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Gary Cohn Drafts Resignation Letter, Throws It Away


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Gary Cohn almost did the right point, yet after that remembered he's a complete item of sh * t. Michael Shure, Steve Oh, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment area listed below.

" A prominent Jewish member of President Trump's management stated that the White Home "could and have to do far better" in continually condemning hate teams.

The sharp critique from Mr. Trump's leading economic advisor, Gary D. Cohn, came virtually two weeks after lethal physical violence in Charlottesville, Va., in response to a rally led by white nationalist teams. Mr. Cohn, who is Jewish, seriously considered surrendering as well as drafted a letter of resignation, inning accordance with two individuals accustomed to the draft.

In his initial public remarks on the national discussion concerning the physical violence, Mr. Cohn stated in a meeting on Thursday with the Financial Times, that as a "patriotic American" he did not intend to leave his job as the supervisor of the nationwide financial council. "However I additionally feel compelled to voice my distress over the occasions of the last 2 weeks," Mr. Cohn said." *.

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Hosts: Michael Shure, Steve Oh, Jimmy Dore.

Cast: Michael Shure, Steve Oh, Jimmy Dore.


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  1. Posted by Lonnie Frank, at Reply

    You guys should talk about huricane harvey instead of whining about trump

    • Posted by Stingerbillion, at Reply

      That hurricane is irrelevant. Texas’s solution to the hurricane is to pray it away since science and facts are hoax that kill jobs.

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      Lonnie Frank they are doing both.

    • Posted by Mike Melody, at Reply

      Lonnie Frank No Lonnie, you miss understand. We have no respect for stupid comments. Free speech right?

    • Posted by Gavri-yal Yah-akhirivva, at Reply

      Lonnie Frank+ apparently, Trump is more of a concern for libtards, the only cure is to wipe them out!

    • Posted by Mike Melody, at Reply

      Gavri-yal Yah-akhirivva Of course Trump is more important.
      Hurricane Harvey < Idiot with the nuclear codes

  2. Posted by Your regressive father, at Reply


    • Posted by horsepanther, at Reply

      Hexx Bombastus–NAILED it. Perfectly articulated.

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      Some whites are so ashamed of their white color cause to them white represents evilness that they have to use black avatars. Be proud of your self, please.

    • Posted by Rocca Flocca, at Reply

      White doesn’t represent evilness. No color does. These people are assholes all on their own. But you’re probably right that they’re white people using black avatars.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      That’s sort of what I said. They were both created so we can put ALL the deplorables into one Alt-Basket.

  3. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    TYT fans are nignogs and nignog lovers

    • Posted by FamilyofMan 89, at Reply

      Captain Beefheart modern day invader/colonizer type of spirit huh?.?. That explains why that demon is like that

    • Posted by Vanessa purvis, at Reply

      Captain Beefheart let him continue

    • Posted by The Sincerest One, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer You are scum and your breath smells like dog scrotum

    • Posted by The Sincerest One, at Reply

      Honestly, I have worked for Jews so this comes from personal knowledge. If it’s involving money$ or integrity a Jew will ALWAYS choose the money. I’m sorry to have to say this but it is a fact.

    • Posted by Odin's Scrotum, at Reply

      The Sincerest One i worked for a violent black person once. trust me, they’re all violent!

  4. Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply


    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Trump said Racism is evil and has no place in the Republican Party or Christianity. I agree with you about Antifa’s tactics. They shut down free speech using violence. Nothing like My Liberal Patrick Henry Idealism.
      We do not need it in America. Beat Fascism and Racism with better arguments. Most of America has changed greatly in the last 50 years because we rid ourselves of prejudice and racism — and made much progress. Is WHITE what’s important to White Nationalism?

    • Posted by Rocca Flocca, at Reply

      No, everyone else said racists have no place in the GOP, and blamed everyone else as equally guilty as those same racists.

    • Posted by Futa Nari, at Reply

      humboldthammer Why do racists blame their racism on ANTIFA though?

  5. Posted by Secular Trump, at Reply

    Gary cohn is a total loser and an evil capitalist! Believe me!

    • Posted by Michael Beimler, at Reply

      “To place on the same moral plane Russian communism and Nazi
      fascism, as in both being totalitarian, is in the best case
      superficiality, in the worst fascism. Those who insist on the
      equivalence may well claim to be democrats, in truth, and in their
      bottom of their hearts, they are already fascists; and for sure they
      will only fight against fascism in appearance and not sincerely, but
      will reserve all their hatred for communism.”
      — Thomas Mann

  6. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    TYT is as fake as it gets, folks.

    • Posted by Grey Mouser, at Reply

      Oi spooder…your parents were lying.

    • Posted by Mike Melody, at Reply

      Rhiro Yonve You must be having an allergic reaction to the truth. TYT has a 3.4 million subscriber base. If you can find another news group even close to this i’ll give you kudos.

    • Posted by Stingerbillion, at Reply

      And yet you’re here. Loser.

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer gay spooder man, very gay

  7. Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

    Youtube takes dislikes away from TYT— alt left.

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Not going to trend desperate freak.

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      Alt left beaten muzzie woman.

    • Posted by Das Neko, at Reply

      They are probably just removing bot accounts.

    • Posted by Victim cards on sale, at Reply

      A lot of TYT haters have multiple accounts and youtube is removing their comments, dislikes, and even views because they allow only one account per person. I guess Bernie Slenders is too dumb to get around this protection or to figure this out and blames Youtube instead of himself. What a joke.

  8. Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

    There’s no better job than working for President Donald J Trump.

    • Posted by krono fogden, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 killing all them the gay frogs is a sweeet deal

  9. Posted by Gasper Ghost, at Reply

    8 dislikes erased just like that.

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      How are they fake?
      I am a person and every account is controlled by me.
      They are very real.

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      No no no.
      Over the last couple of months they literally erase them.
      Once the algorithm thinks you left the page sometimes it clocks backwards.
      The main page doesn’t even count it.

    • Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

      I seen these discrepancies before. Had YT pulled up on the computer, phone and TV (roku) all at the same time and seen totally different numbers on all 3: likes, dislikes and posting times.
      Don’t put too much into it. YT is drawing info from several sources and it will all even out in the end.

    • Posted by Victim cards on sale, at Reply

      +Bernie Slanders except that having multiple accounts is against Google rules and they often delete views, likes/dislikes and even comments if they detect that are coming from the same person. You’ll need to step up your game.

    • Posted by Gavri-yal Yah-akhirivva, at Reply

      Gasper Ghost+ that shitt is weird..

  10. Posted by professor moriarty, at Reply

    anyone seem over represented…. 1.4% of population…

    • Posted by Ulus Alani, at Reply

      Jew-hater much?

    • Posted by professor moriarty, at Reply

      Ulus Alani …..ethnicly cleanse Palestinian much

    • Posted by Ulus Alani, at Reply

      Nope. Not at all. But see, I’m no hater. Too bad you can’t say that truthfully.

  11. Posted by Dan Sanger, at Reply

    Get rid of Jimmy Dore. He and his ilk are why we got Trump in the first place. He apologized for Trump during the campaign. He dismissed and still dismisses the Russia connection. He spread debunked Seth Rich conspiracy theories for Republicans. DORE HAS TO GO!!!

    • Posted by TheWokenSpirit, at Reply

      Dan Sanger steve as well, and the whiny biatch who says he was “shoved and pushed” by a skinny little female lawmaker

    • Posted by Das Neko, at Reply

      Oh please. What got Trump in the first place was Hillary Clinton and the backbone of the Democratic party. Terrible choice in leadership.

  12. Posted by mako zero, at Reply

    maybe dems, libs and progressives will understand now what the midterms, 2020 and every other election really mean.

  13. Posted by Michael Ballantine, at Reply

    Trump is not the problem. Seriously, you need to rethink this whole dialogue and focus on what are the problems: healthcare, unemployment, education failures, etc. Get past the distractions and focus on the real issues like you did before Trump.

  14. Posted by Amir Fahmi, at Reply

    Cohn is Jew.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply


    • Posted by horsepanther, at Reply

      Wow, thanks for the insight, Sherlock. Since that is the whole topic of this Young Turks segment, it was really important for you to point that out.

  15. Posted by Karl Liebknecht, at Reply

    one neoCohn less.

  16. Posted by Ver Coda, at Reply

    Excellent point by Steve there, about people only caring when They’re the group being targeted. How these people could back Trump when he attacked all those other groups, but NOW went too far by backing Nazis etc… well. I have no sympathy for them.

  17. Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

    Every issue in America down the middle is “EQUALITY vs. INEQUALITY”! Every issue. If we were smart we would ALL focus our attention on those creating the inequality. Even from the beginning Slavery was about the haves and have not. Racism is a byproduct of inequality. Those who thought they were ‘ENTITLED’ to America’s wealth decided specific groups are not entitled. We are the many and they are the few and the few are the problem.

  18. Posted by Michele Maliano, at Reply

    Looking at Mnuchen it is clear Louise Liston is a gold digger.

  19. Posted by Learned Hand, at Reply

    They don’t have to step down, in fact they should stand up with the rest of Congress and Senate and ask Trump to step down.