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Funny Marriage Proposals | Best Wedding Proposal Compilation


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That doesn't enjoy amusing marital relationship propositions? Personally, I couldn't make it through the very first min of this AFV craziest proposal falls short compilation without chuckling! Consider all the job that goes into popping the large concern … now think of all of things that could go wrong! What if they claim no? Suppose you fumble over your words? There's a lot pressure, but these couples are obtaining imaginative attempting to set up their interaction. You've probably never seen proposition video clips similar to this before!

Similar to this collection if you've ever gone down a bunny opening viewing proposition videos on YouTube. Remark down below and also inform us which proposal was your fave. Ours is the one at 1:33 since I think getting recommended to a Comic Disadvantage would certainly be legendary … and also she seems so happy!

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  1. Posted by John Farney, at Reply


    • Posted by The real Night Time, at Reply

      John Farney

  2. Posted by mandyy sophie, at Reply


  3. Posted by The Termininator, at Reply

    Coolest video ever ever

  4. Posted by Arthur Joseph Curry, at Reply

    Thanks AFV! 3rd!

  5. Posted by Nerdy Emery, at Reply

    I loved the Star Wars one!

  6. Posted by Arthur Joseph Curry, at Reply


  7. Posted by afv fan99, at Reply


  8. Posted by Wolfy Chan, at Reply


  9. Posted by HASSIEL ALMAGUER, at Reply


  10. Posted by TheCatchUpKid Gaming and more, at Reply

    7th! Keep up the good work AFV!

  11. Posted by OPDarkblade, at Reply


  12. Posted by Veronica Riva, at Reply


  13. Posted by Real JacksJelly, at Reply

    I’m 12 and nice vid remember me from kyoots channel

    • Posted by Ginny Weasley, at Reply

      Real JacksJelly yep. Remember me?

    • Posted by Real JacksJelly, at Reply

      Ginny Weasley. No I meant from the darndest kids livestream

  14. Posted by AlayasMagic, at Reply

    I like the stars and the one after that

  15. Posted by Andrew Brooking, at Reply

    What if they say no?

  16. Posted by Dynamix YT, at Reply

    was i the only one expecting most of them to say no?

    no, just me?


    • Posted by The real Night Time, at Reply

      Dynamix YT
      I was

    • Posted by Dynamix YT, at Reply

      ah ok

    • Posted by Amanda Peterson, at Reply

      I was expecting them to be funny. They’re just really creative and out of the ordinary

  17. Posted by Caleb B., at Reply

    β€œGive me the ring back!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Right there with ya buddy.

  18. Posted by Amanda Peterson, at Reply

    Those weren’t very funny, just creative.

  19. Posted by Alexander Garcia, at Reply

    Hahahaha best video ever

  20. Posted by CHEESE IZMYLIFE, at Reply

    These guys are creative! Awesome! πŸ˜πŸ‘