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Gay Couple Given Satan Wedding Programs


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A gay couple bought wedding invites and also received something they did not expect. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, describe. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark section below.

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" The day prior to their wedding in September, Stephen Heasley as well as Andrew Borg got a package including what they thought would certainly be the programs for their ceremony.

" Celebration," their layout stated in bold letters at the top. "Welcome to Andrew & Stephen's wedding."

But when they opened the bundle, they state, they discovered 80 copies of a religious handout as opposed to the 100 copies of the wedding program they had purchased. The pamphlet talked ominously of transgression, lust and lure, inning accordance with a suit they submitted in USA Area Court in Massachusetts.

" Fight the great fight of the faith," reviewed a copy of the handout consisted of in the suit, titled "Comprehending Lure." "The supreme tempter is Satan, that utilizes our weak points to lead us into transgression."

Heasley and also Borg, both locals of Australia supposedly in their 30s, are filing a claim against the company they had worked with to publish their wedding celebration programs, Vistaprint, alleging that the handouts "were plainly sent out to intimidate, threaten and also bother Plaintiffs because they are gay men." The legal action bills that the two were discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. Vistaprint, a Dutch company, runs its procedures in North America out of Lexington, Mass. Heasley as well as Borg were married in Pennsylvania."

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  1. Posted by foreverwantingpie, at Reply

    Cute couple I wish em the best

    • Posted by TheKaiTetley, at Reply

      foreverwantingpie. As cute as a basket of puppies wrapped in rainbows and presented by Emma Watson.

  2. Posted by Art Vein, at Reply

    I love satan. My sheets, bandanas and pajamas are all satan. Satan is awesome.

    • Posted by Jhin Efreet Doa, at Reply

      Art Vein Satin😂😂😂lmao though😂😂😂

    • Posted by Zamasu Pepe, at Reply

      you must be a liberal..

    • Posted by * *, at Reply

      EVERYTHING IS AWESOME…. especially satin… I mean Satan.

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

      Zamasu Pepe
      At least Satan is honest, unlike most of the religious right-wingers.
      Bunch of deluded racists, dipships, school drop-outs, Kindergarten drop-outs (too difficult for most), and conspiracy theorists….
      See you at the Pearly Gates, dude. I’m gonna sit there for ages, watching the hypocrites trying to scheme and scam their way in…

  3. Posted by apostate001, at Reply

    Sin? The printers committed fraud and theft.

  4. Posted by Brie Girlll, at Reply

    Vista Print is a large online printing company. I believe that a rogue employee/3rd party provider did this.

    There are many liberals that are religious and/or Christian, and many Christians/religious people that are liberal. Please don’t take the actions of some to reflect the beliefs of others.

    We should focus more on Trump’s hateful actions and his allowing people to be legally discriminated against. Anyone that thinks Trump is Christian is delusional. Trump only believes in himself and his wants.

    • Posted by Swnsasy _, at Reply

      Brie Girlll I agree.. I think it was some hard nosed “Christian” individual that did this pushing their own agenda..

    • Posted by Analog JAC, at Reply

      +Brie My 401K is up 43% since Trump took office! WINNING!!!!!!

  5. Posted by E2 M5, at Reply

    Have they done the same with other gay customers? If they havent then it probably was a mistake

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

      E2 M5 ….or a new employee deciding to ignore company policy because of being “enlightened” by the debate about Trump’s new law…

    • Posted by E2 M5, at Reply

      Ralph Bernhard yeah

    • Posted by Analog JAC, at Reply

      +E2 M5 If they had, you can bet you would have heard about it from TYT.

    • Posted by Sven W, at Reply

      E2 M5 well, a mistake would be, if they received a pamphlet of the local bird watcher club instead.

  6. Posted by Stanky Fish Gutz, at Reply

    this is why people are beginning to turn away from Christianity. nobody wants to be apart of a community that rams their religion down others throats when one does something they don’t agree with.

    • Posted by Analog JAC, at Reply

      +Stanky Not to argue, but I thought gay people like having things rammed down their throat. They made a mistake. They admitted it. They apologized. Doesn’t sound to me like they were trying to ram anything down anyones throat.

    • Posted by Fem Chick, at Reply

      Stanky Fish Gutz muslims kill gays, ill let that sink in

    • Posted by jibbo123, at Reply

      Stanky Fish Gutz I think you’re mixing up Christians with Muslims. Ever heard of ISIS?

  7. Posted by Epic Dyslexic, at Reply

    Hell of a coincidence for that “mistake” sent to that couple 😂😂

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      Epic Dyslexic clearly, that mistake can’t go unmentioned if those pamphlets were anti-gay. Were they anti-gay?😂 if so, please explain why

    • Posted by Analog JAC, at Reply

      +Epic Not really if you think about it. The odds are, Vista Print does 1,000% more printing jobs for straight couples and religious groups than they do gay couples. The odds are in favor of a mistake like this happening. They admitted it was a mistake and apologized. Isn’t that enough to disperse any doubt about it being a mistake? It would be for normal people who don’t have an agenda like TYT and their mind controlled audience.

  8. Posted by A Voter, at Reply

    Me…I’m just sorry that Donald and Melania didn’t use this company for their nuptials…..
    ‘We are gathered today for the marriage of Donald and Stormy……..’

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply


  9. Posted by sexy korean girl, at Reply

    satan do not know the wey

    • Posted by mewabe4, at Reply

      sexy korean girl: Or is it the whey? Is he vegan?

  10. Posted by Taylor Delma, at Reply

    Oh my goodness how did the pastor know how seamen taste like wow umm okay, thee couple should just sue to let that printing company know not to mess up again.

    • Posted by grandpoopy1, at Reply

      to taylor: you are obviously a democrat. And it’s semen, not seaman. A seaman is a enlisted member of the United States Navy.

    • Posted by Taylor Delma, at Reply

      Democrat why you say that and of course I wrote it like that as a joke!

  11. Posted by Hamid conteh, at Reply

    That pastor is right. Semen is delicious

    • Posted by grandpoopy1, at Reply

      to mew: I intend to poop on everyone who makes a comment that I disagree with. therefore, I poop on you.

    • Posted by mewabe4, at Reply

      no poopy, you only wish you did in your perverted fantasy world. You must be a Republican.

    • Posted by Abigail Slaughter, at Reply

      what can I say, at least nobody gives a girl a second glance to say it ^_^
      it’s magically delicious!

    • Posted by jeck jeck, at Reply

      …You guys are weird.

  12. Posted by A Voter, at Reply

    Why oh why does a flood of anti Trump opinion drive the trolls out from under the bridges?
    ‘The Truth Is Out There?’…….Well it can’t be Donalds truth….he hasn’t told one yet…….

  13. Posted by musicf3b, at Reply

    You obviously have check your prints before delivering them to the customer. The third party knew what they were doing.

  14. Posted by Corey R, at Reply

    Where do you crazy conservatives get your “sources”? I really want to know. 🤔

    • Posted by jeck jeck, at Reply

      Corey R
      From a place called sewage.

  15. Posted by John Ferguson, at Reply

    Hell yea! Satan for the win!

    • Posted by Piper Wright, at Reply

      John Ferguson I would have loved to see some beautiful pettiness at play. I wanted the story to end with them handing out the pamphlets to everyone at the wedding and everyone taking photos all over the place with them. Then, everyone just completely trolls Vistaprint with their beautiful wedding photos with their Satan pamphlets. That would have been the most beautiful ending.

  16. Posted by J Purple, at Reply

    Christians, that’s why some people hate you…

    • Posted by J Purple, at Reply

      Robert Browning hahaha not Even close to be jewish, and this kind of hateful response proves my point. Instead of trying to win people’s heart by the love of Jesus you just hate the sinner instead of the sin (or maybe you don’t believe any of the mumbo jumbo you Say, and just hate everyone who doesn’t DO like you want)

    • Posted by Robert Browning, at Reply

      J Purple—There are only two Teams. Team white Christian versus Team Jew. Team Jews has blacks, gays and Puerto Ricans. But you play on Team Jew.

    • Posted by J Purple, at Reply

      Robert Browning whatever man, i prove my point…

    • Posted by Robert Browning, at Reply

      J Purple—What a point? That your black and you are working for the anti-Christ?? You know the Jew holy book their Torah says blacks are eternal slaves. You know the curse of Ham? Only Christian freed you from Jew bondage, yet you side with the Jews. You must like being a slave.

  17. Posted by Marvin Baxter, at Reply

    Christianity has become an excuse to be *mean*

    • Posted by CButtonshaw, at Reply

      99% of religions are excuses to be mean

    • Posted by Robert Browning, at Reply

      CButton—-The Jews want to enslave the world. Christ died to end the enslavement of human kind and you call him mean?? If it wasn’t for Christ you would be a slave right now. And he is mean??

    • Posted by Inco Rand, at Reply

      Robert Browning, you have the history backwards.   Israelites were enslaved by European Romans.  The Romans captured Jesus as the “King of the Jews” and killed him, albeit with the blessings of the establishment Jewish church, who felt their power was threatened.  Jesus was a Jewish liberal who fought for the rights of the poor, women and the oppressed.  He was against authoritarianism and the caste system, which is exactly what your Nazi movement represents.

  18. Posted by Unkle Zeebizcut, at Reply

    Somewhere in America a devout religious group just got a box full of gay wedding announcements….. spin the ball.

  19. Posted by Deb Ironman, at Reply

    “Christians” are just a bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing making their lord and savior Lucifer proud

    • Posted by Lex Luthor, at Reply

      Deb Ironman I agree, religious ‘extremists’ ARE a problem. The thing you want to obfuscate over is that MUSLIM extremists are doing 95% of the terror attacks in the world. And there are plenty of non-relgious extremists too.

    • Posted by Uncontrolled Substance, at Reply

      Lex Luthor And exactly what is your plan for solving religious extremism? You got nothing other than to make the problem worse

    • Posted by Deb Ironman, at Reply

      Lex Luthor you’re kidding right, so 200 years of the Christian Crusades is fake news😂

    • Posted by 42 jade, at Reply

      Lex Luthor read a real book. christians are murderous rapist lying pedophile bullies. stop spreading hatred and ignorance.