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Troll Queen Ann Coulter goes fullblown snow, aims to transform organizing conflict at UC Berkeley into free speech debate. Organized by Hasan Piker. See a lot more TYT Facebook originals at

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  1. Posted by The Progressive Voice, at Reply

    The trolls fund TYT lmao

    • Posted by Lebane Dick-fart, at Reply

      Regressive voice is more like it

    • Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

      Gasper, you might not think you are generating revenue for TYT, but you are. The more views, the more comments, the more dislikes, the higher TYT’s videos are ranked in YouTube’s recommended videos algorithms. And the higher rank in the algorithms, the more new viewers are attracted.

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply

      The Progressive Voice TYT is left wing propaganda

    • Posted by A Steer, at Reply

      I know.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +VampireKing lol the kid is literally recording from his bedroom with a potato

  2. Posted by W0t Up B1tch ;D, at Reply


    • Posted by W0t Up B1tch ;D, at Reply

      SAVE US

    • Posted by fayzaan, at Reply

      I’m here for you. I’ll shove the first amendment so far up Antifas’ cunts, that it’ll finally reach their brains.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply


    • Posted by fayzaan, at Reply

      Again, how’s that relevant ?

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +fayzaan shes just on her period and hasnt gotten over the election yet

  3. Posted by yemo34, at Reply

    kill this segment.

    • Posted by cesare bacchelli, at Reply

      yemo34 why? The truths hurt so much isnt it.

    • Posted by Gasper Ghost, at Reply

      OMG what a strong statement.

    • Posted by Siddharth Birdi, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump

      No he didn’t, u don’t need to lie to take down Alex Jones.

    • Posted by Salim Fortez, at Reply

      No keep this segment PLEASE, this guy makes himself a meme every video it’s amazing

    • Posted by Salim Fortez, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump when is TYT gonna hire you? You give Hasan strong competition for cringiest TYT spokesperson

  4. Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

    Trump is one Giant failure to America

    • Posted by Al Capwned, at Reply

      Charles Baylor and you have Hillary and her cronies to thank.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      Al Capwned Bernie endorsed Hillary !!

    • Posted by Lebane Dick-fart, at Reply

      Well of course the DNC is responsible for Trump’s win. It’s run and mostly populated by a bunch of ACTUAL liberal retards…But that doesn’t negate the fact that Trump is the BIGGEST embarrassment to America in modern and quite possibly all of history.

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

      +The Young Turds Trump didn’t accomplish what he promised to the American people in his first hundred days, so to his own standards He’s a failure.

      One giant Orange turd

      Sorry if that hurts your feelings little cuckservative baby. Just cuck Trump like usual and it will make you feel better Hahaha

  5. Posted by Be N S O N, at Reply

    any word on the antifa thugs running around attacking people? no? okay.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Doesn’t happen.

    • Posted by Be N S O N, at Reply

      Berekley didn’t happen?

    • Posted by Zero time for fun, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump so that last fight wasn’t them? you know the one where the communists porn star who was trying to enter a fight punched in face by a Nazi?

    • Posted by Jordan Luoneas, at Reply

      They only attack trumptards.

  6. Posted by Michael Belzowski, at Reply

    Tyts worst reporter… hassan

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply


  7. Posted by SAM MILLER, at Reply

    how about TYT concentrates on the violence coming from the left like they did during Trump’s campaign run. oh wait it doesn’t follow your agenda. #TYThypocrites

    • Posted by Tim Symons, at Reply

      Yep. I would love if all the right wing bloggers, fox news and people like Crowder would call out all the white, right-wing terrorism as well. TYT aren’t the only one with an agenda. #alternativemediahypocrits

    • Posted by mikelon6343, at Reply

      go take a search of TYT’s videos with the header “Dylan Roof”
      now go search for “Sweden Terror attack”

    • Posted by Tim Symons, at Reply

      Then search Steven Crowder’s videos for “Dylann Roof” and now search for “black lives matter.” Expecting alternative media to offer balanced reporting of issues that don’t fit their agenda is a fool’s errand.

  8. Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

    You think this queer has enough rings on his hand?

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      Some old fart is jealous…

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      fawkzzz hahahahaha that was the corniest reply to protect your mancrush

  9. Posted by Jeremy Ellwood, at Reply

    *WHY* is Hasan getting so much screen time?
    He’s possibly the WORST of the team!

    PLEASE, if you’re going to rely on nepotism, allow him a BEHIND THE SCENES position.

    • Posted by David Ford, at Reply

      Jeremy Ellwood That scottish guy is my least favourite.

    • Posted by David Ford, at Reply

      What’s his name again, something maxwell?

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Hasan got girl fans. Deal with it. Go to gym, cycle to work or something.

  10. Posted by ArivHere, at Reply

    Wish TYT mentions this guy’s name in the title to make it easier to skip.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Don’t skip. Do dislike. He’ll go the way of Shaun King.

  11. Posted by Ken Scherer, at Reply

    Regressive Liberals will be the cause of public colleges losing state and federal taxpayer money.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      bye bye funding for gender studies lol.

  12. Posted by The Panda, at Reply

    Hasan Piker could be the most idiotic person I know. All his segments suck.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      He’s so unfunny he makes Amy Schumer look like George Carlin.

    • Posted by Saber Cave, at Reply

      I agree they really lost out on this jay burchel on steroids wannbe holy man lol. Those rings :/ stay tuned for his next album, “I know everything, you don’t” by H-pike

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Still laughing that Alex Jones lost his kids in court for being a lying freak – HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      No-one cares about Alex Jones, Two-Lumps, apart from you.

  13. Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

    A “troll” is someone with whom the left disagrees with. Yeah

    • Posted by Guillermo Sanchez, at Reply

      Only an imbecile like you would come to that conclusion.

    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      Trolls are fatherless, raised off of 4chan, manchildren living in their mommy’s basements making racist, bigotted, bullshit drive-by comments with no substance and no logic. They can feign disagreement and difference of opinion all they want, but they bring nothing but bullshit to the table.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Copper Necktie – You have no data on the actual numbers or percentages of TYT posters (and on other channels) who were raised on 4chan, are fatherless and who live in their mommy’s basements. Furthermore, throwing out labels devoid of any real meaning (racist, bigoted, bullshit) erodes your assertions even more!

  14. Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

    So she a toned down female Alex Jones

    • Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

      Who care about Ann now! Tomi is so F’n hot, I’d suck her toes as she spew her hate and nod yes to it

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      +edward hickey A few examples of her “Wisdom”:

      “Darwinism never disappoints the liberals. They never say ‘Well, I’d like to have cheap meaningless sex tonight, but that would violate Darwinism.’ They can’t even say ‘I’d like to have cheap meaningless sex tonight with a goat, but that would violate Darwinism.’ If you have an instinct to do it, it must be evolved adaptation. Liberals subscribe to Darwinism not because it’s science, which they hate, but out of some wishful thinking. Darwinism lets them off the hook morally.” – Ann Coulter, Godless

      “I wouldn’t kill an abortionist myself, but I wouldn’t want to impose my moral values on others. No one is for shooting abortionists. But how will criminalizing men making difficult, often tragic, decisions be an effective means of achieving the goal of reducing the shootings of abortionists?” -Ann Coulter

      (on the murder of Doctor George Tiller) “I don’t really like to think of it as a murder. It was terminating Tiller in the 203rd trimester.” -Ann Coulter

      Throw in enough words like imagine, perhaps, and might have — and you’ve got yourself a scientific theory! How about this: Imagine a giant raccoon passed gas and perhaps the resulting gas might have created the vast variety of life we see on Earth. And if you don’t accept the giant raccoon flatulence theory for the origin of life, you must be a fundamentalist Christian nut who believes the Earth is flat. That’s basically how the argument for evolution goes.” -Ann Coulter

      “I think [women] should be armed but should not vote. No, they all have to give up their vote, not just, you know, the lady clapping and me. The problem with women voting — and your Communists will back me up on this — is that, you know, women have no capacity to understand how money is earned. They have a lot of ideas on how to spend it. And when they take these polls, it’s always more money on education, more money on child care, more money on day care.” -Ann Coulter

      Hopefully, that gives you some idea as to what kind of person she is.

  15. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    The Trump trolls are severely triggered by this video.

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Why are you triggered ?

  16. Posted by Curtis Smale, at Reply

    Oh look at that. Another Hasan video, and the comments default to Newest rather than Top Comments. Funny how that happens. Anywhoo, TYT gets a dislike for hosting Hasan. Even though he actually made a couple truths this time…

    • Posted by Adur Pandya, at Reply

      because obese man-child neckbeards can’t bear to look at him and start whining. that whining is annoying.

    • Posted by Curtis Smale, at Reply

      Ah yes… the sky is blue and kittens meow. Remind me again why you brought up some unrelated obvious truth as a reply to me?

    • Posted by Adur Pandya, at Reply

      cause it’s funny. also not unrelated

    • Posted by Curtis Smale, at Reply

      I see… you’re one of those people that connect dogs to trees because of bark. Go back to 5th grade and finish up. There is so much more to life than you know so far.

  17. Posted by e.g John, at Reply

    You need 3 more rings, for all the years you spent in primary school

    • Posted by bongo155, at Reply

      i like hasan but i laughed

  18. Posted by Seth N, at Reply

    Does the left realize that censorship of ideas is how dictators are born?

    • Posted by Andy Brice, at Reply

      Adam Madi She was rescheduled because of violent threats. That may not be government censorship, but it’s a form of censorship nonetheless.

    • Posted by sean sean, at Reply

      Can you not buy her books? Can you not see her on TV? Is she in prison? There is no censorship. The state is not imprisoning her for her views nor imprisoning you for consuming them. This victim mentality that folks on the right have must be exhausting. My upstairs neighbor was blasting Fox News and I asked him to turn down the volume on his TV. That must mean that I am part of the Gestapo, right?