Funny Make Up and Waxing Fails | Beauty Is Pain | AFV Funniest Fails 2018 | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Funny Make Up and Waxing Fails | Beauty Is Pain | AFV Funniest Fails 2018


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Ouch! That's obtained ta pain. Have a look at these #new funny face peel, waxing and also comprise #fails. Appeal is pain … so bear in mind to maintain those electronic cameras prepared!

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  1. Posted by Gymnastics,art,squishys, and more, at Reply


    • Posted by Maddys edits and more!, at Reply


    • Posted by Maddys edits and more!, at Reply

      Your first lol

  2. Posted by Maddys edits and more!, at Reply

    Who else scrolls through the comments while watching?!😂

    • Posted by ѕarcaѕιc ĸlυтz, at Reply

      ι ѕcroll aғтer ι waтcн ιт..ѕoмedayѕ

  3. Posted by 유투브아인슈타인, at Reply

    Hahaha 🤣

  4. Posted by Trinity Raively, at Reply


  5. Posted by Angelica Martinez, at Reply


  6. Posted by KB Flash, at Reply


  7. Posted by DãîsyR T3T, at Reply

    1:40 is the tape on his butt? XD

  8. Posted by Bri likes art YT, at Reply


  9. Posted by QMG177 ROUND Video speer ODK2888888 ok, at Reply


  10. Posted by XxDerpxX Why?, at Reply

    This would be the best way to wake someone up btw us men get hit the worse I think

  11. Posted by Jacob The MusicMaker2.0 JTMM, at Reply


  12. Posted by Bonnie Baldridge, at Reply

    That black peel-off mask does NOT cause agony when it’s peeled off. Silliness for the camera.

    • Posted by ѕarcaѕιc ĸlυтz, at Reply

      тнey ĸepт ιт on тoo long

  13. Posted by Cierra Swaye Lyle the supernatural fan girl, at Reply


  14. Posted by roblox maniac danceand shake, at Reply

    oh Kelly Clarkson!!!!….This video is living proof that women do get so much pleasure for inflicting pain on men!

  15. Posted by ѕarcaѕιc ĸlυтz, at Reply

    нyѕтerιcal..мy rιвѕ нυrт ѕo вad.

  16. Posted by This Channel Is Dead Juan Carlos, at Reply

    haha 😂

  17. Posted by Lil Deville, at Reply

    I love AFV, and also, I’m glad it finally returned!