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Funny Dog Fails: Man’s Best Friend (May 2017)


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Pet dogs are constantly there to put a smile on your face, however there's no better method compared to when man's buddy fails. Leave a comment listed below and allow us recognize which is your preferred! Have a fail of your own? Submit it to!!


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Canine Slips Off Bench During Birthday Song
Canine Into Tree
Corgi Can not Leap Over Fence
Pug Does Parkour Removal off Table
Proprietor Tosses Ball at Uninterested Pet
dog sprints into camera
Pet dog Unfolds Toilet Paper
Bulldog Sleeps on Pug
Canine Gets Head Stuck in Hamster Round
dog runs into fence
Husky Makes a Mess With Trash Can
Dogs Bark at Each Other With Fence
Pet dog Fails to Leap Over Gateway
Pug Cannot Leap Over Challenge Program
Owner Discovers Dog Ate Bathroom Seat
Pet Enters into Difficulty while Home Alone
Dog Gets Head Stuck in Toy Sushi Box
Canine Cannot Find Bacon
Pet dog Enters into Creek
Canine Has a hard time to Swipe Apple
Canine Aims to Make it through Obstacle in Vehicle
Pup Pulls Toilet tissue to Living Room
Puppy Runs Into Wall
Pug Plays with Titan Stuffed Animal
Pet dog With Cone Struggles to obtain Plaything
French Bulldog Encounters Glass Show Instance as well as Shatters It
Pet dog Accidentally Knocks Down Owner
Dog Obtains Bordered With Traveling Leaves
One Dog Stuck On Top of An additional Dog
Pet Attempts to Leap Out of Car With Seatbelt Still Connected
Canine Swipes Plan
Husky Tackles Man into Post
Canine Licks Window
Puppy Can't Determine How you can Make it through Obstacle
Pet Eyes Proprietor's Food
Dog Tackles Owner with Selfie Stick

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  1. Posted by JoshieBOI, at Reply

    early squad

    • Posted by Fad3 Jelly, at Reply

      JoshieBOI u

    • Posted by TheZeroGamer -gaming and much more, at Reply

      JoshieBOI L

    • Posted by RyanTheRahul, at Reply

      psygn0sis why u gotta be salty man

    • Posted by Albert Boi, at Reply

      psygn0sis kys

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Best squad!

  2. Posted by Montana Black, at Reply

    here before 100 views <3

    • Posted by Strahinja Elek, at Reply

      Yannis Gruber ne ist er nicht schau seinen kanal an 0 abos

    • Posted by SITHSurprise, at Reply

      Montana Black Wie dumm seid ihr alle? Das isn faker…

    • Posted by Dutch Channel, at Reply


    • Posted by Strahinja Elek, at Reply

      SITHSurprise hahahahhaha ich weiss😂😂

  3. Posted by Squidling, at Reply

    Will fail army pin this?

    • Posted by Javiersthebest, at Reply


    • Posted by Jeremiah Hester, at Reply

      Nice try kid.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      I’ll think about it…

    • Posted by Biliana Biliana, at Reply

      wow u r very lucky xD

  4. Posted by Shadowflame, at Reply

    Like or ill steal your pocket money

    • Posted by Philip Malaby, at Reply

      Joke’s on you. I don’t have any pocket money.

    • Posted by McLarenHonda, at Reply

      Shadowflame Too much cheese to carry around, credit card only

    • Posted by G' Hammer, at Reply

      Include a comma and I’ll understand what you are saying

    • Posted by G' Hammer, at Reply

      Epic fail. It’s not even a comma lol

    • Posted by [ spellenknaapie ], at Reply

      Shadowflame go ahead i got none

  5. Posted by Charlie Capadona, at Reply

    4:40 is kinda messed up :/

    • Posted by TobyTheGamer, at Reply

      Charlie Capadona o

    • Posted by Liam Doan, at Reply

      Charlie Capadona 4:40 is mest up

    • Posted by ratgreen, at Reply

      That dog now has trust issues

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      the dog does not understand that he is harnessed. if you played that joke on a human, if he didnt know you tied off his harness and he stops half to the ground, it would be funny. the person would understand what you did and they would not get hurt. all the dog knows is he is hanging in mid air.
      it is a mean thing to do and hope the dog pees in the guy’s bed.

  6. Posted by PuFFo, at Reply

    3:46 Avem romani pe aici ?

    • Posted by The Blue Mapper, at Reply

      Avem ardeleni pe aici? 😀

    • Posted by Ioana Popescu, at Reply

      PuFFo daa

    • Posted by King Marius, at Reply


    • Posted by En3Rgi, at Reply

      “Bai cat esti de..” prost cred ca a spus :))

  7. Posted by KrissGO, at Reply

    Biggest fail ever:

    Read more

    • Posted by Alexxx, at Reply


    • Posted by Amer Mulla, at Reply

      +Alexxx I don’t think so

    • Posted by Bacondonut1, at Reply

      Alexxx I know how don’t they notice do the just put the comment and not mine or don’t know how to edit

  8. Posted by mestre12, at Reply

    the one with the gate opening is the perfect analogy for the internet.

    • Posted by elwoodzmake, at Reply

      Well for the YT comment section anyways, once someone told me I would just be hiding behind anonymity, otherwise he would be fucking me up anyways, gave name (mine is very easy to look up on FB) and address, working hours so he can visit, never heard of again, kids, sigh… 😀

  9. Posted by Tom Rees, at Reply

    I just want a like 😔

    • Posted by Galadanci Imran, at Reply

      Tom Rees u got 1 now what

    • Posted by Tom Rees, at Reply

      Now I can leave KFC from my cranking into a bargain bucket 😊❤️

  10. Posted by Satyrox, at Reply

    “Get a husky they said” 1:38

    Better don’t if you can’t keep up with the high energy levels of that breed, specially as puppies, otherwise they get stressed out and that happens 🙂

    • Posted by Defective Moonlight, at Reply

      That’s why when I can finally get a pair of Pomeranians the pet room will have a mini tread mill! =D (I want one choc coloured and one white if you’re wondering, fluffy with ice cream related names)

    • Posted by Jay Andrews, at Reply

      Defective Moonlight you fucking weirdo. Either make sure you have enough time to take it outside and give it the exercise it needs or don’t get one

    • Posted by kARii !, at Reply

      Satyrox same with German shepherds ! 🤣

    • Posted by Joey Langley, at Reply

      “oh. my. GAWD-EH”

  11. Posted by K9_, at Reply

    Pugs are funny no matter what their doing.

    • Posted by elwoodzmake, at Reply

      Always find it sad how far breeding has come where we put ‘cuteness’ over health of an animal. Don’t breed Pugs, it’s basically torture for them to be alive, not that they live long with the lowest life expectancy of any dogs, as it’s not natural. They are anatomical disasters in every way.
      – ‘Normal Dog’ Breeder, former Vet.

    • Posted by elwoodzmake, at Reply

      Sorry Bulldog was the one with the low life, same story applies though.

    • Posted by TheHaligonianVlogs, at Reply

      Or, try to return them to the standard of a century ago. Like people are doing in the US with the Olde English Bulldogge.

    • Posted by ion cell, at Reply

      beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  12. Posted by Brobi, at Reply

    Has anyone else tasted dog meat, it’s actually good

    • Posted by Martin Laplante, at Reply

      I have horses at home and I already eaten horses steak! And it was delicious! Even if I will probably never eat horse again.

    • Posted by TheLegend 27, at Reply

      Brobi Bruhn you’re fucked up

    • Posted by CocoaCheerios, at Reply


    • Posted by Barn Van die Bos, at Reply

      dont cry idiots

  13. Posted by Filip Dasitmatter, at Reply

    Man’s best friend? What about women? Are you scared of talking about women? Maybe because you are rapist and you feel bad when talking about women.

    • Posted by Harlekin Sego, at Reply

      Filip Dasitmatter
      Fucking kys

    • Posted by Filip Dasitmatter, at Reply

      Butthurt much?

    • Posted by TheEasyGamer, at Reply

      Filip Dasitmatter

      ity not mans best friend…

    • Posted by G' Hammer, at Reply

      I’m glad I commented here this is great!!!
      Just remember people that comments are only comments and I’m finding the name Dasitmatter passes by without notice

      But please continue butthurt crew this is entertaining stuff

  14. Posted by Mr. Clean, at Reply

    4:14 the dog didn’t even touch the glass

    • Posted by Iqra Aqib, at Reply

      Mr. Clean i think he did he ever so slightly pushes it and it just breaks

    • Posted by Tzadeck, at Reply

      Watch it again–the door to the glass cabinet is opened and he pushes it closed fairly forcefully.

      Maybe you cleaned the glass too well, Mr. Clean.

    • Posted by SUCA BLAD, at Reply

      Mr. Clean Now you’ve got to clean it again!

  15. Posted by erine faro, at Reply

    4:40 FUNNY?! are you serious? thats not funny! poor dog😢

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      Why is this not funny ?? the dog was on the belt lol didnt you see that? xD the proof dogs are not more intelligent than humans!!

    • Posted by Tomáš Kalinka, at Reply

      Why you think it should be funny ? This is Fail Army, not Funny Fails Army…

    • Posted by Jonas, at Reply

      The dog wasn’t harmed in any way whatsoever, save your manufactured outrage for something worthwhile.

    • Posted by scootosan, at Reply

      grammar is difficult for you…

    • Posted by El Cavas, at Reply

      classic comment to get some like by faggots like you,the dog is fine and it was funny…i would do the same to you but whit the string around the neck…maybe you ll understand the different

  16. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Mans best is amazing. Let us know which clip is your favorite below!

  17. Posted by Gleb Nechaev, at Reply

    4:40 Actualy, it is HYSTERICAL !!!)) I don’t understand the hate… It’s not like a rope on her neck or something. Jesus…

    • Posted by kARii !, at Reply

      Gleb Nechaev exactly!!

  18. Posted by Thomas Schultze, at Reply

    6:00 bottom ish right there is a rocket blasting off anyone catch that?

  19. Posted by ExTreEm Clan, at Reply

    min.2 haahahhaha