Funniest Gymnastics Fails! | October 2018 | AFV’s Funny Sports Videos | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Funniest Gymnastics Fails! | October 2018 | AFV’s Funny Sports Videos


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Ouch! These #fails are also #funny. #gymnasticsfails seem harsh but harmless. Can you enjoy these video clips without covering your mouth? lol @ 5:54 HOW???.

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  1. Posted by Mr crackers Parrot, at Reply


  2. Posted by Crow Riders, at Reply


  3. Posted by Tage Pro, at Reply

    First not❤️🤮🤮🤮😫💔💔💔👅👅😯😕😫😅😬😡😡😡❤️😫☦️😆❤️

  4. Posted by Willy's Toys, at Reply

    Love AFV, we got some funny videos too with our crazy kid Willy 😊👍

  5. Posted by Maria Cornel, at Reply

    The first one is more of a tutorial than a funny clip

  6. Posted by Courtney Byrd2002, at Reply

    This was hilarious. Great video. You deserve more subscribers

  7. Posted by SD Tech & Entertainment, at Reply

    Very nice, I too started with my educational YouTube channel, do check it out guy and do let me know

    • Posted by Ana Dutch, at Reply

      SD TECH spreading knowledge is wonderful thing, great job
      I subscribed

  8. Posted by Ellie 657, at Reply

    Ima gymnast, I fail all the time lol


    Great vídeos!

  10. Posted by Boi It’s Ethan Aussenac, at Reply

    Do more water fails please

  11. Posted by Boi It’s Ethan Aussenac, at Reply

    I almost dropped my phone from laughing

  12. Posted by Johnny Valencia, at Reply

    Gymnastics is brutal; bruises, broken bones for not a lot of recognition…

  13. Posted by Boi It’s Ethan Aussenac, at Reply


  14. Posted by Emma Branham, at Reply

    2:39 what was that supposed to be?

  15. Posted by Hriday Trivedi, at Reply

    Anyone remember FINAL DESTINATION 5

  16. Posted by Alex Culkin, at Reply

    I hate gymnastics thats why you get hurt all the time just like the girls🤣

  17. Posted by Crazy cheer life 4 ever, at Reply

    Some of that content is cheer fails

  18. Posted by Crazy cheer life 4 ever, at Reply

    But love the video

  19. Posted by Mark D, at Reply

    Those “fails” are 1,000% better than any of my efforts😏

  20. Posted by Sutji_Nadine Roblox, at Reply