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Funny Theme Park Videos! | AFV Funniest Kids Compilation


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Theme park are one SO MUCH ENJOYABLE! Among the best components of summer season getaway is getting to utilize your annual pass at your favored theme park constantly! Due to the fact that does not enjoy standing with numerous individuals in the moisture to ride a roller rollercoaster for 2 minutes? You see, amusement parks are the very best up until they aren't … so today we're giving you a collection of some of amusing roller coaster stops working! Because the only thing that is as near as much fun as ACTUALLY going to an amusement park, is viewing amusing roller coaster fails! This funny collection is loaded with kids reacting to their very first time experiencing numerous rides, eating amusement park food, falling, as well as obtaining saturated from the water flights– all at the theme park!

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  1. Posted by Trinity Raively, at Reply

    Earlyyy ❤️❤️

  2. Posted by XxLeoñaTheÇuteKiteññ xX, at Reply


  3. Posted by Lps Liana, at Reply


    • Posted by ΣΛZΥ Sτιι Happy, at Reply

      Goo goo to you

  4. Posted by GarageDoorFan1234, at Reply


  5. Posted by Chilling out..., at Reply

    So cute and funny

  6. Posted by Electro Shot, at Reply

    6:33 markiplier right there! (Edit), Sorry for that.

    • Posted by Emilio Gomez, at Reply

      I dont see him

  7. Posted by CreepyPastaGirl The gamer, at Reply

    Sooo cute 😂😂😂

  8. Posted by {Memes_l0l }, at Reply

    The best vid yet

  9. Posted by Nathan Kissane, at Reply

    “Jabba! Mongo!”

  10. Posted by Ronja Rosenkohl, at Reply

    I’m rolling on the floor🤣😂

  11. Posted by Elonthenascarfan 24, at Reply

    3:39 is he a ghost or a magician

    • Posted by Donut Queen, at Reply

      Elonthenascarfan 24 he fell down when the water hit him

    • Posted by Tribot 968, at Reply

      super water shark bomb jutsu.

  12. Posted by GabrielWave, at Reply

    “Two : go to cinderella’s caste because she’s beautiful, second…”
    How adorable lol

  13. Posted by Firebourn94, at Reply

    Uploads water fails 1st week Combines water fails with Amusement park and tada new video

  14. Posted by Ruben Sayas, at Reply

    2:33 super saiyian

  15. Posted by roblox maniac danceand shake, at Reply

    “I’m Camera-ing myself… And, it’s so much fun!!!!… Yaaaa!!!!”….. So, absolutely adorable!!!!!!…… brightens ones day!

  16. Posted by Praxedis Garcia, at Reply


  17. Posted by Pet Craz, at Reply

    “I am cameraing myself!”

  18. Posted by Didy Krki, at Reply

    2:32 XDDD lol so weird xd

    • Posted by Miss CaraBear, at Reply

      Didy Krki lol

  19. Posted by Ana Dordevic, at Reply

    So cute

  20. Posted by Endo Poopa, at Reply

    This is like driving a car! Hahahaha😂