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Funny Dad Fails (June 2017)


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Calling all fathers! FailArmy has actually created an extremely unique collection of Papa Stops working from around the net. Being a parent is hard work, and we devote this video clip to all the daddies around in advance of Dads Day! Have a video clip of your own? Submit it to


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Girl Hits Father with Sphere
Daddy Squirts Milk Into Baby's Mouth
Young child Flies Off Plaything Automobile Into Pool
Drone Crashes Into Garage
Guy Knocks Finger on Vehicle Door while Lugging Resting Infant
Child Swings Bat as well as Mistakenly Hits Father with Baseball
Little Young boy Imitates Father's Bad Word
Baby Confused by Papa and His Twin
Father Terrified on Rollercoaster
Man Falls Attempting to Move without Skis
Dad Falls Over on Segway
Dad Falls off Rope Swing
Daughter Inadvertently Strikes Papa with Whiffle Ball
Child Kicks Father's Crotch
Drunk Irish Father Falls short at Benching
Roll It Up Hammock Hit
Guy Tries to Skimboard at the Coastline
Youngster Kicks Papa in the Groin Throughout Tae-Kwon-Do Method
Little Kid Makes use of Pet Dish as Swimming Pool
Papa Conserves Kid from Falling off Slide
Daddy Unintentionally Runs Sons Head Into Wall surface
Child Autumns Throughout Household Jam Session
Toy Cars and truck Crashes right into Van
Youngster Rides Bike Down Grassy Hillside and Falls Off
Man Attempts to Lift Little Woman to Home Base
Male with Fedora Falls on the Beach
Child Falls While Trying to Mobility scooter Down Ramp
Papa Does Spinning Kick and Falls on Coffee Table
Dad Mistakenly Kicks Round right into Child's Face
Father Falls off Water Slide
Dad Ruins Musicians Jam Session
Kid Hits Father in the Nuts
Woman Struggles to Hold Fish and also Gets Slapped
Child Zooms Across Slip n Slide
Dad Launches Kid from Airbed right into Wall surface
Daddy Spins Hula Hoop right into Child's Face
Child Obtains Covered in Icing up Cold Ocean Water
River Rafting Paddler Falls Out right into Water
Beardless Daddy Frightens Child
Daddy Attempts to Utilize New Swegway

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  1. Posted by Nour Zagmout, at Reply

    no one cares if you’re first…

    • Posted by Reaper 549, at Reply

      thomas lol true

    • Posted by Cristian Diaz, at Reply

      Her mom did 😉

    • Posted by Aidan McCormick, at Reply

      lmao someone is butthurt about not being first

  2. Posted by Denis Cocotianu, at Reply


    • Posted by Thumos, at Reply

      Denis Cocotianu It’s 2017 right? Right? RIGHT??? Seriosly!

    • Posted by Aiden Cantrell, at Reply

      Denis Cocotianu really dude

  3. Posted by Braindamage, at Reply

    The more cheese, the more holes.
    The more holes, the less cheese.
    The more cheese, the less cheese.

    • Posted by Braindamage, at Reply

      +Frank N. Stein lol

    • Posted by AdamZacHD, at Reply

      Braindamage you stole it somewhere on instagram or something lol no hate. Nice try

    • Posted by Nina Bastien, at Reply

      Braindamage Unless you buy cheese without holes

    • Posted by Cristian Diaz, at Reply

      Cheese is sold by weight and not volume anyways…

    • Posted by Braindamage, at Reply

      +Cristian Diaz Yeah. It wasn’t a joke either.

  4. Posted by Dualforceacan, at Reply

    Blast to the past 2016?

    • Posted by Thumos, at Reply

      lesbian bulldyke Wait what!

    • Posted by Alex Smith, at Reply

      Ikr! I was thinking the same thing.

  5. Posted by The Fel Sion, at Reply

    When you are early but cant think of a joke :c

    • Posted by Thunderbuddy, at Reply

      The Fel Sion when your so early the title says 2016

    • Posted by SuperrSquirrel, at Reply

      why does yasuo never get locked outside of his house

    • Posted by Rafa Abrantes, at Reply

      because he is homeless

    • Posted by SuperrSquirrel, at Reply

      +Rafa Abrantes 🙁

    • Posted by Shteave, at Reply

      The Fel Sion we are actually 1 year late…. all of us 🙁

  6. Posted by will south, at Reply

    *When you try to drown your kid but realise the wife is watching*

    • Posted by lukes cannel, at Reply

      Milana Lizunkova Ich Spreche Deutsche

    • Posted by lukes cannel, at Reply

      Milana Lizunkova nett

    • Posted by Anime 210, at Reply

      will south xD

    • Posted by Fabrizio Palius, at Reply

      💘💙💘 *Hаllȯ* , *iсh bin 18 Jȧhrе аlt und ic̣h mochtė mir еinėn*
      💘💙💘 *Маnn findėn* , *mit dem es immer lustig ist* ! *Мėin Sеlfiе auf*
      💘💙💘 *sсhrėibt mir* !

      💘💙💘 *Hаllо* , *iс̣h bin 18 Jаhrе аlt und ich mochtе mir еinеn*
      💘💙💘 *Мȧnn findėn* , *mit dėm es immėr lustig ist* ! *Mеin Selfiė auf*
      💘💙💘 *schreibt mir* !

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      Minecraft Romania | Story Mode | Ziua mea de nastere #4
      The dark side of Pokemon Go

  7. Posted by CompCop, at Reply

    _There are so many funny moments with my_ *_father_* _like for example one time we were playing_ *_Hide & Seek_* _and he still has not found me…_

    *_I’m so good at this game._*

    • Posted by Meme Boi, at Reply

      CompCop e

    • Posted by steve sing8, at Reply

      Well, that escalated quite quickly.

    • Posted by Mar!ah Jacksøn, at Reply

      Ray Espinoza Javier bardem?

    • Posted by jacob pattison, at Reply

      CompCop I

    • Posted by Trevor Daniels, at Reply

      CompCop rip

  8. Posted by CandyRatSWE, at Reply

    Wrong year dude

    • Posted by Sand Stormer, at Reply

      CandyRatSWE Who else went to check that the video actually wasn’t made in 2016

  9. Posted by Hanyn0017, at Reply

    These fails are so covfefe

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      I covfefed your mom last night.

  10. Posted by steven luy, at Reply

    One like and Ill do nothing

    • Posted by meemedmania, at Reply

      3 likes and you kys

    • Posted by Packersrulealways, at Reply

      45 likes, and I’ll do your mother

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      Not even sure he has a mother. Must be one of them petri dish mofos, based on the stupidity of his comment.

    • Posted by {DB} DYNAMICBOMB, at Reply

      steven luy i liked
      now give me money or i shoot🔫🔫🔫🔫

    • Posted by AmyWoozWZW -, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein That was rude, all he was doing was posting a comment trying to be funny and you want to insult him? You should be ashamed.

  11. Posted by A StupidAss Cat, at Reply

    I wish my dad was here but he’s still at the store after 12 years…

    • Posted by Tetrafuse, at Reply


    • Posted by SeaFoamCat óÓÒò, at Reply

      A StupidAss Cat hehe

    • Posted by Carlos Jimenez, at Reply

      A StupidAss Cat must be a long line

    • Posted by KaeYoss, at Reply

      “It’s ALL you can eat, son!”

    • Posted by Ivan Stojaković, at Reply

      Yeah that row at walmart ain’t no joke

  12. Posted by FastCubeMaster, at Reply

    1:15 Daddy answer!

    • Posted by Seraphina Rose, at Reply

      Maybe he had too much water in his ears to hear the kid

    • Posted by Life Skills, Hacks, and Utter Nonsense, at Reply

      That poor kid wanted to make sure he was ok and he didnt answer!

    • Posted by Zoie, at Reply

      he probably didn’t hear the kid. he was down hill and full of adrenaline.

    • Posted by Tejinder Singh Bhatti, at Reply

      Life Skills, Hacks, and Utter Nonsense that was so cute if him worried about his Dad 😊

    • Posted by Cube Tube, at Reply

      FastCubeMaster I love your videos

  13. Posted by TheLegend27, at Reply

    Where is daddyofive?

    • Posted by TheLegend27, at Reply

      His fails were fucking hilarious.

    • Posted by I don't need a name, at Reply

      TheLegend27 he was charged for child abuse

    • Posted by Malin Nakken, at Reply

      I don’t need a name Lost custody of his kids too

    • Posted by David Nava, at Reply

      I don’t need a name Clearly you didn’t get the joke

    • Posted by Katherine Keel, at Reply

      TheLegend27 I know he is the worst

  14. Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

    I’m wondering when my dad is gonna return from the liquor store

    Damn, there must be a hell of a queue… It’s been almost 18 years

    • Posted by Frank N. Stein, at Reply

      Yeah, it’s certainly not the case that this joke has already been made in the comments at least 20 times.

    • Posted by FreakyIsaac, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein your father is dead.

  15. Posted by TGLP, at Reply

    the beard clip, lmao! 😀

    • Posted by SamStone327, at Reply

      its like the girl thinks: Wtf? Who is that?

    • Posted by Anime 210, at Reply

      TGLP xD

  16. Posted by Jennifer A, at Reply

    I had not thought how confusing it could be for a young child if their parent is an identical twin.

    • Posted by Meta Nexus, at Reply

      That wasn’t a twin, it was a doppelganger summoned from the pit of Hades. Nice bloke, though, for an unspeakable evil bent on destroying the life of the original.

  17. Posted by Steve Austin, at Reply

    Fail Army the best!!!!

    • Posted by Steve Austin, at Reply


    • Posted by Steve Austin, at Reply


    • Posted by Steve Austin, at Reply


  18. Posted by Teh WaiHoe, at Reply

    1:06 are are are are u ok dad? are u ok dad? are u still ok?

    • Posted by Melinda, at Reply

      Teh WaiHoe :/ ur avatar just made me blow on my screen gg

    • Posted by Explosionguy 99, at Reply

      Melinda I did exactly the same xD

  19. Posted by DrivingObsession, at Reply

    If you are reading this keep your head up and have a good day!

    • Posted by Kirsty 90, at Reply

      DrivingObsession you have a nice day too!

    • Posted by Jigglypoop97, at Reply

      DrivingObsession You know, I always read these and think they are corny, but I really needed this today.

  20. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Got a funny dad fail story of your own??