//Funny Teens After Dentist | LOL Therapy on AFV

Funny Teens After Dentist | LOL Therapy on AFV

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Teenagers capture a lot of flak for going to the age where they wish to rebel, but they're simply aiming to determine who they are. It's a whole lot to experience many rites of passage at once, among them being getting their knowledge teeth out! And with wisdom teeth comes anesthetic, UGH! The worst suggestion ever is to allow on your own to be VIDEOTAPED ON CAMERA, however this is AFV and here is today's DOSAGE OF LOL TREATMENT|FUNNY TEENS AFTER DENTIST! Offer it a viewing and SHOW TO ALL YOUR PALS!

Who is your preferred WHACKED OUT TEEN in today's video clip? Is it LIP SHOT LADY at 1:11? Ours is the REST SPEAKING BOY at 1:41! Tell us your faves IN THE REMARKS LISTED BELOW as well as make certain to LIKE AND REGISTER FOR AFV on YouTube for extra LOL THERAPY!

Funny Teens After Dentist|LOL Therapy on AFV


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