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Fun Size Fails: Miniature Fails (June 2017)


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FailArmy has actually browsed high and also low for the very best stops working on the web. Today's motif: Fun Dimension Stops working. Children failing, pups falling short, males on little bikes stopping working; it's all below. Do YOU have a fall short video clip as well as desire that sweet, pleasant net popularity? Then send it our way at


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Child Falls out of Home window
Child Falls While Dad Records Him
Child Smashes Cupcake
Infant Takes Pocketbook Out of Female's Purse
Baby Regurgitates and also Keeps Giggling
Child Obtains Trapped in Game Device
Young boy Throws Football Into Air and also Gets Hit
Dog Accidents into Little Woman on Tricycle
Canine Overturns Baby
Goat Falls Off Box
Man Unintentionally Breaks Ceiling Light while Kicking Ball Inside your home
Hamster Operates on Outside of Wheel
Youngster Inadvertently Hits Self With Nunchuck
Kid Faceplants Off Bike Into Woodchips
Youngster Falls After Turning Golf Club
Kid Falls In Bathroom While Reading
Youngster Falls While Doing Ninja Kicks
Child Falls While Awaiting Birthday celebration Cake
Youngster Races Down Corridor in Toy Train as well as Falls
Youngster Journeys Over Brother's Head
Little Kid Faceplants Off Mini Bike
Little Young boy Wrapped in Blanket Faces Toys
Little Woman Can not Burn out Candle light
Little Girl Falls Off Slide
Little Horse Faceplants
Little Kid Bumps Going right into Toy Breast
Little Soccer Gamer Obtains Struck in Face With Sphere
Mini Dump Truck Flips Over Aesthetic
Mini Golf Putter Breaks GoPro Camera
Mini Motorbike Wheelie Fail
Mini Steed Rolls Over Sphere
Miniature Pig Falls In reverse
Mother Efforts to Jump Mini Ramp with Mini Bike
Older Sis Tosses Ball at Brother's Face
Pony Scratches Butt on Fencing
Pug Pup Attempts to Climb Stairs
Three Dogs Bulge Each Other
Young child Hug Fail
Kid on Scooter Faceplants Into Turf
Toddler Puts Grain Box on Head as well as Fails
Woman Rides Plaything Vehicle Down Vehicle Ramp and also Faceplants
Yellow Mini BIke Crashes Through Fencing

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  1. Posted by FastCubeMaster, at Reply

    I’m not going to ask for likes because they don’t mean anything

    • Posted by _FalconPawz :3_, at Reply

      stop it, get some help

  2. Posted by AvA18, at Reply

    This is what my life needed today thank you.

    • Posted by Wilming Gerrit, at Reply

      little kid filmed while their on the toilet ? what kind of parents does that anyway , the stupidity of humans is really endless
      by the way CREEP ! xD

  3. Posted by RC GAMER, at Reply

    Fail Or Not To Fail.

    • Posted by Avgeek Productions, at Reply

      RC GAMER that is the question

    • Posted by Erick Ortiz, at Reply

      RC GAMER well I need to kill my self to find out

    • Posted by Dank, at Reply

      edgy teen alert

    • Posted by Tryinglittleleg, at Reply

      RC GAMER is the question

  4. Posted by hole - 1st drill press channel, at Reply

    I´m miniature too. I´m a little hoarse.

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      Speaking of whores, please pass my greetings to your mom.

    • Posted by Kemen Selvage-Gamboa, at Reply


  5. Posted by ThePS4Gast, at Reply

    ik zeg het je nog rick

    • Posted by KROME62, at Reply

      ThePS4Gast jon fim lin ramso anal

    • Posted by TheRedGhost, at Reply

      Zijn nog best veel Nederlanders die dit kijken

    • Posted by Koala, at Reply

      Iemand moest de comment maken xD

    • Posted by Droeftoeter Bruh, at Reply

      Rick is dom pom pie dom

    • Posted by Bicc OG, at Reply

      Ich mussen den rasin mahen.

  6. Posted by Rafif Rakha, at Reply

    0:36 , Undertaker coming

    • Posted by Roasty Dragon, at Reply

      Rafif Rakha HA I get the reference

  7. Posted by Cultrez, at Reply

    I hate kids

    • Posted by W.C. Commander, at Reply

      Cultrez uh says the one who was a kid

    • Posted by RatedRyman, at Reply

      ‘sup edgefag?

    • Posted by Cultrez, at Reply

      RatedRyman sup pug fag

    • Posted by RatedRyman, at Reply

      I hate pugs I’m more of a doberman guy myself. Also try not to cut yourself with all that edge

    • Posted by SAVAGE308SNIPER, at Reply

      Bilgi Sayar olololol

  8. Posted by Ordigamer, at Reply


  9. Posted by Scarvenger The Sea Marvelous, at Reply

    I died at 3:55 omg

    • Posted by Rainbow Trash, at Reply

      I’m sure you noticed that awesome twerk 4:59

    • Posted by Rainbow Lagann, at Reply

      I must comment to add one more rainbow dash.

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      yes funny.. animals having sex. Hahaha. Funny. So funny. The only thing which is funnier is animals eating and pooping. Hahaha. Dogs having sex. SO FUNNY

    • Posted by Rainbow Trash, at Reply

      Not funny about the sex, it’s because fo “The doggy centipede”.

    • Posted by Matix Gaming, at Reply

      Schnell Straße you are a sad individual lol

  10. Posted by Beltontx101, at Reply

    2:27 who in the world buys kids numb chucks…

    • Posted by JGP, at Reply

      Numb nuts wif nunchucks.

    • Posted by Beltontx101, at Reply

      Squanchy us Americans should change the name to no-nuts because everytime you see someone trying to use them they whack their nuts 🙂

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      why not? If a human being wants to be good you have to learn it as child. Does not matter if piano or nunchucks. But who could you know as you are a loser

    • Posted by AllfortheEBchildren, at Reply

      Schnell Straße well he wasn’t really learning how to use them. They were probably a piece in a ninja turtles toy, but with the way he was swinging them, there was no way he wasn’t going to get hit. I have owned five different pair of nunchucks (nunchaku) through my martial arts training and when a kids swinging them around like that, I immediately stop them because I don’t want to deal with a screaming child in the middle of class.

  11. Posted by Miguel Noya Vargas, at Reply

    Legend says that Jamie is still stuck there…

    • Posted by Disasterbator, at Reply

      Jamey Poelman ……son??

    • Posted by Jamey Poelman, at Reply

      Disasterbator it has been 17 years… Dad… At least i got the toy…

    • Posted by Jamy Zima, at Reply

      Miguel Noya Vargas yup I am

    • Posted by Jamey Poelman, at Reply

      +Jamy Zima whoah. Glitch in the matrix.

  12. Posted by RandomCharacters, at Reply

    I’m surprised my penis isn’t in this video

    • Posted by antifa .final, at Reply

      ha ha ha

    • Posted by Tadeas Chyska, at Reply

      RandomCharacters LOL Man! U rock

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      We tried to find it for the video, but couldn’t

    • Posted by Buddy the Budgie, at Reply

      FailArmy OH DAYUM 😹

    • Posted by KROME62, at Reply

      FailArmy lmao

  13. Posted by jdjdjdjdj CP, at Reply

    that gang bang with dogs tho😂

    • Posted by jdjdjdjdj CP, at Reply

      zov1ct you are the puppy coming in a few months😉

    • Posted by Mayhem Everfree, at Reply

      zov1ct Sounds relatable

    • Posted by Dan, at Reply

      jdjdjdjdj CP ii

  14. Posted by FAIL KING, at Reply

    1like= nothing
    1sub= nothing
    1 reply=nothing
    Welcome to reality?

    • Posted by JovialJem, at Reply

      Mr Vengeful
      Macavity, Macavity, there’s no one like Macavity…
      He’s broken every human law, he broke the law of gravity?

    • Posted by tyler27335, at Reply

      JovialJem he’s so mad but he won’t give up that easy

    • Posted by Dome 9933, at Reply

      Nice Channel Fail King Sub you 🙂

    • Posted by walkerj410, at Reply

      FAIL KING failarmy is better

    • Posted by FAIL KING, at Reply

      😀 😀

  15. Posted by DANIEL SCIENCE 2, at Reply

    2:15 *pro tip to not get your lens smashed*


    • Posted by Cameron C, at Reply

      The_Legend_Of_Rollo hey there ya silly willy, they are kidding on

  16. Posted by Jop van Dijk, at Reply

    2:10 dutch people be like…

    • Posted by Double A, at Reply

      You have to get the angle lmao

  17. Posted by Ali AbuKhalil, at Reply

    I hate parents that keep filming even though they know their toddlers are about to fall or get hurt! They’ll do anything for a 5 seconds fame. Idiots.

    • Posted by One Cooked Camel, at Reply

      +Schnell Straße thats a religon they live by, but what’s funny is that they cry for help and move to another country and what do they do. They go ahead and put that burkah around their face and preach the to the same movement that caused them to flee in the first place

    • Posted by Hex Cypher, at Reply

      Ali AbuKhalil if theres no blood or a broken bone who cares

  18. Posted by Alexei Zhdamarov, at Reply

    *Proud of Russia*

    • Posted by Dr Zoidberg, at Reply

      Thats a tiny gopnik in action right there. Dude just needs some cash to buy some kvass

    • Posted by Alexei Zhdamarov, at Reply


    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      It’s not Russia it’s Ukraine

    • Posted by Wirmilain, at Reply

      Well, it changes everything drastically

    • Posted by Rush 2112, at Reply

      Schnell Straße not Ukraine, Mycraine lol

  19. Posted by Alexei Zhdamarov, at Reply

    *”Miniature Fails”?* 😂

    • Posted by dicks out for harambe, at Reply

      Wirmilain are you still gonna be offensive?

    • Posted by dicks out for harambe, at Reply

      Wirmilain just wondering..

    • Posted by Hanif Irvin, at Reply

      Wirmilain lmaoo

    • Posted by dicks out for harambe, at Reply

      OBJ is Goat to me no fag

  20. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Which is your favorite pint sized fail?!