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Funny Kid Nominees: FailArmy Hall Of Fame (May 2017)


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Daddy Launches Kid from Airbed right into Wall surface
Pizza Toss Lands on Child's Head
Little Boys Go for Gelato Vehicle
Youngster Gets Fool Stuck in Hair
Kid's Basketball Hoop Takes place Little Kid
Child Doesn't Know The best ways to Utilize Slip 'n' Slide
Little Kid Wrapped in Blanket Runs Into Toys
Kinnect Failed
Lady Pours Vinegar for Volcano Experiment
Woman Faceplants Grabbing Easter Egg
Young child Puts Cereal Box on Head as well as Falls short
Toddler Gets Messy while Eating Soup
Puppy Little Kid Nutshot
Mommy Accidentally Kicks Soccer Ball into Kid's Face
Little Kid Can not Discover Goggles
Little Girl's First Walk on Ice
Little Lady Mistakes a Prophylactic for a Glove
Little Lady Afraid of Her Own Shadow
Little Kid Tore down in Blow up Castle
Little Young boy Disposes Soft drink on Face
Kid Aims to Trip Lamb
Kid Scared Awake
Kid Obtains Pooped Frightened from Him
Child Via Trashcan
Child Attempts Bench Press as well as Falls short
Lady in Box
Excited Dog Overturns Baby
Dancing Child Decrease Ice Cream
Little Lady Freaks Out Obtaining Flu Shot
Infant Knocked Over by Goat
Youngsters Obtain Stuck in Claw Machine
Slow Slide Fail
Little Witch Obtains Phase Scare – Like a Projectile
Youngster Shops Mama Maxi Pads

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  1. Posted by Dorax :D, at Reply

    The dad slapped the girl back to the Stone Age

    • Posted by Fedor Ermolaev, at Reply

      Валентина Большакова cv

  2. Posted by paradiseinheaven, at Reply

    1:11 that slap tho 😳😂😂😂

    • Posted by Cristobal Meyer, at Reply


    • Posted by Diamondgamer13 CodGamer, at Reply


    • Posted by Эллина Громова, at Reply

      💟💙 *Iс̣h mос̣htė еinеn Frеund fur dеn Briеfwėсhsеl und das Тrėffen finden* .
      💟💙 *Iсh bin 21 Jаhrė ȧlt* , *168 сm grоss vȯn Wuсhs und habė einе*
      💟💙 *sроrtlic̣hе Figur* . *Mеin Fȯto ist аuf ХХХ* , *iсh wartė аuf diсh* !

      💟💙 *Ic̣h moс̣htе еinеn Freund fur dеn Вriefwеchsеl und das Trеffеn findėn* .
      💟💙 *Iсh bin 21 Jahrе аlt* , *168 сm grоss vȯn Wuсhs und habe ėinе*
      💟💙 *sрȯrtliсhе Figur* . *Mėin Fotȯ ist ȧuf ХХХ* , *iсh wartе аuf diс̣h* !

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    • Posted by pulkin lukman, at Reply

      he slap the soul out of her

  3. Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

    Ugh I hate kids…

    • Posted by Bluur, at Reply

      Begone THOT!

    • Posted by Negnav123, at Reply

      Shame that your father didn’t used a condom..

  4. Posted by Deren Demirçelik, at Reply

    What happened to that guy at 4:00 😱😨

    • Posted by Shark., at Reply

      He is still there.

    • Posted by DrizzyDPope, at Reply

      He started his first year at Hogwarts, youre a harry wizard.

    • Posted by Toni Suikki, at Reply

      +Deren Demircelik Think the floor opens when you close it. Would guess he fell into a tiny room on top of a lot of trash xD

    • Posted by Adelin Matic', at Reply

      You are a boss bro

  5. Posted by Yason You, at Reply

    4:10 I hope that leads to a trash compactor.

    • Posted by CLOUD, at Reply

      clray123 There is no hell. No seriously, I’m assuming you’re Christian and as far as I know there is no mention of hell in the Bibl. Praised be the mighty Jimmy.

    • Posted by Dont say nothing409, at Reply

      CLOUD just a saying guy, we aren’t going to delete a word off the English language because of the beliefs of some people. plus its a fun word to use when youre screwing around.

    • Posted by CLOUD, at Reply

      Dont say nothing409 Some people ?

    • Posted by clray123, at Reply

      CLOUD you are assuming too much. It was a joke, moron.

  6. Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

    5:54 legends say that she is still sliding

    • Posted by HairlessHare, at Reply

      I envy how she didn’t care that it took “too long”
      she didn’t have somewhere to be or something to do.

    • Posted by SexyAnimeGirl, at Reply

      I hate kids to, they are still fucking up…..

    • Posted by Big fluffy unicorn jumping on a rainbow, at Reply


  7. Posted by Grigoris Katsimihas, at Reply

    the video in 6:15 is greek hahahha is too famous

    • Posted by PASWORD0 RX,YT, at Reply

      Grigoris Katsimihas. logic

    • Posted by Grigoris Katsimihas, at Reply

      XFiremaniac ρρεεε χαχαχαχα γαμάτα τα λες 😅😅😅😆😅😅😅😄😄😅😃

    • Posted by XFiremaniac, at Reply

      +Grigoris Katsimihas :p

  8. Posted by Nuck Fugget, at Reply

    1:57… i think we all felt that one

    • Posted by Funny me now fans club, at Reply

      Nuck Fugget yes

  9. Posted by A10, at Reply

    I actually lost my goggles on my face once, and while I was asking if anyone had seen them, they said “no”

    • Posted by eddie dawson, at Reply

      Yeah I know man i’ve noticed

    • Posted by A10, at Reply

      At least you’re not cancer, thank you 😀

    • Posted by eddie dawson, at Reply

      A10 aha anytime man, cheers

    • Posted by Very Professional, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein ur everywhere go get a life stop haating

    • Posted by formantshift, at Reply

      @Very Professional- Telling Frank to get a life, yet you say you’ve seen him everywhere. Makes sense.

  10. Posted by A10, at Reply

    3:57 “I go poo poo” lol

  11. Posted by James B, at Reply

    If only people learned to use slimy gloves…

    • Posted by Remz Playz, at Reply

      what actually were the slimy gloves?

    • Posted by Johannes, at Reply


    • Posted by Butter Is awesome, at Reply

      James B
      A condom

    • Posted by Remz Playz, at Reply


  12. Posted by Jack Skellington, at Reply

    4:54 I dropped part of my icecream so I guess that I’ll throw the rest of it on the ground too, even though I could have eaten it! Then I’ll cry for attention! Kids are so annoying.

    • Posted by Eddie Rodriguez, at Reply

      Monny Miranda 😂

    • Posted by Kragatar, at Reply

      There was nothing left but the empty cone. I’d throw it away too, lol
      …nonetheless, kids are indeed annoying. That’s why I’m never having any.

  13. Posted by LelJk789XD, at Reply

    1:17 did that young girl just said “my eyes..”?!

    • Posted by Clorox Bleach, at Reply

      LelJk789XD I

    • Posted by Brianna Baker, at Reply

      It’s from a PSA

  14. Posted by Lucas Oetzel, at Reply

    4:02 he is a wizzard

    • Posted by BlastTurtle, at Reply

      Lucas Oetzel his name is harry 0-0

    • Posted by Foursh, at Reply

      jesus… how did he got out i wonder xD

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      Practically, the number of the fire department is on the cover – just under the sign which warns to get into the garbage can.

    • Posted by BronxNerd, at Reply

      Yer a wizzerd Harry!

  15. Posted by MCPE Yooperdude, at Reply

    4:19 did that kid get out?

    • Posted by TheBlackBear_[BEA], at Reply

      Harry is with Dumbledore now.

    • Posted by Markese Moore, at Reply

      The world will never know

    • Posted by TheHowze Vloger, at Reply

      MCPE Yooperdude I know right😭

    • Posted by Alec Falk, at Reply

      MCPE Yooperdude the legend says that the kid never got out and now eating the trash of the people

  16. Posted by Typhoonuggets, at Reply

    i’m gay

  17. Posted by Otis Noll, at Reply

    Hallo alle deutschen

    • Posted by Skeleton Hunter, at Reply

      Otis Noll hei

    • Posted by Scrabbman 999, at Reply

      Morschen, Grüße aus’en Osten 😀

    • Posted by Itz point, at Reply

      Scrabbman 999 – Servus aus Bayern

    • Posted by Niklas Moll, at Reply

      Otis Noll, hi

    • Posted by Arvid Riedel, at Reply

      Manche Eltern haben echt n schaden….

  18. Posted by tuxedo man, at Reply

    Is it just me or is it hard to tell wether or not a kid is crying or laughing?

    • Posted by BlingBlangBlam, at Reply

      tuxedo man fr

    • Posted by Presley Hall, at Reply

      tuxedo man ME TOO

  19. Posted by Mmmm Ambush, at Reply

    Number 8 😂

    • Posted by CwC. Mendoza, at Reply

      Mmmm Ambush The cry makes it a little bad, cause we all know she’s hurt😂😂

    • Posted by Mmmm Ambush, at Reply

      CwC. Mendoza True 😂😂

    • Posted by Kristian Horn, at Reply

      Mmmm Ambush 🤣

    • Posted by Rachel Johnson, at Reply

      Mmmm Ambush number 8 has me cryinggg

    • Posted by Mmmm Ambush, at Reply

      Rachel Johnson 😂😂 same