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Generals Easily Manipulate Child Trump On Afghanistan


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Trump was reportedly questioning the Afghanistan battle. That's absolutely nothing his experts can not take care of with a couple of shiny pictures. Perhaps a cookie. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section listed below.

" President Trump supposedly told his leading advisers he assumes the United States is "losing" the battle in Afghanistan, and also is reportedly considering replacing his top general in the country with Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, his national-security consultant.

That Trump is cynical about the requirement for even more UNITED STATE soldiers in Afghanistan isn't a surprise. Last month in advance of a meeting with veterans of the Afghan battle, Trump told reporters: "We have actually been there for now close to 17 years, as well as I want to find out why we've been there for 17 years, how it's going, and also what we ought to carry out in terms of added ideas." Asked during a succeeding check out to the Government regarding whether he 'd sent a lot more troops to the country, Trump responded: "We'll see." In June Trump provided the Government authority to set army degrees in Afghanistan. Still, Protection Assistant James Mattis has actually not yet deployed 3,900 soldiers the head of state licensed in June to send to Afghanistan, potentially as a result of Trump's uncertainty of the continued U.S. existence in the country." *.

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  1. Posted by Oscar Herrera-Beltran, at Reply


    • Posted by Coy Hampton, at Reply

      First reply to your first comment.

  2. Posted by blazinmark1, at Reply

    FUK Muslims

    • Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply

      Worry about yourself instead.

  3. Posted by TheTexasHitmen, at Reply

    I thought he had a plan to destroy ISIS in 30 days? 😉

    • Posted by Donald Trump Parodies, at Reply

      Isis is basically destroyed at this point. Thanks for pointing that out

    • Posted by Dave Boyt, at Reply

      I thought months ago that it was very odd that he refused to share his plan, if such a plan actually existed. It was because “If I tell someone, then I won’t get credit for it.”

      So . . . saving lives is not as important as a particular person “getting credit for it”?

      I think that most normal people with consciences would be sharing that information with people who could implement it, don’t you?

      Honestly, what normal person would refuse to do so in the dreadful fear that they “wouldn’t get credit for it”?

      If YOU had a cure for cancer, M.S., cystic fibrosis, lupus, war, starvation, etc. etc. wouldn’t YOU share it?

      But that’s a moot point, since obviously no such plan ever existed. No wall, no tax reform, no health care reform no isis defeat,, and so on and so on. Where are all these plans? They never existed, and when #45 won, he was caught off guard–no plans of any kind for anything, other than to hold rallies, suck in that worship, and maga.

    • Posted by タピアエドガー, at Reply

      TheTexasHitmen Destroy? Don’t you mean create more terrorist? That’s what the USA does.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Dave Boyt: “If YOU had a cure for cancer, M.S., cystic fibrosis, lupus, war, starvation, etc. etc. wouldn’t YOU share it?”
      In the Grinch movie (Jim Carrey version) he’s listing out evil things he’s going to do and he says “Cure cancer…….. tell no one!”.

    • Posted by Frank De Mascio, at Reply

      He did. But it was longer than half a page, so he threw it out.

  4. Posted by xCaptxCrunchx, at Reply


    • Posted by Philip Hall, at Reply

      Conflict of interest breaking the lyndon act allowing russians to potentially spy in the white house oval office obstruction of justice I can go on

    • Posted by RookieRanger, at Reply

      He himself isn’t under investigation. Members of his cabinet are. Despicable either way, but you’re not accurate.

    • Posted by 4one14, at Reply

      And how do you know what the Meuller investigation is looking into?

    • Posted by Ulek _, at Reply

      Yup. That was Trump’s OWN argument, like how can anyone under investigation be in such a high position. But like a typical republican is only bad if its not happening to him.

  5. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Trump doesn’t have enough intellect to think for himself. Remember, this is the guy who needs to have the “best” people around him because he sucks so bad

    • Posted by R. A., at Reply

      Steven Drumm is a troll and a child.

    • Posted by Specific Nerpo, at Reply

      +Raiku Anime II Loser

  6. Posted by Chrome Skull, at Reply

    Trump is the most inept and unqualified president in US history.

    • Posted by Blakelikesfood, at Reply

      Naptown is correct: “globalization should be the biggest concern of climate alarmists.”

      In addition to the like, there are ~seven mega supertankers in use today, those seven, pollute more then all the cars… the entire United States…..put together. Yet are exempt, from emissions. This, is the joke of the planet, focused so much on the tiny yet systematically ignore the major. Granted there still needs to be tail pipe emissions on US cars, it’s ignorant and mind blowing what happens. One of the major reasons coastal California can not meet Federal EPA air pollution guidelines is the pollution blown in from China, take a look at the real “Pollution Problems” and sources, Trump, has nothing to do with those.

      It’s talking about a noisy Chihuahua, will ignoring the 5 pit bulls lose mulling children, over and over…yet want to talk about the Chihuahua..non-stop.

    • Posted by Greg Moonen, at Reply

      Naptown, been getting any death threats from your neighbors? You’re showing you’re not so dumb.

    • Posted by john ford, at Reply

      MAGA 2020!

  7. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    How to control trump and make him do what you want.

    Step 1. Say obama was too chicken to do it.


    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      You honestly believe he’d repeal his own bill?

    • Posted by Anthony Smock, at Reply

      Bush started the war

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      The other Kevin Montrand is ten times smarter than you.

  8. Posted by stoeger 2, at Reply

    trump really isn’t very bright its phenomenal and he has no honour but he is entertaining i mean he is a show man

    • Posted by gmx1100, at Reply

      What country are you in, asshat?

  9. Posted by Kieran Fitzgerald, at Reply

    Why are they still in Afghanistan? Because nobody invades Afghanistan and wins………unless you’re the Mongols.

    • Posted by marlonious76, at Reply

      Kieran Fitzgerald
      If its between investing in the people or supporting a war, you know war wins out.

    • Posted by Einheriar83, at Reply

      Muh Patriotism

    • Posted by Spone Mr, at Reply

      i thought Alexandra the Great conquered them also.

    • Posted by Patrick Van Gelder, at Reply

      I think he only was in Pakistan (battle at the Indus)

    • Posted by pettes pizzaparlor, at Reply

      Spone Mr   less conquered more like married a local princess and absorbed a large part of Persa into a larger trading partnership / empire.

  10. Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

    The US needs to drop everything and leave the Muslim world immediately.

    It needs to stop fighting/killing with secular “dictators” like Suddam, Gaddafi, Assad, etc, while backing ISIS, Al-Quada, and theocracies like Saudi Arabia. Those “dictators’ were great men who developed their countries immensely, both culturally and economically.

    It needs to stop doing things which not only f*ck up the Middle East, but US and Europe as well. Europe has to deal with the economic and social strain of Muslim migrants and refugees because of what AMERICA has done. As a result, Europe is becoming more politically divided, just like the US is. Also, many Muslims hate Europeans because of what AMERICANS have done.

    Let people in the Middle East do their own thing. Both Muslims and Westerners will be happy that way.

    The US should also make allies with Russia, and end this 100 year old red scare mentality. The Cold War is over. Communism has been abandoned by most countries that endorsed it before. Grow the f*ck up.

    Share your thoughts.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + dudekool 888

      Clean energy is a great idea, but so far the best we’ve got is hydrogen cars and electric cars, both of which are still very expensive for most people.

      It also doesn’t help that charging stations for these cars are so rare. It’s a huge dis-incentive to buy such cars.

      How about increasing the efficiency of the engines of normal cars, so that they can run on less petrol? On average, car engines have an efficiency of 35%. Why not get it to 50-60%? It would slash the demand for oil.

    • Posted by Zain Asif, at Reply

      dudekool 888 You can’t fly a passeger jet on battery sir. You need jet fuel. From a toothbrush to car tyres to fertilzer, Harvest, industry, plastic for everything you need oil it’s perhaps the most important commodity in human history. You can only get rid of petrodollar by selling oil in Gold perhaps everyone can pay in Gold and that is a fair deal.

      That’s something Gaddafi and Saddam wanted it’s called ‘Gold Dinar’ and they are both dead meat and Middle East is in ruines. That’s what you get for challenging a monopoly.

    • Posted by Freshly Lit Capone, at Reply

      100% No one wants you there, why force yourselves on them?

    • Posted by Zain Asif, at Reply

      Jen Grebke What we need to understand is war is business for those whose business is terror. They have no country, no religion. They are Zionists.

      They play on both sides of conflict arming the both sides into and warmongering to make the most out of it.

      Do you know that while Allied forces were dieing in WW2 it was few American Zionists like John D.Rockkerfeller and people like Prescott Bush ie: Grandfather of George W.Bush were funding Nazis?

      We need to understand that it is we getting grinded between this while Zionists are laughing at what idiots we are killing each other. We need to choose if that is the kind of future we want where our children would die fighting over silly conflict started by some fat greedy bastards for their benefit or we are going to do something to change that.

      Israel will not stop untill it achieves the greater Israel project to take on it’s rival Iran and it is also Nuclear armed nation that if it succeeded will be too close to Europe and Russia. It could mean that a world war is eminent if Israel is not stopped.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + Zain Asif

      Not to mention how, if Prescott Bush and Rockefeller hadn’t funded the Nazis, the Holocaust could have been prevented, and therefore the Jews wouldn’t have come to Palestine in the first place. Israel would not exist.

  11. Posted by adam lane, at Reply

    his wife I bet calls him the 2-minute man also

    • Posted by Nichole Hastings, at Reply

      well in all fairness he is like 70 years old and probably isn’t the stud he used to be.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Nichole, he was never a stud… because studding depletes your life battery. 😉

    • Posted by HideousConformity, at Reply

      Does Melania even let him touch her anymore? His daughter-wife Ivanka on the other hand…

    • Posted by RookieRanger, at Reply

      Truly a testament to human astuteness. Amazing insight; really got my neurons fired up.

  12. Posted by National Embarrassment, at Reply

    Trump Will Soon Fire His 3 Son’s.👹💀💩

    • Posted by KYS TROLL, at Reply


    • Posted by renee love, at Reply

      no he won’t, they’re the only thing that’s holding him up, if it was’n’t for them, he would’ve been impeached by now, because he shouldn’t have been there in the first place, that’s why ivanka and jared are there, to keep his hinges intact.

  13. Posted by National Embarrassment, at Reply

    Lock Up The Orange Terrorist.

    • Posted by gmx1100, at Reply

      Why are leftists so obsessed with skin color?

    • Posted by The NTYR, at Reply

      gmx1100 because he’s orange XD

    • Posted by calgsus911, at Reply

      gmx1100 if anything it’d be race not skin color.

  14. Posted by Dr. Zippy Mcscoots, at Reply

    Why cant he be impeached just on the grounds of dishonesty and incompetance?

    • Posted by Dr. Zippy Mcscoots, at Reply

      Clinton was impeached for lying. Yea I get it. then we should be doing that. Liars are dishonest people. Dishonest people cant be trusted. Learned that from the boys scouts for crimony sakes. Common sense.

    • Posted by Nichole Hastings, at Reply

      um even before clinton… go back to lbj

  15. Posted by PK Lifeup a, at Reply

    Trump supporters need to drink bleach…

    • Posted by Clubland Exrcixe, at Reply

      Drink Bleach — Yes, to clean out their minds they never seemed to have.

    • Posted by J. Montcliff, at Reply

      ROFL, I nearly stopped my drink! Andrew, you are another one of the gullible media-fed zombies who believe CNN’s goofy narratives, without the slightest question. I live in Burlington, VT (Bernie’s town). I know it offends your delicate sensibilities, but Bernie bros are usually seriously sick-minded people.

    • Posted by I sexually identify as a bottle of Clorox, at Reply

      Did someone say my name?

    • Posted by RookieRanger, at Reply

      There’s an issue among us.
      Being against Liberals=/=Being a TrumpKike Supporter

  16. Posted by James Staples V, at Reply

    I think Trump has Aspergers

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      i think he has ADHD.

    • Posted by Richard Youngblood, at Reply

      I think he has assburgers ………….

    • Posted by Anthony Interiano, at Reply


  17. Posted by Игорь Башук, at Reply

    Stop the war! Bush and Obama did enough BS, let’s stop the killing and take care of the poor and the homeless!!!!

    • Posted by SirArghPirate, at Reply

      Taking care of people is socialism.

    • Posted by conservative party, at Reply

      can you democrats not learn from the mistakes you made previously. obama pulled troops out of iraq and look what happend. do you want that to happen in afghanistan

    • Posted by SirArghPirate, at Reply

      conservative party Oh.. so it’s the democrats fault.. which party was in charge again when it was decided to go into Afghanistan?

      You’re one of the reasons people laughs at U.S.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      “Stop the War” – love how the left thinks they are brilliant by saying that. What you mean is “Stop OUR participation” in the war, thereby letting the Taliban regain control of Afghanistan, where upon things will be back to where they were on Sept 10, 2001

  18. Posted by Jane S, at Reply

    If you had a child that acted like this, he’d be on medication and weekly therapy.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Two things his supporters think are bad, very bad.

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Jane, In America, maybe. Most other countries would try to help a child in need instead of profiteering from their troubles.