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Fox News: Waiters Getting $15 An Hour Is A TRAGEDY


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Stuart Varney: All big business publicity. Constantly. Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us what you assume in the remark section below.

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" Stuart Varney isn't encouraged that restaurant workers making a $15 minimum wage are worthy of the common 15-20 percent idea for their solutions, as the Fox Company host revealed on his show today that he could hesitate before shelling out the money at the end of his dishes.

While talking about new base pay regulations, Varney accused the plans of suffocating the economic situation and also proposed taking the conservative financial battle right to the laborers.

" If I walk right into a restaurant as well as I understand the waitress or waitress is making $15 an hour, means more than they made use of to make the previous year, I am mosting likely to say, 'wait a minute am I going to offer you 20%, 15% or whatever?'" examined Varney, whose punditry on Fox Service Network has made him a multi-millionaire." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Princess Ameatia, at Reply

    Entry level positions? You mean the entry level position that requires 5 years of experience and pays less than minimum wage?

    • Posted by Jakazu, at Reply

      Pretty much girlfriend.

  2. Posted by BloodMoneyLLC, at Reply

    If you don’t pay your workers enough, your country has a weak economy and becomes riddled with public health problems, income inequality, social strife, and political turmoil. Oh right. This is America!

    • Posted by Kath Casey, at Reply

      BloodMoneyLLC – well said!

  3. Posted by Stephen James Hooper, at Reply

    If you can’t pay an employee the bare minimum to survive and have some small sense of a life…. You have no place being in business.

    • Posted by failed comedian, at Reply

      Well, it’s not up to you to determine which business that can survive but rather the customer. I was able to live on the min wage. This is why people hate liberals because of their smug attitude of telling small business of they are worthy of surving.

  4. Posted by Bert Turbaville, at Reply

    I find it odd they call a CEO to comment, but I didn’t see one server asked on air what their honest opinion is. Then again, this IS Fakes News.

  5. Posted by Roland G, at Reply

    Nah tax cuts and bail outs for the rich and big business is the real tragedy.

  6. Posted by sandra beeline, at Reply

    Jeff Sessions being born is a tragedy!!

  7. Posted by ross vandenberg, at Reply

    So what about the higher wages that were promised with the MASSIVE TAX CUTS FOR THE CORPORTATIONS!!! WTF!?!?!!

    • Posted by Angel Gutierrez, at Reply

      ross vandenberg Pretty much every company cut thousands of jobs…

  8. Posted by David Brown, at Reply

    So rich people complaining about poor people making more money.

  9. Posted by The Mexican Animator, at Reply

    This guy is gonna get extra ingredients on his food. I at least hope he does

  10. Posted by Sulfen, at Reply

    Republicans want people working slave wages so that the money can keep concentrating at the top.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      then roy moore of the world could say, not guilty, the girls’ mothers are weak, they gave me permission to rub my naked body on their daughter’s naked fresh young pubescent skin…

  11. Posted by Jeremy Kuronya, at Reply

    Still minimum wage, because now these people won’t qualify for medicare. Payiing out of pocket will bring them down where they were. We need all around reform. They’ll have to choose between healthcare and sustanance

  12. Posted by xiaoecho, at Reply

    It’s not an exaggeration to call varney evil. He has no humanity towards those he doesnt identify with. There is another word for this -psychopathy. Psychopaths are a predatory, parasitic subset of the human race. They are a danger to mankind and we are increasinly ruled by these not quite humans.

    • Posted by TyCon iWanker Tramp, at Reply

      Selfless angels like me are rare. I take no White House salary, I sacrifice my time to draft tax bill and healthcare bill to help daddy, Jared, DeVos, Mercer and Putin’s long-suffering American billionaires. Why are you so jealous of my self-made fortune and authentic hair color? Why can’t you just buy a piece of me, or my dress?

  13. Posted by Jim Willaims, at Reply

    If I was a waiter id rub my balls on his food

    • Posted by 佐井トラね子, at Reply

      Don’t waste the food, just eat it and bring him an empty plate.

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      Or give him some “special sauce”… 😀

  14. Posted by Gary S, at Reply

    Burger flippers in Aus start at $16-18 p/h,this is for teenagers and the businesses make a profit…go figure.

    • Posted by MrDeedsly, at Reply


    • Posted by HipHop Anonymous, at Reply

      Then why hasn’t someone already started a business here and paid $16-18? If the cost of starting/maintaining a business is the same in parts of the US as it is in Australia, then that’s a massive business opportunity – obviously you would go there because you care about the workers getting paid more, so would tons of other people.

      The fundamental question when someone says “Things should be like this.” is “Then why aren’t they already?” Can you answer that?

    • Posted by TyCon iWanker Tramp, at Reply

      Burger flippers in Jakarta and Delhi start at $1.50/hr. Some very young fashion models at Moscow would do Melania style porn nudes – with their mother’s permission. Americans are so entitled. My private prison wage reform bill is on the way, to MAGA = make Americans grateful again!

    • Posted by Gary S, at Reply

      Green Card

  15. Posted by Conan Seibel, at Reply

    The nerve, how dare they try to barely make it.

  16. Posted by Olly, at Reply

    $15 an hour is a tragedy, while being paid millions of dollars a year to spread divisive poison and hatred of poorer people is honourable?? Your country has a warped hero worship of money, while being nearly spiritually bankrupt…

    • Posted by Jessica Prado Hanson, at Reply

      Olly agree

  17. Posted by Claudia Bolanos, at Reply

    My fiancée now earns 15 dollars an hour, now we can finally afford to stop using food stamps. I don’t see the issue.

  18. Posted by Freddy Lubin, at Reply

    That’s definitely a guy who doesn’t give tips. Please, waiters, spit in his wine.

    • Posted by Objective Realist 420, at Reply

      Why is it that only waiters should get a minimum wage and also tips? If I go into a shop or any other business where the staff work just as hard for the same amount, they don’t get tips. What is so special about waiters? It is an American cultural tradition, I don’t see any reason they deserve to be paid extra by customers when no other type of staff in other business get this bonus.

  19. Posted by Jag Garcia, at Reply

    Fox would support slavery for the sake of the elite….

  20. Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

    The staff who are being paid more don’t like it?
    Really Varney? You’re gonna try and push that ridiculous narrative?