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Funny Tourist Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy


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Ever before see an individual and also assume, 'you must be from out of community'? We have actually obtained a number of funny visitor fails for you to laugh with. Everything from segway fails to selfie fails or even an ape getting hold of a person's lunch! Have a video of your very own? Submit it to


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Video clips:
Visitor rallies group prior to walking the slab however cannot deliver
Sea Lion Drags Lady Into Water
Segway Excursion Ends Up With Multiple Fails
Ape Bites Feeder
Monkey Swipes Bus Chauffeur's Lunch
Sandboarding Faceplant
Llama Spits at Spectator
Youngster Gets in the Face by Blow Hole Stream
Woman Attempting to Flight Luggage Cart
Segway Drift Fail
Running of the Bulls Cameraman Flipped
Tidal bore Water Offers Guy Nutshot
Traveler Takes Flaming Jumprope to Nuts
Vacationer's Trust in Czech Cocktail lounge Ends Improperly
Team Selfie Wave Fail
Iceland Windy Drink
Monkeys Hump on Individual's Head
Woman Flaunts Lack of ability to See Grand Canyon
Tourist Attempts to Stroll Across Plank
Individual High Fives Traveler Throughout Image Effort
Person Off Paddle Board
Man's Trousers Get Stuck on Cable
Guy Feeds Shark With Fish on Hand
Person with Flaming Jump Rope
Watercrafts Into Each Other Throughout Race
Person Breaks Easy chair While Doing Handstands on It
Hot Air Balloon Almost Lands in Residential Area
Female While Trying to Ride Luggage Cart
Guy Obtains Face Filled with Sand After Boogie Boarding Down Dune
Daddy Tricks Youngster right into Climbing Stairs Painted on Wall surface
Youngster Has Unanticipated Reaction to Shock Trip
Little Kid off Log as well as into Water
Biker While Taking a Selfie
Swing Gets Women in Bikinis
Man Aims to Aid Female Get down a Hill
Male Gets His Ear Bit by an Ape
Man on Moped
Woman off Bike

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  1. Posted by TheLegend27, at Reply

    England is my anus.

    • Posted by Erect, at Reply

      Blackened_Sun WTF? I told you don’t fucking assume my gender! You fucking racist misogynistic homophobe you’re getting me fucking triggered this is considered sexual harassment you’re raping me. You fucked up… wait until I write about this on my tumblr

    • Posted by Mr Slimey37, at Reply

      TheLegend27 Uranus?

    • Posted by s4n714g000, at Reply

      I need the name of your profile pic, it’s too much

    • Posted by Emil Salim, at Reply

      We didn’t even talk about uranus

    • Posted by Cliff Senac, at Reply

      Mr Slimey37 Uranus Kingdom

  2. Posted by Thomas Z., at Reply

    Jeder der das lesen kann findet Vanillepudding im Kühlschrank.

    • Posted by TheSweetTsundere, at Reply

      Ich habe keinen gefunden D:

    • Posted by Shigeru, at Reply

      gut geraten

      oder etwa nicht? oó

    • Posted by Leo_playz Games, at Reply

      Jakub Kabelka How about I’ll come over to you and stab you with a knife multiple times you f-ing racist. 🙂

    • Posted by daniel_960_, at Reply

      Yay deutscher topcomment. Der komplett Inhaltslos ist 😂

    • Posted by killuah17, at Reply

      meiner hatte doch tatsächlich schokostreifen.. preiset die puddinggöttin🙏👍

  3. Posted by LetzDomsel, at Reply

    Hey pls take me to disney land if he doesnt want 😀

    • Posted by Dating For Real, at Reply

      LetzDomsel – Same. 😂😂😂

  4. Posted by Novus Wolf, at Reply

    That last kid clearly has issues, I recommend a good psychologist.

    • Posted by MoonSponge, at Reply

      Novus Wolf from experience that was the reaction of a kid with severe anxiety and I hope so much they got a handle on it early.

    • Posted by Kyle Duncan, at Reply

      Devin boi shut up its the kid that’s messed up

    • Posted by THE FIRST!, at Reply

      Maybe he had a date at school?
      Disney Land sucks anyways.

    • Posted by Kowadelko, at Reply

      get that kid away from that bad parents.

  5. Posted by psygn0sis, at Reply

    Women certainly aren’t known for being smart.

    • Posted by Ajay Doerga, at Reply

      +Sage Vetterli some of us could have been genetically engineerd by machines made in secret by scientist…..who knows?:/ I’m not tho…..probably ……

    • Posted by Milli W, at Reply

      psygn0sis Definitely not the ones who give you any time of day. #ForeverAlone

    • Posted by ABabyPotato, at Reply

      Just a random potato passing through the gender and feminists arguments…

  6. Posted by Iron Maiden, at Reply

    2:59 well thats a new one….not

    • Posted by Yioti, at Reply

      It’s a compilation you dumb pea. No one said they are new.

    • Posted by Kazey Hazey, at Reply

      Iron Maiden Pedo Seal is immortal and ageless.

    • Posted by Fallen Noir, at Reply

      rip glasses

    • Posted by Faceless Keeper, at Reply

      It’s still relevant as it happened this year. also…it was so unnatural how fast she went down lmao 😂

  7. Posted by Blobber90 Blobb, at Reply

    An american person driving to the grand canyon isnt a tourist

    • Posted by Smokey McJoint, at Reply

      Jesus, so many idiots, trying to sound smart.

    • Posted by Abel Martinez, at Reply

      Blobber90 Blobb have you ever heard about “Local tourist”? Probably not.

    • Posted by Will Vazz, at Reply

      As an American, I can say this whole comment section is a shitshow full of typical conservative American dumbasses and pompous Europeans who are almost just as stupid.

    • Posted by Joshua Graham, at Reply

      Yes it is. Do you know the definition of tourism?

  8. Posted by Adela Glavova, at Reply

    Im waiting for Czech tourists lost in Tatras

    • Posted by Bambus11, at Reply

      Adela Glavova já taky

    • Posted by Juraj Hanzel, at Reply

      Adela Glavova Konečne niekto zo slovenska 💞

    • Posted by Jiří Drexler, at Reply

      já též

    • Posted by Adela Glavova, at Reply


    • Posted by westboy, at Reply

      Vždycky je to takové osvěžující, slyšet v těchto videích češtinu. 😀

  9. Posted by Stay Salty, at Reply

    0:20 Helicopter Take Off

    • Posted by FaZe Rain's Cat, at Reply


    • Posted by Atlanta Colburn, at Reply

      Stay Salty omg I pissed my pants from laughing so hard

    • Posted by Emil Salim, at Reply

      We didn’t even talk about this!

    • Posted by Roberto, at Reply

      Kristi Ochoa n

  10. Posted by Jayden Hussey, at Reply

    We didn’t even talk about this

    It’s called a surprise kid

    • Posted by Fallout Kalle, at Reply

      Jayden Hussey He’s autistic. Just google autism.

    • Posted by Automotive Buff, at Reply

      Fallout Kalle nope.

    • Posted by Kate Cunningham, at Reply

      Jayden Hussey He might just get panicky about surprises. I’m the same way. Not Autistic, but I’m OCD.

    • Posted by Nikie Martin, at Reply

      Fallout Kalle oh you know him and his family privately? you know their doctor has diagnosed him? and they’ve professed that all to you, have they?

  11. Posted by Philipp Baars, at Reply

    we didn’t even talk about this.

    • Posted by LeoA, at Reply

      Use grammar you autistic twat.

    • Posted by Turkeyswag47, at Reply

      Philipp Baars und

  12. Posted by Laiya.sims3, at Reply

    They just had to put the girl and the seal😂😂.

    • Posted by Nick Frampton, at Reply

      Yeah, I did not think it was appropriate for this video.

    • Posted by Koppelia, at Reply

      it was

    • Posted by Parry No Stamina, at Reply

      Nick Frampton

      I agree. Should go on RektArmy

  13. Posted by Christian Lopez, at Reply

    that kid at the end yoooo

    • Posted by Shui Dongliu, at Reply

      Christian Lopez he must have asked a girl out the day before. They blocked him lol

    • Posted by Julian PT, at Reply

      poor guy got cockblocked…

    • Posted by Automotive Buff, at Reply

      Shui Dongliu parents man… They just don’t understand :p 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by A 11, at Reply

      Christian Lopez sammeeeeee

  14. Posted by Twain, at Reply

    Guess last kid had Asperger Syndrom

    • Posted by Norea Holm, at Reply

      Twain you can’t just assume that and even if he had Asperger syndrome it would be any of your business.

    • Posted by Bunny Warren, at Reply

      He probably had planned to do stuff with his friends and now not only won’t he doing that but he can’t tell his friends either. A surprise is a party you weren’t expecting or a present, not a week away from your friends you can’t prepare for.

  15. Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

    I just hope the parents talk to that last kid about this whole situation

    Lil’ Homie seems fucked up mentally. You could’ve warned him before

    • Posted by Arizona Roadcam, at Reply

      If he was autistic and he didn’t like surprises as you say, I doubt the parents would spring a surprise on him.

    • Posted by Ajay Doerga, at Reply

      He had a nervous breakdown,either that or his gf was waiting for their “alone” time in school 😀

  16. Posted by Daaviiid, at Reply

    The floor is lava!!
    oh.. you are in your bed..

    • Posted by Faceless Keeper, at Reply

      😐…no! I’m on the floor! Lava take meeee awaaayyyyy

    • Posted by Ajay Doerga, at Reply

      +Faceless Keeper what were you doing on the floor?!trying to drink the soda you spilt?lol sry XD

    • Posted by Berend Adema, at Reply

      Daaviiid wait how did you Know? I’m in my bed rn. Lol.

    • Posted by Daaviiid, at Reply

      Berend Adema im god

    • Posted by Berend Adema, at Reply

      Daaviiid I see

  17. Posted by ChipInSauce, at Reply

    That last kid wasn’t being rude and selfish but from an autistic point of view its very relatable to me and it clearly shows a place on the spectrum…. Feel free to ask questions

    • Posted by ChipInSauce, at Reply

      good point but the process of diagnosis can take months and his parents may be un aware of the chances of him having ASD

    • Posted by ReGen QuadBoi, at Reply

      as a school going to human myself i have seen kids do things like ask for somones lunch item or just ask fir something from somwone then they say “then give me something back” and they promise they will tommorow then his parents take him across the country the next day or maybe ge was upset because it was bigger than a toy borrow or something. like he had plans with his girlfriend.

    • Posted by Chancellor Palpatine, at Reply

      Why didn’t we talk about this?

  18. Posted by Jack Simonson, at Reply

    4:49 who else had to rewatch because they were concentrating to much on the girl in red

    • Posted by Bruno Borba, at Reply

      Jack Simonson EXACTLY

    • Posted by Ajay Doerga, at Reply

      +Bruno Borba erm….why?

  19. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

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