Freaky Phobias: Don’t Get Scared! (September 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Freaky Phobias: Don’t Get Scared! (September 2017) || FailArmy


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Crawlers? Serpents? Clowns? Just what are you most afraid of? We compiled some funny reactions to individuals's worst anxieties for your satisfaction. Relax, loosen up as well as have a poke fun at various other's misfortune. Have a video clip of your own? Submit it at!


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Video clips:
Python Strikes Guy Taking Selfie
Clown Ruins Bday
Spider Trick
Python in the Everglades
Doll Terrifies Child
Terrified of Heights
Crocodile Strike
Creepy Clown
Cat Obtains Frightened by Foam Finger
Family pet Bird Strikes Girl's Hair
Partner Pranks Wife With Computer mouse in Candy Box
Snake Slithers into Chauffeur's Home window
Female Prepares Herself for Shots
Man Discovers Giant Spider in Shower
Guy Freaks Out Over Counterfeit Serpent
Woman Freaks out When Daddy Plays with Arachnid
Drunk Praying Mantis Assaults Phone
Shipment Male Encounters Serpent
Papa Conquers Worry of Levels by Peering Over Edge
Guy Gets Frightened Over Bug
Feline Alarms Pet dog
Mom Freaks out While Wearing Virtual Truth Headset
Motorcyclist Directly Misses out on Being Hit by Bike
Ladies Produce Elaborate Plan to Get Rat Out
Man Drops Flag Throughout Lightning Strike
Person Terrifies Brother Playing Video Game
Individual Attempts to Deal with Hawk for Drone
Two Youngsters Freak Out Over Titan Moth
Male Pranks Sibling with Giant Serpent
Boy Freaks Out Mom With Real Serpent
Individual Flipped out by Phony Snake
Father Scares Son With Creepy Doll
Guy Discovers Two Serpents Concealing in Dryer
Rattlesnake Tries to Board a Watercraft

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  1. Posted by Sana Iwao, at Reply

    Should have included the vid of the guy taped up in a bathtub with some lobsters

  2. Posted by Ghosty Posty, at Reply

    I’m scared of those creepy kid dolls and mannequins. I’m already ready to punch mannequins if they move when I pass them in stores.

  3. Posted by PyroAnimus, at Reply

    and now you know what every day Australia is like

  4. Posted by Dutli Anvilhand, at Reply

    I don’t think of being afraid of alligators as a phobia but more of a since of self preservation against an eat anything it wants machine.

  5. Posted by Alexandro Rodrigues Da Silva, at Reply

    I couldnt see it until the end, i stoped in 2:00 kkk

  6. Posted by christy r, at Reply

    @ 1:00 all his buddies were like, what you get for wearing a size shmedium pink shirt.
    Its not a phobia when an alligator gets ahold fucking foot. That’s a fucking problem LOL

  7. Posted by ClassiC OG, at Reply

    Phobias? Most of them aren’t even a phobia just a fail

  8. Posted by Antonio Valadez, at Reply

    Ok, I love rats and keep them as pets, myself, but that slapshot at the end of 1:05 was a game winner.

  9. Posted by myo360, at Reply

    4:13 4:22 why she got one shoe on??? bruh for real

  10. Posted by Greensheep99, at Reply

    I feel mostly relatable to the videos

  11. Posted by Swedish Otaku, at Reply

    1:31 Fucking hell, why was he so fucking slow to react?

  12. Posted by Midknight1124, at Reply

    2:37 ah yes, the phobia of crashing your bike

  13. Posted by Aidan Spencer, at Reply

    What’s up with all the new ads you can’t skip

  14. Posted by Crystal Superstar, at Reply

    I won the challenge.
    *sees dead mouse*

  15. Posted by Terrahamster, at Reply

    The dog at 4.16 : “WTF is wrong with her?”

  16. Posted by Kareem Thaer, at Reply

    1:18 the golf man sounds just like ( Ksi )

  17. Posted by SonOfAKing, at Reply

    3:55 “Thats a rattlesnake!” I don’t even….

  18. Posted by Tarl Cragun, at Reply

    At. 1:02 the snake has my same fear of Indians in pink shirts.

  19. Posted by GhOsT MaN, at Reply

    That first one he was scared because it was black