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Fox News Vs Super Mario


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Have the COMPUTER cops reached Mario? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" As far as Labor Day weekend rumors go, it was very thin soup. At the leader of the pack was a strange update from Nintendo to the Japanese language account of Super Mario. The famous brand is now no longer a plumber, but now rather has actually gone after a variety of rate of interests.

As Mediaite reported, it was an adjustment that really did not sit well with followers.

It additionally elevated the hackles of Fox & Buddies' Steve Doocy that joked (not joked) that the adjustment might have been due to—- POLITICAL ACCURACIES." *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Sage Brignac, at Reply

    The Turks are talking about games again?
    *grabs popcorn*
    Oh goodness no.

  2. Posted by Justin Rockholt, at Reply

    Well, it makes sense considering the popularity of Mario Kart (Racing) and various Mario sports games (Sports) and the fact that he hasn’t been a Plumber since the original Mario Brothers where he was under Brooklyn. So yeah, I’d say it actually makes sense.

  3. Posted by StarFighters76, at Reply

    I suppose it really depends on how deep you think about the Mario character. First he was a construction worker (Donkey Kong), and when that didn’t work out, he became a plumber (Mario Bros – who knows what), or maybe he was both a construction worker and plumber side by side. And since he’s such a workaholic, he became a doctor (Dr. Mario), but for the most part he was primarily a plumber. And soon as things slowed down in the plumbing profession (because maybe all the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom finally learned to stop clogging their drains), and with all the money he’s made and defeating Bowser, he decided to go on vacation (Super Mario World, Sunshine and who knows what else). After all that he had a mid-life crisis and decided to venture out to other fields (all the sports, racing, party games), while still being a superhero (RPG games, Galaxy, etc).

    Bottom line, Mario is a plumber first and foremost, but more lately he’s become a jack of all trades.

  4. Posted by EazyE, at Reply

    Fox is the same channel that ran a serious story attacking spongebob for indoctrinating kids about climate change.

  5. Posted by jawadad802, at Reply

    WHATS NEXT ? gardeners going to community college…. someone ought to tell fox they replaced him with a jewish plumber….

  6. Posted by Cody Jamison, at Reply

    and he was kind of a carpenter before that

  7. Posted by Capng123, at Reply

    Mario Mario… another victim of the “gig economy”…

  8. Posted by tktru, at Reply

    2007: “Series of tubes”
    2017: “Where you have to line up the colors”

  9. Posted by Yorick Jenkins, at Reply

    I am not liberally inclined but if this account is true (a necessary caveat), the police officer in question should definitely lose his job with no chance of ever working for the US police force again

  10. Posted by arsenelupin123, at Reply

    When is the last time you’ve seen Mario do plumbing?

    Thought so.

  11. Posted by Williamkurk, at Reply

    Thanks Ana for correcting Cenk on “MARIO”!!! That’s the top cardinal sin of life to pronounce it as MARE-IO! lol.

  12. Posted by Hank East, at Reply

    I usually don’t watch TYT main…but I gotta watch this one. IT’S’A ME, MARIO, HAHA, MAMA MIA!!!

  13. Posted by amazedsatsuma, at Reply

    Does the mushroom kingdom even have indoor plumbing? I mean it is not like the warp pipes scatter around the world seem to be connected to a working sewer system

  14. Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

    Where are the TYT trolls saying ” this isn’t real news” now that FOX got literally nothing else to do than to discuss a video game characters job?

  15. Posted by krich451, at Reply

    Mario was a carpenter before he was a plumber anyway.

  16. Posted by Sonnera, at Reply

    As a gamer, Ana and Cenk’s exchange was painful. Anyway, I am willing to bet Nintendo made the change because Mario being a plumber is completely irrelevant to the Mario brand now. The only connection still is the warp pipes. It was time to move on, lol.

  17. Posted by Yong Yung, at Reply

    >The tweets were joking

    Yeah… but so was Fox News you knucklehead! I mean you can criticize Fox News for a lot of things but this, they were clearly joking, come on.

  18. Posted by Hillbot Tear Dispenser, at Reply

    Ana may not know what the US Constitution says, but at least she knows how to pronounce Mario. I wonder if she learned that when she was going for her Masters.

  19. Posted by Chibimonsta, at Reply

    Fox is a joke

  20. Posted by Angus Behm, at Reply

    Why are you guys embarrassed to talk about this? Video games and video game culture is huge, it seems like Ana and Cenk see it as beneath them