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GENIUS Ta-Ta Towel Solves Boob Sweat Problems


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Boob sweat has actually been resolved, check out the Ta-Ta Towel. Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich and Aida Rodriguez talk about on The Young Turks. Offered you by A Troublesome Follow up

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" Bum-enhancing tights! Light-up phone cases for better selfies! A stick-on bra to "offer your ladies a lift!"

These are simply a few of the items tech-savvy companies have launched right into women's social networks feeds in recent months, in quest of viral marketing projects.

Now we have the Ta-Ta Towel, which initially glimpse is one of the most outrageous yet. Otherwise called "a strange boob hammock" and "the bust device you really did not recognize you needed," it's an absorbing towel for women that only covers their busts.

It appears like a halter-neck bikini top that wraps around the user's neck – however constructed out of towel textile." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Brooke Dean, at Reply

    Big boobies need this. That’s why Ana doesn’t understand. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

    • Posted by NO ISLAMONAZIS, at Reply

      This was the most informative and factual video i have seen from TYT. You found your niche and Buzzfeed should fear you.

    • Posted by littlemissdimples88, at Reply

      Brooke Dean Ana used to be much curvier actually, but she’s gotten really thin. She says she doesn’t read YouTube comments, but I think she succumbed to the pressure to “improve” herself when so many ppl said she was chubby and had a big nose. She looks great but I preferred her old look.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Everyone on this panel is a big boobie. Throw a towel over them.

    • Posted by Brooke Dean, at Reply

      +littlemissdimples88 she does look great doesn’t she ?

  2. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    Cenk must’ve been their first customer.

    • Posted by Malaria Trump, at Reply

      No, obese Bannon and Trump.

  3. Posted by Jessica Bushell-Hale, at Reply

    As someone with larger breasts, this would KILL my neck… but as a gamer with no aircon and reluctance to go somewhere that does have aircon, this could be cool.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      Jessica Bushell-Hale I’m calling bull.

    • Posted by Jessica Bushell-Hale, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist on what?

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      “female gamers don’t exist” -every mra troll

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    It seems russian bots in the comments section have a problem with me. They must find facts offensive.

    • Posted by Vaness thebest, at Reply

      i block fascists and racists so i don’t see them. nobody cares about those donnie fuckboys.

  5. Posted by Vanessa Arasin, at Reply

    I love how Brett mansplains the tata towel.

    • Posted by Wesley Williams, at Reply

      Vanessa Arasin Just let us try to understand lol

    • Posted by Sanguinon, at Reply

      I love how you use the word “mansplain” unironically.

    • Posted by El Paxton The Great, at Reply

      I think she was actually using it ironically though.

  6. Posted by RadioLaPrincess, at Reply

    As a larger chested woman (though I am not plus sized, I just have large breasts) I have gotten infections under the breasts. It smells when it is infected and I do clean underneath several times a day but when I sweat (I sweat a lot because I work out) it is a problem.

    • Posted by Jynessa Swann, at Reply

      James Pearle *sigh*๐Ÿ˜’

    • Posted by X-Files A, at Reply

      Hello mystery woman.

  7. Posted by heather nicole, at Reply

    I would use this at home after a shower, in the summer – not in public! I’d much rather have smaller breasts!

    • Posted by heather nicole, at Reply

      different strokes for different folks.

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, Part Deux, at Reply

      Wishing for smaller breasts is an affront to me and my father. We gave them to you as a gift to be enjoyed by you and others!

    • Posted by James Pearle, at Reply

      Jesus Christ, Part Deux Amen!

  8. Posted by Tori Rockstad, at Reply

    As a G cup, I need one of these. Just like when you get out of the shower and getting ready, or when you get home and dont want the bra anymore, if your hot, psh. I need this.

    • Posted by Candie P, at Reply

      Tori Rockstad welcome to the G’s ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ‰

    • Posted by futurespells, at Reply

      Damn girl nice!

    • Posted by X-Files A, at Reply

      Tori Rockstad I will buy you a diamond one day! Run away with me mystery woman.

    • Posted by X-Files A, at Reply

      Candie P I think I love you mystery woman. Vacation?

    • Posted by von Wabbit, at Reply

      Here here.

  9. Posted by Fiona Corliss, at Reply

    ana people who have large breasts have to deal with boob sweat and irritation. This thing is actually cool lol

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      Fiona Corliss she doesn’t know…don’t blame her. Plus she’s really inconsiderate and hard headed to boot.

    • Posted by KatchouroBlade, at Reply

      I’m a self proclaimed sexist pig and even I know anecdotally how uncomfortable humongous pendulous breasts can be for chicks.

      So as a self described champion of women, what the hell is Ana’s excuse for her lack of empathy and knowledge ?

    • Posted by Esoteric One, at Reply

      I think would be great, post workout, after shower, but before dressing until I stop sweating.

    • Posted by von Wabbit, at Reply

      Agreed. I want one.

    • Posted by von Wabbit, at Reply

      She’s flat. That’s why.

  10. Posted by SamanthaVimes, at Reply

    I feel like Brett understands busty woman problems better than Ana does. You go, Brett.

    • Posted by Dingo, at Reply

      Yes he became obsessed with photos of them after he realised that he was a cuck and no puss was coming his way.

    • Posted by Jen P. Mitts, at Reply

      Dingo You don’t know the definition of cuck. Get a dictionary, Trumptard.

    • Posted by Dingo, at Reply

      whatever the cucks name is, has his hand so far up cenks arab arse he wont be getting it out anytime soon.

  11. Posted by Dredzone The Blogger, at Reply

    Hey, Ana – when you are very big, well endowed – you get sweaty under the breasts.

    • Posted by Emhyr, at Reply

      Well-endowed = fat.

    • Posted by Jen P. Mitts, at Reply

      Emhyr So I’m assuming you’re single because you know nothing about women.

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      jen im assuming youre bigly? lol

  12. Posted by kirk white, at Reply

    Brett just made my day. Am I right ladies?๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Posted by Jen P. Mitts, at Reply

      kirk white How does he get this better than the ladies? Brett is suddenly now perfect boyfriend material.

  13. Posted by DK, at Reply

    Because women are whiners, and they will spend money on these types of things. Men just pull up their big boy pants and deal with it, like we’ve been told to do our whole lives. Nobody fusses over us.

    • Posted by DK, at Reply

      Yeah, kinda. I was sitting in ball soup in 110 degree weather without air conditioning. That felt kinda disgusting, but such is life. Ladies need to “man up” and deal with it if you’re tired of all the products created because your gender whines the most, like children.

    • Posted by n0wheregrrl, at Reply

      So DK, what you’re saying is that given your own personal experience with the challenges involved in having large breasts, you feel fully qualified to criticize women who have them and are looking for ways to address those challenges. Right?

    • Posted by DK, at Reply

      +n0wheregrrl I believe I specifically compared it to the discomfort of sweaty balls, and my point was addressing Ana’s comment on being tired of all of these special products for women, while there are virtually none for men. You whine and complain for these special things, and then you cry sexism when you end up having to spend more than men as a result.

    • Posted by n0wheregrrl, at Reply

      DK So basically, your argument is: “Because no one has invented something to help guys with sweaty balls, the fact that someone created a towel to help large-breasted women with a particular issue surrounding having large breasts makes all women whiny.”

      Are you truly unable to see how moronic that is?

      Hey, if it’s a big deal for you? Here’s a suggestion: invent something to help with sweaty balls! Or else put on your big boy pants that you claim to be so enamored of and SHUT UP. No one owes you a damned thing, and that includes an explanation for why they might want to use a “ta-ta towel.”

      Really the only one whining here is YOU.

  14. Posted by Adam Martin, at Reply

    Of course the B-cup doesn’t get it. My wife gets heat rash under her melons. The struggle is real. Getting a tata-towel today.

    • Posted by Reverend Maillet-Crutcher, at Reply

      believe it or not vicks helps cool the rash and will heal it very quickly

    • Posted by Adam Martin, at Reply

      Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Posted by Reverend Maillet-Crutcher, at Reply

      It really does help. I have turned quite a few of my friends on to it.

  15. Posted by KO Nineteen, at Reply

    Come from a long line of women who need Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders and this is even better than a pambraโ€ผ๏ธ
    LOVE ITโฃ๏ธ

    • Posted by Jen P. Mitts, at Reply

      KO Nineteen Same! But what’s a pambra?

    • Posted by KO Nineteen, at Reply

      Jen P. Mitts โฃA pambra is a long strip of cotton about 2-3 inches wide that you place under your boulders to soak up sweat.

  16. Posted by brian2786, at Reply

    Do conservatives uniformly become immediately triggered at the sight of a person of color or a woman. Can’t be healthy

    • Posted by m. andrรฉ-L., at Reply

      brian2786 … what? Can you explain? Is it about the video?

    • Posted by vik_psn, at Reply

      just as liberals get triggered at the sight of a white family ยฏ_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

  17. Posted by Sandy Gray, at Reply

    I am a 38DD and I’m 66…yes, they hang low. I want some of these but at $45 each…sigh.

    • Posted by Ramiro DY, at Reply

      Sandy Gray DIY out of a towel

  18. Posted by Keith Ambrose, at Reply

    you have no titties Anna so you wouldn’t understand

    • Posted by zENmONKEY60, at Reply

      Keith Ambrose, you’ve got to be kidding. her breasts are nearly perfect

  19. Posted by b017ni3, at Reply

    funny that brett seems to understand the potential usefulness of this product more than the two WOMEN on the panel…

    • Posted by Julia Winkler, at Reply

      Yuh for me do they have it in training bra form?

    • Posted by kiki dee, at Reply

      b017ni3 Ha! Seems like it.

    • Posted by Guindo, The, at Reply

      lmao I was just about to say the same thing

  20. Posted by Taylor Days, at Reply

    How do you not understand this? Women with larger breasts need to wear this in the summer because we get hot! Like I don’t understand how that’s confusing in the slightest?

    • Posted by Alice Sonlaw, at Reply

      Which is why the sizing for these things STARTS at C cup and goes up from there. lol

    • Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply

      Yes I’m sure wrapping your titties in towels will provide the much needed relief from the heat.

    • Posted by Alice Sonlaw, at Reply

      Blazed — it isn’t supposed to “cool” you, it just absorbs the under-boob sweat. haha

    • Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply

      Alice Sonlaw – Sure, but then you have to continually keep putting it on and taking it off throughout the day? Otherwise you’re just adding a layer of fabric? The practicality of this thing is justlost on me tbh.

    • Posted by Alice Sonlaw, at Reply

      No! haha.

      As far as I can tell, it is just meant to be worn by itself, either for getting ready prior to getting dressed, or for hanging out at home on hot days. It is definitely not supposed to be a fashion piece or undergarment. lol