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Funny Cooking Fails Compilation | AFV Funniest Videos 2018


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This untidy fall short collection confirms specifically how messy youngsters can be in the kitchen. Let's just state, some children get on Masterchef Junior and some youngsters remain in AFV's funniest video clips collection! Take a look at these hilarious cooking falls short and you will certainly see what I indicate!

Now Seeing: Cooking Stops Working – Funny Fail Compilation|AFV Funniest Videos 2018.

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  1. Posted by Tage Pro, at Reply


    • Posted by blank space, at Reply

      No one care about first

  2. Posted by Sh4rkF1ns TV, at Reply

    First Comment

    Edit: LOL!

    • Posted by blank space, at Reply

      No one care about first

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  4. Posted by blank space, at Reply

    Have a nice day everybody ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😊

    • Posted by Funplay Germany, at Reply


  5. Posted by its sunny outside, at Reply

    so flour, falling, exploding, biting, stealing and pickn nose😂

    • Posted by its me, at Reply

      you forgot the sneezing on the snot cupcakes XD

    • Posted by Vinson, at Reply

      +its me
      Who needs icing?

    • Posted by its me, at Reply

      +Vinson me

  6. Posted by Patrik johansson, at Reply

    bra video

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  8. Posted by Mr. Funny, at Reply

    😂🔥😄Have a funny time ,so nice 😄🔥😂

  9. Posted by Louie Villa, at Reply

    A rule never to eat at a person’s house that has pets I don’t care how clean a person is I’ve had to lie and make up stories of my stomach hurting when they invite me to eat one person actually caught me lying and brought it up in front of everyone I’m sorry that I have this disorder no one’s perfect

    • Posted by Kaitlin Ski, at Reply

      🤨🤔…. oooooookaaayy?????

  10. Posted by Stacey Sakamaki, at Reply

    So funny

  11. Posted by Vinson, at Reply

    That last girl was going to town…
    bright future at ‘what-a-booger’?

  12. Posted by kenyke001, at Reply

    1:37 we get it, you vape

  13. Posted by usdusi nsusia, at Reply

    I am terrible at cooking.

    Read more

  14. Posted by Melany Itati Pablo, at Reply

    Minute 6:20 that child believes the galan hahaha😅😅😅😂😂😂 and the minute 7:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Posted by Mannan Mv, at Reply

    Last one, I want to see the full video…yuk

  16. Posted by 10,000 Subscriber challenge with no videos, at Reply

    Wow I’m early!! I’m just 2 hours late

    Yep I know no one cares

  17. Posted by Satya Prasad, at Reply

    The last girl started eating already before cooking.

  18. Posted by GalaticCat 122, at Reply

    9:20 that kid has a really Boogery Nose XD

  19. Posted by KB Flash, at Reply

    This is why they are the worst cooks in America

  20. Posted by Axl Richards, at Reply