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Funny Pranks on People | AFV’s Funniest Prank Videos October 2018


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Amusing Tricks on Individuals for October|AFV's Funniest Prank Video clips 2018.

#pranks are just one of #americas preferred and #funniest activities, and also we have actually obtained all our faves here for October. Somebody actually gives their child broccoli rather than candy LOL! What's the most #savage prank you've experienced?

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  1. Posted by Pablo Segovia, at Reply


  2. Posted by Luca-Joel Fey, at Reply


  3. Posted by nick smith, at Reply


    • Posted by potato LEADER, at Reply

      0:45 watch out that kid.

  4. Posted by Postal10 the, at Reply

    AHHHHHHHH 0:01

  5. Posted by nick smith, at Reply


  6. Posted by KB Flash, at Reply

    Do cake pranks and more birthdays pranks

    • Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, at Reply

      Ooo cake pranks!

    • Posted by KB Flash, at Reply

      Lol happy birthday lol too

  7. Posted by Eric Thomason, at Reply

    Where do the Impractical Jokers keep their money? Prank of America.

    • Posted by Damsel Dress, at Reply

      Ba dum tsss

  8. Posted by Guacamole Work, at Reply

    5:56 Dumb and Dumber To

  9. Posted by GalaticCat 122, at Reply

    Yayyyy Im Ninth in the Comments! :3

  10. Posted by Willy's Toys, at Reply

    Hilarious pranks. WE got some funny videos too 💜👍

  11. Posted by Wile E Coyote, at Reply

    A better idea would be to buy a jar of malic acid and sprinkle it all over some fruit salad……POW!! Now that’s a sour surprise baby 😂

  12. Posted by Chitti Babu, at Reply

    Super funny

  13. Posted by Cheyenne Conley, at Reply

    Wow I get two 15 second ads I can’t skip before this video

    • Posted by Khaos, at Reply

      Use adblocker, haven’t seen an ad on Youtube in years.

  14. Posted by ǂƟƔȜɌǂ ǂĐƟϨΣǂ, at Reply

    11:24 I like how hes just pissed about school

  15. Posted by Damsel Dress, at Reply

    05:15 kid such a brat. I would smack him tbh

    • Posted by I’m not just a Demonic person, at Reply

      Damsel Dress ikr

    • Posted by Saber The Forest Spirit, at Reply

      Yea he was being a little unnecessary but the little boy was given carrots and broccoli while the little girl got money and stuff most kids that age would do the same thing

  16. Posted by Yuvi Dhillon, at Reply


  17. Posted by SpaceAceKaiju, at Reply

    0:44 HIS HAND

  18. Posted by omar cortes, at Reply

    4:50 That was savage and very funny at the same time.

  19. Posted by Infernus Gaming, at Reply

    Did anyone notice that the little kid stuck the middle finger up?(edit: it was at 0:44

  20. Posted by TheSecret - PlayzRoblox, at Reply

    0:44 Lil Savage 🖕