for in depth coverage of climate change or even incidental mentions of this subject. The human and financial costs of perpetual war? Of course not, these contradict important corporate agendas. So, they will be OMITTED . On the other hand, how much will you be told about ISIS and terrorism? This will EMPHASIZED because it serves agendas of powerful interests. The right/left Republican/Democrat dichotomy is a charade that is emphasized for propaganda purposes to create the illusion of democratic choice.

  3. Posted by Conor McGregor's Pool Noodle, at Reply

    fox news = fake news

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      Conor McGregor’s Pool Noodle Faux News.

    • Posted by Ms. Gem1n183, at Reply

      Trollop 7 yep

    • Posted by Philippe Nachtergal, at Reply

      Almost. They are facts news. (Talking about CNN and TYT. Fox commentator shows are fake)

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ‘Fake news’ is like MAGA – another meaningless, jingoistic phrase that makes me want to punch a
      hillbilly in the head.

    • Posted by Jason Milton, at Reply

      Faux News… The channel for Idiots..

  4. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    But but but muh freedom of speeeeech! Riiiiiight Trumptards?

    • Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

      *Don! Where have you been? I was about to have the FBI search for you…SAD!*

    • Posted by Remy Leblu, at Reply

      freemdombase — What does that have to do with this story?
      Trump said obama wiretapped him.
      Trump said his source was fox news
      Fox news said they cannot confirm and have no evidence to show obama wiretapped trump

      What does that have to do with what you just said?

    • Posted by Chow Chow, at Reply

      Remy Leblu You’re both correct. The point being it took Faux News, until now to debunk the story. While the real media was all over it from day one. Obama can be called all the racial slurs that right can think of. You just can’t call him stupid.

    • Posted by ., at Reply

      Don The Con Lol @muh😂😂😂

  5. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    The trump voter has failed the United States. They are being silently eradicated from the nation. They have no exit strategy.

    • Posted by Gary M, at Reply

      nosuchthing8 Almost sounds like you’re gloating about getting a Patriot out of the way so your Soros/Clinton criminal mates can get the US back on the slimy slope to hell. Do you reckon you’ll be remembered and thanked by the elite? Go for it, you’re just SO enlightened. Don’t worry about draining the swamp, your pedophile puppet masters really have your future in mind.

    • Posted by waveali, at Reply

      Best comment on this board.

    • Posted by Lulu Williams, at Reply

      Gary M The boat is sinking and you’re not realizing it.

  6. Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

    *Andrew is a TREMENDOUS winner! and a brilliant legal mind! The absolute best! (besides me) He ACCURATELY described how DO NOTHING Obama illegally TAPPED my wires! Treated VERY unfairly by those at Fox News that don’t like me! This is Nixon/Watergate bad!*

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Hysterical only with a supporter you need the dots as well… …

    • Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

      *Marco Polo, that just confirms to me that you’re a bot. Thanks for proving me right.*

    • Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

      YES! A bigly ammountt of dots…..and mispellings are necesary to Make America Great Again.*

  7. Posted by OrionPax09, at Reply

    The self-destruction brought upon by the Trump administration has spread to Fox News. Trump is a cancer that’s going to cause the USA to rot away from the inside.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      TYTards are a cancer wrapped in a riddle.

    • Posted by K Black, at Reply

      Marco Polo
      ckenk fyngur has em rope a doped.

    • Posted by redd1911, at Reply

      You sure is doing a lot of hating

  8. Posted by Mark Halley, at Reply

    Tomi Lahren… this guys… but I was told conservatives are all about free speech.

    • Posted by Dumdumdumdum Dum, at Reply

      The right always stick by their people like Milo. I wonder how his job is going at breitbart.

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      Dumdumdumdum Dum milo is merely used to give the appearance of modernism. he is a puppet to be shown while in actuallity they are disgusted by him. even milo doesnt like the fact thaz he is gay, himself.

    • Posted by Phil L, at Reply

      That’s not new. What’s new is fox news actually has a standard they won’t go under.

  9. Posted by John3I6, at Reply


    • Posted by BostonRedSoxForever, at Reply

      John3l6: They’re the inventors of fake news, John!

    • Posted by The RightStuff, at Reply

      uou guys are right … CNN is such the stellar model of journalistic
      ethics (LMAO) … funny how no one here talks about the FALSE story
      promoted by the lefty nuts that there was collusion between Trump &
      Russia. [no evidence = false]

  10. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    Fox News is Trump’s little safe space. Any person with half a brain knows this.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      They may be more half-hearted going forward. He’s doing a lot to seniors who watch Fox. As hatred among working class people for Trump grows (especially baby boomers – their demographic), you’ll see Fox and even the GOP more willing to throw him under the bus. it would be further proving there is no liberal media bias, more like the media goes where the revenue is.

    • Posted by LordHealey, at Reply

      Interesting comment John. It does seem clear that there has been some kind of directive from the top of Fox News (from Rupert himself?) to suddenly be much more skeptical of Donald Trump, and to exercise more caution in their bias. The question is not that this shift has occurred but why; your answer to that is an interesting answer but I would ask whether Fox has ever cared what working-class people think. But to the extent the elderly, as you also say, are Fox viewers then that may drive skepticism. But would it not also make sense that Fox News and Murdoch are more naturally allied to the Congressional Republican faction and these congressional Republicans seem to now realise that Trump is a lame duck. Whether he resigns next month or is impeached three years from now, it’s almost like they know that he’s not going to get out of this in the normal way.

  11. Posted by John3I6, at Reply


    • Posted by RC Gamex, at Reply

      Marco Polo 😂I can’t even 😳😬😁😂

    • Posted by David Porter, at Reply

      +Marco Polo He’s not a newsman. He runs an opinion show. Even he states this when he is defending bullshit that he airs. “I’m not news I’m an opinion show.” Do you understand the difference between facts and opinions or are you just another gullible moron?

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ^ Marco Polo is a common Trump trash troll as been running around the old videos abusing people.

  12. Posted by JoshCube2, at Reply

    Fox News is a comedy show.

    • Posted by Michael Echeverria, at Reply

      +JoshCube2 Fox = Fictional or xenophobic (News)

    • Posted by Charlie T., at Reply

      K Black: I’ve done considerable research regarding you allegations of CNN presenting ‘faked coverage” of the Gulf War. Seems the only parties reporting on this allegation are those generally regarded as highly suspect in terms of credibility and objectivity. Sources lacking both of these traits are clearly unreliable. Only a fool would take such sources seriously. There wasn’t a single credible source offering coverage, much less evidence, in support. Just because you hear or view something that aligns with your beliefs does mean it is true. In example: I’m a reasonable and unbiased person attempting to reason with an unreasonable and biased person. Despite having nothing to prove I’m reasonable and/or unbiased, it must be true for those who agree with my allegations that you are both unreasonable and biased. There are no facts. There is no outside confirmation. However, many will take what I’m saying as fact. See what I mean? Without proof of bias and objectivity, without facts, without corroboration, it is unwise to believe anything. You have done exactly that. I suspect you have a habit of doing this. Sadly, you are not alone.

    • Posted by swfcocs1, at Reply

      Marco Polo I’m confused,so you’re saying Fox “news” isnt right wing enough? christ on a bike if Fox moves any further to the far right they’ll need to change it’s name to”De Sturmer”

  13. Posted by Tony C., at Reply

    “Buffoon” is an understatement when it comes to Trump.

    • Posted by WWZenaDo, at Reply

      Even “baboon” is an understatement when it comes to Trump.  I apologize to baboons for the momentary comparison.

  14. Posted by LaviArray, at Reply

    Fox news has standards now?
    What the hell is the world coming to?

    • Posted by Evana L., at Reply

      freedombase, you’re a nut.

    • Posted by Jeff Campbell, at Reply

      Freedombase, Gosh, buddy. Hope your insurance covers therapy for that anti-social, paranoid, psychotic-break-with-reality you have going. You seem just a little unhappy. Best wishes from a libtard!

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      i see you a Main Stream Liberal Progressive Democrat Leader is making terrorist death threats against President Trump
      this is a federal Crime and the NSA and Secret Service will be coming to your Job and having a talk with you in front your boss
      i am screen capturing your comment and will be placing it on a video about hateful liberal progressive bernie sanders backers

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Whey do you hate Jews?
      Why do you hate America/Western Civilization?
      you can hate me all you want your Hate will be the cause of more liberal progressives losing elections
      your comments will be the tools of your own defeat

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      No i am not michael moore who claims Jews did 9/11

  15. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    fox news and it’s followers will believe things that doesn’t even exist, but will watch a cop kill an unarmed man on video who’s not resisting, but won’t believe the man wasn’t resisting just because the cop said…….he was resisting? !?!?

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +redd1911 show me where I said police shootings are fake? I instead was insinuating just how corrupt our police have become when they can shoot someone on camera who is unarmed and not posing a life or death threat to the cops and the cops won’t see the inside of a courtroom. That’s fake Justice Just Like fox news is fake÷

    • Posted by redd1911, at Reply

      Can you read? My reply was in response to Marco Polo. He mention about the fake police shootings.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Melanie, I don’t need to answer your stupid questions. However I do have an important question for you. Are you triggered by MP? Ha Ha !!!

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Jamie can you block this Marco trash troll please? I can’t see what you’re saying.

  16. Posted by AJ Beamish, at Reply

    It’s like Repoublicunts are so used to lying they can’t stop…

    • Posted by AJ Beamish, at Reply

      +Joe Daker You are a very special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

    • Posted by Joe Daker, at Reply

      aww is the snowflake mad? hahaha

    • Posted by Joe Daker, at Reply

      oh the little libtard has mom jokes lol. i love pissing off libtards but shouldnt you like it since you like michaels bbc pissing down your throat? oh sorry i mean michelle lol. you triggered libtard?

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ^ Conservacunts must be so frustrated that they can only come up with the word ‘libtard’ after all this
      time. Mr Beamish, you should block this abusive troll as well.

  17. Posted by Robert M, at Reply

    Napolitano must be a special brand of scum when even fox can’t spin his lies

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      He did a great job telling the truth. Its not his fault filthy libs can’t handle it.

    • Posted by Miss Shuck, at Reply

      But… but… Trump said he was a well respected great guy…

  18. Posted by Henry von Rintelen, at Reply

    Angela Merkel is a physicist who speaks English, Russian, German, and more. She is known for her reserved and calculated yet compassionate nature. Her face in that clip says only five words “this guy is an idiot,” over and over and over.

    • Posted by WWZenaDo, at Reply

      +Michael Williams  It’s difficult to like a spy agency, even if one’s own government claims that it *never* uses it to spy on its own citizens.

    • Posted by Michael Williams, at Reply

      Yeah, we should never forget that there are uninformed people on both sides. The difference is that liberals didn’t just elect their court jester to the presidency 😉

    • Posted by Michael Williams, at Reply

      True, but it is hard to tell with some conservatives. It must be tough to decide whether they love their personal freedoms more than they hate the personal freedoms of furriners.

  19. Posted by FrakU2, at Reply

    America. Face it. You f_cked up!

    • Posted by Newtron News, at Reply

      FrakU2 trust me we know

    • Posted by Addam Walker, at Reply

      FrakU2 Yes we did